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 ?Free ride to top Business school!!!!?
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Posted on 11-12-09 4:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CPA CFA and CMA all at a time... dude seriously you will be over talented... you have to be out of the leauge.... it might be easy for CMA, but CPA and CFA are tough.  if you get a CPA why would you need CFA .  It ain't that easy.....good luck
Posted on 11-12-09 8:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CFA is a certification. Not License!!! Dude, you may be in violation of CFA Institute's ethical standards as you are misrepresenting what CFA really is.
Posted on 11-12-09 8:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am in the samp place as you are the only difference is that i am already enrolled in the program and the tution is killing me and i want out asap. Please Please Please dont go to grad school just because your parents want you to. My parents gave me an ultimatum and started comparing me to other collegues friends who have already gotten their masters so I developed a tunnel vision. I was determined to do masters at any co$t. I am a good student too with so much experience but MBA schools usually DO NOT have any aid, esp for international student. so go if you can absolutely want it and you are finincially stable. make sure you negotiate with the program director about the aid and get in only if they give you something. They sometimes say that there might be something available in the secomd semester but dont buy into that. Talk to other international students before. most importantly have a backup plan if you want to drop out in the last minute. dont put all the eggs in one basket. good luck
Posted on 11-12-09 9:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, Sand_Deep, if u bring 750 in GMAT, you could apply to any top ten university of nations, and also U will definately get into many of those. 750 is not a joke; i'ts not that I am doubting your knowledge, but I just have a feeling ( i don't know what they say...something gut feelings or intution......or something) ...Prove me wrong here...........

Anyway.....First I am always aganist those ideas that we are getting our dergrees in partcular fields because our parents want or according their wish. Same was with me when I finished my +2. Dad wants me to go for MBBS, I personally Hate Drs profession. So had to come here.

Now, If you wanna go for master in technical field, you always have lots of free or half-price ride. And also you don't have to be extra ordinaray. A little better is enough. Now, Non-technical filed are little tough. However if u wanna go for non-technical field, but where there are research possibilites then U might land up with some scholar oppurtinites. MBA is just different. Though there are reseach in this filed, they are minimal , and besides are communcations skills always throw us. My work experice tells me MBA will not help you find a nice job unless you graduate from one of those top universities..and they are often very expensive. The best way I could se is ..Find a fulltime job and work for few years for experince, and Do your MBA or master with compnay money's . most Employer pays tution for their employee ( @ least 50 %) . Thats my plan. The problem with me rt now is I have not found a employer who could transfer my H1-B and become full time, despite of 3 full time offers that i received prom my previous clients.

Well Best of luck dude.........

Posted on 11-12-09 2:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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paying to go to masters degree is great if you have about 20000 atleast in your savings (jsut in case you dont get any job to support yourself for the timebeing). MBA per credit run about $500 to $800 per credit and usually international students pay out of state tuition...try to find that has instate tution to begin with ....Loan is another option but good luck getting it approved without a US cosigner and its a big burden..... its great that if your parents are paying for it but ull feel bad pouring money from back home just to get a degree...trust me i am not trying to discourage you....EDUCATION is the best thing that you can do to add value to yourself but keep in mind that when u go to school after some good work experience, it will add more perspective to your thinking...all i am saying is get a job first as you have soo many licences on your way...then you can always do MBA similtaneously...just getting MBA for the sake of it will make you think a lot later..(i am telling u from experience) GL
Posted on 11-12-09 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pixie, thanks a million for your suggestions. I plan on going for my MBA after couple of years, but I have to start planning. And, I have to get it; I do not think I have any other option!

Posted on 11-12-09 5:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am assuming you don't have a GC. First, get your permanent residency. Then, if you can get into one of the top schools, what's wrong with taking a loan? Americans do it! Also, if you get into a top school, I am sure you will find someone who will be your cosigner. If you don't want to get a PR, few top schools, like Kellogg, even give out loan for international students. Besides, after you get out of the program you will be earning six figs that should easily cover up your loan within few years.

A word of caution for you! Your excuse to get into a top MBA program is so pathetic. Please don't blame your parents for what you should be studying in the future. Nepalis (your parents, including mine) have a twisted thinking that the more degrees you accumulate, the better it is. Most successful people follow their dream and they don't need CFA, CMA, MBA, or Master's or a PhD to do what they love doing. If you are just going to get a MBA because your parents are telling you so, then you are in for a rude awakening.


Posted on 11-12-09 7:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Factual Info: friends of mine found free rides for MBA at William & Mary and Texas Christian University. 

Hear Say: heard from a friend that he met a guy coasting on free ride at Kellogs, Northwestern ( I have a hard time believing it, but still too big a fish not to give a shot at).

Good Luck! let us know where you end up. 

Posted on 11-12-09 11:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know that this could potentially sound rude, but here's how I feel about your post.

You sound like a confused and insecure individual who has a habit of bragging about himself. I mean, 750 in GMAT, CPA, CFA and CMA designation...... I find it particularly funny that you want to get CPA, CFA and CMA designations. This makes it absolutely obvious to me that you have no clue about what career you want to pursue. Do you know that it takes a person 3 years on average to complete the 3 levels of the CFA exam? furthermore, one needs 4 years of full time experience in the financial field to get the designation of a CFA charter

Let me tell you about my future plans. After I graduate this may with BS in finance and accounting and economics (4.0 GPA), I will join the Wharton School of Business where I will complete my MBA with a concentration in finance. During the 2 years at grad school, I will pass the 3 levels of CFA exam. Then, I will work at Goldman Sachs for a couple of years. Next, I will join Princeton University to get  my PHD in economics. I will then start my own investment firm in Chicago. Keep in touch!! I will think about hiring you if I feel that you are qualified enough. Make sure that you graduate with a minimum of 2.75 GPA from at least a 3rd tier MBA school. If you meet this criteria, I will seriously consider rescuing from your gas station job.

Wow....it really does feel good bragging about yourself. I don't blame you...if doing this makes you feel good about yourself then keep going buddy.....I can't wait to hear how you feel about my comments....lets hear more about how supremely talented and bright you are and feel free to express how pathetic I am for insulting the next Fama (confused buddy!!! no worries, just google to find out who he is).

Last edited: 12-Nov-09 11:27 PM

Posted on 11-12-09 11:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I suspect that you are just starting out - and as ambitious as you sound , here is a little advice.

Rational thinkers get an MBA for two reasons: (i) candidates feel that they need a formal business education in order to manage the business units at their current employer (ii) to increase the prospects of getting into an unrelated field, i.e. an engineer hoping to become a consultant or an Investment Banker.

That said, non of the other reasons make sense. The joy of your parents or anyone who does not see an eye to eye with the above is just not in tune with reality. I encourage you to check the admission essay questions from Top MBA schools (try Cornell) - this will put a spin on whether you really want/need an MBA.

On top of that you want to get a CMA, CPA and CFA? What for?? Are you an accountant trying to get certified, or are you an investment professional trying to separate yourself from the average joe? And how will these help you if you decide to get an MBA and vice versa?

I recommend that you do some research and network with people of like professions to get an understanding of the requirements for the job - after all, this is what you are after. Most people do not require a degree or a designation if they have loads of experience and have built up a reputable network. If you are not one of them then ONE of the above will be enough to get your foot in the door on the profession you choose - otherwise, not only will you lose time and money but you will confuse the heck out of your future employers with so many qualifications and so little experience...and the brightest managers will tell you that nothing beats experience.   

Also, understand that MBA is a general business education and it will not provide much value if all you want to do is accounting or investment management. CPA or CFA is preferred.


Last edited: 12-Nov-09 11:25 PM

Posted on 11-13-09 2:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wow.. howcom you guys are so smart? i want to be smart like you guys too. how do u guys find out what to do next and how to manage finances to support ur education? what about papers , 10 years of my precious prime time went chasing after papers :(  so is smartness genetic? were guys guys always smart from the grade 1? i was always average and still averaging, i work 3 times harder but still not smart like u guys.. good luck keep Nepal and Nepalis proud... :) i wish you all, all the best.


Posted on 11-13-09 12:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dyam: I am pretty sure you are very good at something, better than any one of us. You just need to focus on your strength. Wish you all the best! hmmm, smartness is genetics.. I would say so!

Posted on 06-06-11 12:13 AM     [Snapshot: 1242]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Bumping this. 
Posted on 05-16-12 12:26 AM     [Snapshot: 1783]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Any of you guys still alive? 
Posted on 05-16-12 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 1995]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting aspirations. Free tuition at the Business school.
Even better: 750 in GMAT. I wonder if he went over 700.
Posted on 05-16-12 8:57 PM     [Snapshot: 2181]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 16-May-12 08:58 PM


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