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 Massacre plot

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Posted on 01-13-07 10:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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- http://www.kantipuronline.com/feature.php?%0B%22d=97309 By Krishna Abiral A translated chapter from Rakta Kunda, a new book on the 2001 Royal Palace Massacre, that looks at the incident through the eyes of one of the surviving witnesses, Queen Mother Ratna's personal maid, identified in the book as Shanta. The book, which the author says is a "historical novel", claims that two men masked as Crown Prince Dipendra had fired the shots that led to the massacre in which Shanta's husband Trilochan Acharya who too was a royal palace employee was killed, besides the 10 royal family members, including the entire family of King Birendra. The 22-chapter book which includes a conclusion also makes many surprising revelations, like "King Mahendra didn't die of a heart attack; he committed suicide," among others. This chapter (in fact the entire novel) is in Shanta's own words, with comments and observation by the author, Krishna Abiral. The Massacre "Indeed, all the blame for the incident was put on Dipendra's head. The probe commission formed to investigate the incident, too, instead of making a neutral investigation, said Dipendra was guilty. A man who was killed conspiratorially was called a murderer. He was also projected as a hashish addict. But it's all a show. At the end, what more can you expect from those who just follow orders? The fact that no evidence of hashish was found in the stub of the cigarette, which Dipendra was said to have smoked before the incident, also proves this. This will become clear to you also if you go through the lab report of the Police Anti-Narcotic Laboratory on the cigarette. The report clearly says "no traces of narcotics were found in the cigarette." What should be noted here is that the cigarette stub should have been tested at the Bidhibigyan Laboratory. But as they say haste means waste, it was tested at the police lab. But still, the truth couldn't remain hidden. Like what Shanta didi says, the police lab report does say "no trace of narcotics was found in the cigarette stub." I checked the investigation report. It contained all letters from the Police Headquarters but the police lab report was missing. I took it as another mystery. "Another thing is, Ranabhat's investigation report says Dipendra committed suicide after killing everybody. I read the same in the newspapers also. You think yourself- is it possible to commit suicide with a machinegun? To commit suicide with a machine gun one has to shoot oneself under the chin by pulling the trigger with the toe? But Dipendra was shot in the chest. So doesn't it become clear that he was shot by somebody else?" she said boldly. I found her argument quite convincing. Yet I asked her showing some misgivings, "But Kumar Gorakh Shumshere, an eyewitness of the incident, said in the September 2001 issue of Nepal fortnightly that it was in fact Dipendra who fired the shots?" Renowned journalist Bijay Kumar Pandey had taken that interview. ...(Dipendra) started turning around after shooting Kumar Khadga. And exactly then both my and the Crown Prince's eyes met. I think may be he hesitated for a moment but his highness shot me right in the chest. His eyes were very focussed. No expression of guilt or regret at all about what he was doing; very focussed look. Some people ask, was it really Dipendra who fired the shots? I don't have even a shred of doubt that he fired the shots. Can you make a mistake identifying someone who has come to shoot you, who stands just 10 steps away, face to face? The same face, the same height, the same movements, the same eyes, the same walk; I have no doubts whatsoever." (Nepal fortnightly, September 2001 issue) When reminded of the above statement of Kumar Gorakh Shumshere Rana published in Nepal fortnightly, she said, "I don't know why Gorakh said so. But I think he was confused. He said so because he thought the man wearing the mask was Dipendra. I think whether he got confused or he said what he was told to say. The fact that three different kinds of machinegun bullets were found at the incident site also contradicts Gorakh's statement. It is impossible for a person to fire from three machineguns at the same time. I am very sure that others wearing Dipendra's mask had fired the shots," she said confidently. What is to be noted here is that Ranabhat's report, too, says that three different kinds of machinegun bullets were found at the incident site. I, however, asked her, "It is said Dipendra Sarkar had used all the three weapons?" "That's all nonsense, created to hide the truth. On the one hand you say Dipendra was so high that he couldn't even walk and that others had to carry him to his bedroom, while on the other, you say he came back within 10 minutes carrying three guns and shot everybody. Who would believe this? And again Gajendra Bohora, in his statement to the probe commission, has said "no weapon was found near Dipendra's body." If what the conspirators say- Dipendra committed suicide after shooting everybody- is true, then shouldn't there be a weapon by the side of his body? Now it's clear that the report's conclusion that Dipendra had committed suicide is a plain lie. I will tell you the truth; murderers wearing masks had used all the three machineguns found at the incident site. Dipendra Sarkar only had a Glok pistol. That too he wasn't carrying that day." The report itself says that none of the guns recovered from the incident site were under Dipendra's possession. I turned the pages of the report right in front of her; I had photocopied the report from the Central Library at Pulchowk. Page 116 of the report said: The acquisition form obtained from the Royal Palace shows that royal ADC Captain Gajendra Bohara had received the following arms and weapons from the Royal Guard Military Police Arsenal for then Crown Prince Dipendra on May 9, 1996: a) One Link Pistol No. 55330 b) A 15-round magazine of the above pistol c) A 17-round magazine of the same pistol d) The colour box, brush and holster for the same pistol After showing me the above information from the report, she said, "Now you tell me, where did the machineguns come from, if the murderers didn't bring them?" "You journalists, too, wrote that Dipendra Sarkar was behind the massacre without trying to know the truth and without reading the probe report properly," she expressed her dissatisfaction, "Investigative journalism which digs out the truth hasn't really begun in Nepal. All go after rumours. Is this what we call journalism?" "It's not like that. It was because of the circumstances back then that we couldn't investigate. If Nepali journalists just cannot investigate as you say, I wouldn't have come to you," I said, disagreeing with the accusation made against myself and the fraternity I belong to. We resumed our conversation after her temper cooled down. "You said earlier that those firing the shots were wearing masks resembling Dipendra's face? You also said you saw it with your own eyes. Basically, who are those people? How could they reach the Billiard Room where even the royal palace employees are not usually allowed to enter?" She said, "I don't have to keep saying who those people are. Just look at the report; what Hudda Khem Raj Acharya, responsible for VIP security, has said..." She gave a vague answer. I immediately turned the pages of the report. Acharya has said in the report: "...right then somebody suddenly came out and ran off,... ADC Gajendra saap ran after the person. As I also needed to know who was running away, I moved forward and tried to identify the person, who didn't even look back at me. After going much further away, the person quickly looked around. It was then I recognised him; it was Dr Rajeeb." However, in their statements prince Paras and Gorakh Shumsher have mentioned that Dr. Rajeeb and others had rescued the injured. Following on from that, I asked, “How did Dr. Rajeeb, who ran away without turning back, help the injured?” “As they say, lies can never be covered up,” she replied. A few days after the incident, Dr. Rajeeb Shahi staged another drama of a press conference in which “no questions were allowed”. What kind of press conference is it where you are not allowed to ask questions! If you really just wanted to put on a show, why put on one which even children wouldn't believe? In fact, the press conference had been organised to "guide" the massacre investigation commission, to remind it that it couldn't go outside the instructions. "And yes, Gorakh has said that after Birendra Sarkar was shot, he, along with Dr Rajeeb, held him, and that right then Deependra Sarkar shot him and Shruti. How is it possible that Gorakh and Shruti, who were holding Birendra Sarkar, were hit but miraculously, Dr Rajeeb and Paras who were present in the same room escaped without a scratch?” I asked, referring to Gorakh's account titled Maile je dekhein (What I Saw) published in Nepal magazine. “Exactly, it’s simply impossible”, she agreed. And added, “I think that Gorakh made a sponsored statement under compulsion.” Also, nothing happened to Paras Sarkar, who was alongside Birendra Sarkar, Shruti Sarkar and Gorakh Shumshere. Deependra Sarkar spared Paras Sarkar just because he said, “Dada, it's just us here.” Does something like that actually happen? All a show. “Actually speaking, Preksha Sarkar was the only one to survive against the wish of the architects of the murder plan. Later, she, too, was taken to Rara Lake in a conspiratorial way and plunged into the lake along with the helicopter. The helicopter pilot survives, all the people following the orders survive, and only Preksha Sarka, along with her helpers, dies. Can this really happen if there's no conspiracy? It's a conspicuous conspiracy. Why don’t you write these things?” “Had we written such things at that time, they would have also made us disappear,” I said. Truly speaking, Preksha Sarkar was extremely loyal to Aishwarya Sarkar. She was highly dissatisfied by the way the entire family line of Birendra Sarkar had been exterminated in a conspiratorial manner. In a way, she had become a bundle of nerves. I was told about this by a friend of mine working at her residence. “Can’t I meet her?” I expressed my eagerness to directly talk to Preksha Sarkar’s maid. “She won't talk to you freely even if I arrange a meeting,” she said, "She had told me these things only because of our friendship. After the massacre, Gyanendra Sarkar lost no time in transferring the property of Birendra Sarkar, Aishwarya Sarkar and Dhirendra Sarkar, one after another, to his name. In less than three months after becoming the king, new notes bearing his photo were issued. He even got the newly formed sports club of the Armed Police Force named after him. All these actions show how desperate Gyanendra Sarkar was to become the king. Preksha Sarkar had complaints regarding these actions. She was of the view that something should have been done in the names of the departed ones." I didn’t understand clearly what she was saying about the sports club of the Armed Police Force. So I asked her to explain. She said, “The sports club of the army has been named after Tribhuvan Sarkar- Tribhuvan Army Club and the police club has been named after Mahendra Sarkar- Mahendra Police Club. So, Preksha Sarkar demanded that the Armed Police Force Sports Club be named after Birendra Sarkar. But Gaynendra Sarkar got the club named after him- Gyanendra Armed Police Force Club. Preksha Sarkar had expressed her disapproval regarding this. Preksha Sarkar was especially hurt over the property issue. Though she wouldn't get Birendra Sarkar’s property, her demand was that she and her daughters should at least get her husband’s property. But, Gyanendra Sarkar was so much after money that he didn’t even listen to Preksha Sarkar. He transferred it all to his name and his daughter Prerana Sarkar’s name. He only transferred a small portion of the property to Preksha’s daughters, Dilasha and Sitashma Sarkars. While discussing property matters in a royal family meeting, Preksha Sarkar had expressed her objection in front of the Queen Mother. Then the Queen Mother said, "She also has to be taken care of.” It is said that King Gyanendra did not say anything; he just frowned at her. Less than a month later came the news that the helicopter carrying Preksha Sarkar had gone missing in Rara Lake but the pilot was safe. If the present government arrests the pilot and the concerned army officers, and investigates the matter, all the mystery might be solved. I feel that you journalists need to take an initiative in this matter. If journalists from the USA, UK can investigate matters hundreds of years old, then why can’t you people investigate matters just 5-10 years old?”
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 01-14-07 11:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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it has always been like that in the history of the nepali royals. i am not suprized
Posted on 01-14-07 1:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-14-07 1:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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अब नानी र सुसरेहर्को कुरा सुन्ने जमना आयो,अब कति व्टा रक्तकुन्द को वेर्सिओन् आउने हो,राम राम घोर कलीयुग आयो! मेरा प्यार नेपालीहरु हो आफ्नो बुद्दी अनि बिबेक नि अलिकति प्रयोग् गरौ है ! ष्री पशुपतिनाथ ले हामी सबै को कल्यान गरुन्!
Posted on 01-14-07 1:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मेरो नेपलि लेख्ने प्रथम् प्रयास् भयेकोले त्रुती सक्च्ययेर पढौ!
Posted on 01-14-07 2:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting. Cleopatra, A witness can be anyone, educated or not, it does not matter! Seems like you know quite a lot about the plot. Care to share your knowledge?
Posted on 01-14-07 2:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cleo, That was not even funny!!
Posted on 01-14-07 2:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Jyotika, It does matter,eyes see what mind knows.So eyewittness necessarily has to be of sound mind.If you have a little knowledge of Law you would not have popped up that question. Moreover, they should be able to analyse what they see. Sometimes what you see is not always true.'Seeing' & 'Perceiving' are two different thing. Guest4, Are you talking about the stuffs I wrote or the Nepali language I wrote? If it is for the Nepali language, I am sorry coz this is the first time I am experimenting with unicode. I promise with the time I will improve my Nepali writing in Unicode. Otherwise if you are talking about the former , yeah it is not funny, but the way we are paying attention to an account of some Susare(maid) then yeah I find it funny and stupid as well. Mind it, there are hundreds of Susares out there with their own version of the story if we are able to convince them that they are gonna get the Royalties from their make believe spicy tales.THAT IS IT. Wake up Nepal! Move on!
Posted on 01-14-07 2:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thats very cheap cleo ........ kina susare haru manche haina ra ??...... susare bhanera ke hepchau?? raj dabar ko susare ho ..... they might me living more lavish life than average nepalese people.
Posted on 01-14-07 2:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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conspiring against their own blood for power is in their blood, no need to be surprised, history speaks for itself.
Posted on 01-14-07 2:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Cleopatra cutie pie: I am not advocating for the possible witness (maid) here.I am not even saying what she is saying is correct. But you cannot make a discretion based upon one's status. What she is saying could be correct. She may have the guts to help in spilling the beans of the massacre plot which is not possible from biased or fake witnesses.
Posted on 01-14-07 2:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mind you , I am talking about Maid in general, this generalisation symbolises slavery. No matter what kind of life they lead or whatever SlAVES are always SLAVES. They have that common tendecy be it high level of Susares that is my selfcoined term for Aide de camps(ADC) , lady in waiting or the Hukke or Baithke. I am not degrading anybody out here, for me every people regardless of their profession or anything are Nepalese and we all are the same, we all belong to the same damn poor nation. Okay, coming to the point,my finger here is just pointing on the spicy tale cooked by some Maid und dann about the book which is again seasoned , extra flavored and exaggerated based on this baseless story. It is good to read even a day or week old newspaper so go for it. Buy it ,read it & then take the good things out of it and save it as ur collection or pass it on to a friend who never cares to return it back. So take it easy people, it is not another SETO BAAGH, it is just RAKTAKUNDA, though I have not read it but I can easily say that it is another run of the mill stuff. Caio
Posted on 01-14-07 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very brave maid, indeed, if what she said was the truth. My deep respect to her for being more than royal's "susare" and bringing out the truth. Maybe this part of story can be revealed now because she is not in Nepal now, but one of my bhaujus who worked at the army hospital told me that Dipendra was also shot from the back. Oh, you can't shoot yourself in the back, can you?
Posted on 01-14-07 3:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Brave Maid or Coward Maid,again the half empty glass thing comes here. Where was she till date?All of udden she has started to sing her solo specially at this period of time , when the sun of Shah Dynasty is moving towards the west?What made her open her otherwise tightly sealed lips?Who & What persuaded her?Haha, do some background research smarties, I strongly recommend before jumping into the conclusion. Slackdemic, there is one & only one word I have for you' SELF DEFENCE'.If you encounter a crazy tiger in your jungle trip(okay, haunting) either you have to shoot it or surrender. There is a saying'One trigger pulls out millions of other triggers, so better keep it inside the holder'
Posted on 01-14-07 3:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am thinking of making a documentary out of this reconstructing the incident that took place on the eve of Jan 1st 2001. I can assure you that my analysis would be devoid of any sort of propaganda. I need to contact all those susares (maids whatever). I wish I was a journalist. That raises the question, can't any journalist of nepalese origin residing outside Nepal do this task? We may need a bond or two. I am ready to volunteer ;)
Posted on 01-14-07 3:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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cleo, you said ...... "....but the way we are paying attention to an account of some Susare(maid) then yeah I find it funny and stupid as well."........ It doesnot sound you were talking about Maid in general. If you look at the broad picture, we all are slave in one way or another. even though we go to offices with nice clothes on, who knows our bosses may take us not more than a mere slave, who work hard to earn bread for them. There is no point defending our thoughts, whatever is true will always be true. it may take time but the truth will emerge, no matter how hard they try to supress it. Its obvious there are so many unanswered questions. I don't think we are that dumb too, not to sense conspiracy. They may be true, but the answer is incomplete may be they deemed nepalese people not important to know the whole truth. But I think being a king, you lose the right to keep everything private except what you do in ur bed room or in bathroom, rest everything has to be transparent. If you are not ready to lose ur rights, you are not fit to be a king, you better step down and live ur life happily as you wish. coz watever happens to the king decides the fate of the whole country and all her citizen. Nepalese have right to know the truth, whatever happened to their king.
Posted on 01-14-07 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you have to stand on her shoes to know why she kept quiet ....... when all the powerful people are hesitating to speak in detail, how could you expect her to speak the truth. Its not as easy as writing your thoughts hiding behind a computer with some kafe names on. Shah dynasty might be setting to the west, but its not dead yet. I dare if anyone had a gut like hers to point finger towards royal family in the sensitive matter like this, may it be false accusations. Its easy to talk abt tigers, but you will know what the fear means if u r infront of the tiger for real, then tell me if you will remember how to pull the trigger or run in panic. NO matter who or what persuaded her, I dare anyone could fall for persuations like she did. What would she gain falsely accusing royals, besides risking her life. Forget about nepal, I wouldnot even talk this much if everyone knew who I am. And I bet you won't have gut to speak whenever u typed too if u had been revealed... I respect the maids gut to speak the truth living in nepal. How long has it been anyway since the massacre took place? If it took more that 100 years for the truth of the massacre of kot parba to come out, how could we expect the truth from the current regime when it has not fallen yet.
Posted on 01-14-07 4:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I respect the maids gut to speak the truth living in nepal. How long has it been anyway since the massacre took place? If it took more that 100 years for the truth of the massacre of kot parba to come out, how could we expect the truth from the current regime when it has not fallen yet. Well said! :) I didn't expect the truth to come out so soon. And, how daring the woman is to say so when Paras is still alive?
Posted on 01-14-07 4:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ktm_bis , raja kunai goru wa mriga haina .......... pahile lakhatera dekhau ani jasle pani lakhetcha bhanera bhana ...... raja ajhai pani bagh nai ho .... ghaite bagh jhan darlagdo huncha.
Posted on 01-14-07 7:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ritthe jassus! Dhapaune ta patakkai man chhaina...aafno baauko sampatti khaana ta paunu paryo ni!
Posted on 01-14-07 7:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ktm_bis, I didnot understand what u mean. can u please tell me how i can type in nepali? that will be great help . because of ur pic the thread has moved to another one please carry on the discussion in the thread below. thank you http://gbnc.org/sajha/html/openThread.cfm?forum=2&ThreadID=40494

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