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 OM Restaurant at Harvard Square

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Posted on 10-17-06 8:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Check the link for the comments of always right "customers" of a "fusion" restaurant: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=36026952&postID=116084707371341129 OM at Harvard Square OM Restaurant, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The word OM (AUM) signifies the sound that created universe. It is the symbol of Brahma the creator of the universe. A very religious significant word for the Hindu and the Buddhist - OM… Every mantra starts with OM. It represents primordial vibration from which everything begins… And so OM at Harvard Square begins the disappointment as you enter through the Nepali carved door that leads inside to the lounge suggest nothing has been created at Harvard Square, but a mediocre translation of OM - Culturally along with the Culinary… Food preparation has all the pomp and ceremony but no AAH to the palate. The chef’s compliment – is a total waste and a poor start to the fanfare that it so pretentiously glorifies. The starter popcorn with the cheese sprinkled on it tastes dull. There is nothing modern to American food as you dig into the Lamb Shank. What is more sad and petrifying is the Buddha looking at your food and the drink. Buddha that symbolizes peace, non – violence, is put on the holes in the wall and embedded… overlook the tables… while people sink their knives into the pork bellies and the shank. There is no Nirvana but only the noises and the horrifying deconstruction of an old tradition, culture and the art, of the people, the place, and the artist – be it the owners father. Buddha must be crying somewhere… The only piece of art that personifies the place is Kal Bhairav – the Lord Shiva himself – the destructor or the destroyer… OM restaurant – where you could have seen the beginning of all things that could be calm, serine, and wholesome is really a place that emphasizes the modern world where there is nothing but destruction. And, so Kal Bhairav symbolizes the destruction of all that could have been good… if the creator of the place had really thought correctly the usage of such a powerful symbol OM – as you even utter the word OM you can feel the peace within yourself. As I looked at the Kal Bhairav – the so powerful presence… I must give thanks to the artist that created it. Looking at it you can feel the power and you can almost see yourself transferred to Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu Nepal where the 10 foot tall stone statue of the same sits… My heart wants to take the artist creation not only of the Kal Bhairav, but every Buddha statue the every art and rescue it from the rude owner and take it away from the “bhati” or bar and put it in a place that it would truly belong – such as a museum of traditional art… where people would appreciate the artist and the creator and know where it comes from. The fusion of the east and west leaves a bad taste in the mouth – a bad taste in the intellect and a misplaced restaurant at Harvard Square. It tries to belong and cater to the intellectual capital of the world – only to insult it.
The postings in this thread span 9 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-16-06 10:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dimple, so in nepal's history all you know is "bhimsen thapa" (O: poor guy .... any way i wish i was but not. but if you start naming some more u wud find my ancestors there. hmm.. somehow i still think u r closely tied to rana saabsss...... and remember that hushpuppy is also your friend (O: captain saab, do not try to be jack sparrow kya... hajur dherai sapana dhekisinchha justo chha
Posted on 11-16-06 10:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good morning to you Captain are you sure your dream was not a nightmare?? coz u mentioned not remembering most of it!! As for Thapa how about Bhakti Thapa?? And believe me I have no ties with Rana's whatsoever relationwise but my best friends are Ranas and believe me all A class. It is from them I learnt that Rana's have their own class of A, B, and C. And you can know one from their demeanor and mannerisms I was told. for example the lower class C's put up a false air about them and think no end of themselves and talk to others in an offensive manner. So if you come across one you need not ask them their class it is for you to grade them!!! Haddock and Reviewer I would like to treat you both to Momo's might not be the best in town but you will not say it was not good.
Posted on 11-16-06 12:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think Capt. Haddock is not from Boston am I correct?? However if you do come to Boston let me know and I will treat you to a meal that you will enjoy and the rest will be up to you to decide. Momo's will be included. As for Reviewer let me know a good time for you and we can have the momo's as early as sometime next week during week days how about that? As for thapa please get it out of your system that i have any connection with Hush puppy coz that is not at all true and it is out of the question that I could know a person like her in any event and befriend her sorry I think we are poles apart in all respects and with all due respects and no hard feelings i am better off not knowing her thank goodness!!
Posted on 11-16-06 10:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Dimple! Sorry I couldn't get back earlier. I saw your response earlier today but was super busy at work. Things are a bit crazy because of the short week next week. Hey, that is very nice of you to open open up your heart and home. I am absolutely honored. I would not miss your momos for anything in the world! :) As for whether or not they will be good, you are just being modest, I know they will be good. You won't hear a single complaint from me - hey, for someone like me, anything that has been cooked is good. You'll laugh if I tell you what I survive on ...LOL! I am out of town pretty much the next 2 -3 weeks between meeting family for Thanksgiving and work related travel. Btw, I am as red-blooded, brown-skinned and blue-state-minded a Beantowner as they get ...LOL! .. so yeah, I am local. I am wide open the second week of December except for the 15th. But hang on, I guess I am going to be in the minority there. You and review restaurant are going to make momos out of me for everything I have said! ha ha ha ha. Gosh, and I'll have to blow my Sajha cover - a well guarded secret (pretty much) for the last couple of years. Ooooooh ... now that gets exciting. Hmmm ... maybe this is all a grand conspiracy, a will-you-walk-into-my-parlor thing ... ha ha ha! I'll be kacheela, not even momo, for restaurantreview (going by his last post) ...eh he he he Later. Thapap - "do not try to be jack sparrow kya... hajur dherai sapana dhekisinchha justo chha " I am scratching my head again ... what about Jack Sparrow? I'll leave it at that. I was planning on a somewhat more factetious answer but I have been enough of a jerk already for one day :) Have a good one!
Posted on 11-16-06 10:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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captain da killer!!!! hahahahahaha...... my advance congratulations and bestest of the best of lucks for the momo party!!! don't forget us and more importantly yours truly - we will be hovering around sajha waiting for your comeback LOL ! ;) LooTe
Posted on 11-17-06 10:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It was just a gesture of kindness for civilized people like you who know the decencies of life. Talking and writing is both an art and it is up to the artist to handle his brush.....and believe me Captain even when you have been pretty judgemental I did not feel offended because of how you laid it out. Whereas personal attacks and that too senseless ones coming out of the blues got me quite carried away and again you helped me get out of that mess. So this momo get together just popped up in my mind so that we can enjoy some food and have a decent chat and get to know each other. Reviewer also seems to be a frequent resturant patron so I guess you can suggest what drink will be suitable for the momo's and the second week of December sounds fine. I can assure you that you will meet some good hearted, fun loving and jovial people who know how to enjoy life decently yet fully. We have preserved our culture and manners and we are proudto be Nepalese living in a foreign land for various reasons, and hospitality runs in our blood so please don't be sceptical and view it like I am trying to set a trap for you. We are not conspiring against you. Infact we are extending our hands in friendshipand brotherhood. Remember we share the same motherland and we grew up in the same soil of earth. Never have a doubt the world still has good people living in it . Have a great weekend. And captain you can determine the gender of Reviewer upon meeting the person!!!! Bye
Posted on 11-17-06 12:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A heartful thanks to Miss Dimple and Captain_Haddock for clearing my doubts regarding Vindaloo. I guess perceiving situations with a positive attitude always pays off. Glad to see some reconciliation eventually! Happy Friday! :-)
Posted on 11-17-06 1:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Captainji I didi not mean to be un fair and it was not directed to you really - regarding cheap thirlls... I think you are very straight forward and honest in your dealings with opinions and discussion.... I would not make a kachela out of you ... but it was just a generalized thing that I happened to reply to your post. I still like to bash OM for the lousy service and make kachela out of it. Enjoy the weekend and thanksgiving with family and friend - all
Posted on 11-17-06 2:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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dimple, did i hear party? free food.. hmm.. did i hear MOMO being offered.. ?? is that for me (O: okey bhakti thapa was from lamgjung (O: so not related to me .. go ahead name some more (O: lets c how much of your knowledge of nepalese history will come in play. and you r rite about A, B and C class in Rana dynasty. and mind you hushpuppy do belong to "Class A" rana (O: and please do not ask me how i know that and I will keep my mouth shut (O: [ i see that hush-puppy growling. if she could she would have bitten me to death long time ago (O: ] flip_flop, happy friday and happy nice weekend (O:
Posted on 11-17-06 4:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reviewrestaurant - I can't recall the last time someone called me "ji" on Sajha - you are making me feel all important now! :) LOL!! This time full credits for creativity! ha ha ha I thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas with you. Had we met under different circumstances, I wonder if we would have spent as much time trying to gauge each others true intent, whether we would have spared the volleys, cut through the chase and come to the mullah sooner! :) But such is life on cyberspace - it is what it is, no? Personally, I relish productive conflict because it lays everything on the table and enables a true and meaningful exchange of ideas. I rarely shy away from conflict, especially when I know it can be meaningful, and I am glad to see you don't either. I am a wiser person now thanks to you and everyone else who felt strongly about something and stood up for it. Dimple - Goodness, I had resturantreview's gender wrong all along? LOL! I would have never guessed had you not told me. I have a few ideas about the wine - I was thinking something spicy like a Syrah or Shiraz might go well with the momo - what do you guys think? But anything else will work for me too - whatever you guys want - I am totally flexible.I barely drink. If you are okay with the idea I'd be thrilled I could be the one to get the drinks so let me know what you want. Restaurantreview, you are coming, right? "Remember we share the same motherland and we grew up in the same soil of earth. Never have a doubt the world still has good people living in it ." Very well said. If you ever run for office, I will vote for you! :)) And I am not being sarcastic. "Infact we are extending our hands in friendship and brotherhood." (As much as he would like to politely kiss it, doesn't want to give reviewrestaurant another chance to say anything.. ha ha ha ) Sorry couldn't resist, review - all in good spirit, ok? :) Loote - My buddy ole pal! You make every visit to Sajha worthwhile :) Flip_Flop - I am hungry now. Maybe I will have Vindaloo for dinner tonight ...he he he. Btw, I think you and Avani are the sweetest people on Sajha and your friendship is truly admirable! All right, I think I am out of this thread now. I know I have said that before but I hope we can let this thread get some well deserved rest. This has been one of the best, if not *the* best, thread I have been part of on Sajha and thanks to Shirish for starting it and everyone else for chiming in. If I have said anything to anyone during the course of this thread that you might have taken offense to, I hope you will understand that my intent was never such, and you will find it in you to forgive me. To good life. May the force be with you all! Signing Off, Captain Archibald Haddock. Marlinspike Hall :)
Posted on 11-17-06 4:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The HTML tag screwed up. This is what it should heve been: "Infact we are extending our hands in friendship and brotherhood." Takes it and shakes it warmly. (As much as he would like to politely kiss it, doesn't want to give reviewrestaurant another chance to say anything.. ha ha ha )
Posted on 11-17-06 5:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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captain, now like jack sparrow do not "always" over-think and keep it to urself. how about extending invitation to me as well (O: where there is food.. i would like to be a guest re kya [ maan na maan mein tera mehmaan] (O:
Posted on 11-18-06 1:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Signing off... Been the first of the thread and enjoyed it very much - thanks to all who maked it enjoyable and worth some time to ponder about what happens in cyber space when like minds and unlike minds meet... Captanji see you around for meaningful discussion on Sajha... As for OM - for all those who visit is hope you have a good experience and for those who don't - you know where to come back! Feel free to contribute and stand up for what is right... and not always follow the crowd.
Posted on 11-20-06 12:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I couldn't just stay silent without voicing my final thoughts. I am on the whole content with my participation in exchanging views with Ashuji, Captain Haddock and last but not least Reviewer (sorry for abbreviating your name) namely. Now that we are on the verge of closing up I wonder how we can make our momo day work out?? I am pretty sure that i can get hold of Reviewresturant but I am in the wilderness to track down Captain so sincerely please do solve this problem of how to reach you Capt. and I can solomnly swear this is all in good faith. I don't blame you for the suspicion and doubts I may have instilled into your brains but do take my word of honor. Ok drinks on you captain I think Reviewer can take charge of the dessert. Leave the rest to me. Please do not end this with a dissapointment.
Posted on 11-20-06 1:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Dimple - You can contact me via my Sajha email address. Or I can give you a shout when I am back in town. I am convinced your intent is noble. I saw through it all right after the first few post :) You have a great Thanksgiving!
Posted on 11-21-06 7:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sounds good and what a relief phew!! I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving with family and friends.
Posted on 11-21-06 2:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-21-06 2:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मलाई पनि बास्तबमा बोलाईनु पर्ने हो !
Posted on 11-27-06 8:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shirishjiu if you will grace our momo event it will be all the better as i have heard that you are the momo King of Boston. We will be honored to have you so we will let you know when the our date is fixed. Sure you deserve to be a part of this after all you started this thread and without including you we would not be doing justice.....
Posted on 11-27-06 9:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can't believe this thread is still going on. What a wonderful advertisement for OM Restaurant.

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