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 IT staffing company (Bramha Infotech)

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Posted on 05-24-07 5:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi, I have recently graduated and planing to join Bramha Infotech, an IT staffing company. They have their banner posted on the top right of SAJHA.COM. A lot of my friends told me that this company is really good and they are doing really good job for their consultants placing their consultants right away. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS COMPANY. I am going to join them from June first week.
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-25-07 1:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just make sure that you dont pay anything to them, no consultancies will ask money for the training, and forget about the refund.
They might ask you to sign the contract, if you do that you are stuck there....
They dont have client, they will just send your fake resume to the mid client, and mid client will send it to the end client, so these consultancies really cannot say that they can place you in a month....it might take a long time thats why i suggested nepal2007 to make some money before going there you still have time.

make sure of everything and put everything on written,coz i know if they take deposit they dont give you any receipt, to every questions you asked they have an answer which is based on lie, coz they are pathological lier.
dont pay anything for your H1B processing also, just dont pay anything.
i got my H1B nothing happened to me but all these happened to fy friend so i knew all these things.
there are lots of consultancies google and contact them,
ask about pay rate.
ask how long can you stay in their guesthouse.
ask if they pay you when you are looking for the job, also after one project when you are looking for another job will they pay you?
make sure they dont ask you for this and that charges, they might.

if anybody have questions and suggestions post in sajha, lets flow correct and true information...
Posted on 05-25-07 2:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am glad someone has started this thread. I do not need consulting firms thankfully, but I personally know quite a few friends who would be nowhere without them today. So, I am sure there are some good firms out there. I do not want to name names, but if you have had good experiences with some firms lately, you would be doing a lot of people a great favor by posting about them here. I unfortunately never had to deal with consultancies, otherwise I would know more on this. But I am sure a lot of us sajhaites are well informed on this. Help our fellow brethren before they get suckered into 'rogue' firms.
Posted on 05-25-07 2:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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go to miracle software ( 908-240-6368)
Posted on 05-25-07 3:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok, here is what you need to make sure of while finding and joining a consulting company if you are a fresh graduate:

1) Avoid companies that ask you money for training and/or H1b. Big NO even if they say they will reimburse.
2) Shortlist companies that provide you the stipend and accommodation during training period. The ones that pay $500 or more should be on your list.
3) Do NOT join companies that lets you bargain on the Salary. Try to bargain and see what they say. Avoid if they agree to bargain. Good and established companies don’t bargain.
4) Joining a company where your friends have been placed from is the safest way. Read reviews of the companies on the internet though do not solely decide based upon this.
5) Look for the contract period. Most of the companies have contract for a year. Don’t join the ones that have beyond a year.
6) Don’t expect to get way too much of a salary to start with. Remember that they are doing a business too and they have their expenses to cover. Keep your expectations reasonable depending upon the field that you want to venture on. For positions like BA and QA $50,000/year is a reasonable offer to start with. For SAP, BI, and few development positions expect a little higher.
7) Make sure that they are paying you while you travel for in-person interviews etc. A company that pays you in between the projects would be ideal but finding one could be extremely difficult.
8) Training is the most important part. Though every company claims that they will train you most of them don’t have a good training program and they don’t guide you properly. It becomes frustrating and takes a lot of time for you to find a job if there is no proper guidance from the company. This is more important to people who are venturing on a training program that their academic background doesn’t support.
9) Ask how company markets you. Lot of the companies that promise you to pay in % basis expect you to find job on your own. Try to find this information through reviews of the company and talking to friends. Good companies will have few dedicated and experienced marketing personnel and that matters a lot on how soon they can bring you a job interview.
10) Be prepared to manipulate your resume/profile according to the job requirement. No matter how much you know and which company you join you will NOT land on a job without this.
11) Once you have joined the company and think they are reasonable enough to proceed with, put your focus towards the training program. Be positive about the whole thing and don’t let frustrations take you over. Each person is different – some of you may find job within weeks and for some of you it may take months. A company cannot guarantee that you will find a job within so much of time. It all depends upon you. But keep fighting you will eventually land up on one.
Posted on 05-25-07 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Guys,

My application was reached to USCIS on the very last day (30th April). But I had applied with expected date of graduation. Will there be any chance of getting H1B visa approved for this year? Thanks for comments.
Posted on 05-25-07 4:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This whole thing just seem based on your luck. Has anyone of you changed a consultancy after not getting job in one? What happens if you get H1 but do not get any jobs? Please help and reply.
Posted on 05-25-07 4:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Having H1b and not getting paid could jeopardize your H1b status. You will be fine if your company pays you the minimum LCA wage (which I think is $36,000/year) when you are not on the projects.
Posted on 05-25-07 4:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanks Bhasmasur,
Bramha Infotech is giving me $500.00 stipend and free accomodation UNTIL they place me on the job. They said everything is for free including Training and H1b processing. They are giving initial salary of $50000 for BA, And I know a lot of my friends getting placed by this companies. I think this is the best company i was looking for....


O one more thing..... even the recruiter in that company is a Nepali guy, and he is also like us. He is highly recommending me to join this company and their potentiality. He said he is they will even reimburse my relocation cost. SOUNDS GREAT DEAL....!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways I have to go to one of the consulting companies, I Know. I think this is the best one for me....HOPE FOR THE BEST GUYS
Posted on 05-25-07 5:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good Luck to you Nepal2007...seems like you had already made up your mind on this one, and just needed someone to validate that for you. It still is better than nothing, but please use all the resources that your fellow sajhaites have given you. There were some really good tidbits here.
Posted on 05-27-07 11:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-27-07 12:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal2007 how stupid do you think nepali people are? You keep asking people to click on the banner in sajha in capital letters. It doesn't take too much to figure out you are the person advertising that banner. Don't assume that people are as stupid as you.

After the link http://goolti.com/reviewdetail.php?company_id=147 I think you ought to give yourself a break. Check that link if you haven't for some insight into the company you represent.
Posted on 05-27-07 12:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey ratobhale what r u talking about........I come to know about this company through the advertisement.......then I started doing some research......I just wanted to validate some information.........
Posted on 05-27-07 1:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi guys;

Bhasmashur and ganalyst have provided some good tips.
My understanding is this consulting business is just a dirty game. Remember the following facts:
1. Never believe all what they say. They are the most expert liars.
2. 95% consulting companies dont have direct clients. So remember - there is no timeframe when you will be placed in job.
3. SAY BIG 'NO' IF -They ask for deposit money, training fee, or contract signing.
4. Remember- they twist your resume, put 5-6 years of fake work experience... and try to sell to to the job market. This means, when you land to job, your manager is expecting a lot from you... You will be in serious job stress.
5. DONT ACCEPT LOWER THAT $60K. (Remember your experience in resume??)
6. 75% or more companies do not provide proper training. They just give some pdf documents to read, and thats all. You need to know A LOT (technical/non techincal) stuffs before to go to job.
7. Some consulting companies also carry out proxy interview for you. SAY NO. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MORALE, AND MOST IMPORTANT - YOU WILL BE CAUGHT!
8. Analyse, how they speak with you when you ask questions.. If they use YES, YES, WE DO.. type of language, THEY ARE FAKING YOU! LEAVE THEM. Good companies have their own rules and regulations. THEY DONT BARGAIN IN SALARY.
9. REMEMBER- Most of them wont pay you from first month once you are placed in job. They keep some "buffer" money of you - for one or two months. Reason - there exists a high chance of you being fired.. and if that happens, you wont be given this money.
10. When they talk with you initially, they sound like your brother. They take u to lunch..But once you join then - be ready to hear all abusive "desi" galis.. BELIEVE ME!
12. If you are good in your field, there are big companies like Infosys, Miracle-software, Global Consulting Inc, Excell Data, Volt etc.. go for them. But they dont provide you training. They do have real job with their direct clients.
13. If you are strong in your field, and wants to make money, (a) twist resume as these compaies do with 5 years of experienc (b)Face interview and get job (with big payment per hour) (c) After that, ask one consulting company to process your payroll by giving them $7-10 bucks per hour. They will do it happily. The remaining money is all yours... But for this you should have a trustworthy person with registered consulting company.. ;)
14. AND FINALLY - NEVER BE POLITE WITH THOSE 'BHAIYAS'. They dont understand polite language.. If they act agressive way, or threaten you - you show more aggressivness.. and challenge them. This is the best way to deal with them. However, think 10 times when applying for H1 or GC - Is that company OK for that? Otherwise- you will be badly exploited..
Posted on 05-29-07 6:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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need more discussion guys
Posted on 05-29-07 11:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i heard that BramhaIT is faking all through false ads
Posted on 05-30-07 9:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Media 555,
You've put some very good point along with Bhasmashur. We need to put more info like this so that our fellow friends will get more information before heading to companies like this.
Posted on 05-30-07 6:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am planning to join bramha infotech. I am going to work there because my friends are working over there and they are having good job in a good company. I don't wanna blame all the companies because of few bad companies........I know i am taking wise decision.........Right now I don't work for Bramha Infotech.......but I will definitely join bramha...I don't wanna get screwed by another fraud companies.
Posted on 05-30-07 11:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr 'Nepal2007' Stop this CRAP right now!
Posted on 05-31-07 6:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If Bramha has legal proceedings pending against it, and a class action lawsuit has indeed been filed in court the ad at the top should be REMOVED. The owner of this site can be legally liable for damages if a poential victim loses money (it's called 'accessory to false advertising').

It's like a TV ad where if the station manager has the benefit of the doubt that one of their clientele is even hinting at misleading their viewers they immediately pull it off the air- obviously, for financial reasons as they could be sued for any losses caused by the advertisement. Same rule applies here.

Be cautious to con artists...
Posted on 05-31-07 12:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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HI all,
my friend is asking me which consultancy to join,i suggested him to go to sajha.com first.
My question is Any body knows about Xceltech Inc. somewhere in Virginia. coz my friend is planning to join them.

goodluck with everything guys.

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