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 Nepali Video By American Teen ..Missing Nepal...Touching Words....Watchhh And, Comment...
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Posted on 12-30-08 7:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Click     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIsA_ACfsFM

Watch it, RATE it, Comment on it.. If you truly appreciate this..

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Posted on 12-30-08 8:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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so true only some ppl realise this fact. very well documented. felt happy to see this.

Posted on 12-30-08 9:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal is not just a dusty place with people living in poverty. It also have many beautiful places and means of modern comfort that one can find in big cities in America.  America is not just a clean and  glamorous place like depicted in this video. It also has endless amount of greed, crime, poverty, pollution etc too.  Over all, this video represent a village life in Terai, not entire Nepal.  Similarly, it represent a metropolitan life of America but not entire America.

Posted on 12-31-08 12:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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But what is shown is video depicts the majority of nepal . ppl mistake only ktm to be nepal where as true nepal is shown in the video here.

i think what is shown in the video is very true.

Posted on 12-31-08 12:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i just wished only thing after watching the video - i wish more teenagers from developed nations were exposed to third world countries, their plight and their daily struggle for survival. Swiss kids have the highest rate of depression and suicide.

i have friends here who have never stepped out of a state let alone go to another country. for example, 75% of native texans rarely set their foot outside.

as for RebelCMX bro, i assume you are born and raised in ktm. no offense man, but there was a time when we used to tease native ktm folks saying - ever seen a mango or apple tree, bud?things have changed a bit. now they know but they still need to know the life of people outside ktm.

the video depicts life of terai but is no different than the midhills and alpine regions. the only big difference is the topography and elevation and of course the climate, and the flora and fauna.

yes, we are small, poor but proud.


Posted on 12-31-08 12:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't we have enough hippies-view about our country already? since the dawn of cheap hashish from the 60s, many westerners have descended on our country and have expressed so many fond memories with clinches like "I love Nepal, Namaste(with a thick accent), Buddism is so cool. Om Shanti ". With all due respect, I love these people too but my view sways a bit from there. We're now spoiled with those positive thinkers and their messages about us, how they and what they spread around the world about us, which we know is not the real story. We are offended if someone expose the real truth but are fine with "Namaste-I love Nepal" attitude. So what a hippie likes our country and finds peace and loving people in there? Ask yourself, is that for real? I would rather see some Westerners point their fingers to our problems, weaknesses and expose the dark side of our society to the world. If nothing else, we'd be at least on the news. News about Darfur, Congo and other African nations are all over western news, everyday ,but nothing about Nepal, given the fact we're as poor as them and we too have problems with war, crimes, poverty and political unrest. So simply someone made a heart touching documentary does not make us better or solve any of our problem (might make us feel better for a while, then what?). Exposure of our plight is more important than simply sympathizing us. Period.

I'm sorry to say that this girl is going to be a globe trotting new age hippie with those view about a country from her few weeks of stay in Nepal. Enough of this Westerns who always pour positive language at our misery. These are the same people who visit Nepal after 20 years and finds things CHANGED and complain about it saying "It's not like what it used to be". They do not want us to change and are shocked when they see cars in the same village since it has ruined their vacation now, they expected it to be the same like 20 years ago. What these kind-loving people do not realize is that their civilization has been driving cars and polluting the earth for more than 100 years and now when Indians are getting rich and driving cars, they think it has CHANGED. I applaud her effort for the video, but I would have to say THANKS but NO THANKS.

You can disagree.

Last edited: 31-Dec-08 01:10 PM

Posted on 12-31-08 12:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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agree with "abc n xyz". thats the reality for more than 80 percent of our population. I will go back and do whatever I can wherever I can for my country, I am determined to it. I do know its not just me thinking this, there are many who have the similar feeling coz thats what our culture and family taught us.. its better to be in Nepal to help but it not necessary, we can help from anywhere if we want...Jai Nepal
Thanks to Sarah for the video and to sajh aa too..

Posted on 12-31-08 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rewire, you have a good point i agree with. but it is not neccessary for each and everyone to make videos pointing out our problems . this video is certainly not for that. that is atleast what i comprehend from this video. ppl can have different perceptions on this video.

This video is simply pointing out the fact about how ppl get carried away and look for happiness in materialistic stuffs. it simply stresses on the point that you dont need to have goods stuffs to be hapy it is the social bonding that keeeps you happy. the time u spend with your loved ones instead of running after worldly pleasures.

It is a good message for all of us who have left their near and dear ones in search of so called better life / job/money be it what ever...... how many of us have found that??? how many of us have got it enough that now we can say its time for us to go back home... Its a never ending rat race where we want more and never have enough. we lost the bst yrs of our life so called launi khani umer.. we still want more god knows for when and for what and till when.

This is just my perception others can disagree to it.

Posted on 12-31-08 6:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Leave emotion aside: I think the teenager is way mistaken about finding happiness in Nepal Vs California.

It is just a matter of your perspective and how you are raised in the culture. We grow up listening to stories where the king wanders around to find the happiest person and finds a beggar as the best candidate. But think........, it's a Eastern philosophy. It is basically an implication that being poor=being happy and being rich is NOT. Well maybe the beggar has not seen anything beyond what he has in his life, does not know what's out there. Are all rich people unhappy? Are all the poor people happy? So the guy with the “hallo” plowing field would not prefer a tractor over his buffalo? Given the choice, everybody will reach for the better life. Just because we did not invent automobiles does NOT make us smarter than the person who did or happier in this case. Maybe they are happy that they can plow their field in few hours Vs spending weeks with the buffalo. How do you measure happiness? Just because we do not have running water, does that makes us happy? Ask the folks if they are happy with no water in Kathmandu, are they happy with load shading? Every civilization crawl towards modernization, why?---it makes life easier. Of course it has its won consequences.

Every human being has stress, the level varies. Poor village life is as stressful than city life in the West, in a different way. Since we do not have jobs and spend most of our time with family because we have no choice, it should not be mistaken for being happiness. Most family in Nepal live a very stressful life, for things like finances, family politics, land, social pressures etc etc. Our culture and our ways of our life has not been exposed to the rest of the world. And the few trekkers and the vacationers are not scholar or an expert in those social matters. Just imagine how stressful your family would be towards you, had you not left Nepal to some foreign country to make money to support them. Life is stressful, we're not immune to it simply because we live in village with no electricity. It's a part of human being's psychological existence, no matter where you live. Well at least the city dweller have bothered to explore the cause for it and found out a solution by relying on science-an anti depressant medicine. Like it or not-it helps some. It's better than doing nothing and complaining about it. Isn't it? Does that mean we're happier since we don't take medicine?

Please do not be mistaken there are no good, kind hearted people in California. There are plenty like those she met in Nepal.

Last edited: 31-Dec-08 06:36 PM

Posted on 01-01-09 9:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lot of Nepalis appear happy because ignorance is bliss. The less things know, the less things you know that you can want. The more you want the more unhappy you become.

What is better? For one to be well educated and aware of many things in life, wanting more and more and not be truly happy or to practice bliss fueled by ignorance?

Posted on 01-01-09 9:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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life in a nepal is as stressful as life can be in any western country. it isn't that poverty reduces stress for nepalese or nepalese are ignorant and thus blisfully happy. rewire ...  i somehow feel you failed to understand the video and thus you are being overcritical. the grl just wants to show the world how nepalese despite all the adversities are living with a smile in their face. our way to cope with the stress and the amount of problems we have is nothing short of an inspiration for these "first world" kids. i felt that's why the grl in the video wanted teens from the west to vist nepal or inthat case any third world country to experience what their contemporaries go thorugh in some other socitey and cherish what they have back home. juss my two cents..


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