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 Prachanda should be ashamed of himself
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Posted on 06-29-07 3:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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CNN-IBN's Karan Thapar does a splendid job of hitting almost every issue of significance to contemporary Nepali politics (except the Bhutanese refugee crisis) and preventing Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal (a.k.a. "Prachanda") from his well-noted tactical digressions. Regular and pointed interjections by Thapar throughout the interview keeps the session focussed and Thapar's intermittent summaries of Prachanda's responses provide "black and white" positions on questions of relevance. In summary: On the Monarchy * Prachanda is happy that the second amendment to the interim constitution provides the basis for removing the monarchy but insists on removing the monarchy before the CA polls, regardless. * Implication: Begin watching for Maoist allegations that the monarchy is meddling in preparations for the CA, with a view to undermining the polls. http://www.ibnlive.com/news/india/06_2007/live-webcastdevils-advocate-43520.html http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/43520/06_2007/devils_prachanda_1/devils-advocate-prachanda.html On CA Poll Results * Prachanda maintains that his party will "respect" the results of first sitting of the constituent assembly (should the assembly vote to retain a ceremonial monarchy). However, he also states that should this unlikely event occur, the Maoist party will proceed to "educate" the people that their choice has been wrong. * Implication: The Maoists will not accept a ceremonial monarchy regardless of the verdict of the constituent assembly. They will "respect" (meaning they will cosmetically accept the results) but they will also immediately proceed to launch yet another movement ("peacefully") to once again, rid the monarchy. Once more, this is a subtle threat being issued by the Maoist leader and a way to keep the masses in constant fear so that voting is held along the lines of appeasement, not free voter sentiments. http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/43520/06_2007/devils_prachanda_2/devils-advocate-prachanda.html On the Surrender of Arms, YCL and Maoist Control * Prachanda believes that allegations against the YCL are highly exaggerated; he wants people of focus on how the YCL has helped clean city streets, build roads, etc. * Prachanda also stated explicitly that his party has not "surrendered" their weapons that the "compromise" that has occurred is premised on Maoist and Nepali Army integration. * Prachanda feels firmly in charge of his organization so theoretically, he should be held accountable to for the murders, kidnappings, extortion that his people continue to carry out. * Implication: Look out for a certain former Nepali Army General that the Maoists will bring on board to push for military integration. Although not mentioned during the interview, it is very likely that retired General Chitra Bahadur Gurung will take this spot. http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/43520/06_2007/devils_prachanda_3/devils-advocate-prachanda.html Overall, this interaction session is one that Prachanda probably wishes he had not had. There was nothing difficult about Karan Thapar's questions; most of Prachanda's answers should have been qualified "yes's" or "no's." Instead, what blurted out of Prachanda's mouth was a series of incongruent (and incoherent) responses, non-existent English vocabulary, and a very clear intent to disregard any political development that is at odds with a Maoist vision of a restructured Nepali State. Once again, the Maoist leadership has told the world what their intentions are and how they plan to proceed forward. And once more, sections of Nepali intelligentsia, the Nepali media and all parties making money off of Nepal's peace process, say nothing. The lesson learned is this: There is not a single individual or group, or party in Nepal that can challenge the Maoists in the terms that Karan Thapar did. Why? The answer is simple. During the Gyanendra's rule or the imperfect democracy before Gyanendra, people could go to the state authority for protection if threatened by the Maoists. Today, no editor or civil society activist or writer can operate with a clear conscience because should the Maoists come after them, there is no one they can turn to - especially not the Home Ministry.
Posted on 06-29-07 3:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are 2 leaders in Nepal: Prachanda and King Gyanendra. Gyanendra, because he dared to speak to the world and dared to challenge India in the SAARC summit. It is because of that Nepal is seeing all these political developments... And Prachanda, because he dares to speak to public... Mu*&ji MaKuNe and GPK are India's bootlickers... all they do is try to win Bihar's and Delhi's favor so that they will get the PMship sooner or later...that's all they care. Agreed that PKD's use of english vocab is not proficient, but at least he comes out and tries to reach the public... So either "Raja aau, Desh Bachau"... or "Prachanda yi neta ko sakhaap garou"
Posted on 06-29-07 3:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You guys must me ashamed of yourself wasting your time talking abt a shit named Prachanda.
Posted on 06-29-07 3:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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haha doofy then why you commented on prachanda then in this thread?
Posted on 06-29-07 3:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yeah i really feel ashamed now
Posted on 06-29-07 4:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dictators always good in giving provocative speech. Examples: Fidel Caxtro, Chhavez, ira*ian president (spelling are intentionally changed to avoid trouble with spies), Mujraf, and all communist leaders. Do you know why? No one can contest them. Today, in nepal any one raises eyebro on what PKD says, YCL is behind him next day: death penalty if not public humiliation. Same with gyanedra. But, Girija when he spoke the truth that YCL is criminal league, being a democratic party's leader he immediately got back fire. But, when Prachanda said Girija is leader of criminals, no one cared much, becaus Girija is expected to be rational when he speaks some provocative words, but Prachanda is granted to use any extreme word. That makes a big difference. Dictators are allowed to speak whatever they want, people in democracy are asked to take responsibilities, be legitimate, and be not provocative. You are asked to make informed decisions in democracy. And, here it exactly happened. See, Gyanendra and Prachanda can not be contested, any dares will get punishment, But on the other hand, any one democratic side speaks something wrong or provocative, he suffers backlash. That makes a great sense to me. If Girija says, I will be President of Nepal, he can be president of Nepal now, not in two years. But, he won't become irresponsible by provoking people. He took stand, and finally, he got it. Prachanda said Arms were forgotten somewhere in Jungle, today, a Tharu leader says Maoist leadership asked him to hide the arms when UN tries to check. Great news. Great fact, people knew it. But, one day truth has to come, and it came. Lets take these two extremes not the same as democratic leaders. Makune when he speaks, he has to have proof, but Prachanda does not need. He said US embassy was nearly attacked, and he had proof. ... blah blah... how many times he claimed that he will bring the proof to public? He just speaks and forgets, that is a sign of dictators. Because they don't have any cross check. Thanks. GP
Posted on 06-29-07 4:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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doofy i am sure you are still following the thread girija deserves the same level of responsibility for bringing nepal in this stage (good or bad you say) as prachanda is
Posted on 06-29-07 11:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We know Sajha and we know Sajha (beta version). Looks like new we desperately need Sajha (Theta version) IN NEPALI so that people like Prachanda can also read what we think about him. hahaha
Posted on 06-29-07 11:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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OOPS We know Sajha and we know Sajha (beta version). Now it seems like we desperately need Sajha (Theta version) IN NEPALI so that people like Prachanda can also read what we think about him. hahaha

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