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 Nepali Don in Kathmandu

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Posted on 07-10-07 1:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal Patrika by Kantipur Publications has a great cover story, that is worth reading. http://www.kantipuronline.com/Nepal/aabaran.php It talks about Dada Giri in Kathmandu, and how they control biz. It is the same trick that world famous YamaGumi, the underworld in Japan controls large biz houses and their shares. They just have veteran lawyers in their team, and use loop holes in laws, so that legally they are always pure. They help police to track down unYamagumi criminals involved in killing, rape, murders, and Police deliberately does not touch YamaGumi people, so that Police keeps getting help from them. Yamagumi never touches general public, and keeps away from media, and media also does not touch them because of possible repurcassion. At one point, it was reported that YamaGumi is leading the underworld in world market, and might overtake Mafia because of its fall in Italy's politics. Japanese have now enough money, that means YamGumi can become powerful because they also have indirect relation ship with politics. The similar kinda Gumi (=Groups) are emerging in nepal. Only difference is that there simply too many groups. Wow, Milan is xyz Sala of Pradeep Nepal? Tendi sherpa of Akhil at Ascol is another Don, and all these Dadas are related directly or indirectly to Politics, and that is why they are surviving. So many dadas are missing in large. Now, I am forced to ask a question: Prachanda, why don't you ask your YCL to catch these dadas and put them in Jail? I am just wondering why Kantipur does not mention a single word on YCL and its relation with these Dadas? Because both use force and get money. Nepali Times recently reported how these YCL members infilterated casinos, and hotels. My next question is what is the difference in working style of YCL and these Dadas. The only difference that I see is the wording: YCL call it "Donation", and these Don Dadas call it "Hafta", both take and work in the same way. One is supported by CPN-M, and these dadas supported by other political parties. My father while returning from a late night relative's marriage ceremony around last year, was punched on face by someone just infront of house he was about enter, and had to carry the scar for several weeks. When I asked why did not he report to Police, his answer was simple: What is the difference between Police, Gunda, and Politically affiliated youngsters! Kina Khatara Molne! Kina bekar ma "Mandule" hune hoina ra? How many like my father would love not to report? Wow! and oops! together. Don't miss the article. It is really a great piece. GP
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-10-07 10:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Arko pali ke bhanne ho kunni executioner dai le. 12 barsa America ma ahile UK ma. 6 figures kamaundai. Aba arko pali chahi ke ni dai? Mercedez chadne ho? La la badhai chha
Posted on 07-11-07 2:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Executioner..Dai tapai ma dherai successful cha jasto cha ni...6 figure re dai...badai cha...dherai unnati garnu bhayecha..england ma...us ma 12 barsa re...bafre baf...dherai unnati garnu bhayecha dai tapai le.... Kasari yesto unnati garnu bhayo dai?? Afno bahini ra didi lai randi banayera??High class randi haru hola hai dai??6 figure!! pounds ma hola hoina ra dai... MUJI nincompoop...go f@@k urself..and it seems u have a sorry life..
Posted on 07-11-07 3:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Damn, I come back to this thread and see peeps ganged up on executioner (whoever he is, he has a point). Back off biatchhhes...leave the kid alone. His discussion is with the choila/sekuwa dude, the motley fool of sajha and as far as I see, azz-face sekuwa is getting eaten alive!!!
Posted on 07-11-07 4:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OOOHHH its Samsara to the rescue...How are u doing??Been a long time since the Darjeeling thread...
Posted on 07-11-07 4:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Double damn, its the dude whose name is some institution's motto. BTW, thanks for asking,and to reply: I'm doing better than ya. Hey, did you attend the Darj reunion at the ANA??
Posted on 07-11-07 4:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice one Samsara...Its good to know that your doing good..but dont be so sure that you are doing better than me....nways didnt i tell u i am based in New delhi...so how can i attend the Darj reunion in ANA...reading the threads i understand there was a fight??
Posted on 07-11-07 4:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My bad, forgot that. I couldn't attend the reunion as I had 2 soccer matches that day and was out for brunch when the event took place!! However, I met up with the organizer later and he told me the turnout was decent...Only one SP guy there (from SF), hhahaha and peeps thought HE was the one and only Samsara himself!! LOL About the fight, see the other thread with an Uddhav name
Posted on 07-11-07 4:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yea I just read that..its sad though..and an embarrasment...so which year did u pass out from SP...??
Posted on 07-11-07 4:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ICSE 96. Been here since '98 and am glad that whatever made me decide to come here (instead of Stephen's where my admission was already guaranteed), made me do it. All thanks to my cuz who was here already and managed to sell this gullible fool to the stories of his life here…Was nothing of that sort in reality. Later found out that he just needed company as he came at a time when there were hardly any Neps here (aound 95-96)...The dude was one of the few US educated pioneers in our community, so he was supposed to be a respected source (???). I got sucked into this trap which I now do not want to get out of. What about yourself?? Hey, was in Delhi a lot as I went for my 11-12 to Shimla. Ahhh, those days of plain white bread and water diet but we somehow managed to scrimp funds for G (our daily waking up ritual)...Classic memories!!
Posted on 07-11-07 5:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well I am way younger than you...ICSE 2001...was supposed to go to Bangalore but stayed back in ktm and studied in Xaviers +2...how i landed up in New Delhi is a long story....I have lots of friends in the US and even my brother who is doing his masters in some computer shite...they never seem to enjoy the life there... Talking about DArj days,,they are irreplaceble.so many memories...HMI...Gardenside chickseeing...porn magazines...after meal cigarrette smoking escapades...ragging the chinese guys...it was fun...Well Samsara, it was nice talking in a more decent manner...but we need to keep that friendly SP NP rivalry alive...
Posted on 07-11-07 5:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok bro...whatever it was that you guys did, Paulites did it better (not the dhotis but the Nep ones). Damn, we Neps had the entire class on a strangle-hold...We were about 12 of us and we controlled masses of 70! Nepali dadagiri mentality was innately within us...No wonder Nepal is still in the state its in! LOL Yeah, Darj schooling days are irreplaceable classic memories. Cigarette breaks at the majorly stenchful public bathroom stalls, bunking classes to go to aloo bari for the momos/parathas, attending rock festivals in town when it was supposed to be bed time, organizing parties for the LC college chicks...Man, those were the days! Only those memories remain for every Paulite I'm sure...Ironically my parents sent me there for studies (which I did very little of). hahahhaahah
Posted on 07-11-07 5:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No way... North Pointers always did it better...wayyyy better...nways Samsara bro...got to go...have a good week...
Posted on 07-11-07 3:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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that is so cool i totally wanna join
Posted on 07-11-07 9:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sursum corda ! ahh ! machknee tero ama ra sis lai bhaloo adda ma rakhera tero bau le paissa kama jasto bhanthanis ! Dallo ko ban , tero jatti aukat le sochna dincha taile tetimatrai sochna sakchas ! Kid , now go study and try to do something useful in life rather than trying to act like a jerk and prove that ur a fool . Freaking pevert got nothing interesting to do ( sursum corda ) ...
Posted on 07-12-07 3:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the FU...k is Amercia. ..... muji ho !!! i had been here and there for *** yrs..what does it mean...Try to be Nepali and Pround to be Nepali. Jai Nepal
Posted on 07-12-07 4:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo executioner ta educated thiyo k bhayo yeslai???tero ghar ma yehi nai sikayo jasto cha...12 barsa amerika basera yehi nai sikis jasto cha...tero pride dekhera ta ma danngga pare...internet ma mero yo mero tyo..mero 6 figure salary..mo 12 barsa amerika baseko ho bhanchas...sanchai ma i think ur a fu@king poser..a total loser...go f@@k urself
Posted on 07-12-07 5:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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BistaKaji, go vent your frustrations of not being able to get a US visa/DV elsewhere, dimwit. "Try to be Nepali and Pround to be Nepali"?? Wtf. We all here love Nepal (I don't know about others, but I do) and want to do something for the ailing nation but c'mon we've got to be rational after a certain degree. We're here not by choice but by a scarcity in opportunities to develop our educational abilities back home and also economic opportunities. There s no doubt that the US educational system is FAR superior to ours (thanks to the hi-tech gadgets, world-renowned professors, latest proven methods, highest quality research, etc.). If we had a world class university providing the graduates with a decent well-paying job back home, there would be no need for any sort of a Nepali Diaspora. The greatest literary figures in Nepal's history were all educated abroad (India) as there was lil chance that they would ever be educated back home…Back in the days, there definitely may've been peeps jealous over these opportunity seeking scholars not remaining in Nepal but in the end, its their work that helped define Nepali literature.
Posted on 07-12-07 5:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chillax gara, sursum bhai ra executioner bro (Never thought me of all peeps would be saying this). LOL There are many posts from back in the days that I regret I ever typed and just hope you guys won't end up the same.
Posted on 07-12-07 7:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can someone summarize the kantipuronline post in english here please?
Posted on 07-12-07 8:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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kasto khale don ho ,with weapons or with pen .......Farwest nepal ma pani BIDROHI BADAL bhane don ko birth bho re ktm ma ycl jastai.Heru which one is better YCL or BIDROHI BADAL ......lets enjoy with both of them ........................ YCL says they fought for nation n does dadagiri in name of nation where as BIDROHI BADAL is fighting with YCL saying they ve choosen wrong way lets c who will win BIDROHI BADAL OR YCL ?what we can say nothing than saying "both are illegal" ya or not frens?

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