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 Prachanda sacchai bhitte President ho ta???

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Posted on 04-24-08 11:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NC leaders: Change of govt a non-issue


KATHMANDU, April 25 - Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Thursday said the Nepali Congress would take a decision about formation of the next cabinet only after further assessing the political situation.

Koirala said this while addressing the party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting held for the first time since the party’s unification seven months ago.

Addressing the meeting, PM Koirala asked the CWC members—who met in the capital to assess the party’s “shameful” defeat in the recently concluded Constituent Assembly election—not to worry about the party’s future, according to a CWC member.

Some CWC members argued that the country has entered a debate on a non-issue, misinterpreting the mandate of the election and ridiculing constitutional provisions.

They said the CA poll was for electing representatives to a constitution drafting body and not for changing the government.

“We are debating a non-issue since there is no question whether we should join the government or not,” said Gobinda Raj Joshi, former joint general secretary of the party. “A party needs to show a two-thirds majority to change the government leadership if one is to go by the constitutional provisions,” he claimed.

CWC member Man Bahadur Bishwakarma was another leader urging the party not to enter a debate on whether to join a Maoist-led government.

“First the Maoists must show their two-thirds majority and remove PM Koirala before staking their claim to form a new government,” said Bishwakarma. “Those who are talking about formation of a new government under Maoist leadership must read the constitutional provisions and study the philosophy behind those provisions.”

He claimed that the provision on two-thirds majority was envisioned to stop petty politics inside the legislature for capturing power.

Joshi and Bishwakarma not only opposed debate on government formation but also urged the party not to collaborate with the Maoists in future. “This is because the Maoists did not demonstrate a politics of morality during the polls,” said Bishwakarma. Another CWC member, Jiban Bahadur Shahi, also spoke in a similar tone.

The NC leaders’ arguments came as some others including Binay Dhwoj Chand urged the party not to take any decision on joining a new government. Chand claimed that the people want the Nepali Congress to stay outside the government and provide its constructive cooperation to the government to be formed in future.

Seven CWC members, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Acting President Sushil Koirala spoke at the meeting but none of them except oldest CWC

member Bal Bahadur Rai suggested the party join a Maoist-led government in future.

Rai said NC’s participation in the government would help control Maoist authoritarian rule and do something in favor of the people.

All the leaders named Maoist intimidation as the major cause behind the party’s defeat but CWC members Pradip Giri and Purna Bahadur Khadka said party mismanagement was also equally to blame.

“Selection of candidates was not fair, with the candidates imposed from the center,” said Giri, pointing out the cause behind the poll defeat. “Those who were elected in the past but failed to reach out to the people for years were sent with party nominations.” He claimed that the parallel party structure that existed after the unification proved ineffective for mobilizing the cadres in full strength.

According to party Vice-President Gopal Man Shrestha the party has received reports from about 60 districts and will study the reports before setting the party’s future course. “But we believe it is too early to talk about formation of a new government,” he said. Shrestha claimed that Koirala’s is a consensus government and can remain in power until a two-thirds majority of the legislature passes a resolution against it. “How can a party that obtained less than 40 percent of seats start homework on forming a government?”

Shrestha said Koirala, as a head of state, will call on CA members to start working on a new government once the CA is fully constituted. He also said the party would seek full implementation of past Maoist commitments and dissolution of their armed forces and paramilitary. “How can a man who is head of his PLA become commander of the national army at the same time?” Shrestha questioned.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-25-08 2:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i agree wid u 123 shrestha...but no maobaadi at least.....
Posted on 04-25-08 2:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol. tara malai pyaari kt ko points strong lagyo.

Pyaari kt: 7 pts

Elusive cat: 4 pts.

gud luck guys. tara desh lai chai nadubao tei ho mero suggestion.


Jai Desh!

Posted on 04-25-08 4:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sale daka haru lai police nabana. Cogress, UML sarkar na chhod. Baru daka haru lai 15000 nepali mareko mudda laga. YCL ko ID card bokne jaamai lai jail ma halde.

Maoists cut off water pipe in Panchthar for not voting Maoist

Kantipur Report

PANCHTHAR, April 25 - Maoist cadres have cut off the water pipeline at Southern Angnapanch and Dhukuri VDCs in Panchthar district saying that the villagers did not vote the CPN-Maoist candidates in the Constituent Assembly (CA) election. The Dhukuri residents had been consuming water from the same pipeline since three years which was brought from the resource of Hyanghyang River. Around seventy families of the area had been relying on the source for water.

The Maoists cut off the water pipes at the four places and hoisted their party flags saying that the next government is going to be led by their party, Consumers’ Committee Secretary Chandra Dahal said.

The Maoists cut off the water supply pipe so as to inflict torture to the people who cast their votes for the Nepali Congress in the CA election, locals said.
Posted on 04-25-08 8:26 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sala chor Moubadi abara kukur haru ko bani kaile ramro huna ho ni.


Sala           Abara          Matra Chhan Moubadi ma... kukur haru..... why they are doing like that behieve.



Posted on 04-25-08 8:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Maobadi sarkar ma najada ta yesto chha, gaya pachhi k k hune ho..............he bhagwan................

Koi au ra desh bachau..............

MAOBADI CHOR DESH CHOD................


Posted on 04-25-08 9:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its really shameful that after putting century old party to ruins, girija, at age 80+, is still so greedy of power. He is still doing everything he can to take party down along with him. Congress is not of Girija. Girija is of congress, and he utterly failed to prove that he is a responsible leader of the former big party of the nation. He is trying hard to keep koirala blood within the party leadership. It just reflects the very reason he supported king. He believes if BP formed the party, party is of Koirala family. Just like king does.

The greedyness of congress which lured them to keep on staying in the party will create more clashes within the party and again will force it to division.

Its just too much Congress should let go of Girija. Its unethical too to give burden to such an old guy. All of us must agree Koirala family don't have any member to keep Congress going.

Thank you

Posted on 04-25-08 10:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Congree decision. Maobadi torture people even when they are not in goverment. Imagine, what will they do when they are in Government? This election is FOR CA and NOT TO CHANGE GOVERNMENT. If anybody wants to change governement, they need to get 2/3 of votes in parliament. This is the Rule.

Girija government was succesful in holding the election. And now it is taking responsibility to make the CA outcome successful. Let's work on writing new constitution then spending time on re-forming government. Maobadi are so greedy that their first goal is to make new government than to work in writing constitution.

Morning shows the day. Maobadi Netas are very selfish (kill innocent people for their own welfare), greedy (already started to fight for government instead of working on writing Constitution) and irresponsible to people and country.



Posted on 04-25-08 11:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Girija had said he would resign from active politics after the first meeting of the CA assembly. Going by what's going on now this first meeting may never take place and its all Girija Raj. After Girija it will be his daughter. Considering that Girija doesn't have the mandate of the people, he's sitting on his chair on post-dated mandate (9 years old) he should resign on moral grounds. But, Girija and morality, they don't go together, do they?

As someone above said Koirala thinks himself as a raja and Koirala is a dynasty.

Posted on 04-25-08 11:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are yar yo marne marne kaam jaha pani vairaheko chha. Manchheko life chha ta marchha navayeko vaye k marchha. Politics vanekai yehi ho. Satta paltauna jasle j pani garchhan. Sex money and power ko lagi duniya ma k vayeko chhaina?

Amerika jasto thau ma ta sarkari paisa hinamina garirakheka chhan thulthula Tauke haru le, forget about Nepal.

J hos mathi elusivecat N pyari Kt ko jhagada herda aafailai dikdar lagyo yar. Nepali ko bani yesto ta chha ani kasari agadi badna sakinchha?    Ek aapasa ma jhagada garera K garne? Sathi ho " Ris le khanchha aafulai, Buddi le khanchha arulai".  mero sautane hajur bau le jahile pani malai yehi dialogue vanne garthyo. Sachhikai ho rahechha.

Baastab ma elusivecat  ra Pyaari kt, bith r right, and wrong as well.
nepal ma Democratic party nepali congress le ek chhatra rajai gareko chha. Jati new government banaye pani Girija le kahilei pani ko vrasta ko navrasta chhinna sakena kinaki he himself is corrupt. Kahile chhori ko kura kahile Vrasta leaders ko kura ma lagera janata ko kura ta sunna nai payena. Tara his eyes were watching the situation. Bas cable heri matra rahe uska aakha harule. Ajhai pani girrija le chhoddaina kurchi kina ki girija ra kurchi bich darilo, kasaile chhutyaunai nasakne Deep Love pari sakeko chha.

Aba Maubadika kura garda, "Jun jogi aayepani Kanai chireka" hun ki vanne janata lai dar chha. Dar nahos pani kasari, duniya nepali ko agadi maubadi le 15000 nepali marera dekhaisakeko chha. Biswas garne thau pani chhaina. Taraaa......., ek choti herauna ta kehi gari halchhan ki maubadi le pani.

Maubadi ma pani ko nai padeka jane bujeka neta haru chhan ra? Kable mathilla taha ka kehi neta haru chahi ati nai brilliant chhan, there is no doubt guys SAYad tiniharu nai maubadi ka brain hun. Tara tallo taha ka neta haru chahi uhi dyaang kam ula muli hun. 4 - 5 class padeka kuto kodalo garera hidne sarba sadharan. maubadi aayepachhi  khukuri ra banduk bokne vayeka tehi pani.

Aba vanau maubadi ka Brain le kehi garlan ki Nepali congress le kehi garla?

Have your say guys

BTW: I dont have any political affliation. Aafu vannu parda Congress Nai Ho. but jasle ramro garchha usaiko sath dine ho.

Pashupatinath le Nepal ko rachhya Garun



Posted on 04-25-08 11:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Congress is not staying in government based on moral grounds, feeling responsibility. Its only to fulfill need of power hungry upper level leaders. It totally is going to break the party. I am going to put this in central committee.

Everyone just wait and watch.

Posted on 04-25-08 11:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey guys did u forget that it was only PM koirala who tried to held this CA election on time? When everybody were afraid to lead the government, this person at the age of 80+ also dared to lead the government. And now he is ready to leave his power and give it to maoist. But it were  these maoist leaders who requested this old man to be the first president of nepal.

Ya i agree that this old man did so many corrupted things in the past bt now he is trying his best to do good for the country. N maobadis are using him now. They know that even today this old man is strong enough to provide them an international support.  So dont get mad at this old man.

M not a follower of girija bt i support those who do good things cause i want my country to be gud. i knew about my country's impression when i came to usa. so guys support only those who are doin good in the present not in da past  or in the future.

this is my first post in the sajha so consider ma grammatical mistakes. lol.

Jai Desh!

Posted on 04-25-08 1:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are right Arrigato.

People forget easily.. what Girija has done for the country.. every makes a mistake..

If we are willing to give power to murders, thugs, terrorists and Communist....

Girija hasn't done anything like that.. He was and is the only person who can be credited for the election of our country.. Trust me without him our Political System would go underbelly.... not even the guns of Maoist can reserruct the power and charisma girija brings to the table....

He is the only person all Party Leaders rely and trust... I am not a big fan of Girija myself but watching and reading the way the Political power and situation has unfolded in these 4 5 yrs.... He is the only person who can make things better for us... and trust me he can destroy nepal too if he wants too..(why do you think Dada like Prachanda still goes to him for advise, cause he is the Nepali Don of Politics)

He is on his last stage.. I bet a dying man wouldn't want to do anything wrong, cause he has to answer to higher power when he leaves his life.....

Girija has can muster power like no one can..... He is our last chance from becoming a Communist Regime...

I saw Girija Koirala is the only perosn who can be called our National Leader..

if you disagree gime some names.... who has more power and play than this 85 yr old man

Jai pashupatinath Nepal ko Kalyan gara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 04-25-08 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Was CA any better. They might have just gave Maoist the country and saved all the cost of election. They lost with the terrorist. What might have been the worst. More Maoist might have died, more Nepalese might have died and India might have taken control of country, which would have been totally great. Now Maoist come, which might not be that bad, but its totally what was not supposed to happen. Maoist should have come to political mainstream and might have participated. They participated as gorillas, and won.

Its actually a very bad example for future of Nepal. New similar group will think there is a possibility to win by killing people. Actually that is the best way to come to power in Nepal. I thank all Nepalese people including Girija for creating such situation in Nepal. For all people supporting Girija here is my message.


Posted on 04-25-08 1:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you are right and look what the Madhisey's are doing...

saley sab jana Bihar bata aayera hamro desh lana lagi sakyo and Cats like ElusiveCat is still barking how communism will save nepal... in 10 yrs there will be no nepal.....


Posted on 04-25-08 2:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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First of all - those who think they are prodemocratic and prorebublic-

"12 point understanding done by SPAM at the behest of India, was nothing but a huge political  mistake committed by SPAM in Nepalese history"-worst that 1950 treaty. King could have done mistake, but this was simply a irrepairable politcal blunder-due to which nepal has lost of its " Nepalese Nantionlity"- and imported ( through new citizenship bills passed by SPAM) 10s of thou. of bihari dalal"

So those who think Maoist done great job- just think about 15000 brutal killing..." Madi bomb blast" is just one example. Do they deserve any post?-certainly not! They should have been brought into justice as per internation court of law.

In King's direct rule, people could say " Gyane chor, desh chor"- he was remarked as a dictator who gave up his power to perhaps save his thrown.

Now you have so called lok tantra. I asked you, do you have guts to say " prachande or maobadi chor"- NO right..if you do, you are gone! DEAD!

SO WHO IS MORE DEMOCRATCI?-honest answer ask yourself!

Maoist may have won election using "SAM, DAM, DANDA, BHED"-  but they should not forget they used this to poor nepali people. But when it comes to governing and leading the coutnry, my fren Maoists, you are too little entity of this global politics. So if you had dreamt of leading government, I bet this won't happen.


My conclusion- GIRIJA, MAOIST AND INDIA made this country hell. and now, doubt pashupatinath would also want to save it!

601 jumbo CA will take another 5 years to make new constitution! teill then we are " antarim nagarik of anatrim des of antarim sambhidhan"

Last edited: 25-Apr-08 02:30 PM

Posted on 04-25-08 2:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I second with Eagle5.
Posted on 04-25-08 2:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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u r right Eagle
Posted on 04-25-08 2:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks Gundruk Tama and chor for agreeing me!

to add to my previous post-

WHY NC will again lead the govt-

my analysis is as follows-

1. Internation community would not want maoist in power-50%

2.If Maoist were to given chance to lead the govt, becuase of interim constitution provision that req. 2/3 majority to throw PM out, there is every likelyhood that they would become toooooo and trueeeeeeee dictator..so who would want to be ruled under them? NC?-no, UML?-no FORUM-no? RPP and ohers?-NO -and NA ( enpal army) -no way!!!-40% 

3. Interim constitution can not throw GP since you need 2/3 majority + he is  hungery for power as well -10%



Posted on 04-25-08 4:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Eagle5...just to correct you....SPAM did not distribute 10s of thousand of citizenship.....to be more precise it was more than 3 million.
Posted on 04-25-08 8:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah, deshbhakta, I should have said 100s of mill...I was being too generous! BTW deshbhakta, did you get your H1-B, I wish you all the best!

Last edited: 25-Apr-08 09:02 PM


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