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 ke bahun le nai desh bigarekoa hun ta?

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Posted on 06-07-08 3:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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whether the long right to establish the democracy or to ruin country or to demolish the monarchy the bahuns have been always up front. in every partys leading role bahuns have been always taking the leadin the leading role. do u all think the same thing too. is bahuns leadership is not a good sign for improvent?


The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-07-08 8:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alina babe,i m not intruding into ur business.....i came across the thread so,i jot down wat i think....i m happy for u that u realized wat u were doin!!!!don't hate bahun so much,who knows u might end up with some bahun guys: ha ha ha...just kiddin!!!
Posted on 06-07-08 11:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Des bahun le matrai haina sabai le bigareko ho. Everyone is responsible for that.

Stop creating this kind of thread in sajha. It creates mental violence between friends.

Posted on 06-08-08 2:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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this f@cking nepalpyaro is piece of shit..wht the hell this guy is thinking of his posting...he must be crackhead or he went off his mind...go and treat for ur mentality...and all other people who put posting supporting that guy is piece of shit too....f@cking racist nepalese

Posted on 04-11-16 7:35 AM     [Snapshot: 3424]     Reply [Subscribe]
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oe khate bahun jyapu are lazy re mc. jaba jyapu haru le art and craft mandir haru banau na thale ni aja bhanda 1000 years pahila taba tero jaat le kate haru le kattu samatera daudinthyo [Disallowed String for - use not allowed].mf bahuns just because we are pushed back ward at time newars became poor and uneducated stupid kato bhanne lobi bahun randi desh becchuwa .son and daughter of rapist.and mafia of nepal
Posted on 04-11-16 8:02 AM     [Snapshot: 3440]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@bisal123 you are exactly the epitome of behaviour why the same Jyapus call people of your ethnicity as 'Khey chaa' or 'Khatyaa (Khatey)' meaning someone who does not have anything to show, no material or cultural prowess but still acts as if he rules the world. Typical khatey behaviour.

At least don't make yourself more of an uneducated filth of this planet by racial provocation through the derogatory use of the term Jyapu. Do you even know that yes, all Jyapus are Newars BUT not all Newars as Jyapus? There are Newars who can be an Upadhyaya Brahmin and there can be Newars who can be an untouchable Dalit. So to ignore that fact and lump all Newars together into a single derogatory term only shows your lack of education. It would be like from here on, calling all Bahuns-Chhetri as Damai or Gandarbha. Or calling all Madhesis as only Yadav from here on. And even if you meant to racially degrade all Newars through the use of the word Jyapu, the jokes on you bitch because Jyapu is the reason why Kathmandu Valley and Nepal in itself is so culturally rich, they are the reason why tourists flock to Nepal to see all the cultural heritage, the festivals, the music, the art, and all other high-culture of Nepal. All the Newar temples (Pashupatinath, Gujeshwori, basically all) you visit, all the great Newar festivals you celebrate (Dashain, Tihar, Holi, etc.), all the Newar customs you follow (playing kites in Dashain, celebrating your birthday tithi anusaar, eating kwati ko daal on Janai purnima, etc) are exactly due to Newar and specifically Jyapu traditions. They are the reason you eat daal and bhat two times a day unlike the sisnu ko saag and dhedo like your grandparents probably did because Jyapus have been the premier farming caste of Newars who introduced the new types of rice farming in Kathmandu which spread across Nepal. They are the reason why you so proudly wear Daura Duruwal because your grandfather wore Kacchhad (a cloth which you basically wrap around till your knees) before. And if you even care to know, the word Jyapu literally means 'Jya ya fukka' to 'Jyaa phuu' which means 'work'+'much' so they are the hardworking people who have actually contributed to their society, their families, their nation - unlike your pathetic racist self. SO from all Newars, not all of us deserve to be called that title of Jyapu, but thank you nonetheless for that wonderful compliment.
Last edited: 11-Apr-16 08:17 AM

Posted on 04-11-16 8:13 AM     [Snapshot: 3470]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And regarding this thread, No bahun le desh bigareko hoina, its all of us Nepalis and our mindsets that messed this country. No one caste or community is to be blamed. Period.
Last edited: 11-Apr-16 11:04 AM

Posted on 04-11-16 9:20 AM     [Snapshot: 3525]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For sure those who were more corrupt but less responsibility to their position and compromised national interest and national security for pm position.
If you count the number it seems they are responsible.
Posted on 04-11-16 9:56 AM     [Snapshot: 3565]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kaam painas ja&@$: opening 8 year old thread? Ghanta handa alchhi lagyo?
Posted on 04-11-16 7:23 PM     [Snapshot: 3718]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Muse after 8 years shit is still true I guess! No change whatsoever
Posted on 04-11-16 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 3729]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One of the reasons why that is so is because Nepali society is a racist society, whether you like to accept that or not (now you may not be racist and that's a different story).
Bahuns help each other, Newars help each other, Madheshis help each other. Also there is rampant nepotism in Nepal. All it all up and Nepal is where it is now, fu(ked up.
Posted on 04-11-16 8:21 PM     [Snapshot: 3752]     Reply [Subscribe]
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baneko bhaye po bigareko kasley banera sochnu, bandai nabhaneko lai ghanta kasle bigarney ho. question nai wrong ho torpey ko. Banauna nasakeko chai bahun haruley ho , thau ma ta pugeka thiye ni bahan haru. Tara thau ma nai punga nasakney /pugna nakhojney chikkad sabai chetri,magar, newar,madhesi , pahadi ,kaami , damai sabai ley jhanai barabaad pareko ho. bigrana ko lagi pani , banauna ko lagi pani thau ma pugna parcha. thau ma pugnai nakhojney paat haru ley desh nabanayeni huncha bhaney jasto banayera khyaas khuwaideko ho . la mujhi haru , ghanta hanna firta jau sabai , desh banauney /bigarney haru lai ta yeha aayera herney fursad pakkai chaina hola.
Posted on 04-12-16 3:43 PM     [Snapshot: 3949]     Reply [Subscribe]
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खास मा भन्नु पर्दा कोइ भन्दा कोइ कम छैन , म आफु बाहुन नै हो तर नास्तिक , हाम्रो देस बासि को सोचाई ले गर्दा देस गिर्न पुगेको हो ,, फेरी मलाई चै एकदम मन पर्ने जात चै नेवार हो, आइले सम्म का सबै गल फ्रेन्ड नेवार नै थिए, मेरो दुइटा बेस्ट फ्रिंड पनि नेवार नै हुन्, ,,

आजकल साझा मा बौदिक मानिस हरु को कमि देख्दै छु #कुरो
Posted on 04-13-16 7:07 AM     [Snapshot: 4084]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बाहुन र नेवार दुवै नेपाल को सशक र सोशक हो . दुवै कोइ भन्दा कम छैन .र बाहुन र नेवार अहंकार्बाद ले नै देशका अरु सबै ले यो गरिबी भोग्नु परेको हो .
बिशाल, एलिना, संजय,राजेश सबै उही dyaang को मुला हुन् .सबै का सबै ढोंगी नस्लीय सोच भएकाहरु
-काठमाडौँ बनको तराईको बाहुन साशकहरुले हो, न कि ज्यापूहरुले.त्यो त राम तेली ले ताज महल बनायो भने जस्तो भो .तर ज्यापू लगायत अरु प्रजाको सम्पति र कलाले नै बनाको हो .
-बाहुन जत्ति कै नेवार( २-३% जनसंख्या भाको श्रेष्ठ, जोशी,तुलाधर,शाक्य, बज्राचार्यहरु ) नि नेपाल को राजनीति ,कर्मचारीमा हाबी छ. बाहुन को ६०% र नेवारको २०% उपस्थिति छ. आज नेवारले त कोटा नि पाउछ ,नेवार कला,व्यापार र डाक्टर, एञ्जिनेअर ,प्रोफेसर,राजदूत,बैंक को अफिसर लगायत पद मा सबै भन्दा माथि छ .
Posted on 04-13-16 7:24 AM     [Snapshot: 4097]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thukka Khaate haru ho...ahile aayera bahun ra newar bhanera jhagada garera baseka chhan...kuhiyekaa dimaag...dukhi aatmaa haru
Posted on 04-14-16 9:38 AM     [Snapshot: 4253]     Reply [Subscribe]
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desh kasle bigareko ho tyo chai malai thaha chaina but you said "काठमाडौँ बनको तराईको बाहुन साशकहरुले हो, न कि ज्यापूहरुले.त्यो त राम तेली ले ताज महल बनायो भने जस्तो भो" what does that mean??bro art and culture was developed in licchavi era. at that time bahun were not in the valley.pashupatinath,swoyambhunath,changunarayan temple,bouddhanath was developed at that time.Jyapu was the title given by mallas in malla era, Jyapu mean hard workers or competetent worker.
And Present Jyapu are the combination gopal dynasty,kirats and licchavi(3 dynasty).so banako pani jyapu le ho banauna lako ni jyapu le ho the art and temples has nothing to do with bahuns all were developed in licchavi.
Again I didn't say that bahun are responsible for the situation of the country.
Last edited: 14-Apr-16 10:17 AM

Posted on 04-14-16 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 4293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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dragon bro, kathmandu was ruled by maithali brahmins for 1700 years before gorkhali thakuri ruled it.so after the kirat period, the maithali speaking lichhivis bought hindu religion,, caste system,administration ,the costumes etc from south and ruled nepal valley.
after that came the mallas who were also maithal brahmins and made even stricter rules based on hindu dharmashastras .read jayasthiti malla and his nyayashastra where a jyapu or pode cant wear gold or silver,full sleeve dress or even walk on the middle of the road let alone touch the high castes.the language spoken in the royal palace was maithali and the rules took pride in the strictest form of hinduism bein followed in kathmandu. the buddhist newars and their religion were looked down upon more in malla period than in lichhivi times.
काठमाडौँ बनको तराईको बाहुन साशकहरुले हो, न कि ज्यापूहरुले.त्यो त राम तेली ले ताज महल बनायो भने जस्तो भो-most of the temples and monuments were build in malla period( i talk about the present form of them, not the original form for no one know how they looked originally in lichhivi period). os one just remembers the ruler who made some monument in history ,not the people. maybe the rulers being from south brought some artisans from south who fused the local art with theirs from south. but the credit still goes to the rulers.
well, regarding brahmins, there were brahmins before the shah conquest of valley,the maithali speaking jha brahmins were the ruling elite(ministers, priests)who are still there in valley. most of the elites of mall era were droven out including the kings family and relatives.
als there were some pahadiya brahmins as well in valley .there were also khas and magar generals since the time of pratap malla(according to his manu on rani pokhari).
Posted on 04-14-16 11:28 AM     [Snapshot: 4294]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First off, Maithil Brahmins were never 'rulers' in the traditional sense of the word. They were Brahmins as in pujari/purohit. The Maithili speaking Brahmins as you have written yes they held great amount of power, and even till today, their descendants, the Rajopadhyayas hardly even cross 5000 population. So their population 500-800 years ago would have been almost negligible, so their population would have been too inconsequential for them to be ruling elites. Because of the actual low population of Brahmins, we have so many para-priests who acted as priests yet are of lower status and not Vedic Brahmin priests like the Rajopadhyays in the strictest sense. These are Joshi, Rajbhandari, Karmacharya, Bajracharya, Gurubacharya, etc. The rulers (Malla themselves as the various high caste clans that came after 14th century with Malla like Singh, Amatya, Pradhan, Rajbhandari, etc.) were all of Maithili or Rajput origin as in they are Kshetriya, not Maithil Brahmin like you infer.

Jyapus are mainly descendants of the Kiratis and Gopalis and Mahispals. Shresthas are mostly the Lichchavi descendants.

But what you have said other things are true nonetheless.
Posted on 04-15-16 8:12 AM     [Snapshot: 4377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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shiva_linga bro, maithali bahuns are only priest not rulers as said by Rajesh_BP. rulers were like licchavi thakuri after that malla. And only few licchavi were converted into shrestha caste in malla period like raj bamsi, maske not all. the remaining Lichhavis were gradually set aside by the Varman Thakuris and later by the Somvanshi Mallas. Some of the Lichchavis merged with the locals thus intermingling with the Jyapus (old word was 'Bhawo') while others were given social respect (given their heritage) and included within the Srestha (old word was 'Bharo'). present jyapu is combination of gopal kirants and licchavi.here are some link of newar in which it is also metioned that jyapu are gopa kirants and licchavi.

you can go throw this link if you want :
1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newar_caste_system

2 https://raunakms.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/on-the-roots-of-the-shrestha-clan/

3 http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?4500-Newars-of-Nepal-Debunking-misconceptions-of-one-of-Nepal-s-most-important-races

4 http://kindle.worldlibrary.net/articles/Maharjan
Last edited: 15-Apr-16 08:13 AM

Posted on 04-15-16 10:25 AM     [Snapshot: 4403]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@rajesh, dragon
the last thing i remember about jayasthiti malla in my kirtipur lecture was that he was a maithil brahmin and devaldevi brought him to kathmandu to get married with the heir to throne.
also after the shah coup, the ruling elite fled the valley which is well documented.but yes, some may have intermarried ortaken the local newari culture. but the lichhivis and mallas were so proud of their tirahutiya culture that they spoke maithali in palace though in later times newari was the language of administration .also they were far more prthodox hindus than other hill kings like shahs,sens or kirat rulers.they even brought their wives from high born terai nobles.
Posted on 06-23-16 12:57 AM     [Snapshot: 6399]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jayasthiti Malla was a Maithili-origin nobleman/panji (high ranking minister then) who married a Malla princess. He was not a Brahmin by birth, if he was he would not have the authority to rule as a Kshatriya king. It is important to understand that although we now think of Malla kings as 'Newar' kings, but the simple truth of the matter is that those Mallas never considered themselves as 'Newar' in the sense that they considered themselves as 'Thakurs' (called Thakoo in lcoal Newari), as outsiders, immigrants to Nepal who came here to rule the local people. The 'Newar' clans of present day which call themselves as Malla, Pradhan, Rajbanshi, Kayastha, among others only 'became' Newar in the Shah dynasty and after the fall of Nepal Mandala to Shah kings. It is also to be noted that the term 'Newar" was (and is still in remote Newar villages) used only for the upper-caste Hindu Shrestha caste only. But that would be a story for another day. Before that, Mallas almost always married princesses brought from Tirhut/Mithila or far western regions and gave their daughters to the ruling nobility of Kathmandu then (most notably called Pradhans.) Even though they accepted the local, indigenous culture and language, they still spoke Maithili in their courts, they brought with them their Maithili culture, gods, traditions among others. This is when as you rightly pointed out, Vedic Hinduism re-emerged and it chipped away the more archaic form of Hindusim Newars followed - Tantrism and Shaktism. If you want to see the influence of Mithila in Nepal Valley and Newars - just go around Durbar Square of Patan for example and you will see Mithila architectures in the form of shikara-vimana architecture, Bhagvad Gita in Krishna Mandir, and most interesting of all, Newar peasant groups (Jyapus, Nai, Kapali) still singing bhajans in Maithili language every morning.

But power is in number, and like I said previously, the ruling Brahmin/Kshatriya elites who came to Nepal Valley and became the Rajoapdhyaya (Dev Brahman) and Chathariya Shrestha (Kshatriya) were a minority compared to the general population and hence Tantrism and Shakitsm could not be completely replaced by the more 'refined' Vaishnavism or modern Vedic influences. This is why all Newars till date are so influenced by blood sacrifices, by Shakti and Devi puja, by almost tribalistic and pre-Vedic worship of certain rituals and Gods, the use of 'pancha makar' - मद्य, मांस, मत्स्य, मुद्रा, मैथुन - in every puja is a must for Newars. And all of this is because Newars like much of eastern India are Tantricist and Shakti worshippers to the core which is an even older version of Hinduism than Nepal's Hill Bahuns profess.
Last edited: 23-Jun-16 01:04 AM


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