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 48 Nepalese Students in one house
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Posted on 05-16-08 2:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Landlord crams 48 students into one house

By Mark Dunn and Natalie Tkaczuk Sikora

May 17, 2008 01:54am

Article from: Herald Sun

  • Council investigates crowded houses
  • Finds beds for 48 people in one property
  • But Nepalese students defend landlord

A MILLIONAIRE landlord has been stacking up to 48 Nepalese students in a single house in northern Melbourne and dozens in two other rundown properties, say council investigators.

Hem Tamang, 36, lives in a modern double-storey Coburg property and runs a city restaurant - but makes big money by filling three suburban homes with dozens of students in each.

One six-room house in Loch St, Coburg, had beds for 48 people when council officers raided it last week and slapped an unsafe premises notice on the property.

"One house is believed to have had up to 48 occupants and another had 28 people sharing appalling and squalid conditions," Moreland Council chief executive Peter Brown said.

Another of Mr Tamang's houses, in Fowler St, had up to 28 students packed in and living in what was described as third-world conditions.

It has four bedrooms and a study, and two bungalow rooms in the back yard.

"We understand 18 people lived in backyard sheds and one building has barred and locked windows," Mr Brown said.

A third property was located at Lorensen Ave, North Coburg. Council inspectors believed there were 17 students living at the three-bedroom house.

Mr Brown said subsequent investigations had found as many as 100 students from Nepal might be living at the three properties Mr Tamang owned and a fourth house linked to an associate.

"This is at the very least exploitation of vulnerable young foreign students," Mr Brown said.

"Students were believed to be handing over $250 a month each to live in circumstances where their health was seriously at risk.

"We were also told another wave of students is expected to arrive in July."

The Herald Sun visited the homes following the council raids and found filthy conditions, numbered dormitory-style rooms and mattresses stacked ceiling-high.

One room was filled with dismantled bunk beds after government inspectors forced Mr Tamang to reduce tenant numbers in each house to five.

Moreland Council became aware of the unregistered rooming houses when locals reported seeing large numbers of foreign students using a nearby park facility as a toilet and to clean themselves.

Mr Tamang yesterday denied having 48 students in one house, claiming the most he ever had at one property was 22 students.

He said he was offering Nepalese students cheap accommodation out of the kindness of his heart and making $7500 a month rent, not up to $25,000 as council investigators claimed.

He said a total of 48 students lived in his three homes - but only 30 were charged $250 a month each for accommodation, gas, electricity and water, and others stayed rent-free.

"My idea is that there is maximum each house 10 people," he told the Herald Sun from his Flinders St restaurant, Ghurka's Express.

"But some don't have jobs and nowhere to live. I don't want them to go on streets because I'm also Nepalese so I let them stay."

Students yesterday rallied around him, saying that without him many Nepalese students would be lost.

Rajendva KC, 27, who is studying film, said he had lived at one of the houses for seven months and even though it was crowded at times, it was what they were used to in Nepal.

Mr KC said Mr Tamang was not exploiting students at all.

"He's a social worker for the Nepalese and is highly regarded," he said.

"The reality is he is surely helping the students. It's not easy to find housing and he takes everyone in."

Student Dev Ghimire, 21, said he was looking for new accommodation because he was tired of the noise and people arriving at all hours.

But he said the most he ever saw at the Loch St address was 15 people, and the six-room house was rented for $500 cash a week.

But he acknowledged he was there only briefly, working night shift from 11.30pm to 7am and attending a computer course from 8am-5pm.

"There were 10 people here but sometimes there were more, friends of the guys would come around," Mr Ghimire said.

He said he knew Mr Tamang and he described him as "cool".

Posted on 05-16-08 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Tamang IS exploiting the students and worse yet, he tries to come out as a "helpful person." Just admit your mistake (or hypocrisy) and pay penalty. He will feel a lot better.

Last edited: 16-May-08 04:04 PM

Posted on 05-16-08 4:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i don't necessarily agree with you 100% on this... i can see the other side of it too.. lot of these students are in dire conditions with very tight financial situations... there are folks who live like that even here in ocean city and the land lords aren't even nepalese... i think it can be looked both ways
Posted on 05-16-08 9:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a nice Australian guy, If this had happend in US, Rednecks would say, kick this alliens out from this country. God bless Australia


Latest Comments:

Wow, so the government is now raiding peoples' private dwellings and prosecuting people for the heinous crime of providing voluntary accommodation? Did they consider that the alternative for these people is likely to be living on the street?

Posted by: John of Gold Coast 4:21am today

Posted on 05-16-08 11:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know him personally,he is  a nice guy, call him from Melbourne airport and he will come to pick u up  no matter what time of day it is or no matter who u are.

He will take u to his restaurant , provide work, experience  etc.
What more u want? he is helping Nepalese students.

I am sure he has mortgages so he had to charge.

Posted on 05-17-08 1:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look at this situation from both sides b4 you open your stupid mouth..

Why don't some of you who are criticizing here goto Ocean City and check out how guys are staying in filthy 1 bedroom apartment with 20+ people and or check any Universities/Colleges where large number of Nepalese students are attending.

Posted on 05-17-08 1:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Leave this guy alone. Like posted above, this situation can be looked at from a different perspective as well. Though it is not the most frivolous way to live, it is serving the purpose and needs of some Nepalese people. And like it says on the article that if and when these folks decide to leave this joint for a different situation, they can do so. So maybe the fact that this guy offers such reasonable accomodation is allowing some people to get back on their feet, to save some money and to get their act together before venturing out to the world.

And it is nice to know that there is a Nepalese Millionaire.


Posted on 05-17-08 3:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have no idea what to say in this case.....
There is both god points and bad points in this....
Students who are financially struggling are getting cheap price accomodation..... but at the cost of risking their own health... and may be their status.....
The person who is lending the house may also be..... either way... helping .... financially getting benefit.....anything....

BUT anyway sorry to hear that our own brothers are forced to live in such dire condition.....
I know how it can be on the first few months or even a year when you come to foreign country.... My heart goes for all those students.... 
Posted on 05-21-08 2:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I personally know him and he is a nice guy who is always willing to offer help to nepalese whenever no matter what time. I am sure students were not forced to stay there. it must be their decision. why blame tamang!
Posted on 05-21-08 7:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I wonder how some of the people above are supporting this. If Hem Tamang was interested in helping us Nepalese students, he could have taken permission from the council and opened nice hostels with approporiate facilities nad provided accomodation accordingly. Atleast the students wouldnt have had to use the public toilets!! This is not Nepal where in the name of democracy ..theres a freedom to do everything!! ..Its Australia ..there are rules and regulations ..he could have charged few dollars extra but provided good facilites..I am sure if people can afford to come here they would have certain fund set aside for accomodation!!

How can something like this be justified. I think Nepalese in Melbourne are looked upon high and only because of this incident we could be looked down upon like the Indians. I had heard of 8 Indian students living in a 2 room appartment, but this case is even worse...

Its a shame!! I am glad no one has discussed this at my work!! Its usually a person or group of people that spoil a community's name and this is exactly the case!! He should be penalised!!  Let him bear the consequences!!

Posted on 05-21-08 8:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you break the Law YOU PAY THE PRICE. Plain and simple. THERE IS NO IF,AND,or BUT ABOUT THIS. This guy is making money out of these students by breaking the LAW. I think he should goto JAIL.

Financially strapped students and this guy making money off them are two different issues. I understand the plight of the students but the guy is a millionaire if he really wants to help then provide them with adequate accomodation and give them a break on the rent. Not let them live like refugees in a cramped up quarters. HE IS NOTHING BUT A SLUM LORD.

LEARN TO ABIDE BY THE LAWS OF THE LAND YOU LIVE IN OR YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE. AND MR BISAL123 your Mr Nice guy will be going to Jail for breaking the law.

Posted on 05-21-08 8:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Moreland Council became aware of the unregistered rooming houses when locals reported seeing large numbers of foreign students using a nearby park facility as a toilet and to clean themselves."

Deja vu - Balaju park!

Posted on 05-21-08 9:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Despite Mr. Tamang not to have complied with the housing code, he is being defended by every local Nepalese fellows as being a highly-regarded social worker.
The lesson I learn from this story is :
Not all good intentions/acts can have positive results.

As Nepalese spread far and wide into every corner of the world, every wanna be social worker individual/group needs a consigliere/counselor so that they abide by the law of the land and follow the classic proverb "Do as the Romans do in Rome"

Posted on 05-21-08 9:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Australia is not Nepal or India.

Please do not try to make it one.

Posted on 05-21-08 11:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It doesn't really matter if 'YOU KNOW HIM PERSONALLY' or not.

I'll have to agree with 'YO!' big time. You nailed it man! If Mr. Tamang is a millionaire 'socialist' who likes to help Nepalese students and those who don't have job then build a hostel and accomodate these people according to law. Charge them less than what other Aussie landlords do. It seems like he already has a restaurant business and 3 houses. So, he is not going to be losing any money.

I appreciate what he was trying to do but putting 48 people in 6 bedroom house is not considered 'helping'. He said that he is charging $250 for 30 people, out of 48. 18 people are living for free? That's too good to be true. Not to mention, why those 30 people who pay their share of rent have to live in a situaion where their health is in jeopary? So, Call me mean or whatever the heck you want to call me, but the Ocean City situation for summer job doesn't justify the situation here. Millionaire guy with 3 houses and a business can do a lot better than this. Don't you think ?

"Rajendva KC, 27, who is studying film, said he had lived at one of the houses for seven months and even though it was crowded at times, it was what they were used to in Nepal."

Not a good excuse. In fact, it makes us look even worse!

As 'bathroomcoffee' said, you break the law you pay the price.

Tisa, you are right too. There is a diff. between Nepal and Australia.



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