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 Appeal from Fabolous to Read This Letter

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Posted on 11-14-07 2:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Sajha Basi,

Sajha ka dherai member haru anti-maoists ko dharana lay grasit vaeko mailey mahasoos garey. Dherai lay Maoists haru ko class struggle lai terrorism ko sangya deyay. Uuha haru ko yo manosthiti state-reactionaries-bourgeoise-sponsered media ka karaan ho vanney malai lagcha. Hamra sajha basi lai ek choti socialism ko indoctrination dinu parney thulo awaasyakta mailey mahasoos gareko chu.Sayeed aba uuha haru ko yo reactionary mentality change garna sakindaina hola. Vabisya ma esto sthiti avoid garna ko lagi current bourgeoise educational system lai replace gari "Peoples Education" chito vanda chito lagu garnu parney mero dharana cha.

Dherai lai thaa chaina ki maoists haru lay kina arm struggle garna paryo. Sabai jana ekkai hod lagako chan ki Maobadi lay manchey maryo, katyo aadi etyadi. Maoists lay state-sponsered terrorists lai matra neutralized gareka hun, innocent civilians lai hoina. Armed struggle vanda pahela, state lay maoists commrades haru mathi terror unleashed gareaka theeye. Afno self preservation ra defense ko nimitta uni haru lay Arms uuthau nu paryo. Tapai ko Girija Babuji lay pani power ma auuna ko nimitta, panchayat kaal ma yehi batoo apnaeko kura na vulnus.

Tapai haru kripaya commrade Bhattarai ji ko 40 points demand padhnus. K te demands haru personal interests ma adharit chan? Chainan. Te sab demands swadesh ra janta ko heet ko lagi chan. Deuba ji ko sarkar lay peacefully teslai implement gareko vaee ajaa hajarou ko jyan janu pardaina theyo. Aakhir aheley ko sarkar lay yehi demand haru ta pura garney wala chan. Sidha auula lay gheu na niskay pachi auula bangyaunu parcha vanney ta tapai haru lai gyat nai cha ni.

Kripaya time deeyera tala ko patra padhnus and get englightened on the Peoples struggle for New Nepal. Please Never call this struggle "Terrorism" again.

Laal Salaam


4 February, 1996

Right Honourable Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Office,
Singha Darbar, Kathmandu

Sub: Memorandum


It has been six years since the autocratic monarchical partyless Panchayat system was ended by the 1990 People's Movement and a constitutional monarchical multiparty parliamentary system established. During this period state control has been exercised by a tripartite interim government, a single-party government of the Nepali Congress, a minority government of UML and a present Nepali Congress-RPP-Sadbhavana coalition. That, instead of making progress, The situation of the country and the people is going downhill is evident from the fact that Nepal has slid to being the second poorest country in the world; people living below the absolute poverty line has gone up to 71 per cent; the number of unemployed has reached more than 10 per cent while the number of people who are semi-employed or in disguised employment has crossed 60 per cent; the country is on the verge of bankruptcy due to rising foreign loans and deficit trade; economic and cultural encroachment within the country by foreign, and especially Indian, expansionists is increasing by the day; the gap between the rich and the poor and between towns and villages is growing wider. On (lie other hand, parliamentary parties that have formed the government by various means have shown that they are more interested in remaining in power with the blessings of foreign imperialist and expansionist masters than in the welfare of the country and the people. This is clear from their blindly adopting so-called privatisation and liberalisation to fulfil the interestes of all imperialists and from the recent 'national consensus' reached in handing over the rights over Nepal's water resources to Indian expansionists. Since 6 April, 1992, the United People's Front has been involved in various struggles to fulfil relevant demands related to nationalism, democracy and livelyhood, either by itself or with others. But rather than fulfil those demands, the governments formed at different times have violently suppressed the agitators and taken the lives of hundreds; the most recent example of this is the armed police operation in Rolpa a few months back. In this context, we would like to once again present to the current coalition government demands related to nationalism, democracy and livelihood, which have been raised in the past and many of which have become relevant in the present context.

Our demands

Concerning nationality

  1. All discriminatory treaties, including the 1950 Nepal-India Treaty, should be abrogated.

  2. The so-called Integrated Mahakali Treaty concluded on 29 January, 1996 should be repealed immediately, as it is designed to conceal the disastrous Tanakpur Treaty and allows Indian imperialist monopoly over Nepal's water resources.

  3. The open border between Nepal and India should be regulated, controlled and systematised. All vehicles with Indian licence plates should be banned from Nepal.

  4. The Gurkha/Gorkha Recruitment Centres should be closed. Nepali citizens should be provided dignified employment in the country.

  5. Nepali workers should be given priority in different sectors. A 'work permit' system should be strictly implemented if foreign workers are required in the country.

  6. The domination of foreign capital in Nepali industries, business and finance should be stopped.

  7. An appropriate customs policy should be devised and implemented so that economic development helps the nation become self-reliant.

  8. The invasion of imperialist and colonial culture should be banned. Vulgar Hindi films, videos and magazines should be immediately outlawed.

  9. The invasion of colonial and imperial elements in the name of NGOs and INGOs should be stopped.

    Concerning people's democracy

  10. A new constitution should be drafted by representatives elected for the establishment of a people's democratic system.

  11. All special privileges of the king and the royal family should be abolished.

  12. The army, the police and the bureaucracy should be completely under people's control.

  13. All repressive acts, including the Security Act, should be repealed.

  14. Everyone arrested extra-judicially for political reasons or revenge in Rukum, Rolpa, Jajarkot, Gorkha, Kabhrc, Sindhupalchowk. Sindhuli, Dhanusa, Ramechhap, and so on, should be immediately released. All false cases should be immediately withdrawn.

  15. The operation of armed police, repression and state-sponsored terror should be immediately stopped.

  16. The whereabouts of citizens who disappeared in police custody at different times, namely Dilip Chaudhary, Bhuwan Thapa Magar, Prabhakar Subedi and others, should be investigated and those responsible brought to justice. The families of victims should be duly compensated.

  17. All those killed during the People's Movement should be declared martyrs. The families of the martyrs and those injured and deformed should be duly compensated, and the murderers brought to justice.

  18. Nepal should be declared a secular nation.

  19. Patriarchal exploitation and discrimination against women should be stopped. Daughters should be allowed access to paternal property.

  20. All racial exploitation and suppression should be stopped. Where ethnic communities are in the majority, they should be allowed to form their own autonomous governments.

  21. Discrimination against downtrodden and backward people should be stopped. The system of untouchability should be eliminated.

  22. All languages and dialects should be given equal opportunities to prosper. The right to education in the mother tongue up to higher levels should be guaranteed.

  23. The right to expression and freedom of press and publication should be guaranteed. The government mass media should be completely autonomous.

  24. Academic and professional freedom of scholars, writers, artists and cultural workers should be guaranteed.

  25. Regional discrimination between the hills and the tarai should be eliminated. Backward areas should be given regional autonomy. Rural and urban areas should be treated at par.

  26. Local bodies should be empowered and appropriately equipped.

    Concerning livelihood

  27. Land should be belong to 'tenants'. Land under the control of the feudal system should be confiscated and distributed to the landless and the homeless.

  28. The property of middlemen and comprador capitalists should be confiscated and nationalised. Capital lying unproductive should be invested to promote industrialisation.

  29. Employment should be guaranteed for all. Until such time as employment can be arranged, an unemployment allowance should be provided.

  30. A minimum wage for workers in industries, agriculture and so on should be fixed and strictly implemented.

  31. The homeless should be rehabilitated. No one should be ' relocated until alternative infrastructure is guaranteed.

  32. Poor farmers should be exempt from loan repayments. Loans taken by small farmers from the Agricultural Development Bank should be written off. Appropriate provisions should be made to provide loans for small farmers.

  33. Fertiliser and seeds should be easily available and at a cheap rate. Farmers should be provided with appropriate prices and markets for their produce.

  34. People in flood and drought-affected areas should be provided with appropriate relief materials.

  35. Free and scientific health services and education should be available to all. The commercialisation of education should be stopped.

  36. Inflation should be checked. Wages should be increased proportionate to inflation. Essential goods should be cheaply and easily available to everyone.

  37. Drinking water, roads and electricity should be provided to all villagers.

  38. Domestic and cottage industries should be protected and promoted.

  39. Corruption, smuggling, black marketing, bribery, and the practices of middlemen and so on should be eliminated.

  40. Orphans, the disabled, the elderly and children should be duly honoured and protected.

We would like to request the present coalition government to immediately initiate steps to fulfil these demands which are inextricably linked with the Nepali nation and the life of the people. If there are no positive indications towards this from the government by 17 February, 1996, we would like to inform you that we will be forced to adopt the path of armed struggle against the existing state power.

Thank you.

Dr Baburam Bhattarai
Central Committee, United People's Front, Nepal



The postings in this thread span 7 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-16-07 1:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lootekukkur ji ko dherai kura sanga ma sahamat chu. Malai tapai ko bichar ra tarka haru ko prashansha garna man lagyo.

"prachanda's party have to customize their ... theories to make it practical IN NEPAL"S CONTEXT......[come] inside the periphery of multi-party democracy ......"

Prachanda ji lay pani tapai lay vannu vako jastai nai political maneuvar gari rakhnu vako cha hajur.  Mao ji lay pani vannu vayo ki bourgeois democracy and socialism could be combined into a single stage of construction, called New Democracy.

"Once New Democracy has been established, the country is claimed to be ideologically socialist and working towards communism under the leadership of the communist party. Further, its people are actively involved in the construction of socialism  even as the country itself maintains and furthers many aspects of capitalism for purposes of rapid economic growth.

It is in this way that New Democracy is considered a stepping stone to socialism — a two-stage theory of first New Democracy, then the dictatorship of the proletariat. Given that the self-proclaimed ultimate goal of socialist construction is the creation of a stateless, classless communist society, adding the New Democratic Revolution arguably makes the whole process a three-stage theory: first New Democracy, then the dictatorship of the proletariat, then ultimately communism."

Posted on 11-16-07 1:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loote dawg,

Your post got some meat in it. Other wise this became just the praise or bash thread,
with no idealogical and pragmatic thought coming forth. Great going. Now i am looking forward
to your another comment to kick this brainwashed jihadist out of the window.
Last edited: 16-Nov-07 02:26 PM

Posted on 11-16-07 2:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i don't quite understand few terminologies that you've mentioned here. democracy should be generic and it should be applicable to all classes and masses within the society.

1) bourgeois democracy bhanera kunai euta part of the society lai matra democracy ko system ma priority representation dinu euta purna democratic bichar sanga teti sahamat bha jasto lagdaina malai.

2) testai dictatorship of the proletariat bhannu pani some form of dictatorship nai ho ni antyama, hoina?

on one hand you preach about equality and on the other hand in the name of so-called 'new democracy', you impose dictatorship on other classes of a society. yo kura ali namildo ho jasto lagchha malai. you shouldn't be an extremist yourself to fight against extremism...

Posted on 11-16-07 2:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You know or not the word fabulous was the favorite word of Bush and he was using it very much some year ago. Get a copyright of it before these capatalists use it. Just kidding.


You look innocent with the blood stained mind (i hope you don't have a blood stained hand). A really funny side of your response

DARWIN JI - liked  the JI u r using.


Why don't u go to mysansar and share your views. I am sorry. Enough is enough.

Posted on 11-16-07 3:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hoina hoina Bhakundebhut ji, testo raktamya haat chaina mero. Taraa pari aeeko khanda ma kalaam chaluney haat lay banduk pani chalaaunu parcha jasto malai lagcha hajur. Voli bistarbad bharat lay nepali vumi ma aakraman garyo vaney tapai haru pani ta bandook samatnu hunecha ni hoina ra ! Malai tyo website ko naam mysansar (as in capitalist) pattakai chitta bujhena kya. Sajha is the right socialist word. Na mero, Na timro, sabai ko Sajha...

Maverick ji ko ma prati ko sangya "brainwashed jihadist " pattakai chitta bujhena. Communist society ma, there is no room for religion. Hamra comrades lay Nepal lai secular banayoo tara bistarai Nepal lai religionless state ma parinat garnu parney thulo chunauti agaadi cha. Mukhyata Hindu dharma lai nepali samaaj ko jara dekhi nai uukhelnu parcha. Dashain, Tihar jasta samantibad sanskriti lai fyaaknu parcha. Mao, Lenin, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Guevera, Trotsky, Prachanda Diwas haru lai rastriya diwas ko manyata dina parcha.

LooteKukur ji (malai hajur lai kukkur vani sambodhan garna pattakai chaina tara pani......) dictator of proleteriats vannu ko artha people ko dictatorship ho kya hajur, individual dictatorship hoina. Bourgeoise democracy lay samanta badi haru ko matra valo garchan ra tes system ma gareeb nimukha ko aauchitya rahandaina. Tesailey teslai true democracy vanna mildaina.

Posted on 11-16-07 3:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hindu dharma lai ukhelnuparne ?

I have a last laugh for you. See how China is redescovering it's culture and its religion. Didn't they crushed it during the rule of Mao. Explain it to me.

You really need to  come out of these ideology and apply your own discretion.

I am also Hindu but I don't worship god but the religion as a whole is embeded in nepalese society as culture and i believe its my culture and am responsible for it.

Culture nai narahepachi hami kasari aru lai nepali bhnera chinauchau ta?


Throw your blinkers of communism  and view the full picture.



Posted on 11-16-07 3:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I, noway, alluded religion when I called u brainwashed jihadist. Extremist Jihadist are fighting for their causes, just like you. So, I think, jihadist would be good word for you too as you are also fighting for a cause, though if its right or wrong depends upon the perception of the person. The another word, brainwashed is very simple word used when some one follow a sect or creed without acknowledging the good and bad about it. So, I did do a justice when I called you brainwashed Jihadist.

If u ask me about what I think about all these writing? I think you are superficial moron who is happy in the anachronistic and improbable utopian philosophy and not worthy of getting any reply in this sajha. In this whole thread, you have just written hear say stuffs, rag tag quotations of not succesful leaders, and some supercillious promises. Neither you gave any credible points nor you said any tenable examples to prove ur doctrine. Just as a typical communist, you never got any nifty solution to economic problem for the country like Nepal and just like to parroting and repeating for your so called great leaders. I used word so called great becoz, not a single one of them have or will have any impact on this globalized word. Remember, leaders are great not because their words, they will be great becauseof the impact on the society. If you think your doctrine is so good then, why dont you provide a socio-economic white paper for short term and long term, then we would decide which system would be more fruitful. Other wise, I guess it would be better for you to save your energy from writing these worthless post which literally just consist "it should be like this and it should be like that". Provide a socio-economic white paper, which would take Nepal to be Switzerland as your leader said. Other wise let us live in the system which we are using, you know the cost of such grand transition would be too much bear by the society. astu...
Last edited: 16-Nov-07 03:57 PM

Posted on 11-16-07 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Faboulous comrade

पूर्ण प्रतिबाद छ माओवादी  माथि लागेका आरोपहरु को। तर के कहिलेकाही बिचार  गर्नु भएको छ कमरेड कि तपाईंले गरेका कती कुरा पुरा हुन सके होलान। बलिदान संघर्स अनी लडाईं बाट असुरक्षित् छाडातन्त्र बाहेक अरु उपलब्धी भए कृपया खुलस्त हुनु होस्। आफ्नो छाती मा हात राखेर सोच्नुस् नेपाली गरीब जनता लाई दिएका ति झुटा सपना कसरी चकनाचुर भये र अझ पारीदैछ। आफ्नो नेत्रित्व लाई सोध्नुस् हामी कती टाढा छौ वास्तविकता भन्दा। कम्युनिस्ट को मिठो नारा माले देखी पछील्ला तपाईं हरु सम्मा ले जती दिनु भयो सबै झुठ भए। बरु थोरै सपना बाड्नुस् ति मध्ये धेरै पुरा गर्नुस् न कि अझै पनि अपुरा सपना। अब त ठन्डा दिमाग ले सोचेर आत्मालोचना गर्ने कि कमरेड

Posted on 11-16-07 4:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nothing else.

I already have more than 40 supporters in this and we have decided to do this within March 2008.

Posted on 11-16-07 4:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please maanche maarne kaam nagarau, ani "pasu" ni namarau! baru jindagi bhar kamai garna nasakne gari..haat khutta bhachera, euta ankha futyaera, ani jibro ma current lagaiayera kahi katai sadne gari thankyai diu (jana-karbaahi ki ke jaati bhanejasto)! teso gare maatra ti abodh nepali (jo bina sitti ma mariye ra mariyirachan) ko aatma le shanti paaune thiyo and des le muhaar ferthyo ki????
Posted on 11-17-07 2:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is amazing how people gets blind in communism. They cant hear anything against them.

Stop ! here. End of the day, Nepal fate is decided by silent voters thats why you coward don't have guts to go for election. You are lucky because we Nepalese have so much patience. Just wait for the big blast soon or later. Majority of Kathmadites are enough for 30,000 moaist. Kathmandu basi le layeko loktantra nai haina yo.

wait for time................

Posted on 11-17-07 2:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Moneyminded, your earlier post (yesterday) at the top of this page was brilliant.  You're among the few here in my eyez who has walked the walk!! 

Fabolous, you say Laal salaam??  I'll fuggin cut your hand off and do a salaam with that shit and it would literally be a "laal" salaam!!  Fuggin irrational commies like you should all be stuffed into a small cell overnight with no ventilation nor room to move in the dead heat of summer (ala the Black Hole Tragedy of 1756).  This fugger's got less brains than my left azz cheek!!

Posted on 11-20-07 6:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i have been reading these articles from the sajha basi since last week. i am a new member and what i found is more than 90% of the member is against ur opinons which shows thae actual figure of anti-maoist voice from the nepalese residing in diffrent parts of the world. We are really in anger because of the people like u who created unsuitable enironment in nepal and made us to migrate to diffrent neighbouring countries.

Why do u have to destroy the infrastructure? so is this the theory of maoism to build a new nation by destroying the olders. if it is so then i would call it  foolishness. One of ur comrade during the civil war made a speech that maoist goal is to bring back nepal to the age of stones and create a new one. what a foolishness..................

Please make me clear ur thoughts. I am not really satisfied with ur controversial thoughts and principles.

Posted on 04-14-08 9:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Comrade, aba hami lay Naya Nepal nirman ka lagi, mathi ulekhit 40 buda lai chittai nai implement garna parcha. Tapai haru ko tyag ra balidan ko nimmitta hami Nepali sabai avari chaun.

Comrade Prachanda ji, Baburam ji ra sabai comrades haru lai hami Nepali ko Laal Salaam.

Posted on 04-14-08 9:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i'm impressed with the above points,i think it would be great if implemented   those 40/ sth. points properly.....aba gooti mao ko hatma chha heerau ke hundoo rahechhhaa.........................
Posted on 04-14-08 9:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i'm impressed with the above points,i think it would be great if implemented   those 40/ sth. points properly.....aba gooti mao ko hatma chha heerau ke hundoo rahechhhaa.........................
Posted on 02-18-09 10:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo muuuuuuji fabolus ko kura padera kasto dimag nai tatyo. Yo jast omanche le desh bigareko ho. 
Posted on 02-18-09 11:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what u want to justify here?

15000+ lives for what? now don't tell me that is for the sake of the country and the people.

country, country country and people, people and people, do u know what does it mean?????

what the hell ur TERRORIST govt is doing to implement that 40 point sheet ? do u have any answer?

now don't try to make us fool u MF, we know what is right and what is wrong. u may put the trigger on the head and force innocent people on the village to support u but not to those who actually understand what TERRORIST is.

tel me one thing, u guys need nepal and nepalese to play that sheet politics and how come somoe of u dump A$$ try to destroy statue of PN Shah, the great who actually unified nepal.

naya nepal my foot, go n paint the face of ur father, mother sister and urself to make it new like ur so called cheap slogan, naya nepal.


Posted on 02-18-09 11:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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im sure if faboulous's family member had been killed by a maoist bomb, his story would have been different.

maoists are nothing but terrorist..if they wanted change in nepali politics they could have done so by peaceful need to kill innocent ppl.

hey faboulous go $%^& yourself

Posted on 02-19-09 12:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tapai ko Girija Babuji lay pani power ma auuna ko nimitta, panchayat kaal ma yehi batoo apnaeko kura na vulnus.”

Mr. Fabolous, is this the way you justify you killer behavior? I know Nepali congress raised guns, hijacked airplane. Could they form a party? Could they run an election as a party? Could they protest king? NOOOOOO. Everything was banned in Panchayat system. You stupid Maoists had everything after 2046 just like every other parties had. You could form a party, you could run an election, you had right to gather, protest, say shit about Girija bla..bla..bla.. Then why in the world you killed 15000 people?

Eventually you believed in ballet then why did you use bullet?

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