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 sardar ji fishing
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Posted on 01-31-05 12:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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once again here is the ONE N ONLY SARDARDji, who got a fishing rod for his birthday decided to go ice fishing to make good use of his gift. Early the next morning, he got all hiss gear together and headed out to the ice. When he reached his final destination, he cut a large hole in the ice and dipped the rod in. Then suddenly he heard a voice that said: "There are no fish in there". So he moves to another spot and cuts another hole, but then the same voice spoke again and told him there were no fish in there. So he moves again, and the voice tells him there are no fish in there. So he looks up and sees an irritated man staring down at him. How do you know there are no fish there? asks the great sardarji... So the man cooly says well first of all, this is a hockey rink..and second of all,,you're going to have to pay for those holes...........
Posted on 01-31-05 1:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hahaha, Good one YB :o)
Posted on 01-31-05 5:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is my real incident with a room mate who is accidentally a Punjabi. He is a software engineer. I have been staying with him for more than three month. Before knowing him personally I used to think; jokes based on Punjabis are just imaginative but now I am sure that these jokes have some logic behind it. Some real time incidents with my Punjabi room mate 1)This guy is so dumb that one day he was asking me where Mexico is. (he asked this when me and my Indian friend were discussing about NAFTA) 2)While watching Hindi movie, when ever he sees some Indian girls in a bikini, he stars swearing at those girls. ( he uses ?behen dee takki? to swear a bikini girl) 3)He never eats halal mutton. But if we cook halal chicken then he is the first to attack. We asked him why you don't eat halal mutton. He told us; "I hate Muslims and the way they kill weather goat." (What about chicken?) 4)He goes to disco every Friday night. He dances very well. Americans start laughing at him when they see him dancing with turbine on his head. (one night one guy hugged him and said ( I ain?t have no hard feeling with Bin laden dude") 5)He recently brought convertible BMW. So evey weekends he tours New Jersey metro area plying Panjabi song in a full volume. If any Nepali guys from NJ have noticed sadar ji driving BMW with loud Punjabi music then he must my room mate.
Posted on 02-01-05 2:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A prince was cursed by a devil that he could speak only one word per year. however he could save his one word by not speaking at all in a year n make it two words the next year and so on. the poor prince saw a stunningly beautiful princess n fell for her instantly. He thought of waiting for 3 years jus to say I LOVE YOU to her. after 3 years he decided to wait 3 more years to say OH MY PRINCESS, I LOVE YOU. then again after 3 years he decided to wait for 4 more years to propose marriage. After 10 painful years of wait, he led the beautiful princess to a romantic garden, knelt in front of her, took her hand in his, n with a very lovely,deep voice he said :OH MY PRINCESS, I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU MARRY ME?. The princess gave a dazzling smile, with a twinkle in her eyes, she stylishly flicked her hairs behind her ears and with a breathtaking voice, she said : PARDON!!! :-)
Posted on 02-01-05 2:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A motorist was driving along a highway, when he accidentally hit a sparrow. he stopped the car, got out of it, n saw the sparrow lying on the street. he went near n found that it was unconscious, but alive. so he took the bird to his home, put it inside a cage, thinking he'd set it free after it gets recovered. he kept some bread and water inside the cage for it. after an hour, the sparrow got conscious. it gave a thorough look around him n said : bread, water and bars!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY HOLY GOD!!! I'VE KILLED THE MOTORIST
Posted on 02-01-05 2:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here are some questions to check ur IQ. The answers follow the questions but make sure u don go for the answers until n unless u make a list of ur answers. and match them with the real ones. 1) John was born in 27th december, still his birthday always lies in summer, how? 2) How many times can u subtract 5 from 25? 3) In arctic regions, the natives do not eat penguins even if they have to starve till death, why? 4) which sentence is correct a)the yolk of egg is white.b)the tolks of egg are white 5) why is 1990 american dollar bill worth more than 1989 american dollar bill 6) In oklahoma, u cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg, why? scroll for the answers have u finished listing, what u think might be the answers?..... oks here u go 1) John was born in southern hemisphere where its always summer. 2) u can subtract 5 from 25 only once, well after that u'll be subtracting 5 from 20, gotchaa 3) In arctic regions, they cannot eat penguins even if they want to, cos penguins are found only in antarctics 4) none of the sentences is correct. The yolk of egg is YELLOW :-) 5) well, thats obvious isn't it? one thousand nine hundred and ninety US dollar bill is worth one dollar more than one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine US dollar bills 6) well, be it Oklahoma or Mgadisu, Baghdad or Tokyo, Moscow or Kabul, Chennai or Biratnagar, u can take a picture only with a camera, not with a wooden leg TEE HEE!!!
Posted on 02-01-05 2:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well, when it comes to jokes, how can we forget sardarjis. Once a sardarji was driving along a highway at a speed of 90 mph. he was overtaken by another sardar driving a ferrari who while passing shouted:hey ever driven a ferrari?" angry the first sardar accelerated the car n overtook the 2nd sardar.after sometime again the 2nd sardar overtook the 1st n while overtaking he was again shouting :"hey ever driven a ferrari". the 1st sardar had enough of it. so he accelerated his car more and overtook the 2nd guy again, but later he came to see that he was driving at a speed of 200 mph, so he slowed down his vehicle jus when he heard a big bang. he turned n saw the ferrari hit a post by the side of the road. the 1st sardar got off his car, went to the ferrari n found the 2nd sardar alive n fine. 1st sardar got angry on his behavious n teased him:"so ever driven a ferrari" the 2nd one said "no this was my first time, that's why i asking u to know where the brakes r"
Posted on 02-01-05 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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usofa, No. 1,5 are really funny. LOL But no.4 is, not funny, in the sense that if anything at all, that american dude made a mockery outta himself. Not that punjabi. Agreed that american dude doesn;t have to know about punjabi and the likes... but if he is to pass any comment like that, he better be informed. but well, looks like that american dude is kewl. Anyways, pujabis aka sardaji's are stupid and mostly illiterate in "general" but they certainly have one thing more than most of others, "Dough." Cheers IndisGuise:)

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