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 nepalese gay wedding
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Posted on 08-28-06 12:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
Login in to Rate this Post:     0       ?   Nepalese "bride" Diya Mahaju (front) before wedding. The wedding between Anil Mahaju and Diya Mahaju was in part intended to send a message to all gays living in the closet in Nepal, said the groom.(AFP/Brian Sokol)

Posted on 08-28-06 1:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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stop posting this disgusting sicko threads again and again.
Posted on 08-28-06 1:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, I thought we had exhausted this subject already! :)
Posted on 08-28-06 5:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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these assssshole gays. here you go

Posted on 08-28-06 6:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey guys! Respect them folks. If they want it, why would you bother as long as you have no doubts about your own sexuality. Those who are gayish are scared of those gay people. If you are confident about yourself...take a chill pill. Let people live their way.
Posted on 08-28-06 6:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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bibas 100 - i agree!! :) :)
Posted on 08-28-06 6:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said bibas100.
Posted on 08-28-06 7:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not really care if these gay ass wants their own kind of ass and marry..but the thing is why this fuc%king attention !!!!! DO you see a non homo carrying a flyer staging infront of crossroads!!!They think they are special and cool ..sickos..if they think they are normal..shut the fuc% up and go get thier partners ass!!!!!!!!!!! i like girls ..if i marry a girl ..what common all these moron newspapers don't come and take pic ?????? this pisses me off ..the advertisement!! as if this is soooooo coooooooool now lets make nepal a gay destination..where nepali govt of gay will give certificates of marriage!!!! cool is that!!!! IS THIS WE WANT....nepal a gay destination!!! Already these 6s in thamel wasn't enough attaraction for gay and child molestor tourists !!!!
Posted on 08-28-06 7:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ok this time i shall let meself type!and let meself post how absurd i sound re kya ;oP hehe..oh believe me i do try to 'save' others from absurdities and do not really voice out every absurdities thats in me ;oP hehe..but yeah still a lot leaks out?tip of the iceberg?be scared!be really scared?;oP hehe anyways..captain exhausted u say?well..that was some discussions u guy went into(tho didnt manage to read them all..time and mood :oS ..well one day maybe i will?i might?that makes me smile re kya..the hope that i might one day ;o) hehe)..but yeah some opinions u shared there..pretty much was well..dunno wat to really say..'enlightening'?tho some others might consider the same opinions as 'darkening'?to each their own eh?..and yeah guess in some of those things u expressed..i do too have some similiar thots/opinions(one of the reason/excuse why i wasnt arsed to share mine ; i think the way i been 'stereotyped' sure i have been stereotyped?i better be!:@ ;oP hehe..but yeah i dun even take meself yeah)..where was i?;oP hehe well was pretty nice to hear those opinions etc :oD..esp when they were similiar ;oP hehe..hah!seriously we humans.isnt it a niche we always are lookin for?a place to feel belonged?where we feel we are understood?where we understand others too?where wat they say makes sense to us..vice versa?... anyways yeah i guess this subject has been exhausted for u and lots others?but well i guess we all cant/dun do the same things at the same time?wats old for some..might be new for another and so forth?just was curious if ppl thot about that?right now am just thinkin and typin me thots?i feel so opinated right now!!and just wanna share!!dun mind re kya :oD... i guess we cant stop being who we are...the type of person we have become as we are shaped and moulded by the ppl/society around us thru time...we are taught wats right..wats wrong..but in the end..havent we seen thru history smtimes..the worst wrongs were considered right once?or worse still..considered right even now?..funny i feel a sense of belonging when the word 'nepali' is mentioned..but around a roomfull of nepalis esp nepalis who really knows about nepal and nepali cultures..u know have the 'knowledge' of nepal stuffs....i feel so alone hehe..u know like i dun belong there hehe... ok better cut it short ;oP hehe..but yeah wat stuck me and made me grin today..well its nice to see ppl lovin their culture etc..but to the point of loving it so much..that one starts feeln its their own?only theirs?hah!thats wat i felt when i read one comment ;oP hehe..i mean just one of the things that came in me typin it out.. ..i mean all these cultures etc we were taught about..that we were brought up it just ours?and is it all the same?there will be a bit diff in anythin and everythin?cos evrything gets lost in translation?esp thru time?..sacchi those gays who got married are nepalis!so they wanna marry in a nepali style?wats mockin about that bhaney?maybe all they wanna do is be accepted as a nepalis!as humans!tho they are diff from a lot of us in some ways?.. sacchi ho..wat we dunno and can never understand scares us doesnt it?..but can we know everything and understand everything?...darcheruwa haru!saab daarcheruwa i tell u!!and yeh malai ta esto daarlagdo kura haru garda..esp things i dun understand...oho achi ayo ho!daar le garda achi pani ayo!waahhaaha..;oP...daarcheruwa ta daarcheruwa..let me go cherney now wahahahah ;oP.. wt hell!i dunno wat i had type a while ago here..(went to do smthin else ;oP multi taskn as always wahahahah ;oP..but yeah this time just post gardinu parla! can save oneself hoina?ma koho tryn to 'save' othrs from me bhakwash?wahahaha ;oP) good day!and stay gay(happy!duh!;oP hehe):oD

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