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http://www.smashingames.com/games/spaceinvaders.html (Space Invaders) Obesity Ages Men By 10 Years A new study examining the links between obesity and testosterone has discovered that men who gained just 30 pounds (13.6kg) lost as much testosterone as if they'd aged 10 years, Reuters reported this week. Scientists from the New England Research Institute tracked 1,667 men during their study and published their findings as Australian doctors warned that exploding obesity levels are creating an epidemic of teenagers with man-boobs, prompting increasing numbers of Australian boys to seek reduction surgery. "We are getting a lot more requests for surgery for young people, and we are refusing to do it in some cases," said Dr Rod Cooter, spokesman for the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Adelaide. "Some of the expectations are unrealistic, some think they can go out and eat whatever they like, and we'll fix it," he added (Adelaide Advertiser). http://www.springfrog.com/games/asteroids (Classic asteroids) http://www.flashteroids.com (Flash asteroids) http://samvak.tripod.com/abuse8.html (Identifying abusers: "Haughty" body language – The abuser adopts a physical posture which implies and exudes an air of superiority, seniority, hidden powers, mysteriousness, amused indifference, etc. Though the abuser usually maintains sustained and piercing eye contact, he often refrains from physical proximity (he maintains his personal territory) . .) http://www.bemyastrologer.com/body_language_plus.html (Limp-Wrist Shake: 'A person who extends only the fingers or whose hand feels like a west fish when you grasp it is saying, "I don't want to touch you; I don't like intimacy." It's also a sign of submission and weakness. When a man uses this handshake in a business setting, he may be indicating that he intends to secretly manipulate the situation . . .') http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/smiles (Spot the fake smile) http://www.skeptictank.org/hs/vanish.htm ('How to disappear in America without a trace:' Always over-estimate the resolve of those seeking to find you yet keep your estimations reasonable. Greatly over-estimating your opposition can cause you to behave in predictable, patterned ways, however. It is the predictability of your actions based upon your opposition's controlled stimulus which can get you caught . . .') http://www.bushrag.com (Camouflage Tips) http://www.divine-interventions.com/baby.php (Baby Jesus buttplugs: 'Slap him on the dashboard, Use him as the ultimate pacifier or make Baby Jesus the centrepiece of your magnificent Dildo Creche . . .') http://www.blowfish.com/catalog/toys/symbolic_dildos.html ('high-quality silicone dildos in the shapes of religious figures. Perfect gifts for the iconoclasts in your life . . .') http://users.frii.com/gosplow/cgsa.html (A Christian's Guide to Small Arms: 'The Lord Jesus Christ gave very clear instruction to His disciples in the upper room after the Last Supper. They were to be sent on a mission, and were to take with them certain things - moneybag, knapsack, and sword . . .') New York's Limelight Sold For Shops New York nightlife received another brutal blow this week, with the announcement that seminal superclub venue the Limelight is to be turned into a shopping mall. In recent years the 6th Avenue converted Episcopal church traded as Avalon though remained best known for being the centre of Michael Alig's club kid scene of the 90s. The club also continued to be targeted by local police who most recently closed it down during a Halloween Party over licensing technicalities. The 1am raid prompted a despairing response from the venue's last chief Ricky Mercado, who told the Village Voice' It's just like they are saying, 'Nightclubs—get the f**k out of New York City', a prediction that appears justified with Limelight's future. "The landlord has decided that he doesn't want to go forward with another nightclub," financial broker Frank Terzulli, of Winnick Realty Group told the New York Post this week. "He's going to cut it up for retail tenants and a restaurant with patio seating." Eddie Dean from rival superclub Pacha was sympathetic, telling Skrufff 'Whew, what a shame. Limelight will always be part of New York City nightclub history'. "I'm not quite sure what happened, but what little I've heard is the overhead of being located on 6th Avenue was tremendous," Eddie continued. "The costs of operating a club in New York City have been steadily rising and the cost of being actually on 6th Avenue had to have made things very difficult. Avalon has had great success in other cities, but clearly New York is different," he said.
The postings in this thread span 6 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
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http://www.bmeshop.com/ProductCart/pc/mac_viewPrd.asp?idcategory=0&idproduct=975 ('Surgical staplers are exactly what they sound like -- they're a stainless steel alternative to sutures. In addition, many people use them as a chastity-play toy . . .') - http://forgetmenotpanties.com (Electronic chastity belt style knickers with secret built-in GPS and unique sensor technology: Ever worry about your wife cheating? Want to know where your daughter is late at night? Need to know when your girlfriend's temperature is rising?' This amazing device will answer all of your questions!') - http://www.chastity-uk.co.uk (Chastity belts for men: 'Join the Thrill of the Chaste and Discover the Delights and Frustrations of Male Chastity . . ') - http://www.entrances2hell.co.uk ('The constantly updated catalogue of Entrances to Hell in and around the UK . . .') - http://levity.com/alchemy/texts.html (Alchemical texts) - http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/libers/lib5.html (Aleister Crowley libri: "Love is a virtue; it grows stronger and purer and less selfish by applying it to what it loathes; but theft is a vice involving the slave-idea that one's neighbour is superior to oneself . . .') - http://bioresonant.com/news.htm Global Warming: Can Earth EXPLODE ? 'The Largest Volcanoes on Earth are losing their snow-caps . . .') - http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/2000feb.html ('It is the last 13 years of a 104,000-year cycle. It is truly time to stand up and take responsibility and begin to dream a new world into reality . . .') - http://www.planetpapp.com/br21december2012 ('Is there something significant we should know about the Winter Solstice date of December 21, 2012? Yes. On this day a rare astronomical and Mayan mythical event occurs . . .') - http://www.armory.com/tests/nerd.html (100 question nerd test (includes 'have you ever watched Dr Who?, 'Have you ever done your homework on a Friday night?) - http://www.boutell.com/geek (Geek game) - http://www.n-e-r-d.com/game (NERD game) "A growing body of research shows that it is specifically intercourse, and not other sexual behaviours, whether alone or with a partner, that is associated with a broad range of psychological and physiological benefits. And greater frequency of intercourse is associated with greater benefits." (BBC) Professor Stuart Brody from the University of Paisley says having full penetrative sex is the best way to reduce stress. - http://www.irregardless.net/realname (Celebrities' real names) - http://www.gawker.com/stalker (Celebrity stalkers) - http://www.stiffs.com (Dead celebs: 'Pick ten famous people you think might die between January 1st and December 31st. Each entry costs you 15 bucks, and at the end of the year, the list with the most dead celebs wins a shitload of cash . . .') French Cannibal Emulates Armin French prosecutors confirmed this week that they investigating a suspected case of cannibalism inside a prison after a convict confessed to killing one of his cellmates then cooking and eating his heart. Le Parisien newspaper reported that part of the victim's lungs and muscle tissue from his chest were missing and were apparently cooked in a frying pan with fat and onions, prompting local media to draw comparisons with German cannibal killer Armin Meiwes. Meiwes is currently serving life in a German jail after killing and eating a willing victim he met over the internet in a case that shocked the world last year, Hamburg new rave/ electro star Cajuan (who as manager of Digitalism is frequently in France) blamed both crimes on the rise of the web, suggesting "I think the fact that people in Germany and France are now eating other people shows that humans nowadays have seen too much on TV and on the internet and they get bored by everything." "And everybody nowadays can find like-minded people with whom they can live out their perversions, over the internet, for sure, if you're interested in cannibalism," he told Skrufff. "You find your own network without being discovered by others who don't understand your personal direction, so you find people who say 'sure that's normal, I'm also like this'. The more you find these people the more you think you're normal and I think that's why people nowadays do much more of whatever comes up in their mind. That's why people start doing ever crazier more criminal stuff," he suggested. However, France's previously best known cannibal killer, Japanese Sorbonne student Issei Sagawa shot, raped and ate French student Ren«±e Hartevelt in 1981, a decade before the internet existed. Meth-Coffee Makers Promise Mania, Zania & Paranoia Coffee manufacturers in San Francisco launched a high-energy coffee drink called Meth-Coffee this week, presumably inspired by the astonishing commercial success of Redux Beverage's Cocaine soft drink. The new energy drink is currently only available via their website Methcoffee.com which presents its attractions in innuendo-laden form. "If you're just trying it for the first time, don't throw back five cups like regular coffee. Ease into it. Have a little. Feel the rush, the euphoria, the smooth-edged high. Then go for more, if you want," they advise. "Meth Coffee wakes zombies, f**ks with perfectionists, straightens drunks, rattles teetotalers, revs vandals in search of impetus, brightens house chores and CUTS BOREDOM LIKE A GODDAM RAZOR," the website adds, "METH COFFEE may promote feelings of mania, zania, euthansia, fantasia and all manner of paranoia. DO NOT DRINK ALONE', (their capitals). Their marketing strategy appears remarkably similar to Redux' campaign for Cocaine, which has sold hundreds of thousands of cases in months, via such strap lines as 'Cocaine - Instant Rush. NO Crash!' and 'the question you have to ask yourself is: "Can I handle the rush?" "Contains no actual Methamphetamine," Meth Coffee's website also adds, "Product not warranted to cure eczema, edema, acne, constipation, Tourette's or gum disease." - http://www.methcoffee.com (new hi energy drink Meth Coffee) - http://www.linnsheriff.org/MethMakeover.htm ('Wanting a new look? Tired of the inconvenience of sleeping at night, showing up to work on-time, or keeping your promises to friends and family? Ever dream about finding yourself in jail charged with violent crimes you don't remember committing? Would you like to be thought of as a "doper", "tweeker" or "dirt bag" by complete strangers? If you answered yes, than you should consider a Meth Makeover!') - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meth/body (Meth Teeth - http://www.hrfq.com (Japan's newest download site) - http://www.remixblackstrobe.com (Your last chance to remix Black Strobe, closing date February 5) - http://dinovelvet.info/_AV/Dj%20Dino%20Velvet%20-%20Timbuk2%20mix%202006-03%20192kbps.mp3 (Czech DJ Dino Velvet, includes Soulwax, Infusion, Karl Bartos, Ils, Forme, Moguai)
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And I thought the title said Tits..;)
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Bathroom Coffee - Congratulations, you actually got all the links to work this time! LOL. Kidding. Have a good weekend. This from the Economist: #################################### Source: - http://www.economist.com/opinion/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=8960441 Multinationals Globalisation's offspring Apr 4th 2007 From The Economist print edition How the new multinationals are remaking the old FOR as long as multinational companies have existed—and some historians trace them back to banking under the Knights Templar in 1135—they have been derided by their critics as rapacious rich-world beasts. If there was ever any truth to that accusation, it is fast disappearing. While globalisation has opened new markets to rich-world companies, it has also given birth to a pack of fast-moving, sharp-toothed new multinationals that is emerging from the poor world. Indian and Chinese firms are now starting to give their rich-world rivals a run for their money. So far this year, Indian firms, led by Hindalco and Tata Steel, have bought some 34 foreign companies for a combined $10.7 billion. Indian IT-services companies such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro are putting the fear of God into the old guard, including Accenture and even mighty IBM (see article). Big Blue sold its personal-computer business to a Chinese multinational, Lenovo, which is now starting to get its act together. PetroChina has become a force in Africa, including, controversially, Sudan. Brazilian and Russian multinationals are also starting to make their mark. The Russians have outdone the Indians this year, splashing $11.4 billion abroad, and are now in the running to buy Alitalia, Italy's state airline (see article). These are very early days, of course. India's Ranbaxy is still minute compared with a branded-drugs maker like Pfizer; China's Haier, a maker of white goods, is a minnow next to Whirlpool's whale. But the new multinationals are bent on the course taken by their counterparts in Japan in the 1980s and South Korea in the 1990s. Just as Toyota and Samsung eventually obliged western multinationals to rethink how to make cars and consumer electronics, so today's young thrusters threaten the veterans wherever they are complacent. The newcomers have some big advantages over the old firms. They are unencumbered by the accumulated legacies of their rivals. Infosys rightly sees itself as more agile than IBM, because when it makes a decision it does not have to weigh the opinions of thousands of highly paid careerists in Armonk, New York. That, in turn, can make a difference in the scramble for talent. Western multinationals often find that the best local people leave for a local rival as soon as they have been trained, because the prospects of rising to the top can seem better at the local firm. First, count your blessings But the newcomers' advantages are not overwhelming. Take the difference in company ethics, for instance, which worries plenty of rich-world managers. They fear that they will engage in a race to the bottom with rivals unencumbered by the fine feelings of shareholders and domestic customers, and so are bound to lose. Yet the evidence is that companies harmonise up, not down. In developing countries (never mind what the NGOs say) multinationals tend to spread better working practices and environmental conditions; but when emerging-country multinationals operate in rich countries they tend to adopt local mores. So as those companies globalise, the differences are likely to narrow. Nor is cost as big an advantage to emerging-country multinationals as it might seem. They compete against the old guard on value for money, which depends on both price and quality. A firm like Tata Steel, from low-cost India, would never have bought expensive, Anglo-Dutch Corus were it not for its expertise in making fancy steel. This points to an enduring source of advantage for the wealthy companies under attack. A world that is not governed by cost alone suits them, because they already possess a formidable array of skills, such as managing relations with customers, polishing brands, building up know-how and fostering innovation. The world is bumpy The question is how to make these count. Sam Palmisano, IBM's boss, foresees nothing less than the redesign of the multinational company. In his scheme, multinationals began when 19th-century firms set up sales offices abroad for goods shipped from factories at home. Firms later created smaller “Mini Me” versions of the parent company across the world. Now Mr Palmisano wants to piece together worldwide operations, putting different activities wherever they are done best, paying no heed to arbitrary geographical boundaries. That is why, for example, IBM now has over 50,000 employees in India and ambitious plans for further expansion there. Even as India has become the company's second-biggest operation outside America, it has moved the head of procurement from New York to Shenzen in China. As Mr Palmisano readily concedes, this will be the work of at least a generation. Furthermore, rich-country multinationals may struggle to shed nationalistic cultures. IBM is even now trying to wash the starch out of its white-shirted management style. But today, General Electric alone seems able to train enough of its recruits to think as GE people first and Indians, Chinese or Americans second. Lenovo's decision to appoint an American, William Amelio, as its Singapore-based chief executive, under a Chinese chairman, is a hint that some newcomers already understand the way things are going. IBM's approach is possible only because globalisation is flourishing. Many of the barriers that stopped cross-border commerce have fallen. And yet, Mr Palmisano's idea also depends on the fact that the terrain remains decidedly bumpy. Increasingly, success for a multinational will depend on correctly spotting which places best suit which of the firm's activities. Make the wrong bets and the world's bumps will work against you. And now that judgment, rather than tariff barriers, determines location, picking the right place to invest becomes both harder and more important. Nobody said that coping with a new brood of competitors was going to be easy. Some of today's established multinational companies will not be up to the task. But others will emerge from the encounter stronger than ever. And consumers, wherever they are, will gain from the contest.
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BC how bout joining Nautanki Brigade (laa mare aba)
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Dirt exposure 'boosts happiness and immunity Exposure to dirt may be a way to lift mood as well as boost the immune system, UK scientists say. Lung cancer patients treated with "friendly" bacteria normally found in the soil have anecdotally reported improvements in their quality of life. Mice exposed to the same bacteria made more of the brain's "happy" chemical serotonin, the Bristol University authors told the journal Neuroscience. Common antidepressants work by boosting this brain chemical. Dirty play A lack of serotonin is linked with depression in people. The scientists say more work is now needed to determine if the bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae has antidepressant properties through activation of serotonin neurons. Lead researcher Dr Chris Lowry said: "These studies help us understand how the body communicates with the brain and why a healthy immune system is important for maintaining mental health. "They also leave us wondering if we shouldn't all spend more time playing in the dirt." The work could also help experts' understanding of why an imbalance in the immune system leaves some individuals vulnerable to mood disorders like depression, he added. Mood and immunity Canadian researchers have also been exploring the links between serotonin, mood and immunity. A team at Georgetown University Medical Center recently discovered serotonin is passed between key cells in the immune system, and that the chemical can activate an immune response. This suggests that serotonin may restore a healthy immune function in people who are depressed and prone to infections. On the flip side, it is also possible that serotonin, and serotonin-boosting antidepressants, end up bolstering immunity to the point that they trigger autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. Gerard Ahern, lead researcher on the study, explained: "At this point we just don't know how these drugs might affect immunity, so we really need to clarify the normal role of serotonin in immune cell functioning." No wonder they say..."happy as a pig" :-) Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6509781.stm
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Green racing car with potato tyres... Researchers at a university built an environmentally-friendly racing car with tyres made from potatoes and brake pads from cashew nut shells. Eco One is the idea of WMG, a provider of innovative solutions to industry based at the University of Warwick. The car was designed originally with a top speed of 125mph (201 km/h). It will be at the Sexy Green Car Show alongside green offerings from major names in the motor industry at the Eden Project in Cornwall from Friday. The car also runs entirely on bio-fuels and bio-lubricants. Project manager Ben Wood said he has tweaked the original engine and claims he can achieve up to 150 mph (241 km/h) given a long straight and a tailwind. He said: "Almost everything on the car can be made out of biodegradable or recyclable materials. "All the plastic components can be made from plants and, although the chassis has to be made from steel for strength, steel is a very recyclable material. "We already have the shell, brake pads, fuel and tyres sorted. "My aim is to end up with a race car that's 95 per cent biodegradable or recyclable. "If we can build a high-performance car that can virtually be grown from seed, just imagine what's possible for the average family car." Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/coventry_warwickshire/6493411.stm
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- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-feldman/frameshop-giuliani-the-t_b_42290.html (see Rudolph Giuliani's drag video here, sinister) - http://www.ladybunny.net (Lady Bunny: 'actress, deejay, singer/ songwriter, comedienne, ho . . .') - http://www.myspace.com/venusflytrapfan (Thailand's Venus Flytrap) "Disco came out after Vietnam. There was so much turmoil. People were down and they wanted to escape. It was a dark terrible time after the civil rights movement. It was escapism, like in the 20s after the depression. There were messages in the music." (Guardian)'Rock Me Baby' disco crooner George McCrae looks back on disco's heyday in the 70s. Solo Sex Safe- Official Leading British eye institution the College of Optometrists published a list of 'myths' about activities linked to eye damage this week, including the suggestion that masturbation doesn't make you go blind. "The only correlation between the two is that semen contains a large amount of zinc and a deficiency in zinc will cause a decline in a person's vision," the eye surgeon's College claimed, "Although it's nearly impossible to achieve solely by masturbating." (Pinknews.co.uk) Their assessment differed markedly, however, from previously published analysis on numerous homeopathic web sites including leading portal HerbalLove.com who not only warn that too much masturbation causes 'eye floaters and fuzzy vision', but also hair loss, stress and, in excessive cases, death. London homeopath guru Dr. Sayeed Ahmad D. I. Hom also claims that too much 'self-abuse' is dangerous, with practitioners easily recognizable by physical sign and unusual habits. "The eyes become sunken, the cheek bones protrude and there is a black rim round the eye," Dr Hom explains, "The person dislikes any company and activities and rather likes to sit in seclusion and suffers from weakness." - http://www.cafepress.com/buy/fiction/-/pv_design_prod/p_storeid.7217486/pNo_7217486/id_2866229/opt_/pg_/c_/fpt_ masturbation causes blindness tshirt, US$16.99) - http://www.allaboutlifechallenges.org/masturbation-addiction.htm (Masturbation Addiction - How do I Know if I'm Addicted? 'The easiest way to tell if you have an addiction to masturbation would be to stop. Try to abstain from masturbation, or any other form of sex outside of marriage, for 30 days. If you are able to go this long without masturbating on your first try, you are probably not addicted . . .') - http://www.whitehouse.org/initiatives/purity/index.asp (Myth: Masturbation is harmless. Reality: Medical science proves that chronic masturbation causes weakness, depression, forgetfulness and nearsightedness: Myth: Masturbation is a "victimless crime." Reality: Theological experts on masturbation have come to the conclusion that masturbation is what is known as a "gateway" sin . . .') - http://www.markfennell.com/flash/wipeout (Surfer game) - http://www.miniclip.com/games/surfs-up/en (another surfing game) - http://www.insane-games.com/games/monkey_cliff_diving (Monkey diving game) - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7866929448192753501&q=loose+change+recut (Loose Change, 911 conspiracy film- 2nd edition- in full) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0djOCNFnZM (Art for art's sake) - http://msdewey.com (talk back) Houston Bernard's Lessons In Love American 'Bi Porno Electro-Rock Rap Performance' artist Houston Bernard chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming remixes EP of 'Whores Have More Fun' and revealed that he's cut down on selling himself for sex to concentrate on his thriving music career. "To be completely honest, I'm not much of a whore these days, I'm more of a chronic masturbator," Houston confessed. "I'm too busy trying to make stuff happen and whoring was a way to get here. So I'm not actually having as much fun as I used to, but I do have a great porn collection," he said. The sex-obsessed swinger started performing aged 12, singing Elvis songs in shopping malls around his hometown of Alaska, gradually morphing towards his current incarnation as one of America's raunchiest rappers. Touring relentlessly, he's continued building a diverse and committed fan base through his music and more often than not sleeping with his fans, particularly those who've put him up after gigs. Still single (and still touring) he unsurprisingly admitted he remains ambivalent about the importance of staying faithful, with jealousy also no longer a worry. "I would prefer an open relationship where there is strength, honesty and trust. But sneaking around can be fun . . . I'm a bandit," he laughed. "And I don't get jealous, not anymore, I worry about safety and catching something instead. I hate germs," he said. "How do I deal with jealousy? Simple," Houston added, "The one who loves less controls the relationship, the other one is jealous. So, be the one who loves less." He also actively promotes US website Soldiersangels.org which asks people to write to soldiers in Iraq, reflecting his own past in the army when his sexuality remained a grey area, he recalled. "No-one knew, I didn't know, I was young and confused," he said, "I was such a mess while in the army, I couldn't think about sex, because all I thought about was sex. I was such a crazy head case, I had just got out of Catholic school and gone through major dramas growing up, I was out of my mind," he said, Estimating nevertheless that 'about 30%, maybe more of the army were gay or bi soldiers- most guys' stuff is so homoerotic' he also revealed that his army training has stood him in good stead for the numerous times he's been confronted by homophobes since leaving the army in 2000. "I've been attacked lots of times, though interestingly they never expected me to fight back," he said, "Always fight back," he advised, "Losing is okay, not fighting back isn't. And remember that sometimes you have to lower yourself to certain levels to come out on top." Houston Bernard: 'Whores Have More Fun'- the remixes is out now, via Itunes ot the website: - http://www.soldiersangels.org (Houston says 'write to a soldier: There is no need to get into politics when writing to a soldier. Just hearing from someone is always appreciated. They are just doing what they are told. I served in the military and you have no idea how much I don't like it. But, when you give up your freedom and life for your country, that is enough to get a friendly letter from someone . . .') "At one point I was taken to Bellevue hospital and I cut my foot and I was chained to a bed at the hospital. It was like what have I done? Michael Jackson is roaming the streets, O.J. Simpson killed his wife, let's get real here." (Herald Sun, Australia)Boy George brands his treatment by New York cops who arrested him for cocaine last year as 'hideous'. I wanted to save £500 for a portable DJ set I wanted to buy. I had a plan that my sister would drive me to DJ gigs with my own equipment. I was 15, she was 17. I worked really hard to save the money then she failed her driving test. There went my idea of becoming a DJ." (News Of The World)George Michael reflects on what might have been. - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/goldanthem (Replace the national anthem with Spandau Ballet's Gold) - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/SirBrianMay (recommend to the Queen to confer a knighthood on Brian May) - http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/GaryNuman (nominate gary numan for an mbe for his contribution to music') Glade Goes Glastonbury (& Burning Man) 20-22 July This year's Glade Festival will be adding an outdoor stage and three new tented arenas, festival organiser Nick Ladd told Skrufff this week, including a techno tent, roots tent and 'Nectar Temple' space inspired by America's desert festival Burning Man. "We popped over to Burning Man Festival last year and we connected with one of the most creative collectives I have ever come across over there. So we're bringing the whole family over to the UK - it will be a zone of cutting edge visionary arts from California from the likes of Alex Grey and Luke Brown, Circque de Soleil style perfomance artists and the music of the West coast breaks scene," Nick revealed. "It will also feature a zone dedicated to speakers from all over the world coming to give talks and workshops on a wide range of subjects, from ecology to the evolution of consciousness. The crew are busy in Bali right now creating previously unseen artwork for the zone which will blow people away," he promised. He also stressed they'll be maintaining their no corporate sponsorship policy ('we are one of the few festivals in England still with that intact, it's to keep the vibe real and not sell it out in any way') and revealed they're launching an arts foundation at this year's 3 day event. "Anybody looking for funding for original artistic ideas that would go down at festies should contact us via the website (www.gladefestival.com)," Nick said, "We want to help fund creative ideas for site art installations and creativity generally." He also confirmed Glade will be heavily involved in Glastonbury Festival again this year, helping produce its Dance Village. "Glastonbury is the mother of all UK festivals and is a whole different experience - I am sure a lot of people will go to both," he pointed out. "They are a month apart and the last Glastonbury's tickets sold out in18hours flat whereas we sold out in two weeks without even releasing our line up. We are in collaboration, not competition." - http://printablecoldsores.blogspot.com (cold sores for all) - http://www.prplastic.com/collagen_2.htm (Collagen gallery) - http://www.freelovers.com/signups/footandmouthdisease.shtml (Foot and mouth game) - http://www.nightbreedofmidian.com/Centaur.html (more to love Centaur for hire, private parties etc) - http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/3205.html (Show-jumping game)
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- http://www.dhushara.com/book/diochris/dio2.htm ('Dionysus was the ancient Greek god of fertility, ritual dance, and mysticism, the mysterious and paradoxical god of altered states, of ecstasy and terror, of wildness and of the most blessed deliverance - the mad god whose appearance sends mankind into madness.. .') - http://www.hermetic.com/sabazius/dionysus.htm ('As Dionysus and his retinue traveled the world spreading his cult, those who accepted him were rewarded with ecstasy. Those who opposed him were stricken with madness, and brought down by the hideous results of their own deranged atrocities . . .') - http://www.shamanscave.com/postcards/the_tool_bag/how_is_ecstatic_trance_different_from_self_hypnosis_or_visualization (Ecstatic trance: 'to use earth energy for trance is as simple and complex as just sitting on the ground and allowing yourself to melt. When you go to earth energy, simply find a spot that likes you . . .') - http://www.filebomb.com/index.php?action=playgame&gameid=846 (Bumper craft) - http://www.miss-beazley.org (kill liberals game) - http://www.grab.com/games/g/shotgun__defend_the_flag (Shotgun game) - http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=3030714 ('Cocaine users in their mid-40s had more than four times the risk of coronary artery aneurysms as non-users, researchers report in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association . . .' May 2005) - http://cocaine.org/health (Cocaine triggers heart attacks in one hour: 'During the first hour after using cocaine, the user's risk of heart attack increases nearly 24 times . . . The average age of people in the study who suffered heart attacks soon after using cocaine was only 44', Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association: 1999) - http://www.cathiejung.com/00000095ee0e22e01/index.html (Cathy Jung's 15 inch waist) - http://samugliestdog.com (Sam (RIP) the world's ugliest dog) - http://www.scarwars.net (The goal of the Scarwars Art Project is to provide an ego free "level playing ground" for the international scarification community. To provide a space for Artists to get together, work on collaborative pieces, and to push the boundries of "what scarification is" BIT DUBIOUS FOR WORK) How Should You Neutralise Nasty Gossip? "Life is theatre - all the things you think, say and do and all the things others think, say and do, comprises an unfathomable web of intrigue, lies, gossip and double-dealings, and all the other playground games people play- that's the theatre of life. Sometimes through circumstances you find yourself required to play the part of gossipper, and sometimes of gossippee, just as on other occasions you're required to play the role of admirer, hero or even celebrity, the one whom people are singing nothing but praise about. By understanding this reality, you can stop taking personally whichever role you're allocated in the play at any one moment so when someone is gossiping about you, all you do is thank them for their attention and let it pass. To indulge in revenge by spreading malicious gossip about them, merely serves to hold you in the realm of gossip and malice, it's far better to transcend it all with compassion for yourself and for others. After all, they're only gossiping about you to fill the void inside themselves caused by their own deficiencies." - http://realmagick.com/articles/29/129.html (Creative visualisation: The only effective way to use creative visualization is "going with the flow." That means that you don't have to "effort" to get where you want to go; you simply put it out clearly to the universe where you would like to go, and then patiently and harmoniously follow the flow of the river of life until it takes you there . . .') - http://www.uh.edu/engines/romanticism/blakeessay2.html (William Blake expressed his belief in the importance of the imagination by attacking what he called the "mind-forg'd manacles." Unimaginative thought imposes shackles on the human spirit) - http://www.psywww.com/asc/hyp/faq0.html#contents (Hypnosis: Can I be hypnotized against my will, or forced to do things I wouldn't ordinarily do? Hypnosis, volition, and mind control . . .' Smile For Sexual Success A new study examining levels of sexual attractiveness has discovered that women are significantly influenced by other women's opinions, with men who can attract the smiles of the opposite sex being considered better looking than those who can't. Scientists at Edinburgh University reached their conclusions by showing men and women pairs of male faces then adding a third photo of a female smiling at some of the men. Researchers discovered men who the woman smiled at were suddenly rated more attractive, the Guardian reported. "So when you're out in a bar, there's an advantage to being nice to everyone," study chief Dr Ben Jones from the Face Research Laboratory told the Guardian, "Because if they're smiling at you, it's going to make you more attractive." Men responded differently to their more attractive mates, Indian reported agency Zee News reported, responding if anything jealously to their suddenly successful rivals. "Within-sex competition promotes negative attitudes towards men who are the target of positive social interest from women," said Zee (quoting the New Scientist). Dr Jones previously appeared in the national press commenting on another study of attractiveness last year, which claimed that humans are most attracted to men with unconventional distinctive features such as Mick Jagger (his lips) and Tony Blair (his flapping ears) instead of the symmetrical features usually cited as ideal. "We can clearly show that you get this peculiar fact that humans seem to be more excitable when they see a caricature rather than a normal face," study author Dr Gunter Loffler of Glasgow University said in January 2006. "The more dramatic the faces are, the stronger the response is." - http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/smiles (Fake smile test) - http://www.kevinhogan.com/bodylanguage1.htm (Body language pictures analysed: Liz Hurley, Arnold Schwarzeneger etc) - http://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/3123.html (The Truth Behind the Smile and Other Myths: 'Another widely accepted belief is that powerful people in society—often men—show their dominance over others by touching them in a variety of ways. In fact, the research shows that in almost all cases, lower-status people initiate touch. And women initiate touch more often than men do . . .') "They were surprised that they did have genital sensation. It was very emotional and some of the women started crying with happiness. It was a very moving experience. Actually, some of us started crying with them because it was so dramatic." (Independent)Professor Komisaruk of New Jersey's Rutgers University comments on lab tests on women with complete spinal injuries which showed that some could have orgasms. Le Petite Morte Links (NOT Safe for Work!!!): - http://www.beautifulagony.com/public/main.php (facial photos) - http://www.mangl.at/p.html Match the pussy game- NOT SAFE FOR WORK AT ALL!!!) American Philanderers Face Life In Jail Married people in Michigan US who have extra-marital sex could be jailed for life, following a decision by the State's Court of Appeals panel to uphold a 1931 law criminalizing active adultery. "Technically any time a person engages in sexual penetration in an adulterous relationship, he or she is guilty of first-degree criminal sexual conduct," Judge William Murphy wrote in November. "We cannot help but question whether the Legislature actually intended the result we reached here today," he added (Detroit Free Press newspaper). The ruling emerged from a case involving a Charlevoix man who was sentenced to four years for trading Oxycontin pills for sex, and, according to the Detroit Free Press, could be meant as a message to State authorities who recently ordered Judges to apply the letter of the law, literally 'whatever the consequences.' Section 520b of the Michigan Penal Code states 'a person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree if he or she engages in sexual penetration with another person and if any of the following circumstances exists: (c) Sexual penetration occurs under circumstances involving the commission of any other felony', and with adultery still being a felony in Michigan, life could be the outcome. In more adultery news, Nigerian preacher Emeka Ezeugo was sentenced to death by hanging this week after he was found guilty of setting fire to six women from his congregation whom he accused of adultery. Media reports said the priest poured petrol on his parishioners at his church in Ajao estate, a northern Lagos suburb in July, killing Ann Uzo and seriously burning the others. The charismatic cleric, known around Lagos as the 'Reverend King' and a tabloif celebrity, according to the BBC, previously admitted flogging churchgoers for committing adultery and fornication though pleaded his innocence when sentenced in court. "What happened to Jesus Christ about 2 000 years ago is what I am going through today," Mr Ezeugo claimed, "The difference is only that I have not been nailed to the cross." (News24.com) - http://www.altervistas.com/games/weird/59 (Jesus cross-bearing game) - http://www.liquidgeneration.com/Media/Default.aspx?MediaId=1583 (Homeless or Jesus?) - http://takeaction.amnestyusa.org/siteapps/advocacy/index.aspx?c=goJTI0OvElH&b=953489&template=x.ascx&action=7674 ('Demand an End to Stoning: 'Up to nine women and two men in Iran are under sentence of execution by stoning, including one woman who was convicted of adultery . . .') - http://www.tldm.org/News4/MarkoftheBeast.htm ("Today's microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people . . .') - http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2007/01/10/rfid-defence.html (Canadian coins containing tiny transmitters have mysteriously turned up in the pockets of at least three American contractors who visited Canada, says a branch of the U.S. Department of Defence . . .') - http://www.spychips.com ('RFID-laced passports may be just the start of an Orwellian airport experience . . .'
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Girl's 5 weeks of hiccups finally end +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LOL I did not know such news were out there.
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Ha ha Modestly Irresistable, that was one quirky news, no? :) ################################### New York - London for $14? Source : - http://www.boston.com/business/ticker/2007/04/14_to_europe_ry.html $14 to Europe? Ryanair targets US, N.E. Could $14 airfares to Europe be coming to New England? Several European news services reported today that executives at Ryanair, a low cost European airline, are working on launching a transatlantic airline between Europe and "secondary" US airports serving such markets as Providence and Baltimore within a few years. Attempts by the Globe to reach Ryanair were unsuccessful. According to Reuters, Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary briefed reporters about such possible low-cost transatlantic tickets during a flight from Dublin to Germany. The Irish Examiner reported that the Irish airline intends to "launch services to a number of secondary airports such as Long Island in New York, Rhode Island in New England, and Baltimore." Reuters quoted O'Leary as suggesting that a ticket to New York could cost 10 euro, or $13.45. (By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)
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Ahhhhhhhaaaaaa, now this is something we all seem to have heard of. Good Luck for next time. Your kinda creative mind might need it. :)
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Oh really? You are fast with the news I must say:) Kidding (and all in jest). Enjoy your weekend. :)
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Who is weekend I do not know. Isn't It Ironic That... 1. Online pop-ups offering to help you get rid of online pop-ups advertisements. 2. When your Seeing Eye dog goes blind. 3. Needing to pay someone to help you pay your taxes. 3. Wondering if you are entitled to the deep sense of loss you feel when a celebrity you admire dies. 4. That Valentine's Day was placed in February, just in case single people who have recovered from the loneliness that Christmas and New Year's Eve induced. 5. That even the fanciest restaurants suffer from pest-control problems. 6. Wondering who was rude enough to leave an empty roll of toilet paper and then remembering it was you. 7. Tipping the bartender for handing you a bottle of beer, but giving nothing to the guy who pumps your gas in the pouring rain. 8. That we judge balding men by the choices they make in copying with their baldness. 9. That finding your roach traps empty only adds to your fear that they don't work, instead of reassuring you that you don't have roaches anymore. 10. That all good things come to an end, but some mediocre things seem to last a very long time. 11. When you wish, as you blow out the candles, is that this be the last birthday you spend with the people around you. 12. Cults that build up huge arsenals, refuse to pay taxes, and complain that the FBI is watching over them. 13. People who refuse to see a psychologist because they don't need to pay someone to help them out with their issues, but will gladly spend $100 a week at a tanning salon. 14. What most telescopes are used for. 15. When your fear of overpacking causes you to underpack. 16. Paying a toll to cross a bridge when you know you're going in the wrong direction. 17. The fact that many old people are forced to live out the remainder of their lives in formerly good neighborhoods. 18. Paying three bucks for a cup of soda that's 70 percent ice. 19. That the most intense laughter you have usually comes at the least appropriate time. 20. That you wouldn't have the faintest idea if your accountant was ripping you off. Sorry please do not ask for the link it was on my mail, and since its on the mail you can figure out the rest. how do i do wink !
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Indian Cyber-Cops Arrest 287 Ravers Indian Police who arrested and detained all 287 revellers attending an all-night party in Pune on drugs charges last weekend, planned the raid after monitoring international psy-trance websites, they revealed this week. "Such rave parties are definitely on our radar, and we take necessary preventive action whenever we get any information about such parties," Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Arup Patnaik told Express India news, "One way to prevent such rave parties is to keep a close watch on the internet and on sites like Orkut, where people pass invitations to the parties," he confirmed. The cyber-cops apparently spotted the'Festival of Colours Holi Party' was on leading portal Isratrance, who stressed their anti-drug stance immediately after the raid, before shutting down their Indian trance party forum the following day. The arrested revellers, meanwhile, spent several days locked up in India's infamous Yerwada, with 271 of them subsequently being released on bail though ordered to report to the police station every two weeks. The partygoers, described in the media as the children of 'top IT professionals, defence officials, senior bureaucrats, police top brass and politicians' (Financial Express), face a year of 'rigorous imprisonment' if found guilty. "After the bail we will have to wait till the charge sheet is filed," defence lawyer, V Kakade told CNN-IBN, "The charges are that they have consumed drugs. We have sent blood samples of the accused to the forensic labs and we are waiting for the reports." Following the highly publicized raid, officers from the Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) cops told reporters that ketamine, LSD and cocaine are 'integral parts of rave culture', local portal DNAIndia.com revealed. "Raves" are characterised by high entrance fee, rampant drug use and "chill rooms", where ravers go to cool down and often engage in open sexual activities,' a senior officer from the Narcotics Control Bureau, Mumbai added. - http://newsletters.ahrchk.net/kpn/mainfile.php/0207-08/81/?print=yes ('A peep into the Yerwada Women's Prison: 'Little do people know that Pune, a city well placed in many traveller's itineraries, and home to the ever popular Osho ashram also contains one of the oldest prisons in India, the Yerwada Prison . . .') - http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/yw/2003/09/27/stories/2003092700960100.htm ('While in Yerwada prison, Gandhiji had spare time to write letters, he wrote around 80 letters per week, mostly on slips of paper . . .') "He was secreting these items in a body cavity and that was of concern because there were also some electric wires associated with that body cavity." (Guardian/ Daily Breeze)Larry Fetters, LAX's airport security director, comments on detaining Iraqi man Fadhel al-Maliki, after officials discovering a magnet wrapped in tissues and wire up his bottom. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U66qW7kBVnM (surfing a giant wave- amazing!) - http://www.surfersd.com/gamezone/flashgames/funsurfing.htm (surfing game) - http://thrillingwonder.blogspot.com/2007/01/ships-battling-heavy-seas.html (Ship pictures) One Night Stand Gender Divide US magazines Esquire and Marie Claire published a new sex survey comparing men's attitudes with women's which revealed that males are more than three times as likely as females to feel satisfied, with women twice as like to feel regret or shame. The study appeared as Men's Health published a '12 stages of seduction' lovers' guide, which included the key tip that fixing up a follow-up date after sex should be considered virtually compulsory for most men. "82% of women say: Tell me you want to see me again--and soon. A proper parting line includes specifics. Don't just say you'll call; tell her you'll call this afternoon, then deliver. Better yet, book her for next Saturday," Men's Health advised, "Eighty-two percent of women prefer to nail down another date before you go," they stressed. Relationship expert Diane Mapes (author of 'How to Date in a Post-Dating World') agreed, suggesting 'I'll call you later' is code for 'Goodbye and good luck', though etiquette guide Debretts ignored the issue entirely in their latest edition, suggesting instead that women should think more about disengaging. "The one-night-stand (ONS) is a bit like fast food: tempting, but with nauseating afterthoughts," Debretts declared. "If you're at his, the ONS isn't over until the following morning's "walk of shame" home in last night's outfit. Steel yourself and hold your head up high," they advised. "At yours, offer him breakfast and (assuming you want no more of him) say that your mother is on her way round." http://www.seattleweekly.com/2004-03-10/diversions/the-etiquette-of-the-one-night-stand.php ('Men need to keep their big, stupid mouths shut during a one-night stand. No talk about keeping in touch. No talk about "next time." It only sets them up to look like assholes when they don't follow through on things we didn't care about in the first place—until they mentioned it . . .') http://www.handbag.com/relationships/sex/onenightetiquette ('Do be upfront about post-coital sleeping arrangements. Best to tell him you have an early conference rather than do a midnight bolt straight after getting horizontal. Even if he was that bad, it's still discourteous . . .') - http://knuttz.net/hosted_pages/Weird-Shoes-20070215 (Designer shoes) - http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/1060.html (Shoe game) - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/6388651.stm (Binocular vision) - http://www.telescope.org (the Bradford Telescope) - http://www.advanced-intelligence.com/goggles.html (X ray vision) - http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Harsh-Death-Metal-Vocals (How to do harsh death metal vocals: to create a more "brutal" sound, you can experiment with saliva in your mouth. It can be trapped between your tongue and throat. It's that "gurgling" you hear in many songs. An open throat is the key . . .') - http://www.voiceteacher.com/undersinging.html While it is understandable that teachers do not want a singer to push the voice (pushing breath pressure), one of the major causes of vocal damage for the dramatic singer is under-singing . . .') - http://a2z-singing-tips.com (Singing tips) Lonely Minibar Maniac Dumps Donkey Police dropped charges against a Galway man accused of vandalising a hotel room minibar this week, after the Irish man claimed a donkey he'd booked into his room had caused the damage. However, Thomas Aloysius McCarney was fined two thousand euros for violating the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act 1837 after he was discovered by cops dressed in latex and wearing handcuffs, after the donkey rampaged down the hotel corridor, alarming other guests. "Mr McCarney has been attending counselling at which he was told that he would be advised to get out and meet people and do interesting things," his lawyer Sharon Fitzhenry told Galway Court, "It was this advice that saw him book into the city centre hotel with a donkey," she explained. (GalwayFirst.ie) Galway portal Galway First said Mr McCarney had become lonely after his wife left him and had hoodwinked the hotel's receptionist by telling her the donkey was a family pet 'super-rabbit' he was planning to show at an animal fair. Galway First's Keith Lynch later told online agency the Register 'donkey crimes like this are all too common in Ireland's west' and said Mr McCarney has since believed to have declared himself bankrupt. In more Irish crime news, a 45 year old Belfast man was convicted of stealing underwear from a lingerie shop at knife-point this week, disguised as a female elf. Robert Boyd reportedly put on a blonde curly wig, glasses and hat to look like Buho the elf, before raiding upmarket lingerie shop Orchid and escaping with two sets of bras, pants, suspender belts and stockings'. He was arrested almost immediately, the BBC reported, though failed to convince a jury this week that he'd acted after becoming confused when playing a role-playing game. - http://www.collegeslackers.com/video/693 (Donkey sex video from Iraq (SAFE-ISH for work) - http://www.mousebreaker.com/games/donkeybomb/play.php (Donkey Bomb Game) - http://www.funny-games.biz/bombit.html (Bomb game) - http://www.bombornot.com (Training for Government agents)
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Way to go Appa.. Sherpas Aim for Everest Record By BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, Associated Press Writer Thursday, April 19, 2007 (04-19) 01:00 PDT KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) -- A veteran sherpa guide set off Thursday on an attempt to scale Mount Everest for a record 17th time and is confident he'll make it to the top, as he won't be worrying about helping a foreign client up the slopes. Appa, who goes by one name, will lead an eight-member team of sherpas calling themselves the "Super Sherpas Expedition" as he attempts to break his own record for the number of climbs to the 29,035-foot summit. "This is my 17th time ... I hope this is my 17th time (to reach the peak)," Appa told The Associated Press before leaving for Everest. Appa — a modest, thinly built 46-year-old — is one of the most respected climbers in the mountaineering community. His closest competitor, fellow sherpa guide Chewang Nima, 41, scaled the peak a 14th time last year. Appa and his teammates will make a documentary about the climb and all money raised will go toward providing better education and health care for children in their community at the foothills of the mountain. Appa said he expects his 17th climb of Everest to be easier as he will not have to worry about helping foreign clients — but he still is not taking any chances. He visited a famous Buddhist monastery in Katmandu where he offered scarves and colored flags and received a blessing from the head priest. He said he also won approval to climb the peak from his concerned wife, who now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his three children. Appa's wife normally discourages him from climbing Everest because of the enormous risks involved, having claimed the lives of nearly 200 people since the mountain was first conquered in 1953. The eight members of the expedition have scaled Everest a combined 46 times — with Appa topping the list at 16 and his friend Lakpa Gyelu 12 times. Like most sherpas, Appa grew up in the foothills of Everest, and began carrying equipment and supplies for trekkers and mountaineers at an early age. Appa made his first summit of Everest in 1989 and has been climbing almost every year since. Sherpas were mostly yak herders and traders living in the Himalayas until Nepal opened its borders to tourism in 1950. Their stamina and knowledge of the mountains makes them expert guides and porters for foreign mountaineers. The team flew out of Katmandu on Thursday, heading for the small airstrip at Lukla, from where they will trek to the base camp and spend a few more days acclimatizing and preparing for their summit bid in the second week of May. ___ On the Net: Super Sherpa expedition Web site: News about Everest: www.supersherpas.com
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"Face your mortality. It's the 'oh, S**t' factor- scare yourself in to action. And don't tell anyone your age- it becomes self-perpetuating." The Sunday Times' Style section suggests raving, using Myspace, dancing and dieting are the key to staying young. - http://www.loyno.edu/~history/journal/1999-2000/Chehardy.htm ('There is a myth in American society that the Puritans were a stringent people. This is not the case. Puritan society has been proven to be one of the most tolerant societies in the colonies in regards to crime, largely due to a repugnance of the death penalty . . .') - http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/media/pw2.htm ('The agenda of fundamentalists and their organizations, no matter what their special persuasion, has always been the enforcement of their perception of acceptable behaviour on others . . .') - http://www.safety1st.org/lets_talk_drugwar.html ('Puritanism seeks perfection. It is intolerant of differences in lifestyle. Hence, the national policy on drugs reflects the principle of "zero tolerance." The rest is predictable . . .') - http://www.quantumbalancing.com/golden_section.htm (' The Golden Mean is a ratio that is present in the growth patterns of many things--the spiral formed by a shell or the curve of a fern, for example. Artists as diverse as Leonardo da Vinci and George Seurat used the ratio when constructing their paintings. These artists and architects discovered that by utilizing the ratio 1: 1.618..., they could create a feeling of order in their works . . .') - http://www.beautyanalysis.com/mba_phiin1dBOTTOM_page.htm ('There is a visual manifestation of Phi and the Golden Ratio - something that we can actually look at and see. It is this manifestation of that Golden Ratio which has been reported to be present in many things that are seen as beautiful . . .') - http://www.quantumbalancing.com/golden_section.htm (' The Golden Mean is a ratio that is present in the growth patterns of many things--the spiral formed by a shell or the curve of a fern, for example. Artists as diverse as Leonardo da Vinci and George Seurat used the ratio when constructing their paintings. These artists and architects discovered that by utilizing the ratio 1: 1.618..., they could create a feeling of order in their works . . .') - http://www.beautyanalysis.com/mba_phiin1dBOTTOM_page.htm ('There is a visual manifestation of Phi and the Golden Ratio - something that we can actually look at and see. It is this manifestation of that Golden Ratio which has been reported to be present in many things that are seen as beautiful . . .') Does Appearing Unattainable Really Enhance Attractiveness? "On a superficial level, yes of course, because we always want the immaculate fantasy rather than the messy reality, hence we're drawn to what we think we can't have. But on the deeper level where it counts for any liaison to bear true fruit, it's not making yourself look unattainable that counts but rather about making yourself actually be, and hence appear, contained within yourself. In other words, it's about developing an aura as if you and yourself are having such a party together that other people want to join in the fun, so you look and feel as if you don't need someone else to complete you. That way other people are drawn to you without feeling as if they're taking on a liability. It's containment rather than unattainment that you should aim for." - http://www.intent.com/sg ('In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances . . .') - http://www.sangraal.com ('Paracelsus said: "Man has a natural light, but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things... And it should be known that when a man prophesies, he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit, but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin." . . .') - http://www.labyrinthsociety.org/html/about_labyrinths.html ('A labyrinth is a single path or unicursal tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity . . .') Metrosexual Maniac Terrorises Salons Police in Algonquin, Wisconsin were this week seeking an unusually well groomed 300 pound criminal, who's been stealing thousands of pounds worth of services from beauty salons throughout the state. "Pedicures, manicures, facials, those are the standards he goes for," Algonquin Police Detective Andrew Doles told the Orlando Sentinel, "Though there are no threats of violence or anything like that," he added. The in-touch-with-his-feminine-side felon typically has 'a sea salt body polish, a hair cut and color', before by slipping out 'to make a phone call' and vanishing and has so far conned over 20 spas into free facials, the Sentinel reported. In more metrosexual news, Florida Today reported this week that businesses offering waxes, laser hair removal and cosmetics for men are thriving State-side with liposuction operations for men proving particularly popular, reflecting a trend also identified in the UK this week. Plastic surgeon Adam Searle told the Sun he's seen twice as many men having manboobs reduced in his operating theatre, in the last year, with vanity being the main motivating factor for them to fork out £3,000. "Men tended to put up with moobs (man boobs), but now they know that something can be done due to the accessibility of liposuction," the surgeon mused, "Man breasts affect relationships, self-esteem and day-to-day living because they are too embarrassed to lie on the beach or to undress in the football changing room." In more manboob news, the Guardian published an alarming feature on the very real dangers of liposuction while in London Lite, Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns spoke out against facial cosmetic surgery, revealing he's had over 100 operations since his lip implants went disastrously wrong. "It has taken away my life and my career. I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips, I was suicidal." he said, "I have had 17 months of procedures and now I am having more." - http://www.manboobs.co.uk (Breasts) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs1DsNBvEoc (Manboob video: VERY disturbing) - http://www.media-post.net/manboobs.php (Man boob gallery- NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!) "Note to cops, politicians, and everyone else who hates nightlife and thinks they're doing us a favor: You're fired. I don't need a babysitter. None of us do. I am tired of this War on Fun, this puritanical prohibition running rampant against New York nightlife." (Village Voice)New York club journalist Trish Romero warns that promoters and even DJs may soon need licences to operate in New York City. - http://www.fas.org/main/content.jsp?formAction=297&contentId=367 (Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator) - http://www.lclark.edu/~history/HIROSHIMA (Hiroshima gallery)
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Some of my picks for today: €72.3 billion bid for ABN Amro AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: A consortium of banks led by Royal Bank of Scotland PLC announced plans Wednesday for a rival bid to Barclays PLC's offer for ABN Amro NV, setting up one of the largest takeover battles in corporate history and sending shares in the Dutch bank up more than 5 percent. More here: - http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/04/25/business/EU-FIN-COM-ABN-Amro-Takeover-Battle.php ############################ China's economy : breathing fire Roaring too fast for comfort ONE would think that Asian equity markets would be happy at the news that China’s economy, the regional powerhouse, is growing even faster than expected. But that’s not the way it turned out. Shortly before China’s government said, late last week, that the economy grew at an annualised pace of 11.1% in the first three months of 2007, and as forecasts rose for the year’s overall growth, traders on the region’s big exchanges briefly took fright. The next day markets rebounded. Nobody is jumpy about growth, of course, but of the government's reaction to it. Chinese officials are getting worried that a meltdown may be pending, and have been intervening to dampen things down. But over the past few years tighter interest rates, lending restrictions and heavier bank regulation have failed to cool the economy. Now they may have to be even more aggressive. China’s fairly primitive financial infrastructure makes it difficult to fine-tune credit through monetary and fiscal policy. As worries grow about credit bubbles and overinvestment, no one knows quite how hard the government may need to step on the brakes. All this makes investors, who should be bullish, uncertain about what the near future may bring. More here: - http://www.economist.com/world/asia/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9063414 ############################### Morgan Stanley offers settlement in gender suit NEW YORK: Morgan Stanley, one the world's largest securities firms, said Tuesday that it had set up a $46 million claims pool to settle a sex-discrimination lawsuit and said it would enact new policies to help women succeed as financial advisers. The settlement, which must be approved by the U.S. District Court in Washington, would change training and management-development programs in Morgan Stanley's wealth-management division, the company, based in New York, said. Six women who are former Morgan Stanley financial advisers filed the complaint last year, claiming the company had discriminated against them and more than 3,000 other current and former advisers since August 2003. Morgan Stanley paid women less than men and gave them fewer promotion opportunities, the women claimed. More here: - http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/04/24/business/morgan.php ################################# Between the lines of Britain's class warfare LONDON: Did a "toilet" come between them? We will probably never know. But the reports last week that Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, broke up in part because of her mother's so-called middle-class behavior, including using the word "toilet" for "bathroom," were a vivid reminder that class issues still bubble vexingly beneath the surface of British life. Mrs. Middleton's other missteps, apparently, included having once worked as a flight attendant, a fact that caused some of William's friends to cattily mutter "doors to manual" whenever Kate came into the room. But it does not really matter what she did or did not do. What is significant is that even in new, egalitarian Britain, everyone seemed so mesmerized by accounts of it, so ready to believe in the return of the class war that had supposedly ended in a truce years ago. British society is certainly no longer as rigid or stratified as it was when George Bernard Shaw said in "Pygmalion" that "it is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him." More at - http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/04/24/america/britain.php ###################
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- http://www.oxbloodoi.com/Gallpunk5/index.html (Punk cuts) - http://www.geocities.com/rodeodrive/3696/Photos_mh.html (Mohawk cuts) - http://meathaus.com/2007/02/06/hairstyle-names-from-1970s-ebony-ad (Hair raising from the 70s) - http://www.labourstart.org/cgi-bin/solidarityforever/show_campaign.cgi?c=188 ('Equal rights for agency workers! Stop the undercutting! Stop the abuse! . . .') Brit Girls Prefer Average Boys British women looking for love fancy 'Mr Average' men in middle-ranking jobs more than high fliers, according to a new study of female students in Lancashire. Northern England. Lead researcher Simon Chu said women suspect 'too good to be true' high status men are more likely to stray, with teachers and travel agents offering more reliable prospects. "High socio-economic status in males can be subtly counter-productive in terms of attractiveness as a long-term partner," he told the BBC. "We suggest that females see physically attractive, high status males as being more likely to pursue a mating strategy rather than a parenting strategy." The study results were published as acclaimed US rave historian Barbara Ehrenreich published an angry feature on the pressures afflicting middle management under America's increasingly compulsory 'be positive' culture, which also provided clues as to why women might shun bosses. "Smiles, at least in human society, are gestures of submission, and routinely demanded of women as a token of subordinate status. The happy slave smiles; the well-trained 'lady' smiles," she wrote. "Now even the male white collar striver has to keep his lips pulled back in an expression of eager compliance. Only the top guys get to snarl and snap their way through the day," she added. (Alternet.net). In more relationship news, UK psychotherapist Brett Kahr unveiled the results of his study of 19,000 Brits' secret sexual fantasies (the British Sexual Fantasy Research Project) and said almost everybody regularly visualizes secret sex fantasies, almost always involving lovers other than their partners. "Many fantasies contain strong imagery of sadism, masochism and other forms of harm," Dr Kahr added, "If any of us could manage to put many of our more aggressive fantasies into practice, we would end up in prison." - http://www.hermes-press.com/egomania.htm ('The insidious aspect of egomania is its ability to take over the mind and soul of its victims, so that instead of seeing egomania as a disease, we are made to see it as the height of human reason (pursuing our self-interest) and the purpose of human existence (getting ahead) . . .') - http://www.angelfire.com/ego/personality/profile_test.html (Ego test) - http://www.schizophrenia.com/sztest/survey.php (Psychosis test) 'So What?' Drugs 'Part of Growing Up' Conservative leader David Cameron brushed off claims that he'd been punished for smoking cannabis while at Eton this week, insisting childhood indiscretions for politicians should be disregarded. "Like many people I did things when I was young that I should not have done, and that I regret,' he told reporters, "But I do believe politicians are entitled to a past that is private." Surprisingly, Labour Home Secretary John Reid defended his rival when appearing on a BBC TV show, scoffing "I think it was Andy Warhol who said most statements could be answered with the question 'so what?' I think this is one of those 'so-what' moments." Mr Cameron's refusal to come clean contrasted markedly with the stance taken by hotly tipped US presidential contender Barack Obama, who first discussed his teenage drug use in his 1995 autobiography 'Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance'. "Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow (cocaine) when you could afford it. Not smack (heroin), though," he confessed when recalling his High School years. "Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man . . . I got high 'to" push questions of who I was out of my mind." (Washington Post) Mr Obama's frank admissions were recycled by most of America's mainstream media in the last year as his meteoric rise up the US political hierarchy continued, though he remains supremely confident telling a group of prominent editors last month '"When I was a kid, I inhaled." (New York Times). His preferences for pot and coke also match the present tastes of numerous serving London police officers, the Telegraph reported this week, following the inadvertent publication of an internal police report on corruption. The Met police's Strategic Intelligence Assessment briefly appeared on the Metropolitan Police Authority's website and said 'a growing number of officers and staff are taking drugs off duty.' "Drug and alcohol abuse by Met employees remains a significant threat to public confidence," the report revealed, "Intelligence shows misuse of controlled substances by staff has risen slightly, with cocaine and cannabis the drugs of choice." - http://www.nearlygood.com/game/detroitcops.html (Eddie Murphy cop game) - http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-788.htm (Graverobber game) - http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-522.htm (Jewel thief game) What's the Best Way to Make a Prayer Work? "Prayer is something that happens spontaneously of itself when you're either meditative or freaked out enough - when you're freaked out, you pray for salvation and deliverance, one way or another - and generally your prayers are answered, as your continued presence here proves. If you're in a meditative state, whether you're sitting still, or are on a dance floor or anywhere else for that matter - the prayerful state might descend on you of itself and you start to hear the voice of the presence you'd normally pray to, talking softly to you. Men's BodyShavers Add An Extra Inch Giant electronic conglomerate Philips Norelco have launched a new body shaver product for men which promises to add 'an extra optical inch' for men who use it for shaving their crotch. Philips suggest 'women prefer a well groomed man' on the Bodygroom's website ShaveEverywhere.com and predict women will be so impressed with 'a new you in the bedroom' that they'll 'eat yoghurt off your ***". "Let me tell you, this whole issue used to make me quite uncomfortable," an actor on the site admits, "But now, with a hair-free back, well-groomed shoulders and an extra optical inch on my c -- , let's just say life has gotten pretty darn cozy," he adds. The product received enthusiastic backing from San Francisco Chronicle writer Mark Morford who suggested it's already huge commercial success means American men are accepting that 'the general trimming of body hair isn't just for transvestites and gay porn stars and metrosexual writers anymore.' "In other words, caring about this sort of thing doesn't make you gay, or stupid, or emasculated. It just makes you hot," he added, "And besides, who wouldn't want the pleasure of an extra optical inch?" In more underwear news, Newsweek reported that sales of men's knickers climbed 14 percent to $3.6 billion last year, as more and more men buy designer pants such as C-in2's package enhancing wonderbra style briefs the Sling. "We have a customer from Wall Street that swears by our thong because he doesn't want a visible panty line," C-In-2 chief Jason Zambuto told Newsweek. At such times, when you can hear the voice talking, be silent and listen - when it's said what it has to say, you can then ask it to heal someone or help someone else, and even ask for something you want to occur in your own life - as long as it's something for the highest good and by the free will of everyone involved. If it is, you can pretty much be sure it will happen, as will the positive healing effects of your prayers for others' wellbeing. As for formalising your prayers into any particular shape, style or order, that's entirely up to you to make up as you go along. The words are merely envelopes for the sentiments - as long as your heart's true prayer is being conveyed, however clumsily, it will reach its source." - http://shaveeverywhere.com (SAFE for Work) - http://www.topdrawers.com/male-enhancer-underwear.html (Male enhancer underwear, maybe NSFW) - http://www.hunkwear.com/mens_thongs_g-strings.php (Thongs, maybe NSFW)) - http://www.sr.se/cgi-bin/p2/program/index.asp?ProgramID=2620 (A Guy CalledGerald Live in Sweden) - http://hsjd.tripod.com/box061.htm (Bernard Sumner on Mark Reeder's role in New Order: 'I was really depressed after Ian (Curtis) died, very unhappy and disillusioned. I felt that I didn't have any future. I was listening ta Lou Reed, Street Hassle, really down music. I started smoking draw, and found that electronic music sounded great. Mark Reeder, a friend from Berlin, sent me over records like 'E=MC²' by Georgio Moroder, Donna Summer, early Italian disco. I discovered a new quality in music, which was to pep you up: suddenly, this was the new direction . . .') "Many female celebs turned themselves into simulations of female porn actresses some time ago - and have become less and less simulated. What is interesting about sporno is that men who are considered to be 'Alpha males' because they are sports stars are going down the same prostituting route." (Haaretz, Israel)Sporno/ metrosexual inventor Mark Simpson continues to develop his new theory about male sports stars increasingly emulating gay porn models. - http://www.funflashgames.com/taxidriver.htm (New York cab game) - http://www.smashingames.com/games/supertaxi.html (advanced taxi game)
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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGGGGGG...................!!!!!!! you guys have too much time in your hands....HANDS....Bathroomcoffee ...get it.... LOL....... HANDS????
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Ahhhh Ummmmm.... Look in ther mirror MR HANDS !!! he he

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