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 Nepali Girl Nude Picture in Travel World.

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Posted on 08-27-09 9:20 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali Girl Nude Picture in Travel World.

Hey Guys i got this nude image of Nepali girl in Travel World.
Photo herda Bhaktapur tira ko jasto lagyo.Yo Travel world bhanne
website kunai country ghumna janu cha bhane tyaha jane visitor haru ko
lagi information dine website ho,Yesto website ma hamro desh ko page ma
yesto photo rakhnu tapai haru lagi kasto lagyo?Malai bhane yo photo yo
website ma dekhera sarhai naramailo lagyo.Guys reply what you feel of
this picture in this website.

Here is the link of the website:

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-27-09 11:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Born and growing up in Kathamandu, when I first saw young semi-naked girl like the one in the photo playing holi with other young boys in Bhaktapur, I couldn't believe my eyes. However, after encoutering frequent sights like these during summertime in Bhaktapur, I thought that was quite normal there.
Its just like seeing semi-naked girls and womens on the south coast of France and Spain. It is just normal for those who are there and bit odd for those who are not used to it.

Just a few months back one of my Japanese colleagues was telling me about virgin Japanese girls going to live on tv to lose their virginity with the programme host on free to air channel (not porn). That was bit outrageous for my European colleagues but was just normal for that Japanese colleague of mine.

For me personally, I think its inappropriate but for people in Bhaktapur, it may be normal. I think its upto the people.

For example, strict muslims would think clothes worn by young nepali girls are outrageous but for us its normal.

Posted on 08-27-09 5:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have never heard nor seen any girls of the ages of the one in the picture above (the picture above must be of a woman, not of an unmarried girl, and she must have delivered a baby recently) staying or playing semi-naked with boys or girls in Bhaktapur.  playing holy with boys with semi naked body by a girl is unacceptable for sure in Bhaktapur.

The picture above is not vulgur,she feeds her milk to her baby, and that time she would be easily showing her breast to her family or any other. staying in a corner of a house, putting oil in the body under sun heat is normal for woman who deliver a baby in winter months even in other parts of Nepal.

Posted on 08-27-09 5:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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this picture is artistic not vlgar i gve it 5 stars
Posted on 08-27-09 9:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It depends on who is the photographer in case of Nepalese society. 
Posted on 08-27-09 10:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very natural, she comes from a pottery family having sunbath and oil massage after a hard work is a typical culture.
It is like, how you see the water in a glass, half full or half empty?

It all depends on your mind. Who ever had taken the picture, has nothing to blame about. We are debating it is a nude picture and Travel World should not be posting.

What if this picture was pre-posted in some other means? If taken fresh, may be taken permission, did we check on that? I do not think so.


Visitors, keep your brain open and close that part tells it is nude, see it as  a portrait of Nepali Monalisa.


Last edited: 28-Aug-09 07:05 AM

Posted on 08-27-09 10:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It depends, a girl from pottery family in Nepal will never allow a guy to take a picture for a travel world. 
Posted on 08-27-09 11:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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In fact that's the way it should be.. the more clothes are invented.. the more peole's brains got fucgged up.....

Why don't you provide all the animals with clothes then??????

Posted on 08-28-09 12:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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she can't b perceived in a bad sense........she looks beautiful and she's a charm that reflects a culture.


must say that a nude pic that won't give u an erection but makes u think or wonder.

Posted on 08-28-09 7:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very very natural, look at the surrounding first. Which is very hard to do.

Try this, Firstly  out focus from the girl and focus on other things for a while and then go to the pictures, you will see her as somebody said " NEPALI MONALISA"

Posted on 08-28-09 8:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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She took oil massage after giving birth to baby. But Only nepalese knows this. So the photographer must be punished to publish it ( may be without her permission) I don't know what fact will foreign people learn from this picture. I don't know whether there's description about this picture on magazine. If there's no description. then of course the foreign people whoever will look at it, will definitely think bad about picture and nepal. 

Posted on 08-28-09 11:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most of the women after giving birth of a child do some oiling and massage on sunlight to repair her body from the cold n  long pregnancy. I guess should be the one of them.

Posted on 08-28-09 5:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Dav..... who knows how many people would get erctions seeing that pictures.. who has no clue about the picture itself.

Posted on 09-01-09 4:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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quite somtime ago I had post same sort pic on nudes torso`s but that more streamed toward the religous sides .Depict from this thread its about how do people look and impress to Nepal the author or photographer must related that Bhaktapur isnt that hot as what is display as.  Nepalgunj with  - record of  50 ' C and Dhangadhi with 28'C too if to be put on net line to view should be potray as a scenery of beautiful baazar with windy cloths, .... colorful of Sarees hanging flying cheers wellcoming the tourist or visitors for holiday and so on...The lady in the pic is not an idol of Nepal to wonders off... but its the splendeur of an ancient stupas and mandir that made`s to.... hajur



Posted on 09-01-09 11:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Agree with dav, thats what it is. She recently must have given birth to a baby,.......teri pani bujdainau chtiya haru, laaz lagdaina ? That site has publishized napal in negative way.
Posted on 09-01-09 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-01-09 4:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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......too much B.s going on about a fkn nobody has seen a naked woman, matter of fact shes just top less...and not even attractive..let it go ,ppl.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...nepali monalisa..?...gimme a freakn break....
Posted on 09-01-09 6:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry to be descriptive, just a reply.

Dirt in your Eye: As your name your thoughts are same. Why did not you find attractive? Look at her slender arms and legs, her waist has curve, no chubby body. Her darken body with oil is shining, looks very natural.  If she has posed or lying on her back, the same breast will be seen as apples rather tha. When leaing that is natural to be senn hanging breasts. You not going to find or see a girl beauty as described in Kam Sutra. It is how you see it " half full or half empty".

Posted on 09-01-09 9:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr bairagi kaila ..first of, plz, dont go for my thinking and my name together when they have got nothin to do with the picture....i am just being honest about not finding the picture attractive as many ppl in here have claimed it to be the one..second of, you dont have to go and give us detail info when we can see the picture and whats up with it, ourseleves,*still didnt like it, the surrounding is the major turn off too* cant blame her but.... and third , hey, if you find her attractive, good looks dude but cant force me to find it attractive now,i just cant do that. p.s. I know that ppl find *kamal ko fool* that grows in mud attractive, and it actually is but in this case...uh uh..not rlly.shes just a random, average looking girl ,sun bathing; thats all. dont make her big now...........when there's nothing big about it. bottom line- let it slide dude, nothin biggy to fight about it dude.just a pic,.....have a gud 1.
Posted on 09-02-09 8:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Satire hits the bull’s eye on the subject matter ( not all the time, it may lead / go other way too)and this is what sajha is and about. मेरो बिचार  मा यो धागो को अन्थेस्टी हुनु जरुरी छ । कथा बाटै अन्त्य गरौ होला। कथा सुनेको हो मिलाएर लेख्न पो सक्छु कि सक्दिन .

नाम सुन्दर बि. ए. का छ|त्र, ४ फिट ११ इन्च, पातला दार सानै भन्नु पर्‍यो । ऊमेर पुगेको विवाहको कुरा निकै चले । बधुको खोज जोडतोड ले चली रहेको , विवाहका २-४ सिजन पनि बितेर गए , आफुभने भोज खान जान पाउने आसाले हैन दाई के भयो साखुको कुरा भनी सोधदा अड्को देखाए , आफु भने यो सिजन पनि खेर गएको कुरामा चित्त बुझेको थिएन , शायद एसैलाइ भन्छन होला जातालाई भन्दा हातालाई खसखस .
४- ५ वटा कुरा एसै गरी कुरो टुङो नलागी बित्यो अनी २-४ सिजन पनि । जन्त जाने भनी सिलाएको लुगा पनि सानो हुन थाली सक्यो । मन मनै चाँही केटीलाई ई सुन्दरदाइले होईन केटीले चाँही पो reject गर्को कुरा मनले पक्का पक्की गर्‍यो । हामी गाउले भाई हरु सुन्दर दाई लाई छोडेर पवन दाई को पछी लाग्यौ , उनले चाँही सुन्दर दाई को मै बल गर्ने कुरा गरे । आस छोडि सकेको एक्दिन अचानक सुन्यौ सुन्दर दाई केटी हेर्न गए रे , साझमा केहो भनी उन्का घरमा गएको त दाई त मखख परेका रहेछन , फुल माला पहिरन गरेका रहेछन । हुने बाला भाउजु को हो भनेर भुझ्दा त तिनै पो रहिछन , उमेर पनि मिल्ने , उचाइ पनि मिल्ने , बानी बेहोरा सबै बर्णन गरेर साध्य छैन । एउटा बच्मुखाले प्याच्च मुख फोरी हाल्यो , तिनी सगपो ?? के भाको दाई तिमीलाई , कस्ता कस्ता लाई छोडौ अब एस्मा आएर आँखा जाक्यौ ।

सुन्दर दाई को उत्तर ' मोरा तलाई यि आँखाका गुच्चा खोलेर दिन मिल्ने भए थाहा पाउथिस कती सुन्दरी छिन् भनेर , तेरा आँखाले के देख्यो मलाई थाहा छैन '

कुरो एही हो ,

नजर भि अपनी अपनी और पसन्द भि अपनी अपनी

Last edited: 02-Sep-09 08:29 PM

Posted on 12-24-11 10:16 AM     [Snapshot: 124467]     Reply [Subscribe]
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khai ta saathi pic ta remove chaina ta


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