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 Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

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Posted on 12-01-06 8:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wat do you guys think? I love Kobe Bryant and I think he is the best player in the game right now...but I still do rate MJ higher than him. Do you guys think Bryant will be the better player in the game at the end of his career? Some say yes...some say no...
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-02-06 1:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I actually went to watch James play...that guy is nasty esp. for his age and dwade is rocking the floor too. Having said that...i still believe that Kobe Bryant is underrated by many people. I agree he is selfish sometimes...but he is in a bad team right now....so he needs to take the charge. MJ had his own class...like I said...I still rate him higher than Bryant....but it will be interesting to see by the end of Kobe's career, how he stands in NBA history? Kobe has won championships, been an MVP in the allstar game in 2003....and has a different charisma
Posted on 12-02-06 1:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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and my MVPs so far...Bryant, James, Wade
Posted on 12-02-06 1:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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tiger, can you please post the FG% stat for both players??? and I will make the decision..... Cheers
Posted on 12-02-06 2:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Michael Jordan
Posted on 12-02-06 7:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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He Yo...So called "Badboys" Dude, show some class aight......A...Hole....I can talk the talk tooo......Refrain from personal attacks aight smarty pants......This conversation is about Kobe aight.....If u have minimum understanding of English, I hope you get it.......If not too bad....I don't have to say it, but its certainly obvious who sucks.....PEACE SON !!!
Posted on 12-02-06 9:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kobe Suks big time, nah nah nah shldnt be compared with jordan at all. Man kobe is history, james, wade, anthony are present. May be we can compare one of them at the end of their carrer. Kobe is too selfish and stupid to be compared with the greats.
Posted on 12-02-06 2:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You know why knightcrawer's mom named his barbaric son night crawler. Because one night she found her son crawling at night into her bedroom with kobe bryant. Now here's the problem, who's gonna crawl inside night crawler's mom's comforter first? afterall both of 'em are selfish. PEACE OUT SON !!! Your mom's calling you.
Posted on 12-02-06 3:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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badboys chill...my purpose of starting this thread was not to pull up mothers. If knightcrawler started a debate....try to reply without involving his mother. U know...when losers don't have any words to reply....they choose other's mother, sister...only losers do so. aight..it seems that u don't like kobe bryant...many don't like, its not big deal. Having said that...there is a group of people who admire him for his game. We got your message....U don't like Kobe Bryant. This thread is for people who "know" basketball. Any person in the face of world who has actually "played" basketball and observed the game nicely, would appreciate Kobe's class. I have repeatedly said that Kobe Bryant is a selfish player...and sometimes not a very good team player....thats why I said...MJ had his own class, which Kobe hasn't been able to achieve.....but I, as a keen basketball player and a keen observer...do not think that anyone in the game right now...has the exceptional ball handling...the drive...the fade aways...and the last minute winning shots as Kobe Bryant.
Posted on 12-02-06 3:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lets give where the credit is due::: Yes, I agree that Kobe hasn't quite yet reached the caliber of MJ yet, jus not yet! If you have been following Kobe for the last decade, you will know why he was always deemed for greatness or will surpass that. Kobe would have been taken much differently had he gone to college. His immaturity definitely showed in his first few years in NBA despite plethora of talent. He had his ego check with jackson and shaq through the years. But there's a fine line between confidence and ego......he WAS selfish at times, but i guess now he realized its a team game as well and he can't always win a game on his shoulders, though he still can :). Last few years, he's turning into a more and more efficient player and I just have a feeling he's yet to reach his prime :). If you are merely comparing him with MJ for the records, he's already broken more records than MJ and will surpass him easily. :). again to each their own. MJ and KOBE play in two different era so you can't compare them. Between Kobe and wade james melo inc., common! les get real. Kobe's head if not shoulders ahead of the kids!
Posted on 12-02-06 4:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oys bro, let's hear what records Kobe holds now ;) it will take me few days to compile MJ's all records, here's some MJ's Career highlite i can think of now :=) 6 championships (ROBIN ain't BATMAN) 5 MVP 6 FINAL MVP 1 Defensive Player of the Year 9 (?) All defensive First team 5 (?) Scoring Title 10 with .480+ FG% I don't think Kobe can boast any of those nos at this moment. But he could break few of those categories if he switches to Italian League... oys bro wiz baba ko MJ DVD collection pathaunu parla jasto cha and you still start to worship MJ like him :D:D
Posted on 12-02-06 4:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Like I said AX bro, you can't compare men of two different era.....The way you love playing the number game bro, i often wonder u'd make a great statistician :) You don't need to send those dvd's ;)...while growing up, i too had MJ on my wall whose caption read "poetry in motion".......but as i started high school, i realized, I loved rock more than poetry......"rock in full throttle" :). I don't know why you're defending MJ so much if u already know he's better than kobe..right now you should be defending TD hoina ra? ;)?
Posted on 12-02-06 4:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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:=) I never liked MJ.. dude always beat up my teams :=( I still feel him was the sole reason Sir Charles never got to win the championship Bro I get it now your love for FULL THROTTLE energy drinks :p:p i love stats :=) should have done math major, I could have gotten the job at NBA/MLB ;);) I still take TD and his bank shot over any current players to make the last winning shot.. bro we talking about greatest NBA GUard.... if you want to include Forward it's a different story... TD is the best Power Forward ever to wear NBA gear ;);)
Posted on 12-02-06 7:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mike is of different class. KOBE is THE most exciting player in the NBA and when he gets on going, he cant be stopped..as simple as that! James has all the tools but again he is of different breed. Wade reminded me of young KOBE last year..making circus shots, feeding Shaq..and yes he is smarter than KOBE...but now what has happened to Miami? No shaq, no win...NBA is way too competitive to have one player do it all..it aint feasible!! For L.A, its all about Odom and Co, Kobe will do have the job, they just need to finish half of it....Win few championships and KOBE's legacy will be up there with Mikes... Anyone, watching how DARko is progressing..he is getting there..thats what proper developing does to you, I am happy that HIll and Howard are ripping it up in ORL. Is 2003 draft the best top 5 ever? James, Wade, Darko, Bosh, Anthony? Or how about 98 draft as deep draft? Nowitzki, Carter, Pierce, Larry HUghes, Jamison, ..other than Kandy man, rest of the top 10 are doing well..
Posted on 12-02-06 7:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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casey bro, i agree 1998 draft was good unfortunately same draft had the worst ever #1.... I like 1998... that draft was loaded with Iverson, Marbury, Nash, Bryant, Ray Allen, J O'Neal and Marcus Camby.... 4 Hall Of Famers in that draft?
Posted on 12-02-06 8:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Finally, we can get to talk about the actual topic.....Thanks HimalayanTiger Bro for setting the records straight.... AX Bro, Below is a copy paste of records that Kobe Holds......(from Wikipedia).....and let tell you, he has quite a few of them.... NBA records Kobe Bryant holds ten NBA records: Most three-point field goals made, one game: 12 (January 7, 2003 vs. Seattle SuperSonics; first player to reach this plateau; tied with Donyell Marshall) [16] Most three-point field goals made, one half: 8 (March 28, 2003 vs. Washington Wizards; tied with 5 players). [17] Most consecutive three-point field goals made, one game: 9 (January 7, 2003 vs. Seattle SuperSonics; first player to reach this plateau; tied with Latrell Sprewell and Ben Gordon). [18] Most free throws made, one quarter: 14 (3rd quarter, December 20, 2005 vs. Dallas Mavericks; tied with 5 players). [19] [20] Most free throws attempted, one quarter: 16 (3rd quarter, December 20, 2005 vs. Dallas Mavericks; tied with 6 players). [21] [22] Most points scored by a rookie in a NBA Rookie All-Star Game: 31 [23] Most All-Star Game three-point field goals made, all-time: 11 (1997–present; tied with Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, and Jason Kidd). [24] Most points scored by a player against a team in consecutive games: 112 (81 on January 22, 2006 and 31 on November 17, 2006 against the Toronto Raptors) Holds shot-clock era records for: Greatest percentage of own team's point total (66.4% of the Lakers' 122 points) Greatest percentage of both teams' combined point total (35.8% of the Lakers' and Raptors' 226 points) (both set on January 22, 2006 vs. the Toronto Raptors). Those are just a few.....Like I said before, it is unfair to compare MJ to Kobe and vice versa...they are both in the league of their own.....There are so many things that Kobe does that Mike never could, and I am sure there are some things that MJ did so well, that Kobe still is trying to do......Its a disgrace that player like his calibre has been unfailry judged because of what happened in Vail, CO and because of Shaq's egoism.... Here's what Steve Kerr wrote on yahoo.com today... http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=AtI.6A6XbVgKZiXTajm4RiO8vLYF?slug=sk-lakers120106&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
Posted on 12-03-06 12:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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MJ... all the way!!!!
Posted on 12-03-06 1:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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on a different note....knightcrawler..how do u post videos like that in sajha?
Posted on 12-03-06 10:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, From Youtube.com....once u find the video you want, just copy and paste the link that says "EMBED"........ Hope this helps HT !!

Posted on 12-03-06 10:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-03-06 12:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think it is fair to compare them. true, they did not play at the same era but the times were not too far off. Both are similar in height and play same position. Michael too like Kobe, initially, was written off as too selfish. His 62 points against celtics was great but Chicago lost making may to think if he would ever win a championship. See the similarities? Well, here is were the commonalities end. Kobe has won more titles (3) than what Micheal could accomplish in his early years. yet, MJ comes on top, in my opinion. Saw both of them play. MJ had Pippen as his side kick. Kobe was Shaq's side kick. Saw Bulls win 3 straight and MJ retired.. Also saw Kobe win 3 consequtive. At the end of the day, MJ won 6 championships. I would like to see Kobe win 3 more, but i don't think it will happen. What say you? For stat minded people, here are some glaring facts: Kobe's career stats: PPG: 23.9 (because he started early and for the first 3 years averaged less than 20) as a starter he averages 26.4. REBOUNDs Per Game: 5.1 Assists per game: 4.5 FG%: .452 (has never been a .50% shooter in his career) 3pt%: 33.5 steals per game: 1.5 Rings: 3 Regular Season MVP: 0 :-( Finals MVP: 0 :-( All Star MVP: 1 Now King MJ's stat (just compare) PPG:30.1 Rebonds:6.2 Assists:5.3 FG%: .497 (.50% career shooter prior to joining the Wizards) Steals:2.345 3 pt%:32.7 Rings: 6 Regular Season MVP: 5 Finals MVP: 6 All Star MVP: 3 Rookie of the year 1985. other facts that humbles any other player let alone Kobe: 10 All-Nba first team(kobe:4) 9 time All-Defensive First Team (kobe: 4). 40+ PPG in regular season: Kobe: 69 MJ: 173 (wow).... 50+ PPG in regular season: MJ: 30 KOBE: 13 Those who think KOBE is better want more? I don't have the playoff numbers but, they too will just iterate my point. Those who say Kobe is better than MJ either did not see MJ play or are just not willing to look at the facts. Those who think the comparison cannot be made are just hesitating and unwilling to look at the facts. or they could be intimidated by MJ's number and honors that tower over Kobe's. Comparison between Chemberlin and Kobe may be unfair.. Comparison between Chemberlin and Shaq may be unfair but Kobe and MJ? Bring it on Kobe fans.. Nothing against Kobe, but ain't near the great one, HIS AIRNESS, atleast, not yet!

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