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 King G's Surprise Visit

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Posted on 01-16-06 7:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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At a time when political parties fail to draw flies and resort to threat from Maoists for public participation in demonstrations, the King's surprise visit to Dharan was welcomed with much enthusiasm. Just look at the video, which starts from a few bewildered spectators slowly but surely giving way to a much much louder crowdm, who go on to chant slogans like Long live the King spontaneously. You can see the King itneracting with the people on the streets and it shows just how much respect he commands in Nepalese community. - http://www.nepalnews.com/archive/2006/jan/jan16/news05.php
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 01-17-06 2:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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We have to understand the SYSTEM established how to rule the people of Nepal since the time of Rana oligargy. This system was some how apparently absent during the peroid of Democarcy when the king Birendra gave freedom to Nepalese people to rule themselves. Unfortunately the freedom to rule themselves through parliamentary system was foiled not the people did not try, nor the politicians tried with their best ability. But the underlying SYSTEM as a matter of fact created obstructions for people to rule themselves. Now the drama is on. It is upto you how you see and the seeing will shape the future. The consequence- Nepalese people will remain unskilled human resources in the global economy with poor education, training and work skills. What sustains Nepal even in this timse of trouble economically? The remitances - the money sent to our family from abroad by hard working yet unskilled Nepalis. I remember during the SYSTEM before 1990 I had to find the minister ora member of rastriya panchayet to get my passport! Forget about distributing passport to villages and districts of remote Nepal. There people in power in RNA, police, government, cooporation, business are conditioned, in other word brainwashed only in SYSTEM established by king Mahendra and king G make their and their families lives happy and secure. king G can spell his magic on anyone. Those who do not regard his SYSTEM work including international communities he will not give his heed but if found opportunity he wouldnot step back ......... This a live historical moment before us... we have observed and we will observe in days to come.... This what we Nepali can do.
Posted on 01-17-06 2:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear bro sajhabusaima, I hope such a day will come in as the fortune of Nepali people. As a matter of fact the world is waiting for it... all international communities except China and Pakistan.... But we must not undermine the SYSTEM of king G, the ruling methodology established by king M that has brain washed many individuals and families in Nepal who are in the power to govern Nepal. They may be in low percent but they are now in core of king G's SYSTEM. We Nepali people are unfortunate, especially those who are deprived and those who have little and they are the majority. However, the SYSTEM and king G has not realized how human resources are important for a country to become prosperious and happy with human lives that we have one chance to live on this earth. This humen resources need education, training and skills from the working opportunies. Without uplifting human resources no country can come out of the poverty. This fact was never regarded as important in Rana oligargy nor in SYSTEM of king M and will never be in the SYSTEM of king G. Even this the truth for the county it will not let this happen???
Posted on 01-17-06 3:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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King's Suprised Visit Video clearly shows how much Nepali People still love and care King. There is no doubt King is popular among Nepali. About Political Parties:- They need to clean themselves before saying something against King. All this suitations in Nepal were created by those political leaders who knows only two things 'Kurchi' and 'Paisa'. Have you ever seen any political leaders got this kinds of respect from Nepali...? Ask yourself..
Posted on 01-17-06 3:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ma Ta Nepali------------ This how you are brain washed by king G either you or family has power from him or you are some how paid... you must be in his network. Do not lie us imposing questions before us. Politicians are the statesmen and they are respect all over the world not with false propaganda like your king G. Mahatma Gadhi, BP Koiral, Manmohan Adhikari are the examples of statesmen respected no noly in the county but also in the world. King Tribhuvan and King Birendra were the kings and stetesmen who are respected among the people. Those who killed them are not heartfully respected even though they were in power. You can built a house but if you fail to manage it democractically you are not statesman that you deserver respect from the family. With gun and propaganda you can unite the nation and exelarate the petrotism but the history will tell you what you are like in days to come. What to regard of king G who have failed to unite the political differences that exist live before him? With the power of army and guns you can unite political power. The respectable are those who can manage the differences and unite the mankind with their basic human rights. king G like tribesmen where there many and still they are many in primitive countries like ours..... look in Africa .....
Posted on 01-17-06 3:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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> ..you must be in his network. Do not lie us imposing questions before us. It is unfortunate how we label people who disagree. I see another sajahtie saying "केहि हिजडा हरु.." etc. I have seen enough and heard enough of the party rants. This video has given me hope which I did not have.
Posted on 01-17-06 3:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-17-06 4:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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8-) मैले तिमि लाइ भनेको होइन र मलाइ तिमि कसलाइ समर्थन गर्छौ त्यसमा लेना देना छैन तर मलाइ केहि राजाबादि भनौदा खाते हरु ले ब्यक्तिगत इमेल मा दिने धम्कि र गालि गलोज देखि नराम्रो रिस उठेको छ । मुखुन्डो धारि यस्ता हिजडा हरु लाइ धिक्कार छ । सक्छौ भने आउ साझा मा शुरु गरियो यहि जाचौ साझामै को देसका लागि हराम र को ठिक, सक्दैनौ भने यस्ता निच काम गर्न बन्द गर हे ज्ञाने को भतुवा।
Posted on 01-17-06 7:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sajhabusaima, if name calling gived you pleasure so be it. man wake up, you should not blame everyone for someone elses action. Are you asking for my personal informaiton?? Why cannot you take disagreements and show red face??
Posted on 01-17-06 7:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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तिम्‍रो दादागीरी गारने ठाउ रै छ साझा.कम :-)
Posted on 01-17-06 8:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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look i dont think any true anti-monarchist questions gyane's brains or his courage what we question are his intentions a man who appropriates a barely surviving government agengy (RNAC) for state visits and thus inflicts millions of dollars worth of damage is resourceful, yet not benevolent this is the man who dismissed a elected government and now is holding the sham of elections (at the local, district levels, yet NOT NATIONAL GOVERNMENTAL LEVELS). Aah, the facade of democracy. and yet the central government is firmly under his rule this is the man who replaced existing supreme court justices with those who publicly declare him to be an avatar of vishnu. well, gotta give him props on that one. like krishna, the dude is utterly adept at creating a maya-jaal but the thing is no matter how clever no matter how courageous no matter how resourceful our beloved king is HE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY so down with the man and down with the institution coz we can be sure, if king G has his way then PARAS will inherit the throne and all yall who watched the video and felt that fuzzy warm feeling think about king paras and riddle me this is that the warmth of comfort and security that you feel creeping up your spine or is it spasms of horror?
Posted on 01-17-06 9:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ma ta nepali, you are absolutely right. There should be not be an ounce of doubt that the King and the institution of monarchy was, is and will be loved and respected by Nepalese overwhelmingly. Well, there may be some exceptions, but they are irrelevant. Even Buddha had some opponents, so its all natural that a few percentage of Nepali may dislike King G. And about your question as to what would happen if the leaders were to walk freely like the king did. The people would spit at the leaders, what else! Paan khayera pichha thukthe ni, aru ke hunthyo ha ha ha!
Posted on 01-17-06 10:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah and they will still be loving him when they overthrow him and cut him and his chamchas tp pieces and make sekuwa and chwela out of them. F***ing losers.
Posted on 01-17-06 10:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes cant be denied the institution of monarchy is much beloved in our country how could it not be? a vast majority of our religious, cultural and mythical heroes are kings from raja ram and krishna to the myriad princes of the bedside tales our culture has been fed a diet of king-worship which makes it all the easier for the darth vaders to sieze overlordship over a population who have been programmed to believe that vishnu resides inside of paras which is exactly why the institution of monarchy MUST BE TOPPLED. history has shown us that we cannot trust our kings to sit back, relax and let the population choose their own course of action from mahendra's abolition of democracy to set up the panchyat system to kg's current role in the dismantling of an elected government, we have ample proof that if there is one thing we can trust the palace to do, it is to interfere in the nepali government so that their power base remains secure how long are we supposed to grovel before a murderer? how long is the common labourer supposed to sweat so that the शाछ्यात अवतार can take a state-owned airplane for a joyride? why should there be a king? what qualities does he possess that i (or for that matter, you, bhoonte dai) do not have? down with monarchy down with the king
Posted on 01-18-06 12:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-18-06 1:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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> i dont think any true anti-monarchist questions gyane's brains or his courage .. I rest my case.
Posted on 01-18-06 8:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have to agree that the king is getting a very good review in the papers about his unplanned visit and the support he was able to get at that time.
Posted on 01-18-06 5:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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mr? ms? eyes lets not quote out of context its like someone said 'that movie is as good as a rotten egg' and the producers say they got a 'good' review courage and brains are not a good thing when coupled with a lack of scruples
Posted on 01-18-06 7:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Of course 8-), Nepalese people need peace as accurately depicted in the cartoon. Thats the reason Nepalese people have lost faith in the selfish leaders who are now supporting Maoists. That is why they saw the ray of hope in the KIng and showed so much enthusiasm when he personally appeared at their doors.
Posted on 01-18-06 7:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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so how is KG contributing to peace?
Posted on 01-18-06 10:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Much ballyhoo is being made of the royal visit to eastern Nepal. I think the conclusions drawn from the visit are pretty misplaced, and even the King (who is a very smart man) himself knows this. ........ After the fall of Paris, Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris with his army. Oceans of defeated people lined up to see Napoleon, their new master. Napoleon's aide who was accompanying him remarked glowingly: Your Lord, you see, so many people have turned up to welcome you. They love you! There must easily be at least 50,000 people in the crowd. Napoleon thought pensively for a while and retorted: Don't be stupid! The day I'm hanged, three times that number will turn up! Such was Napoleon's genius!!! ........ The moral of the story: self-proclaimed monarchists like bhoonte and his like are a shame to the cause of monarchy. They are merely embarrassing the institution of monarchy with their half-baked views, which smack of sycophancy. They belong to the same category of people who dragged the institution of monarchy into controversy, sullied its image, and created the divide between the people and the institution of monarchy in the first place. There is no doubt people love the king, but it's the sycophants who surround the king that they hate. The sycophants' only aim is to gain at monarchy's expense. Frankly, not half baked sycophantic views such as those espoused by Bhoonte and his like who are only embarrasing the institution of monarchy, but only penetrating analysis can help strengthen it (institution of monarchy) by pointing out where this revered institution's gone wrong and how it can be corrected to restore people's faith in it. Criticising the institution of monarchy for all its recently-acquired faults is not an anti monarchy position: it's a public service! And this fact is very much misunderstood by many Sajhaites, with the result that sycophants are on the ascendancy in this forum.

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