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 Maoism Rocks!!!

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Posted on 05-24-06 11:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who had thought that 10yrs of their revolution would end up enlightening the nation and its people? Maoists were the first group of people who brought into agenda the necessity of republic nepal for long term peace and a just society. they were also the first group who raised the importance of CA. the "hijada" political parties would never have thought the necessity and importance of CA, if the maoists had not insisted and showed them the path for it. since maoists saw nepali politics before 10 yrs than others, they certainly are the ultimate pathfinders for nepal and nepali people. The only guardian who can lead the nation through all sorts of rough---MAOISTS. Maoism rocks....!!!! Long live Prachanda, Long live Baburam!!! Maoists fan Loote
The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 12-24-06 7:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Maoists inNepal actually SUCKS.
Posted on 12-24-06 7:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lutekukur, I agree with you that Maoists were the first ones to voice "republic" agenda. Maoists also were the ones to voice against monarchy that does not mean "what ever" they do is correct or could be the leaders of Nepal. Here is why. 1- Maoism/communism is a dying breed (yeah we have heard that enough!) but why did they flourish in Nepal? Was it the atrocities of Paras or Deependra? Was it the multi-party government that fuel led and strengthened the Maoists or were there any other political force that (outside the country) is responsible for the mayhem in Nepal? Something to think about. 2- Maoists are non-democratic, ruthless and lack the vision to govern the country. Nepali Maobadi and they know very well that in the current world events a communist government (like the one in China) will not be acceptable to the world super powers including India. 3- Sita Ram Yachuri's involvement in peace brokerage and his statement even before the peace agreement came that came from his office which stated that Baburam had called his office and asked what type of communist government he wanted in Nepal and asked for directions to accomplish that goal. You still think that Maobadis are visionary and they are acting on their own vision? Think again! Having said that we cannot deny that they do exist in Nepal and are in full force. How can we make the best of this situation? I wish I had the answer. Maobadis are set in their ways. They are used to extortion, killing and looting. Will they stop their criminal activities? Let's hope so and expect them to embrace the political main stream and emerge as a legitimate public voice who are tolerant and respectful of different opinions; however that is yet to be seen! When they start respecting different opinions (socio-political beliefs) then only I will applaud them other wise I only have two thumbs down for them!! Let Peace Prevail!!! -Shiv
Posted on 12-24-06 11:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You expect to respect others opinion after what they did for fake revolution with ill-intention to get into power, and yet they seems iodiot that they became puppets of India. ha ha.. what a joke is the Maoist revolution!!!
Posted on 12-25-06 12:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ppl always have their own point of view..a royalist has different sight from maoist....we r always root level people..we know nothing..we can just assume wat happen n wat will happen..wat is goin to happen will jus be known to leaders and some higher officials. we can jus assume n imagine..but there is one thing which we have i.e higher level of imagination power..we imagine things from thousands different minds which creates different philosophy so that it cant match governments thinking. If we start thinkin like higher authorities we can b nominated in higher post..we wont b here just posting some threads and ours thoughts in sajha..so keep it as it is...jus keep thiking n assuming..make it as boundary...never let it cross limit...we cant cross limit unless we want to...we cant know wat really happened inside royal palace...we can jus assume..history will evaluate wat really happened but wont find truth even after centuries..it will b unsolved...no one in nepalese community is perfect for ruling country that is fact....wat has girija prasad koirala done to country except giving some of his old days for democracy..wat has subhash ghising given to darjeeling except his time for india n pretecting his peoples blood..what has king gyanendra given to his ppl n country, except taking all money from ppl n country n killing others..so who is perfect..maoist? how can communist b perfect? communist ideology can never b perfect in 21st century..ir can b read but can never b observed in reality..china was communist once claimed itself not to b one..cuba wat has it done...we don have sea or anything..if largest democracy does block our border we will have crisis...that is fact...our northern neighbour wont b helping us , as we know they have been known as sleepin lion for centuries...so how can a sleeping lion help? southern, we will have to protect ourself from them, we have no other choices.....from encient periods we had dealt with them because of our easy land format. prachanda? do u trust him? read his interviews...u will find it different from one another...his interview is different from bbc's to another...he is head of maoist..if his statements r goin to differ so how can we trust maoist...this is not a perfect communism...if it was perfect communism we would have accepted it by havin no choice. but it is not..they also want power...its fact....they got all their demands without strugle...they won all things...they came to government..they were terrorist one year back but r part of government because of their arms...they r not actually communist maoist they r ppl from different communial groups...they r tryin to seperate nepal by creating autonomous region..like...newars creating newa group,limbus creating limbuwan,rais creating khambuwan,madhesis creating madhese mukti morcha..so wat is it leading upto..wat is nepal upto...is it goin to divide because of maoist..because head ppl always want power ..so wat r rest fighiting for...r they tryin to kill eachothers for seperating lands..like newars seperating kathmandu from rest of others nepalis...even newars r nepalis so wat is this war for..this is 21st century , y is this war for....u ppl talk abt black n white race in usa...u talk abt white domination over black...but is it fair to talk abt racial thing in nepal abt nepalis...we shouldnt talk against nepalis in nepal..this is our identity..we r one..we r nepali..we r maoist..we r mandale..we r dhakre..we r gurkhas...we r gorkha..our country jus got name nepal ..we werent from nepal ...we all r from gorkha.nepal just got its name few decades back..nepal's name back in early 1900's was gorkha..so we r gorkhas..y r we gorkhalis againt each others..y cant we love eachothers...maoist first judge them n talk abt them..they r upto something..they have certain thoughts which r really mindblowing..but theirs outcome might b bad....we can easily take example from sikkim and darjeeling..there is racial domination in sikkim and darjeeling against each n every race from each n every race..r we goin to b next..? think from positive side...let all negative go from u...boli le manche chinauchan ra bani le manche banaucha...take it easy..live n let others live..long live my country..long live nepal...gaunccha geeta nepali jyoti ko pankha uchali jaya jaya hey nepal sundar shanta bishal...
Posted on 12-25-06 12:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jhyap ko taal ma kasaiko man ma thees pugyo bhane sorry..tara it is fact..akha tirmirayeko hunale spelling pani mistake bhayo hola..sorry hai..milayera padhnus hai..bye
Posted on 12-25-06 3:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear lootekukur, if you are a fan of maoists, I guess, you measure your success by counting the number of people killed.
Posted on 12-25-06 9:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ha ha ha........LOote ko "looto" le kati lai chilaune bho aba feri! Kanyaune lai ta ananda nai aauchha, tara chheu ko lai ra dekhne lai chai bore! ................. malai thaha chha loote le yo thago Christmas ko holiday ma entertain garna banayeko ho bhanera...... paddai manoranjan lidai....... moibadi pidit bha pani uniharu le hamro desh ma lyayeko paribartan ko kunai mulya chhaina...... rajnaitik party sidha bato hiddainan; hami le bujhne bhasa pani boldainan. Khdge Oli upa pradhan mantri chha....... sailaja Rajdoot hune...... khume ra govinda raj le clean chit paune.....brastachar ma kasaile sajaya nai napaune...............Bidambana nai chha.
Posted on 12-25-06 3:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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suck owns d**** lute mula maoist rocks re ??what a shame !
Posted on 12-25-06 3:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The only good thing that maoism has brought is the end of shah dynasty ......... hope maoists will extinct in the same fashion too ........ if it prevails it will be like choosing chor for daka or vice versa.
Posted on 12-25-06 4:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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DREAM ON......................DREAM ON..................DREAM ON...............and one day Nepal will be like N korea, Burma, Cuba etc
Posted on 12-25-06 4:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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खै के गर्नु पर्ला त प्रचन्डको तालमा यो देश् चल्ला त ज्ञानुले सजिलै यो देश् छोड्ला त फेरि एक् पटक देश्मा आगो बल्ला त यस्तै तालले मेरो देश् चल्ला त साथि हो खै के गर्नु पर्ला त?
Posted on 12-25-06 4:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No one in the nepalese political scenario can be trusted ............... everyone from gyane to prachande and everyone in between are chors and daka .............. only those nepalese who r not into politics really care about Nepal. nepalis are like loyan fan of the team and politicians r like players, players switch the team when they see better offer ....... but loyal fans support their team at all costs.
Posted on 12-25-06 7:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I really do not know about Maoism of Nepal.... and Can not trust with them. Are Baburam and Prachanda looking for Luxury Political Life and Presidentcy of Nepal? There are 20,000 hardcore communist gurrilla and militia fighters gave their life in the trust of these people. Those who gave their life believe with these two. You better watch very carefully these two people. You can not trust their mouth. We should not.
Posted on 12-25-06 11:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Aba Kukkur ko kura sunera pani huncha ta....you guys should know, barking dog never bites ke........Loote ali ali khuskya jasto cha......beware hai guys !
Posted on 12-26-06 2:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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to loote and other maoist fan:
Posted on 12-26-06 2:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is it a Joke?? then its a baddest Joke.... "Aipugyo Chapamaar Khukuri Bokera".....kina bhaneko peace ko lagi re......haha Hoping peace with violence........Well we should have to praise their way to influence poor and uneducated people......They are too much manipulative....
Posted on 12-26-06 3:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A politician is the one who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.
Posted on 12-26-06 3:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hmm.....Great one bro......They are the one who lead either to the development or to the Destruction of a country.....well in our case...there are noone who have an ability to lead toward development............."Sati le Sarapeko Desh bhanchan"....Hola jasto lagna thalyo aba ta...No Hope:(
Posted on 12-26-06 6:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wtf. What was all that posting? I am sorry I just scrolled through.
Posted on 12-26-06 1:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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