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 Happy Birthday - Miss 'Gone With The Wind' :-)

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Posted on 02-06-07 12:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Scarlett - I'm sure I'm not off by many days here. :-) A 'Birthday Wish' from a distant friend. Blowing a Birthday Trumpet! :-) I wish you a wonderful life Filled with love and happiness. I hope others bring you joy, Just as you've brought joy to many, Then you can weather any storm And be all you want to be. A Very Happy Bithday to You!
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-06-07 3:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ahhh Scarlett ...b'day wishes in advance , from one aquarian to another fellow aquarian! and OLDMAVEN....mwaaa, mwaaa , mwaaa ;)..thanks so much for the sweet wishes.
Posted on 02-06-07 5:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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does this flippu carry a bingo book or smthing?;oP hehehe but the scary part is.. her info seems to be pretty reliable?well the horse(ni) did acknowledge so?;oP hehe anyways this is pretty strange(no not cos im strange :oS hehe)..but yeah better not type a mahabharat on explaining(as tho explanations from me ever helped and did its purpose?:oS hehe)..not really good in wishing...but yeah.. Happy Be-earlified Bday!(hope the color works..havent touched html for ages but thot i put a bit of effort eh?which shows i care?duh!;oP hehe.. btw no "wind" with ur gone?:oS u too not gettn enuf wind/breeze there?:oS anyways hope u do get some wind there which is kinda missing here :oS it doesnt feel the same when ur gone without the wind does it?;oP hehe..anyways hope u have a great time esp on ur bday..im sure tonnes(esp curious ones like me ;oP) here wouldnt mind if u cared to shared if smthing nice happened then?esp since u mentioned some tricks on ur sleeves?;oP hehe... ----------------------------- rimjhim..aquaries sign is the fish hoina?(im not too knowledgeable about that..err wat am i knowledgeable in?:oS bhakwash aint considered skill is it?:o( ;oP hehe)..anyways i just decided not to type more craps about 'fishes'..was plannin to urgh so much stuffs in my head right now about things related to "fishes" :oS...well well u never expected such a nice bday gift from me to u did u?oh well there is such a thing called suprise eh?duh!;oP hehe... anyways i might be a bit belated here..hope the day aint done yet for u ..urghh all this diff timezones :oS..if it is..well there is always tomorrow to have a nice time hoina?;o) hehe.. so Happy bday!:oD...and yeah def no sweet wishes from me(no need to tell me ..the thot of 'sweet' just gives me goosebumps urghh :oS )but well hope u def made some nice memorable memories ;o)... ok better begone before someone comments about the length(some ppl are too sensitive i tell u!!!:oS hehe) and before this pc crashes(cant stop feeln that will happen if i continue on :o| hehe)..but before that well hope all the aquaries have a ball of a time this mth cos just remembered i do think nicely of aquarians..guess have to blame one old fren for that ;oP hehe.. good day!:oD
Posted on 02-06-07 5:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Birthday Scarlett (don't know who u are but heck who cares). BTW, a brief Paulite history: Did you know that Vivien Leigh (the real Scarlett) was born in Darjeeling? And that too at St. Paul's...Dawkins to be precise!
Posted on 02-06-07 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy butt day Scarlett :P
Posted on 02-06-07 11:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Many happy returns of the day Scarlett and Rimjhim! Howdy Flip, Old Maven, Dananah (been a while since I saw that nick :P)
Posted on 02-06-07 12:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Many many happy returns of the day. God bless you :-)
Posted on 02-06-07 1:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy B'day O'hara..and Rimjhim.. Hi to all my friends..
Posted on 02-06-07 2:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday Dear Scarlett. :) Happy Birthday to you!!! :D
Posted on 02-06-07 8:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gee thanks ya all.. Samsara..ner knew!Appreciate it.:) gone with the wind ..re kya
Posted on 02-06-07 8:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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लौ न नी मेरी बास्सै.... भुसुक्कै बिर्सिरा । के जाती बर्डे पो रछ । लु हाँउरो तर्फ बाट पुनी मनोभकामना। धेरै पढ्नु... ठुलो मान्छे हुनु। :P ए रामअ गल्ती से मिस्टके भै गयेछ- शुभकामना!!! भेरी मेनी ह्यापी रीटन्स् अफ् द डे!! unicode-nepali jindaabad!!!...2 line type garda 10 mins jaane user-unfrienliness---> murdaabad!! :पी लूते :-)
Posted on 02-07-07 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My oh my Danny boy, I was about to do a special undercover report on you! I even thought of working on a "search mission : Danny Boy". Glad to see you back here as always! Btw neither do I have a Bingo book nort a Dingo boot! :-P I prolly need to borrow your Dingo though! :-) Alright enough, I hope everything is going well with you! Happy Belated Birthday to Rimjhim. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday bash! At last but not the least, a big wave to all the wonderful people here! Good day! :-)
Posted on 02-07-07 4:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Huh... it's Ish-cary one's burf-day?? So, she has grown long in the tooth then?? A little. Oh sugar! :-) Hey, may there be many many and many burf-days to come yet! Happy birthday. From: Mr Darcy (well, ex really!) :) ******** Dan, ""Happy Be-earlified Bday"" :-) :-) :-) What a funny git you are, mitey, what a funny git. :-) Oh Scarlett and her wind... tell me 'bout it! Y'know what? She keeps munching on her karaahiful of chicken biryani with those hot and sour titaura packets as its desert. When you come near her, she does let out a big - I mean BIG - groan of 'wind'. Boy, does not it smell nasty! :-) It can even beat the late Hussein's arsenals of WsMD! That lethal! You've been warned! :-) She's totally 'gone' with her 'windy' bottom! :-) ***** Joking of course - for old time's sake! :-) Have a good one, sweet ol Scarlett. Carpe diem.
Posted on 02-07-07 4:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jaha Guliyo uhiii Lahure Bhuliyo.
Posted on 02-07-07 4:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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gunycholi ji, One word only: Ouch! Or is that: Aiyaaa. :-) Thank you anyway! PS: I am alergic to guliyo thingie - well, don't mind occassional bites at the Jalebis from the oriental shop in my local town! :-)
Posted on 02-07-07 4:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Allergy suffers seem to love the things they are allergic too , rite? The only reason: THEY CANNOT HAVE IT.
Posted on 02-07-07 7:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A year older...much wiser ;) Paji ,danny and flippy in one thread is a joy:) Thankx. gone with the wind..
Posted on 02-07-07 10:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional :) I wish you a wonderful life ! Happy birthday Scarlett! Happy birthday Rimjhim!
Posted on 02-08-07 11:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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So, February brings one more reason to smile, eh? Happy b'day Scarlett!! -Chasing the wind Megalomaniac
Posted on 02-09-07 8:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hah hope someone(the one who has the most 'rights' to this thread ;oP hehe) doesnt mind me being here esp if i seem like hoggin(not nepali hoggin hai..i dun take the laptop to the bathroom to type esp when the wireless doesnt seem to work for some reason..stench perhaps?not that i even tried takin it there but since the topic was on bathroom ..ok i better stop there ;oP hehe) hah this is hard..im tryn to make it as short as possible :oS..anyways felt some energy now(which is good esp being under the weather for a while now :oS) and well since i had some unfinished typing here(yes be scared!be very scared!hehe) so here i am..and of cos its free of charge hah wat am i typing?:o| hehe ----------- captain bro..and i thot u never notice?:o| lets celebrate!!!duh!;oP ..but seriously..i thot(dun i think a lot?useless thots they might be ;oP hehe)of all ppl u would be a bit wiser than to admit to noticing an irritant?yeah call it wat u like..but if someone else thinks highly of u...u cant do anything about it can u?so dun even try re kya ;oP hehe..well not really good in complimenting even when i want to :oD..so i shant say much hehe..but yeah those rare times when some discussions goin on here does seem stir some interest on me..all i need to do is look for a person who has some 'rank' in his nick *hint hint*(enuf hints i hope? ;oP ) and if he has shared his opinions there..it aint suprising after readin his posts i go thinkin "darn he took my thots right out of my mind and more..as in put more thots in my head too" hah... anyways before someone mentions some other nick hehe..i thot i better not be so obviously ANONYing but hah guess nicks doesnt matter much eh?:oS and oh i know u love ur anonymity(like most of us does?;oP hehe)but beware hai once we make the decision to start typing on the such a public forum..cant really keep the anonymity can we?i mean i shud know..:oS..so hopefully u get shocked soon too ;oP..all said in good nice intentions/ thots hai..i aint that evul(i mean i dun show my too much of my evulness out here ;oP hehe) --------------------------- flippu..u nearly went undercover re?lucky u!lucky that u didnt do that..cos if u had!urghh u know how we ppl are like?how we hide our dirty smelly underlinens from others sight :oS..seeing would def would be believing i guess..but even if ur eyes could take it..i dunno if ur nose would have ever forgived u :o| hehe..so there u go..i reported myself..if u were gettn paid for ur report..well *ahem* pass me the pay now ;o) hehe..well dun think there was a chance of u makin anything out of it(most prob ur boredom got the better of u?) but well i heard that sayn that "one persons rubbish is another person treasure" so yeah haha enuf ;oP... anyways im all good(right now anyways hehe bit under the weather for the past few days..darn i never liked this dreaded flu!!!*sniff sniff* and no im not smellin those things!:@ ;oP hehe..i guess a bit more agitated too and what not ;oP hehe.i better not go into details cos once i start really whinin i can never stop hah ;oP ...but thats how it is hoina?)..hope alls well there too :oD.. ------------------------ sandhurst bro hehe.. well that sayin i heard/read it smwhere and i dunno wat happened..most prob i was steppin on some live electrical cables and instead of being electrocuted since i got a thick head..it lit up istead and had that 'eureka' moment ;oP hehe.. and u really seem to know about scarletts wind?and eatn habits etc?darn!i was left out of the loop again!!!!oh well not that it suprises me ..but it def does feel good to whine eh?;oP hehe..hers is that lethal?well right now my smellin function aint really workin well so i guess it doesnt matter even if i volunteered due to sheer curiosity?;oP hehe..and so i guess i will take ur word for it that its lethal..btw a bit curious..it takes one to experience smthing to understand wat it might mean..so does that mean..errr...u experienced the blowin of(her) wind?;oP ..and if thats the someone is that tough to be still breathing and typing about it ;oP hehe..well u dun get to join the elite lahure for nothing eh ;o) hehe..or was the secret some gas mask?;oP hehe... btw im not jokin..cos i dun think u are!;oP hehe...so better get me into the loop too!:@ ;oP hehe... oh yeah talkin about wind..now come to think of it..call it coincidence..but well now i think of it..i think i got this flu right after that night when i smelled some wind(my own :oS) and it wasnt really my fault..i mean urghh i had forgotten why we make sure not to eat too much raw onion and garlic :oS..i guess i remember all this vividly cos i dun remember lettn out wind for quite a while..and not such a loud one too(and i thot loud ones were 'safe' :oS) but the moment after i heard the sound..urghh..i didnt even have time to prepare my nose!:o| luckily my housemates werent there ..no wonder they are not sick now ;oP hehe...actually one other housemate is havin the same problem as me..and come to think of it he let out quite a loud one few days ago haha..is there a correlation between gettn sick and lettn out wind?haha... ---------------- hmm think that be all..or did i forget anyone?;oP hehe.. oh!i remember!(darn how come hollywood hasnt rung me yet?guess what they say is true...its not just talent :oS yeah i do wonder too if the word "narcissism" exist in a narcissist dictionary ;oP hehe ) scarlett..forget the older part(to someone who is too old hearin another person sayn gettn older just doesnt sound right hoina?;oP hehe)but the wiser part..i wont name names..shud i even bother when its so clear?:oS hehe..but yeah would u pls share some wisdom ;o)..i mean for that klutz!!!who just realised why he couldnt get rid of the feeln then that he was forgettn smthing that he shudnt when he typed here last time!!he forgot his bro's birthday!!arghhhhh!!!!!and nearly forgot his sis bday which is in a few days time!!!!no wonder he thinks nice of aquarius!!!sacchi wat kinda bro is he?:o| may no one else get a bro like him!:oS anyways yeah pls do share some wisdom..might help not just one dumbo(millions of dumbos out there :oS ..actually i shud be smilin when sayn there might be others like me..u know esp about the brain department ;oP hehe..) and of cos it wouldnt hurt if u wanna share more ;oP hehe... ok think i really will stop here..better have my dinner :o| ( typing sure helps the appetite hehe..and guess wat?its chicken soup!i know someone will be interested ;oP hehe..and yeah like someone said..its easy to make..just dump the chicken into the water..boil it..put salt..voila!chicken soup!errr wasnt it like that?i made it that way..and no!not cos i was lazy!i mean im always lazy..but being lazy when im not feeln good physically..errr can that be considered lazy?or is being sick considered another excuse?:oS ) and oh mega bro..long time...chasing the wind re?can the wind be caught(think it can be with some specialized equipments?;oP)..but are u really chasing the wind or smthing else?;oP hehe..i mean like someone is always gone with the wind..im sure u wanna go with the wind too..goin with the wind def sure sounds like right doesnt it ;o) compared to going against it..or goin after...i mean i def am imagining goin(riding) with the wind right now..meg(a) im flyin!im flyin!;oP hehe..but of cos i guess we shud be prepared when we wanna go with the wind?carry a gas mask or get some clothes peg and close the nose?;oP hehe.. anyways like someone always says... cheers to life!:oD have a good one..and dun mind me re kya ;oD hehe..just a bit hyper9dunno wats come over me :oS hehe) so lettn out some tensions by sayn lame things i guess..and yeah of cos i know they are lame!duh!u thot i didnt know?:oS ;oP hehe good day!:oD
Posted on 02-09-07 10:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.Happy Earlified or belated Birthday..:S I didn't went to all those post but I am sure I am just in time to wish u a good time ahead!! A year old and but a lot wiser innit?? Uudi jaane chari!!..:D Have a blast!!..:)

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