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 Letter from the Underground

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Posted on 03-03-05 12:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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?Letter from the Underground? Mafia Sardars raising their heads again! - Mathura P. Shrestha Sharat Chandra Shaha has now reorganized his notorious secret service commandos to silence and exterminate dissenters and ?enemies of the royal palace.? He has established his headquarters in Nirmal Nivas (King?s residence, as the king does not dare to live in Royal Palace said to be haunted by the ghosts of murdered king Birendra and his entire family members) and working hands in gloves with the king. The main objectives of the secret service are: 1. To liquidate all opposing forces and persons, if necessary by using Gestapo style abductions, disappearances, extra judicial murders and torture. This includes reign of terror forcing everybody to dead silence or unqualified support to the king. He also has vowed to continue to tighten the grips in media by bugging, blocking or censoring information to wean off the people with any worthwhile news and views. 2. To fragment political parties, civil societies, human rights defenders, media personnel, professional organizations, ethnic groups, and dalits and other communities by enticing their members to personal feuds, playing one against others, slandering and discrediting their leaders or those who do not come to their terms, blackmailing, luring and bribing them off from their principles and missions, and by corrupting them by all possible means (money, muscles, manipulations ? the so called 3Ms -, royal favors with lands and public sites, high posts, contracts etc.). Divide and rule is the motto. 3. To prepare sociopolitical ?incidents or scenario? to play China cards against India, India cards against China, and one country against another. (People in Nepal call this a male prostitute syndrome). 4. To bribe key public servants, security personnel, intellectuals, journalists, law-makers, political fractions in foreign countries to force their governments to support the king?s coup d??tat and to continue military and other aids to fight off the Maoists. 5. To sterilize all political parties to nonentity so that old Panchayat autocracy is reinstated. He is already mobile, secretly moving here and there, in and out of the country with money bags and instruments of power. It is also rumored that 4 key HR defenders are listed to be made ?disappeared?. Every body knows who Sharat Chandra Shaha is or was. He is too notorious. During Panchayat regime he misused his authority to discredit Nepal?s fledgling sport institutions, industries, and of course the sportsmen on whom the people of Nepal showered so much love and trust. He used some sportsmen to dispense torture and even extrajudicial murders to political prisoners and abductees with the techniques they were coaxed in gymnasia. He misused most of the sportsmen and trainees by forcing them to carry the national flags with hidden ?hard drugs? in their blue hems along with flag posts hollowed and stuffed with drugs, false bottomed suitcases containing sports goods during international sports events. He was one of many sardars of drug mafia, antique smuggling ring and, money laundering gangs. He discredited Nepal and its people world over. Prior to that, everybody in every country loved Nepal and its people for their simplicity, good manners, and trustworthiness. In addition, he founded a secret service commando ? people called its members, the Mandale thugs. It was trained and used to eliminate political dissenters, rivals and ?unwanted? elements in the system and royal palace. After 1990 movement he hid in Singapore and Malaysia although these countries had strict drug control laws. It is said that he befriended with old foreign minister of Malaysia, now ousted out of power and some corrupt bosses in the bureaucracy of Singapore. He is said to have amassed a huge sum drug dividends in the banks of Singapore, Malasia, Switzerland and Austria. I appeal all political leaders, civil society advocates, human rights defenders and all people to be aware of it, and actively refuse to be used or deviated. We need not be afraid as the people and time are with us. Victory of people-centered democracy is certain. Yen, March 3, 2005
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This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-03-05 1:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If Sharat Chandra Shah was that bad during the Panchayay kaal, what the hell all these political parties (they all had their chances to form their own governments one time or other), were doing the last 15 years. Why did no party have any gut to throw him in the jail when they had the power? Well, another mistake on their part that came down to hunt them. Its easy for the parties to cry and brag about democracies (the most over-rated word in Nepal) but hard to analyze their own mistakes and do anything constructive for the people of Nepal. Aba aahile aayera Sharat chandra yesto ra usta bhanera karayera yetro ni kehi hudaina ?
Posted on 03-03-05 2:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well said KG4MVP, these parties could not do anything when they were in powewr and now they are making hue and cry for everything just to mask their own incapabilities..
Posted on 03-03-05 3:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"If Sharat Chandra Shah was that bad during the Panchayay kaal, what the hell all these political parties (they all had their chances to form their own governments one time or other)..............." That's what the Maoist are saying, the power was never with the people, that's why we need to kick the Royal Ass goodbye forever and bring power to the people...
Posted on 03-03-05 3:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well said KG4MVP, when political parties came to power they got busy with corruption so much that they did not bother to limit royal palace power... it is not they did not have power... it is because they were so corrupt they could be easily manipulated. Actually political party should protest against themselve for feb 01 move.... Once they got to power they cared nothing about nepal nor about the fighters of democracy... they cared only about themselves..... They did not bother to bring in a more uniting National Anthem, they did not try to limit kings power... they were happy selling parts of nepal and earning money....
Posted on 03-03-05 3:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mandale Jhamghat jasto cha ni
Posted on 03-03-05 3:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thats what I feel pity about you guys... if you can not argue against king move then you tell everyone against you mandale... come on realize that there is no way you can prove credibility of your leaders.... cos they did nothing for 15 years when they had chance to... If I am mandale then why would I still support change of national anthem as it is too royal palace oriented....
Posted on 03-03-05 4:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kalelai kale vanyo vane risauhca !
Posted on 03-03-05 4:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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once again you are crying foul cry.. i am not angry I was just trying to correct the misinformation you had......... Ma kale bhaye kale bhanda risoudina baru... "hum kale huyen to kyan huwa dil wale hein" bhanera jhyali pitdai hindchu... na biraunu na draunu....
Posted on 03-03-05 4:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Gajab ko "underground" raichha. Sab kuro dekhne, sab khabar rakhne tara timilai chhahi kasai le na dekhne. Hoina Mathura P. Shrestha ji, tapaile bhaneko kuro satya ho bhane tapai lai kaso jhyap pare na chhan ta ahile samma.
Posted on 03-03-05 6:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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mailaadai, What up man? If somebody did not agree with u, u gaonna call mandale. I still insist not making any personal attacks to anybody. Like it or not these so called leaders( big joke) have been able to bring on big street protest on street. Why? People do not trust them. With current leadership, they will not be able to get the people trust. I do no tthink it is necessary to explain this. Everbody knows about it. So what do u suggest? Keep it real though. Republic means maoist terrorists in power. Direct foreign intervention. Nepal becoming another Vietnam. Not only that maoists will be involved in genocide. Cleansing of different beliefs. May be it of liberal or moderate commis. Its gonna happen if maoists come to power. SO called democractic forces are out of equation in the current situation cause of corrupt and inept leadership. Now, they do not have power in leadership for any mass movement. Instead in current context people haven temporaray releifs from on going strikes and bandhs. So bro do not just go on. I do not see any solution in current context.
Posted on 03-03-05 6:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Timi leader banera lyauna ta bau cha. Sakcha? Timi mula sanga taagat cha? Leader banaune Janta, Janta nai chup lagera basepachi Leader le jhelli garera lyai halcha ni. ok you guys are not Mandales, so what are you, you are the ones who are ready to support the mandale view only hoina ta....
Posted on 03-03-05 6:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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mailadai, I am letting u know boy, u get too personal. Anyone can go brag here in forum. I aint any leader and I do not give a damn to these leaders. They failed me and my fellow Nepalese. So what r u saying go fight for a republic nation, when I know this will bring the same old corrupt polticians in power. JUst see at Surya B Thpa and chand. These people were there when there was panchayat they are there in after 1990. And u generalize too much. U saying that there is either cingresi, male, maobadi, or mandale. Boy, I choose somebody to be my leader if I trust him and know that the person gonna bring better good to society. Here is an example for u boy. KTM - election. Padma ratna won the first election in KTM which includes Ason. He got his backing then. He failed everybody. He lost the next election. UML was replaced by congressi PL Singh. Boy, u r telling me that u gotta choose a leader and worship the him/her as god. Get real. U gotta learn to keep it real.
Posted on 03-03-05 7:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Timi leader banera lyauna ta bau cha. Sakcha? Timi mula sanga taagat cha? Leader banaune Janta, Janta nai chup lagera basepachi Leader le jhelli garera lyai halcha ni. " Boy, u showed u r real discontent this statement. What u want from jantas. U want them to give up thier lives for so called leaders. U musta be tripping boy. Peace
Posted on 03-03-05 7:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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timi ajhai pani kura bujhera lyaudaina, ahile leaderharulai gali garna ta sajilo cha, tara timi yadi leader banera herana baucha. timilai tyo leaderharu man parera lyaena hoina ta, tyaso vane timi banera lyau. timi kina bandaina ta? yadi timilai purano leader man pardaina vane naya leader chhanera lyauna ta, for this we need a democracy. it is better to defend a leader who is chosen by janta than handpicked by mandale maharaj. handpick leader has to be kicked out by only mandale maharaj, while jantako leader can be kicked out by the janta. you would probably say all nepali janta are stupid tyasaile mandale maharaj should rule hoina ta bauhca, yes yes you are not a mandale, but you just like mandale view point.
Posted on 03-03-05 7:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am saying again and again boy. I aint a leader and I aint trying to be leader. I am just giving u the reality check baby boy. GOt it. I aint a royalist either. I like to make deicions rationally which it seems you hate it. It need a mass movement to change a system. How many people will lose their lives. I aint a fool hardy to be part of it. Go try it if u can. IF u cannot anwser people queries what u gonna do baby boy.
Posted on 03-03-05 8:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr peabrain peanut..mailakancha..where's your common sense...need potty trainin still?? dang i lOOBBBE your imagination...secret gaents..ehehehehehe now lemme share My FANTASY with ya: Bire bro and his fam is not dead..they're hiding with Princess Di at Buckimham..playing monopoly...Pooor little undedog Gyane with sweating off trying to pull off the pretent...they're just waiting for people to demand kingdom..because they're fed up of Maoist and the other aiirey gaiirey and kam nalagne khaiiires.......Dhantarang..dhikchikdhikchik....guess who's sitting on the throne after few months..no its not Gyane..nope its not bire...nope its not Dipe..noooonooo..Para is dead after taking few more sniffs of coke ...so who.is it gonna be...hahhaha..Dipe and devyani's son..JHiLke kaji.... hahahhaa...NONSENSE...why people are full of it????
Posted on 03-03-05 11:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are you calling mailaadai a pbrain, your must be a particle brain then, I did not write the story above here, the name is given there as well, can you not read it. I am just voicing my opinion for people who tend to think whatever happening in Nepal is ok. Because they hate the leaders, what King did is a ok. What I am saying is its not A OK, ok. If the leaders did not do the right job, then we the junta didn't do the right job chosing them, so we need to chose better candidates. And if you are complaining about the leaders so much and you think you could have done a better job, you should lead the pack. Instead of finding an easy way out by allowing despots rule the country, we should start taking care for ourselves. The Shah clan have ruled Nepal for over 200 years, what have they done? Its time to dismantle the old "netas" and form a new leadership, but under democratic values. Depots are despots, they already failed Nepal for 250 years, and this clown has brought these guys from the grave. What can be expected, except the return to Panchayat. And you ppl seem to be supporting Panchayat as a better way, thus me name calling you Mandale, or neo Mandale. I guess I did make a mistake calling you neo-mandale, so I should be calling you neo-mandale supporters.............
Posted on 03-04-05 5:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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aare yaar... kina yo mailo sanga mukha laageko..!!! .. saaalaaa prithvi ko vaar ho tyo... na ta ramro kura dekhna sakcha... na ta ramro kura sochna sakcha.. na ta ramro kura bolna sakcha.... aati bhayo maaobaadi prabhu... taile jallai paayo tellai j bhani ni thik huncha jasto lagcha ho talai????? tero maao baadi haikam... terai laal senalai suta... CRAP .... my big middle finger goes to you.......
Posted on 03-04-05 7:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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gari lyai pahtaiii auiii.gayiiiieee...whats up wid dad dude??? Reminds me of Bhaktapur's Mula bari..hehehe...excuse me..the ORGANIC VEGGGIES... and mailladaii i'm all ears to your anguish...but my point is whats the point of arguing and defying every govt that comes in power...it just worsens the situation for general nepali and mostly confuses and watses lot of time and money....take it or leave it nobody is perfect...and depending upon who you represent..we ought to mend rules... Kiing will give democracy..(nobody else besides him in his family is educated anyways) .he's just a servant...its just that we're all waiting for someone to take the responsibility and initiative..so who wants to be the bali ko bakra..that is my question? do you for an example wanna hold my hand till we go upto the guillitoine board...??? Do you think you'll get celebrity status once on the throne?? Would you love and support the next person who take over after a four year term?? can you twist the ears of every hungry neta..? Can you form A SYSTEM in NEPAL like US?? i'd be more than happy to be Joan de Arc of Nepal if you're ready to put your words into action... So thinkabouttit ..we'll start setting up for your elections..rightaway..and see who votes for your commanments...
Posted on 03-04-05 8:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh my fcukkiig God!!!! You guys are unbelievable!!! Why are you guys even reacting to some totally prepostorous, fabricated, cooked up story? Mailaadai, whoever the hell he/she/it is, is a evil person. Can you guys not see through his evil intentions? It has been crystal clear, he is on a vendetta to incite hatred against the King. He has crossed the line of all decency and ethics. He has shown how far he is willing to go to tarnish the image of the King by posting fabricated and deceitful stories. fcuking vile, absolutely disgusting!!!

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