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 Am I spending more?
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Posted on 09-21-09 10:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is my monthly expenditure. I don't know I am spending more or less. I live in Northern Virginia. We are a family of four.

1) Children school = Free
2) House Mortgage= 3025
3) HOA = 110
4) grocery = 800
5) gas + car loan = 450
6) Electricy, Gas(heat), Water = 400
7) Fios TV (phone, cable, Internet) = 135
8) Cell phone (Family plan of 4) = 140
9) clothing  =200
10) misscelenous (beer+entertainment) =150

Total Expenses = 5410
Total Income = ??

Posted on 09-21-09 12:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You seem to be making a respectable living, however If I was you , I would be sending my kids to a good   private school rather than free and  crappy public school teachings( I have worked on one so can tell).If I had to , I would be getting a cheaper house or even rent one if that was the only choice.
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Posted on 09-21-09 12:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Micky Mouse , I personally feel that it depends on thyself on how much you wanna spend on stuffs. Its totally on your lifestyle. But if you feel like you are spending more you can definetly cut costs so that you can have some savings. For Example: I pay 60 $ for my phone,Internet and Cable. Do some research and get the service you want with less price instead of paying big bucks. I feel savings is someway related to earnings..
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Posted on 09-21-09 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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6) Electricy, Gas(heat), Water = 400??
10) misscelenous (beer+entertainment) =150 ? {:-}

Some changes I would like.
6) Electricy, Gas(heat), Water = 150

10) misscelenous (beer+entertainment) =400

Posted on 09-21-09 12:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know what part of US you live but Electricy, Gas(heat), Water = 400 is not big deal here in Northern virginia if you love in single house or even townhouse. I heard the rate ranges above 275 - 450.

I think 350 should be average. I am not surprise with the expense since I am also pretty close to that rate except housing while I am about 1600 for rent except electricity.

Posted on 09-21-09 1:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just my personal opinion
$400 for gas electric and water is bit high. It might be wise to invest for energy efficient appliance which will save u in the long run. Let me tell u my side of the story. I used to get more than $100 electricity bill, never believed in energy saving (u know nepali mentality) until one of my friend convinced me. I changed all the bulbs with energy efficient ones and the bills never got more than $50 than after. I'm a firm believer of energy savings now. The cons, the bulbs takes a bit time to get really bright, but u get used to it.
$800 for grocery is way high, I don't know what u eat or where u eat. If u make Nepali food at home, assuming your wife does, it gets fairly cheap.
Fios TV (phone, cable, Internet) = 135. You can bring down the bill a bit if u cancel the home phone.why do u need land phone? as u said all of u use cell phone, can bring it down under $100.
The most important is the mortgage, it is very high. Now it might be perfectly normal price in Virginia, but there got to be a cheaper place. Maybe a condo or a town house might bring the price down?

Good luck

Last edited: 21-Sep-09 01:17 PM

Posted on 09-21-09 4:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Come to Texas (DFW) area where...



Electricity, gas, water -------------------$250

Education for children (nice ISD)------free

TV, internet, phone------------------------$99




                                                               $ 2549


Having get together in Dashain, Tihar, Loshar & New year with 1000s of Nepalese - ‘Priceless’

Posted on 09-21-09 6:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mickey, I live in far west where I don't have to run A/C or Heater year around. That might have added xtra $ to your Gas/Electricity bill.

Posted on 09-21-09 8:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, How much you guys making? Why adult person like you are asking incomplete questions? So not appropriate. 


Posted on 09-21-09 9:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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this is the beauty of coming from a poor nation...u make that jump and ola u are amidst luxury and what u do......brag.

would have saluted u if u have donated money to help needy back home. while ur fellowmen and women are suffering..u brag in sajha. god bless u.

while we on the other hand (few poor grad students) are trying hopelessly to raise some fund so one underprivileged child can get some education.

anyway, enjoy ur luxurious life..

Posted on 09-21-09 10:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Free School!!! So proud!!! Free lunch for kids at school!!!! More proud!!! 

I think I am more proud than you, 'cause I pay for my kids' school. They go to private school. And my expense is way less than yours. 

I am a responsible tax payer. So kids ,whose parents earn low income, should have better education at public school. 

So embarrassing, KIDS SCHOOL=FREE, sound like Spanish guy just got here.

Posted on 09-22-09 3:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nope, You doing just right. Mr. XX's question was "did  I  made a good decision on buying BMW 540 "? Sure did.
He is  enjoying the smooth ride as well you are enjoying the comfortable living. Do not brag about it. Just enjoy it. Look at our ancestor , they work hard, try to make better living and better saving too. Did they enjoy it, I do not think all of them did. Some of their children are fighting for the wealth they made with hard work. 
If your question is better money management, then you can adjust certain things, but all depends on you.

Do not forget about  your retirement plan rather than educational fund for your children. Your children can get loan or if study hard can get  scholarship, but no body is going to put money for you other than yourself.

Last edited: 22-Sep-09 03:49 PM


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