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Posted on 04-16-06 7:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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: : Mass murderer autocratic king Gyanendra of only a hindu state religion. He is responsible for all the Martyers who died in demonstration. He is responsible for today´s situation in Nepal. He ignored he poeple´s voice for years. Now all kind of games are on play now to stop this agitation. It will not stop now. The train has left and it will reach its destination. It is only a few days matter to see Nepal a republic state. The last king of shah dynasty should be brought to International Court in Hague for Justice for Man slaughter. . . अब यो ज्यानमाराले शुख पाउने छैन । . .
The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-18-06 11:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ithink these people directly profit from the Netas pocket....thats why they are worried so much.......Great INFO??????? shut the F*ck up...........Corruption ko Chhorra haru.....Blinded by the cause becoz it favors them ............Screw those who wishes ill fate for our mother Land Nepal. I will cut your head.........woof woOF WOOF.....dont mess with me ok....i swear............

Posted on 04-18-06 11:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gorhkali ..............Nepal ko chorro..........desh ko karnadhar hu ma.........I hate theMAOSISTS......NETAS.....and I am highly dissapointed thaT the king is Silent as of yet..........BUT i will not stand any body who thinks bad of Nepal.........GET IT????

Posted on 04-18-06 12:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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so what about u dikheads keep on blaming the shah and rana..aint that racist..
Posted on 04-18-06 12:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey M5, I respect your sentiment but it's time to say enough is enough!! Sure we would like to think "outside the box" and I would even like to argue that we have in the past. If if you are talking about US manupulation around the world, I don't think the general people of these country are quite. They have taken extreme measure and we you can find example of all over the middle east, africa, and starting to see some in latin america. Since we Nepalis like to consider ourselves peace loving modest people....we didn't speak anything against india when it sent well over 100,000 bhutanese into Nepal but will NOT let anyone of these go back to their country using indian land. We never said anything about india building water dams that has flooded many of our villages and have had adverse effect on our countrymen living in those area. We have never said anything about our children and women who are taking for modren day version of human slavery in the form of sex trafficing into india. Nor have we said anything against india eating up numerous of our waterways and eying for more hydro resources. These examples are just to name a few.... I hate to say this but india is taking full advantage of nepalis like you....india has lead you into believing that the problem is and will always lie among us, so that we won't even have time to think or let alone voice against their exploitation. First the Ranas were the problem, so then came king Mahendra, then Monarchy was the problem, then came great leader like BP Koirala, then he was a problem, then came Pyanchyat again, then king Birendra and Pyanchyat became problem, then came democracy, then after it became a problem, then came Maoists, then Gayendra and now he is the problem, so who is the next problem?? While we Nepalis have always had problem with this and that....india has never had any problem to have it's way with Nepal. Time to think brothers and sisters....time to move forward not going around and around in the same india created web circle. ya fell me?
Posted on 04-18-06 12:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with U
Posted on 04-18-06 5:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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MadDoGG, You are a bundle of confusion in yourself. In one post, you have said, <<...they are all guitly in my Book..............I mean KING........PARTIES......MAOS......all of them........they all are responsible for our state and .....It is because they are hungry ...>> In another posting, you are disappointed with the king because of his silence and not being strict with the maoists and Netas. <<.........I hate theMAOSISTS......NETAS.....and I am highly dissapointed thaT the king is Silent as of yet..........>> It proves that you are Royalist. And you know maddog, monarchy in the world is disappearing. Whether you or I want or not. Its a process. You must know that king is not silent. He is speaking the language of the curfew. He is speaking the language of the baton charges. He is speaking the language of the bullet. You find all my answers bullshit. I am not surprised. I am a Nepali and I am concerned about the situation of the country by any point not less than you. I don't know whether you are educated or not. If you are talking about University Degree, may be you have one but it has nothing to do with political discussion. Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai is educated but he is maoist. Dr Minendra Rijal is educated but he NC Democratic. Dr Devendra Raj Pandey is educated but he is in the jail for protesting the king. Dr Ram Sharan Mahat is educated but he is democratic. There can be PhDs in Royal Camps as well. So, its the debate of thoughts and principles and knowledge. So, may be you are also one of these educateds. I still ask you, is the monarchy of 250 years responsible for the poverty of Nepal or the democracy of 25 years? Yes, some leaders also turned out to be corrupted but democracy is not responsible for the present situation of the country but the monarchy. I know, what you gonna say next, "Don't mess up with me, "
Posted on 04-18-06 5:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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No I wont say that.............the two points above that you mentioned .....quite intresting huh??is that the best you can do??? when this king suddenly took over I had a glimpse of hope that he would do some good ...............But he dissapoints me......Get it People start dying...suffering.......I hated the King....maoist.....Netas...........for fighting over power........Democracy is just a name for it.....I dont care about who studied where and what not. Now curfue bullets .....death caused by government forces....I hate it............I also hate the killings of Maoists...and the army and police alike........tell me is you are 20 in a group attacked by a group of angry 20,000 who will tear you into peices.......and your group has guns????..............self defense.....life is dear to everyone....to the police and the demonstraters...........I would do the same to protect my life.......I have a family to feed.....
Posted on 04-18-06 5:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ज्ञाने चोरलाई मारेरै छाड्ने हो तेसको बिदेशमा थुपारेको सम्पति मनि जफत गर्नु पर्छ!
Posted on 04-18-06 6:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wake up this is the era of science and technology. you may be brave and know how to wield a sword but if we have to fight a war it will not bne like mahabharat style.
Posted on 04-18-06 10:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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so whats new ??????..I was already Lagaing Dhar to my Khukuri....damn you mean I cannot use my body armor...any way you want to smell my fart?
Posted on 04-19-06 12:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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save your fart to scare the indians while they drop bomb from F-15 which they are buying from USA. timi dhar lagaudai gara ma chahi anti aircraft missile banauchu herau nepal lai kasle bachaucha timro dharilo khukuri le ki mero missile le
Posted on 04-19-06 1:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mahakaal: You think you are only one who knows how to sear and badmouth? Now listen Balak. Tero bau baje haru padne belama mujiharu guchha khelera base holan anu bhutro buddi huncha ta muji. Tero kura ta muji baulai chikna sikayera vai janmaune justo vayo. Buwa haruko kura sun , buj ani ammal garmuji. Bahun chetri Rana Shah ko kura aba najhik. All nepalese are all beyond that. You do not want to go back yu should have forward looking and positive attitude. Gam kha muji ani dhyan gar, kuro bujn kosis gar pheri lade lude kura jhikish vane buwako jawaph ali kada nai hunchani muji.
Posted on 04-19-06 3:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahaha mcchikney neprican bahun sala kattey halla garnu thali gois..janaidhari bahun mcchiney desh bechera ses paris rana shah lai garchas..... macchiney haru kun dyang ko mula hos ra jatha kaatttey....ta hos chikney haru main villian desh ko mujeee pundit... and i see all nepalese beyond that blaming every other shit on rana and shah.... if them fkers are villians then u fkrs are the biggest villians.....mchchikeny ta bahun lai kei bhanda chai racsit chikney rana ra shah lai bhanda chai ta rundi ko ban hero... bahun muji....
Posted on 04-19-06 4:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मुजि माहाकाल, बात्ति नादेख्नि गाउमा जान्मेरा काम्पुटार चालौनि के भाथिस्, जाथाभावि फालाक्दै हिड्छस्? ठुटामा खाएरा बुट्टामा हाग्ने जांठा। यसो उसो गर्यो तलाइ नेप्रेकन बाहुन भनिहाल्न पर्छ? एउटाको गल्ति सबलै नथोपर्न जांठा।
Posted on 04-19-06 6:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ay muji bharyang muni ko rana chup laag
Posted on 04-19-06 10:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oye birbhadra jyapu..sala nakatey..... ladai haris naak katiyo....lamo ailey ris dekhaunchas ta......rana shaha chai je bhaney ni huni ta mouji haru lai chai kei bhanyo ki racist..... masala kharpaney jyapu ra katter bahun haru.....
Posted on 04-20-06 12:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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kharpane jyapu ko tarkari khayera ultai gali ? sala bharyang muni ko rana ufri ajhai ufri
Posted on 04-20-06 3:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anybody has proof, how com Gyane and Parash bring money from Nepal. How did they get money where did they work to earn money ? If they have money that is Nepali Janatako ragat ra Pasina ho sathi ho,,,,,,,,, those M**fker Baster sold Nepali Murti, Gaida ko khag, chares, gaja, supply poor Nepali girl to bombay. Looting and taking unlawfully money from Nepali Janata............. How com they bring money to USA and open gasstation? The US gov. always allows to bring here legally earned money.
Posted on 04-20-06 2:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ye Muji Mero jhathako jumro Mahakal: La Aba Sun buwa ko kura manthan Gar. Ta muji rana hoski chikni Shah hosh , Ta muji Musalmanko Santan hosh jatha. Tero bahu baje marne belama, talai bahun vaena vane narka ma jaula vanni dar thiyo ki thiyena? Ta janmine belama tero bau lai gayera sodh muji , tero anam pat4ro banaunako lagi bahunchahiyo ki chahiyena? Jhatho, padne belama chikni jad ra randi aphim tira lagish aba bahun lai gali garchash. tero budhi ta kukur ko kandoma cha justo cha bujhish jatho. Mero gedo ali dukhyo just cha ta muji le tokish ki kaso geda ko jumra muji. Halla nagar. Chup lagera bas muji.
Posted on 04-20-06 4:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We need to round up all ranas and shahs and assassinate them on the spot. Fuk these slanty-eyed chinks with chuccho nak.

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