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 Let's make CHITWAN our new Capital.
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Posted on 04-22-09 8:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think that Chitwan is the best option if the capital city has to be changed. Here are some advantages.

1.Centrally located in between eastern and western part of Nepal. And also located in between hilly and terai region.

2.  Plain extensive  land and abundant source of water. It can hold the huge population of capital.

3. Availability of Physical infrastructure like, hospital , college,transportation, power, communication etc (Bharatpur Medical College,  Rampur Campus,Cancer Hospital, Mahendra Highway etc)

4. It's the model district where people migrated from all 75 districts in the past, so got the nick name 76  district of Nepal. Wide diversity of people with different caste,culture and ethnicity.

5. Easy to interact with the Indian authorities in the future because  South Chitwan has a border with India

6. District of intellectual people and leaders.Every revolution has been emerged from Chitwan in the past

7. District of natural biodiversity like Chitwan national park, religious place like Devghat, Narayani River,recreational place like Nagar Ban, Maula Kaalika Temple etc.

8. Industrial and Business Center  Tandi Bazaar and Narayangadh

9.Agricultural hub for Poultry and cash crops.

10.Traditional and welcoming people of Chitwan.

So, why not Chitwan guys?


Posted on 04-22-09 8:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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यो छलफल राजधानी र अन्त्ररास्त्रिय बिमन्स्थल को बारेमा पैला पनि उठि सकेको हो नेपाल सरकारमा त्यती बेला चितवनको लागि कूरा चलेको थियो तर पछी अन्त्ररास्त्रिय बिमन्स्थलले गर्दा राष्ट्रिय निकुन्ज र तेस्मा भएका  जनlवरहरू लाई नराम्रो प्रभाब पर्ने भएकोले भैरहवाको लागि कूरा अगाडि बदेको जस्तो लाग्छ मलाई , तर आज्काल नेता हरू आफ्नो दूनो सोजौदै फुर्सद नभएको ले त्यो कूरा हरायो

Last edited: 22-Apr-09 08:33 PM

Posted on 04-22-09 8:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Himalaya Ji,

 You are absolutely right. I don't think that the next Intl. airport is possible in our life time in Nepal. May be it's possible in our son's or grandson's generation if we could get some donation from abroad.

The Nepal government even couldn't improve the only one Intl airport (Kathmandu airport) of Nepal.  So,what to expect more???

Posted on 04-22-09 8:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chitwan is the best among the potential places for the capital of Nepal. If you see teh Google Earth, you can find that Chitwan is the best planned district, lots of straight roads; so already suitable. You can reach one corner to another corner of Chitwan just in 30 minutes of drive once the good drive ways are constructed. Some parts of Gaidakot should also be included if Chitwan is to be made the capital. Gaidakot is suitable for ministries residences, for embassies and diplomatic missions representatives' residences, and even for president's residence. But Chitwan should not have the international airport although air crafts do not make that much noise and harm wild lives; i think Bhairawa, my place, is the best place for that purpose. Hetauda, where i lived at for some time, is also a suitable place for capital city because capital city need not be large or spacious.
Posted on 04-22-09 9:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have no problem.. they should designate some other City as the Capital of Nepal.. Let Newars rot in their Valley... and I like that way.. at least they will have some peace !!

Posted on 04-22-09 9:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ctal Ji,

 Nice to read your opinions about this topic. I enjoyed your far sighted plan of constructing the office and residence for the ministry,diplomaic missions and even for the President. Nice view...

Posted on 04-22-09 9:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ya. U got it. U on the way keep ur point up, further and further until u reach to D.......D.d hilly.
Posted on 04-23-09 1:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don’t mind if Chitwan becomes Nepal’s new capital. But I don’t like guys from chitwan, they are too talkative and liar. No offence guys, cause I came across lot of Chitawanis and most of all were same as I mentioned above.
Last edited: 23-Apr-09 01:11 AM

Posted on 04-23-09 5:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If we are ever to dream of a planned capital with skyscrapers, it's evident that Kathmandu will not be able to handle this. Chitwan looks like the best alternative. There was a Japanese guy, who had a naturalized Nepali citizenship and had contested in the elections. I think he was the one to bring up this issue for the first time, and he had a long research to prove his point. He had other plans as well, but I've forgotten most of them. It'd be great if someone here could point out to any source that contains his plans.

Posted on 04-23-09 6:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Biratnagar should be made new capital. Biratangar le desh lai thulo thulo neta deko cha. If Biratnagar is not made capital and Chitwan is made then hami arko andolan garchau.

Posted on 04-23-09 6:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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K Centrally located ni ? K Washington DC Centrally located cha? K ottawa Centrally located cha ? K Canbera centrally located cha? K Pretoria (south African Capital) centrally located cha?

They are all located Cheu chau like Biratangar. These cities are located more near the sea than in the middle. Nepal ko case ma Sea bhannu nai Koshi ho . Chitwan lai ta etra pani huna dinna ma capital.

Last edited: 23-Apr-09 06:06 AM

Posted on 04-23-09 8:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes quiero, you are funny, ho ho andolan gara, ahile batai chakka jam gara, tai pani kehi bhaihalchha ki. but you can not compare developed countries's cases with developing counry's case. in underdeveloped country, you have to go to capital for many things. if it is in the central part, you can save lots of money, time, and energy and even avoid some risk of collision or accident by traveling less. some of these problems will be solved with adoption of federalism and decentralization, i hope, as people would not have to deal with central government and commute to capital for most of their problems.
Posted on 04-23-09 1:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't really care where they move the new capital but it's must move from kathmandu...
After reading the thread, Chitwan does make lots of sense..

Posted on 04-23-09 2:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 समग्र नेपाल मा चितवन भन्दा अरु राम्रो ठाँउ कुनै छैन राजधानि बनाउन को लागि  तर के हाम्रा देशका राजधानि मा हैकम चलाउने जनावरहरु को एनालाइसिस गरेका छौं त, त्यिनिहरु लाइ चितवान सार्न ? होइन ए साथि हो यिनिहरु को लागि फेरि राजधानि काँहा बनाउने भरपुर हाइट मा कि टिकौलि जङगल मा कि उहि माडिको  छेउ छाउ, कि नभए उहि हाम्रो दाहाल जेठा (प्रचण्ड दाइ) को पिढि  १० नम्वर वार्ड मा मा हाल्ने हो। आर्मि सँग झगडा भएको बेला छ कि सन्काउने हो आर्मि ब्यारेक लिएर वाइसियल लाइ बाँढन भरतपुर उकालो मा छ भोलिदेखि वाइसियल सबै करोडपति। फेरि साथि हो कि नभए यो क्याम्पस पढेर आतङककारि जन्माउनु भन्दा बन्द गर्ने हो, हेर्नु न त्यो टि यु को  उपकुलपति र रेक्टर त आतङ्कबादि रहेछन बाइसियल ले कालो मोसो लगायो सारा बिद्धानहरु को अगाडि। ढालदिम त्यो  पुरानो क्याम्पस के भन्छ बिरेन्द्र बहुमुखि,पुराना राजा को नाम छ अनि सधै काग्रेस ले सधैं राज गर्ने यसपालि पनि खुट्टा नभाचेर चुनावमा उठन दिएको भए ठेगान थिएन क्रान्तिकारिको, हान्दिम हान्दिम यसैलाइ हान्दिम।
नारायण घाट त साथिहो मलाइ धेरै पटक याद छ बाढि आउदा पानि ले भरतपुर को ओरालो सम्म चौका  मारेको। फेरि उहि अर्को दाशढुङ्गा, राजधानि लाइ छक्का हान्ला र हाम्रा प्रचण्ड र बाबुराम जि खोज्न दिल्लि पश्नु पर्ला नि नारायणगढ मा राख्यो भने, गिरिजा जि र ओलि जि को त कुरै नगरु उहाँहरु को रोग नै दिल्लि बाट सरेको दिल्लिसँग बाहेक अरु सँग औषधिनै छैनरे ।
साथिहो अब पुर्बचितवन तिर लाग्यो भने रामहरि श्रेष्ठको पिचासले तर्साउछ, झाक्रि झलनाथ सँग यसको उपचार छैन। फेरि झाक्रि पनि कति दर्हा चाइना जान प्लेन चढनु अगाडि कटुवाल को जागिर जसरि नि काट्नु पर्छ भन्ने झाक्रि फर्किदा प्लेन बाट झ्रन पनि नभ्याउदै म आर्मि मा राजनिति भएको हेर्न सक्दिन वा झा्करि वा कुखुरा गुम्ला भन्ने कत्रो डर।  त्यसमाथि पनि मैले हुइया ले भनेको सुनेको लालमनि चौधरि ले थारुहरु को हो यो चितवन, अनि मधेश नेपाल मा ‍छैन तराइ मात्र छ र थारुहरु भुमिपुत्र भनेदेखि कता कता माओबादि का घाँटि मा झुन्डिएको घण्ट उट्पट्याङ यादब  पुर्ब त के चितवन नाम सुन्ना साथ बर्बराउछन रे।
 त्यहि भएर यि गनाएका मानिसहरु को भिड खाल्टो मा नै ठिक छ , निका्लयो भने सारा गन्हाउछ, त्यहि पनि  राजधानि भन्ने मात्रै हो हो नि काम कि त दिल्लि , कि त बेजिङ्ग त्यति ले पनि धानेन भने वासिङ्गटन, राजधानि किन चाहियो। बरु सारे हुन्छ मुस्ताङ वा मनाङ यि गन्हाएका सँगै गए भने काठमाण्डौ उपत्यका को मुहार फेरिनेछ अनि पसुपति नाथ ले सबैको रक्षा गर्नेछन ।

साथिहो यो अचार हालेको बिचार सबै लाइ डाइजेस्ट नगर्न सक्छ, गर्न सकेन धोति भाइ को हाजमोला खाएर डाइजेस्ट गर्नुहोला ।

Posted on 04-23-09 3:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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duplicate post - deleted

Last edited: 23-Apr-09 03:13 PM

Posted on 04-23-09 3:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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के का चितवन, बिराटनगर वा पोखरा नि, लम्जुङ हुनुपर्छ राजाधानी।

मेरै घरजग्गा मात्रै छोडेर अरु ओरिपरिको जग्गा अधिग्रहण गर्नु पर्छ

र राजधानीलाई चहिने सबै बिकास गर्नु पर्छ। होइन भने म एक्लै

चक्का जाम गर्दिन्छु; चरणबद्ध रूपमा मेरो आन्दोलन जन युद्दसम्म जानेछ।

छोरी पोइल गई भनेर चक्का जाम गर्छन्, मैले गर्न नहुनी? दाँयाँबायाँ होइन,

लम्जुङ हुनुपर्छ राजधानी।


अब serious है, नेपालको राजधानी सार्ने भनेको नातिका पालासम्ममा चाँही feasible होला कि? लौ अहिले नै सार्ने हो भने चाँही चितवन नै हो है सबै भन्दा राम्रो बिकल्प।

Last edited: 23-Apr-09 03:10 PM


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