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 Anybody from Butwal, new horizon

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Posted on 07-27-07 9:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey guys , Long time ago someone had posted a message that he was from butwal and had passed his SLC from New Horizon. Nowadays I dont see any messages from him anymore. Infact, I am also from Butwal and studied in New Horizon. I also remember kakre, Bal Krishne and Reshame etc. I would be glad if you write me about yourself.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-28-07 7:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am from Butwal. But went to Butwal High school. I am from Tam Nagar
Posted on 07-28-07 9:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Andrabhudi, Yes Vishal gautam was my classmate,i know few guys of second batch as well Binod Bhattarai,Binod kafle,Dhruba pandey,Durga KC,Bishal.....,Deepak Ghimire ...etc.i used to live in hostel with naresh poudel........
Posted on 07-29-07 12:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I guess you all are waaaaaaaaaay junior then me.....I am not trying to discredit anything hai bhai haru ho.......I was the first batch of New Horizon to give SLC.....Did SLC in 2049 I think...now too old to even remember.....came to know one Bhai who is 3 years junior from me thru Sajha about three four months ago...We exchanged e-mails and now suddenly there is communication gap....... I am glad that you guys are starting a thread like this......It's always brings sweet melodies to hear Butwal and New Horizon... Been here and there (mostly here in US) long enough to forget few of my own classmates....I guess this happens when old age kicks in.... I was good at studying too in New Horizon.....didn't pay the tuition fee for 9th and 10th grade being a good student......Joined New Horizon in 8th and passed SLC there....Got a huge love from all the teachers....wow...those good old days.... I guess those trees that we planted in front of new building in Kalika Nagar side must have been grown huge now.... New Horizon should do a website dedicated to its ex-students.... By the way...does he school have a website you guys know of??? Anyway...if you guys can name some from First batch of SLC, I will tell you if I am in your list.... Sorry I wrote a long one....You know when you get old...you try to talk for a long time whether somebody is interested or not....i guess I have that habit now
Posted on 07-29-07 12:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry guys....too many spelling mistake in above post...try reading it correcting yourself.
Posted on 07-29-07 12:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bumping for the old time sake.
Posted on 07-29-07 1:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Ram Prasad jee, nice to see you again. I guess its me who you are talking about that you met here some 3-4 months back here in sajha. I did my SLC from New Horizon in 2051 and turns out I am 2 years junior to you. It is always nice catching up on those ole days. I think the school has a completely new face now I mean its been very long time since we left school. It used to be mere 28-30 students appearing for the SLC from our school back then but now I guess its whooping 300 or more students appearing for SLC. Yeah I agree with you RP jee that school should have website dedicated to alumni. But I heard that there used to be a organization in the school that sort of brought together ex-students. Anyhoo, hope everything is going great with ya RP jee. Would love to hear anything new about New Horizon from all of you guys out there.
Posted on 07-29-07 4:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ram Prasad, i think i vaguely remember you..few guys from the first batch i can name would be Kamal paudel, Rajeev shrestha, Tulsi( i think thats his name, he was good at sports), BTW i was in 2nd grade when u all were in 8th :) Age would be the last thing to limit us to come together (IS WHAT I THINK,no disrespect however) I am in US for the last 6 years, completed B.S and working now. I donot have any updates about the school either. Last time i heard about Horizon was when someone topped the SLC board, RESPECT to all who made it happen!! Horizon has become one of the most repected schools in the west, if not in the nation.
Posted on 07-29-07 6:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wildwest Cats Bhai....yep those were/are my friends....Tulsi...I don't think he was in my batch...he was a year Junior then me if you are talking about the one that I am thinking about.....Borntobewild Bhai....sorry.....You told me that you were here in Denver/Boulder. Are you still here?? I met Rijjan bhai here in a party and we bump into each other once in a while....he was in Uttam Kandel's batch.......I am one from the names below: Rajeev Shrestha Lok Pun Narayan Gurung (Dev) Nar Bdr Chetrri Nar Bdr Lama Mukunda Bhandari Bikram Shahi Deepak Gyawali Bijay Gyawali....and so on and so forth Borntobewild bhai....please keep my secret as a secret hai La ta...keep coming. Bye
Posted on 07-29-07 9:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I know all those fellas you mentioned there Ram Prasad jee. There was one mongolain guy from your batch RP jee (I really forgot his name) he was with me in my class when I was doing I.Sc. but he left the college in the middle. He was from Jhumsa (a place somewhat 10-15 km north to Butwal) and we used to play cricket together from the school team. He and I used to be the fast bowlers in the team and he was really a good bowler. Ram Prasad jee, I was never in Denver. I am now somewhere in the southeast and on my way to complete my graduate program very soon. Isn't this guy Uttam Nirmala Kandel's brother? Guess he was in my brother batch in New Horizon. You know what one of the guys from my batch married Bal Krishna sir's daughter and they are in Australia now. She was just a small kid when we were still in school, thats all I remember about her. LOL.
Posted on 07-29-07 11:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ram Prasad, here's my best bet.. ur Mukunda Bhandari... brother of B_ _ wan Bhandari. I am from Uttam's batch (cant believe ppl refer to him more than me) ;) i cant still guess who Borntobewild is. can you give me more hints? BTW who is Rijjan? is it Rijan Shrestha? and in US? plz let me know.
Posted on 07-30-07 10:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wildest cats bro, turns out my brother used to be in your class. as I mentioned I was from the third batch to appear SLC from New Horizon. I am pretty sure you might know some fellas from my class but don't know if you know. I used to play football and cricket and was well above the average in study too. I sure wasn't the popular guy but I wasn't that lame either LOL. guess this helps wildest cats. would you mind telling something about yourself too?
Posted on 07-30-07 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lu kahi K bhanam....Publicly ma kina naam leeney ra....tara ma Mukunda haina hai saathi...I know him well....We keep in touch still...he is married and lives happily ever after (fairy tell stories...huh??....) Borntobewold bhai...I don't know why I thought you were in Denver area...I had few calls from Boulder stating that he was from New Horizon...Damn...I was joking about being old...now seems like I am REALLY old menatlly...Yikes....my bad....Ani I guess you are talking about Mr.Thapa. I forgot his first name...so much of friendship now....jeez...can't even remember my own fellas....Last time when I was in Nepal (2001), I heard that he was married twice....dang...instead of two to tango, he has three to tango....... Let me look at the e-mail that you sent me hai Borntobewild Bhai.... Cats bhai....lu malayi psharmaram@gmail.com mail garnus ani guf garaula....
Posted on 07-30-07 11:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Spelling check police: "Menatlly" was suppose to be "Mentally" I was talking about Rijjan Koirala..brother of my classmate Roshan Koirala...I don't know which batch he was from.....I took a blind guess saying that he was from Uttam's batch...
Posted on 07-30-07 11:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh my Gosh, Lots of friends from Butwal and unforgettable memorable school Horizon. But I think non of you are of my batch. Ok If anybody is the classmate of Bikash bhandari, Nilam chand Reena Sharma, Anuja devkota etc then I would be much more intresting for me. But I remember all the above mentioned friends. Yes, the face of new horizon has been changed. Lots of development lots of changes. Trees have grown up saathi. I go along with your words that Horizon should design a website of the ex- students yes.
Posted on 07-31-07 2:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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who is this...andrabhudi...come up with real name dude? may be i'll say who i am then...
Posted on 07-31-07 9:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ram Prasad jee I think the person I was talking about was Jay Bahadur (forgot the last name duh!!!).... at least I could remember his first name. So he got married twice huh? Guess he has tendency of doing everything twice.....and now I remember he was doing I.Sc. for the second time when he joined the college with me. No offence or disrespect whatsoever!!!!!!! I know he was good human being. hey andrabhudi, if you are from Bikash Bhandari batch turns out you are one batch junior to me.
Posted on 08-01-07 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-01-07 11:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-01-07 4:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yep...yep....Borntobewild Bhai...that's him...Jay Bdr Thapa....Damn...I hope I won't forget his name anymore....Ani AL bata CO tira kahile ghumna auene ta??? I didn't know that Jay was studying I. Sc. somewhere. I thought he just stopped studying any further....I think I came to know about his two marriages when I was in Nepal in 2001.... I guess the only teacher that are around that we used to know are Bal Krishna Sir, BasuDev Sir and Lok Nath sir. Lots of other teachers left the NHEBS. I wonder around in my memories sometime when I look at the school pictures that I took when class nine fellows were doing "SLC Bidayi" for us. That was nice for them to do it. I know that school provided us Bus to even go from the Old School building in RajMarg Chowk to Kalika Nagar when we were attending School Exams. Even teachers fed us dahi (Yogurt) for good luck. They used to pick us up and drop us off too...damn..those good old days.... I have picture of the NHEBS building that was built in Kalikanagar. I guess the picture is of 14 years back. So it doesn't look the it looks now....If I have time...I will post it later in the evening today as I am in the work right now..... Anyway...later...again I started writing too long....
Posted on 08-01-07 6:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ram Prasad jee, I would love to see those old pics of NHEBSS... I still remember those days when we used walk from Old School building in Raj Marg Chauraha to Kalika Nagar. There was a poorly maintained gravel road and to make the matter worst the nearby rubber factory used to dump the factory waste (burned rice chaff) on that road. Man, that was the most disgusting part of walking down to the school. Yeah, I guess Bal Krishna sir, Lok Nath sir, and Basu Dev sir are the only teachers around that we know. I heard somewhere that Meen Prasad sir (Bal krishna's sir brother) is in Ohio but don't know it for sure. Some fellas from my batch and my senior batch organized a get together program back in 1996 (...or '97 really cann't recollect) for the second and third batch of NHEBSS and it was a blast!!!!!!! That was the my last time in the school after SLC.

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