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 High-speed link options in KTM???
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Posted on 10-26-06 11:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If u r in KTM and r using any high-speed link, could you please share your experience, such as - can u watch youtube clips and other streaming sites as we do in the US, quality of service, rates etc.. Anyone using Subishu, pls comment on your experience. Thanks!
Posted on 10-26-06 4:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It depends on bandwidth you subscribe. Its quite expensive to get speed like in US. I don't think you going to pay a huge money like big corporates for bandwidth. With usual home based subion you will get usual speed of 64k to 256k download, and it also depends on your subion payment. Most of the sites you are referring are in US and they have to come all the way from satellite. So there gonna be some delay on those services. Anyway, even its not like US... they are fast enough. Many ISP give you the high speed internet, few with wireless and RF cable and most with UTP cable. check the availability of these services at your location. Cable from Subisu, Worldlink, enet, etc are not available at every place. The more you pay better the service is. Its quite expensive than US. Good luck !!!
Posted on 10-29-06 2:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thx d'impulse!
Posted on 10-29-06 8:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Depends on where you are using. I usually go to Java Cafe in thamel. They have excellent wi-fi service free for one hour. Speed is amazing: almost 300k to 500k per second. I heard there are other places where services are good. But I have not been there. Java is cool place to hang out, have a coffee and snacks and catch up with your works and emails. Make sure you bring your laptop.
Posted on 10-29-06 4:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last summer when I went to Nepal, I tried to get Wlink what they called as high speed cable connection WHICH IS WORST THAN DIALUP. I think most of the ISPs are just cheating by saying its high speed and people are using those services only to save telephone cost. But overall, its too slow, slower than dial up. I heard same complain with Subisu service from my friends as well. Main problem is service is not stable. Sometimes download is good but upload is very poor like 16K which is useless. So, don't even think of getting high speed in Nepal unless you want to pay high price for dedicated channel.
Posted on 10-29-06 4:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Also customer service of Wlink is very bad. Seems like people in customer service just act like they knows stuffs but in reality seems like they are trained to cheat people. Since I work in computer field, I know the problem and even I am explaining the problem to those Wlink customer service they don't want to listen it. I paid for 3 months during sign up and then I disconnected. I just wasted my money.
Posted on 11-07-06 1:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The more you pay the better the service is. Anyway, dont expect everything like US. You should know you are in Nepal. And try comparing the competitive services from several ISPs. But you dont have to worry. You may feel better but not the best as in US. Dont be fool comparing those with US.
Posted on 11-07-06 1:33 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just wondering fellas, what speed bandwidth do you guys in US have at home. I am in Europe, I have 24 MB download, 8 MB upload. It is just for the general Knowledge
Posted on 11-07-06 6:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its not about paying more or comparing to US speed. If any ISP sell you that they will provide you 128KBPS speed then as a customer you will expect that speed else why would you pay for that. In my experience, I got 16KBPS upload for what Wlink called their high speed which is useless for anything. I can not even use voice in messenger. So, there is no comparison I felt being cheated and no customer service. If 16KBPS upload is the definition of high speed then I am happy with dial up.
Posted on 11-07-06 9:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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upload speed is normally slower than download. so that is expected if u get a upload of 16kpps curently me in usa and mine is a 5mbps speed internet. and the guy above in europe... i dont believe that u have 24mb internet line.. that is one big gufff.. europe is slower than usa for internet.
Posted on 11-07-06 4:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, they call that 16kbps broadband coz they are using the broad band capability. This can be easily upgraded to much higher provided you pay them more. If you are subscribing to any speed ask them about your upload and download speed. Upload is usually 1/4th of your download. Well, some provide you the cumulative speed that the total will not exceed your subion. Its a trend in Nepal to put less paid clients to poor quality of service. Well I am not aware of all the worldlink packages but I know much about Subisu. I had subscribed for 512kbps down and 256kbps up with subisu. Most of the time I got 90% of these committed bandwidth. Well, it was an optical fibre connection and was quite expensive. Afterall, it was 99% reliable. Or you can opt for RF cable connection like cox in US. Right now in US I am subscribed with 8mbps download and 2mbps upload. However, I get about 50% of it. And gurudev, 24 mb downlaod may be possible when you downloading your contents from your local ISP. You wont be getting that speed when downloading some stuffs from outside your ISP if they haven't mirrored the contents at their site.

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