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 Being A Nepali has reached Its Lowest Point
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Posted on 02-05-07 9:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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As the title reads, being a Nepali for me has reached it lowest point. Maybe I am a pessimist, maybe I am Negative, a man who sees the glass as half empty. As I look at Nepal through the Iconography of my youth, I see snow covered mountains basking in the sunlight that bedecks the sheer beauty of a landscape that God must have made in the image of his own self. When Walking through the broken pavements of impoverished Nepal, I felt a sense of enrichment due to the glowing spirituality that the city and the country seemed to exude,. Nothing Compared. In spite of the ethereal beauty that encapsulated this Himalayan Kingdom, I always thought the biggest asset of Nepal was its People. Its humble, hardworking and peace loving people. Alas the Irony. Where did it all go wrong? After a decade of fighting, we thought Nepal had finally reached the crossroads, A do or die predicament, and it seemed that the we had reached a middle ground. Some sort of blueprint towards Peace, and here we go again, Madhesis, Pahades, Bahuns Chettris, Limbus, I mean What the Hell is this? A world were birds fly freely and tigers can roam the grasslands knowing no boundaries or differentiating between water in trishuli or the smell of air in Bengal , why are Humans so restricted to enjoy what is truly theirs? Why the factions? Why the hate? Why the division? Division, Division, Division, and this will finally obliterate Nepal; The Nepalese people are speeding up the process of annihilating the soul of a simply beautiful country
Posted on 02-05-07 11:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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M5: I can relate to your sentiments in the above post. I feel the same way. Since nothing was helping, I tried to avoid Nepalese Politics altogether........But, having seen so much going around, one can ignore only so much...... The truth of the matter is, Our Politicians do not care what happens....as long as they can get what they want....I think these types of controversies actually helps our corrupt politicians......They are in power, largely because of thesetypes of misleading fights where no one is the winner.........Wish they could comprehend this a little bit...These politicians and their underground so called fighters will keep "Milking" our Country...as long as they can...and they find their way to hide....be it underground, or in India, China or any other country.......Its such a disgrace that there is no one for you and I to turn on to to lay our confidence in getting this turn around........Congress can't do it.....UML....they are not even a political party....as they have no real leader, Maoisit.....all they know is Guns...fear and otherwise...and Let's not even talk about the King or RPP...or any other parties.......All they did was raped our country...and left her upside down............................................... Like you said, Call me pessimistic, but show me some optimism......Its been a mirage for far too long........The glass is indeed half-full.
Posted on 02-05-07 11:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This isn't the lowest point yet. Give it about another 2 or 3 years and then you will see what it means to being lowest point.
Posted on 02-06-07 12:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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M5 I dont see any reason for you get frustrated by the things you have mentioned in your post above. We were always made to believe that it is a country of love, peace and harmony and completely ignore the underlying tensions, and disharmony which existed deep inside since the formation of Nepal as a state. Futhermore, the rulers and the so called elite calss of the country made sure that such tensions and disharmony dont come out to the surface and give a negative overall image of the country. The rulers made it possible by suppression rather than addressing the problems so here we are. The Maoist war and the subsequent series of events were simply the public manefistation of underlaying friction, disharmony and hatred that existed for generations so now I'm convinced that Nepal was never a nation of peace, harmony and love as what we were made to believe. I'm neither frustrated nor suprised by the events that have taken place in the last decade or so.
Posted on 02-06-07 12:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I feel so angry at the fact that I had to read the school text books that made me believe that Nepal was a country of love, peace and harmony.
Posted on 02-06-07 2:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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>>> feel so angry at the fact that I had to read the school text books that made me believe that Nepal was a country of love, peace and harmony. It was. The politics screwed our nation. There is no LEADER which can take all NEPALIS into confidence, nor they have any credible plan. Sorry to say, maoists are also great dissapointment. There is nothing that suggests that the 12000 deaths caused by maoist voilence has resulted in something good for country.
Posted on 02-06-07 1:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The country is going through a process of rediscovering and restructuring itself. Over the last 60 years Nepalese have steadily become more aware of their rights and are going through what I consider to be an enlightenment period that every society goes through before it reaches a certain state of constancy and stability Such a period of enlightenment is often long, painful and can challenge the very fabric of a society and a nation. But it is inevitable in the history of all successful societies and ours is no exception. Power has been balanced in a very lopsided fashion in Nepal's history and what we are seeing now, in my opinion, are corrections to that balance of power such that it is more evenly distributed across the country and not centralized in Kathmandu. As for demands for an independent Madesh, I think it is a pipe dream. It wont happen. As for other strains of sub-nationalism like Limbuwan, a federal structure can address many of the needs of such aspirations, and is likely to when such a structure becomes reality - hopefully pretty soon. Lets get real here, Madesh belongs as much to the people who migrated there from the hills as it does to those who migrated from India, and only the deluded few would really believe there can be a viable thing called an independent Madesh. While there might be genuine feelings amongst some Madesis about an independent Madesh, such people seem to be in fewer number than those demanding more space to be themselves and live their lives the way they want and govern themselves. At this time, with where things stand, the idea of an independent Madesh appears to be little more than a bargaining tool for autonomy. Unfortunately, it seems to have scared too many people into thinking the sky is falling. We think of our selves at patriots yet we seem to have so little faith in the dreams of our fellow citizens if they want to do anything different from what we have been used to. We as a nation need to recognize the new reality of ethnic aspirations and embrace this change. If we chose not to, or for some reason are incapable of seeing this new reality, we have no one but ourselves to blame for our pain and anguish.

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