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 Nepali Monarchy
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Posted on 10-04-06 5:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The royal massacre: It all started with the king. One fine day I will make the true documentary on what actually happened in the palace that night. Nepali people have the right to know the truth, but not the truth that is made up by some bedtime story teller for the children. I wonder which action / love story Hindi film they have picked the story from or which ancient / historic book’s summery they have presented to cover the massacre story. Nepal’s Monarchy: United Nepal’s history begins with a king, Nepal has many different cast, cultures, language, religions and costumes and yet it is united as one and we have managed to living in peace and harmony till today in our society. Even the western mentality of “Divide and conquer” did not affect us Nepali, even us being very different we fought as one against the British. We fought as one against the Ranas We fought as one against the Panchayaat syatem in 1st Jana andoloan We fought as one against the king’s power in 2nd Jana andoloan We are fighting as one for our Nepal’s better future. If we just look around the world where there are two different races, religion or custom, there has been going never ending war and fight. I’d say the whole world could learn a lot from Nepal and Nepali people on how to live in peace and harmony. For us Nepali the royal family has been a binding point a common source (Sabai ko Sajha), and if this sajha source is to removed, what is a binding point for us Nepali? Nepal’s Politics: Kings had the power till the 2nd Jana Andoloan, Nepali people got the democracy in the 1st jana andoloan, That democracy we achived was raped by ghoos khori politicians, parties and the government workers, and gave birth to Maoist. What will give birth to the second democracy, I am just wondering. The cause of the Royal massacre: This is just rumour that I have heard in Nepal, How much of this is true that we need to find out as Nepali for our history pages. For me this rumour makes sense and I believe that is what truly might have happened. HM King Birendra was a good man, he was soft and very understanding, but his brothers and relative were the opposite. They never wanted to give up the King’s power for that these relatives and Gyanendra didn’t really like King Birendra. Gyanendre and those who wanted power had already made a plot on killing King Birendra in the 1st Jana andoloan when Birendra wanted to give the power to Nepali people. In this plot they somehow convienced Queen Ayeshoria to shoot Birendra. King’s bodyguard saved him by taking that bullet ofcourse. After this plot had failed Gyanendra and the others started manipulating crown prince Dependra on making him thirsty for power so one fine day when he becomes the king then he would take back the power from the people and the palace again will rule as one and only in Nepal. They succeeded in this plot, on making Dependra a very unpopular among the people, and making him wild, crazy and power greedy young man. BUT At the end he began to show some good in him as well, trying to improve himself to gain the respect of the people and re create a new image by following on his father’s foot step. The power greedy people in the palace, their plan was again failing. “I also hear that the Maoist was create by Gyanendra to make Birendra unpopular king. How much of this is true I don’t know” King Birendra was ready to negotiate even with the Maoist and their demands, on changing the continuation, where the King was allowed to dismiss the government if any threats to the nation. And that the army was under the King’s command. Now This was going too far, because if the constitution was dismissed and the army was no longer in king’s command then the Royal palace will have no power at all, They had to act soon. The plan on killing the king had been going on since the 1st Jana andoloan, and had been failing every time, and what ever they had been planning next may had to be dropped and plot something very fast before Birendra gave away the last source of power otherwise all hope of ruling the country will be gone with the wind. So when they planned the murder of those who were loyal to HM King Birendra along with the king himself. They knew that Nepali people will not accept Gyanendra as King after the death of every one, they would rather accept Dhirendra as king who was living outside Nepal and had lost the title of “Shree Panch” rather then Gyanendra, so they also had to finish him, so it would only be Gyanendra and his family left, so to keep the blood line we would have to accept him no matter what. We can clearly see the result of all this when King locked down the country and took full power in his own hand just after an year of the massacre. He had not expected that he would have to face the 2nd Jana andolan, and that his crown was in threat. Why no one bye the massacre story: 1. Nepali Royal family are Hindu family, in Hindu religion children are brought up by the knowledge of their father and mother are an image of God. (Okay that can be corrupted by corrupt mind) 2. Killing your father, mother, brother, sister, sister’s family, uncle and other very selective royal blood, but not Paras, Komal and other loyal to Gyanendra and his family who also were in the party that night are not touched at all sounds very very very suspicious, and killing them all for a girl. It is so cheap tragedy Hindi film love story. 3. They say he had smoked joint, and drank whiskey. But actually he was drugged and was shot at last after killing everyone. I as a Nepali do not want this kind of king nor do I want his son who is a psycho path to come to the thrown, I also do not want Nepal to loose the monarchy, so what is the solution? I’d say investigate the palace massacre, and if all these things are true then remove the king and his son from the thrown and judge them. Who should be in the thrown then? I’d say if any from Birendra’s side is alive should be in thrown, or Gyanendra’s grand child should be in the thrown and neither Gyanendre nor Paras should have any influence on the child (so that they don’t corrupt his mind as well.) and we can have a modern king. Change the rules of the Monarchy so that first born child should be in the thrown even if it is a daughter. I hope that Nepal’s unity will not end with a king (Monarch). What do you people say??
Posted on 10-04-06 6:01 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wot a fugging baseless ideas .... !!! ( anyone does have this crapped ideas man ... ) do write some true facts not like assumptions .. though it's true ... !
Posted on 10-04-06 6:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Improve your "ENGRISH" Pal. ;)
Posted on 10-04-06 7:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The practice of religion and culture generated all these.......killings......
Posted on 10-04-06 9:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lakhee, I whole heartedly support your points. I believe that the plot was designed by KG and Paras to kill HM Birendra and his family. But, there is no proof. I strongly agree that government need to have a high level investigation team to dig into this case. They might include some foreign spies as Nepali are a little scared of this demon King. Just like Lakhee I am against total republic set up of Nepal yet but don't want to see KG or Paras as our kings. Jai Nepal
Posted on 10-04-06 3:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All are evil....so choose the lesser evil.
Posted on 10-04-06 3:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where is Paras thesedays? Haven't heard anything about him for a long time. Is he still alive or did the Maoists kill him?
Posted on 10-04-06 3:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ha ha ha ha ha ha "bhusan" LOL
Posted on 10-04-06 8:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-04-06 10:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-04-06 10:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo!! guys ...wow I mst say you guys have come up with some good assuptions but I mst say they are all baseless and it makes no sense at all ..hehe ..anyways don't know if you've heard of this one ..but an aussie couple have actually done a research on it ..how don't u grab a copy and read it ...its called "Love and Death in Kathmandu"-Amy Willesee & Mark Whittaker ..Now as its written by non-nepali so theres lil chances of biasness I suppose ...cheers!!!Well..they've done a good job n looks like they've gathered a lot of information to come to a conclusion..neways its all upto to u to believe it or not! ---cheers
Posted on 10-04-06 10:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oops typo mistake ..its a WHY ..n not how :):) ..
Posted on 10-05-06 3:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rumour also has it that the waiters inside the palace saw crown prince every where, this can only be that there were masked men with Dependra’s face mask. According to their own story that was presented, how can one drugged man shoot every body exactly the same place? Beside if we for one second believe that he was the shooter, then we know that he shot his parents for a girl (in love) he must have been in deep emotion. And to shoot very selective members of the royal family right in the head; your head must be very calm and cool. Even if any one wants to kill their parents they will not be that cold and cool, there will be some emotions involved, because if he can love a girl that much that he is ready to kill every one then he also must have love for his father and mother, brother and sister, and other relatives, after all they gave birth to him and he spend whole life with them. Why didn’t any one stop him, after all there were also men in the room, you just don’t stand there and watch one man kill the king and others and wait to take bullet in your own head? I’ll tell you why, if the shooter was one then he could be stopped, but when the shooters had surrounded the room and bullet was coming from everywhere when who and how to stop first. And again, every one dead, how come Gyanendra’s family are not harmed at all?
Posted on 10-05-06 8:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For that last question that you have Lakhee you need to go and talk wid gayne.. the so called f&*%ing king...... of Nepal... I want him dead or alive.......... anyone out there ready for that...
Posted on 10-09-06 3:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How many of you believe in my theory of this conspiracy?? Just send me an email or vote here. Just wanted to know how many of you Nepali believe me or if you have a better argument very much welcome to post it.
Posted on 10-09-06 8:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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whatever the reason is i am glad one family is finished waiting for another one. come on paras buck up. we need your help so be high and go loose on the place ground.
Posted on 10-09-06 8:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm with Lakhee!
Posted on 10-09-06 10:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If the "masked men" theory is correct then why don't we find out all the companies that makes these kind of masks, and find out who ordered this masks. And we will have the culprit of the greatest massacre in the history.
Posted on 10-09-06 10:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Every thing sounds so abstract...
Posted on 10-09-06 4:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh you mean Nepal has King! dor i didn';t know that. So if King is Dead who is new King of nepal. dor!

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