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 In Search of RIGHTS
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Posted on 12-23-04 12:07 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thinking about the world of RIGHTS, I often wonder, who in particular seeks for a right...and from who?! Women's right.. to be allowed by men... men/women?? Or be achieved by women from other women/men or just the men? Human rights from HUMANS to humans? Racial rights to the Colors from the rests? Gay-Lesbian rights from the Straights? Handicapped rights from the Ables? Employees' rights, prisoners' rights, animal rights.... many more RIGHTS!!! Do those activists really end up gaining one, or just get satisfied with their efforts with/without a result?Or Is that an indirect approach to exposing the recessive ones as the "Activists" showing their deprived existence? Or is it just an illusion that fills ones head and mind with an impression that he/she (or the representing group) is now BEING HEARD out of the Crowd? Amendments, affirmative actions, Laws of individual/certain group rights, Penalties to hate crimes... all such good stuffs certainly are minimizing the extremities upto an extent, but aren't they really segregating the population into groups? Now, without being Gender- biased, I just want to put forward this question, setting aside all others, since it would be something legitimate for the discussion related to the issue I just raised.... Do we, the Nepalese feel that "Women Rights rallies on the Street" is a good choice to really bring that "awareness" in the societies where their old concepts are deep-rooted, accompanied by the poverty, and the worst.. living under the "Fear of revolutionary expeditions", and bring a drastic or even undrastic change/variation or any sort of development pointing toward their claimed goal(s) to achieve women's rights?
Posted on 12-23-04 10:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very good topic, Saajha..I have wondered about this for a while now and I think asking for rights is a good way to start pointing out the flaws in our society.. you brought up the issue that if women rallies in the streets really do bring the awareness in our society.. well, in a lot of cases it does..for instance, women wanted the rights to their parents property and they came out in the streets because they wanted the gorvernment to hear their voice and they finally succeeded in achieving their goal.. this might not a be a very good example but what I am trying to say here is that the discriminated group can only their gain rights by being "activists" instead of passively residing in that society and being discriminated against.. another major issue in our society currently is the caste discrimination, mainly for Dalits.. they have started to come out to make people realize how this discrimination has been hurting them and how there needs to be a change in the society..I know just gaining rights is not going to change these deep-rooted ideas.. but if people start implementing these rights into their life as if they have really understood the major reasons behind these rights, then things would change much faster. let's see, how many of bahuns/chhetris or people from any other caste are ready to marry a Dalit man/woman if he/she happens to be just the kind of person you've been looking for all your life? I can tell for sure that it will be only a handful. There you go.. so you need to actively participate against such discriminations in order make use of those rights.. Discrimination is a very sensitive issue and those who are being baised will only understand the gravity of this issue completely.. so your opinion that these rights do nothing to improve the conditions can be refuted.. Later..later..
Posted on 12-23-04 1:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok, so rallies do work in times. And they have worked as well in gaining the claimed rights...referring to the parental property rights example! Now, just like you said, if the society's not implementing such revolutionary attempts, the process goes slower~~ else, rallies are fine the way they are.. since a little bit of something is better than having nil on hand?? Don't you think such promptly-gained rights, even get passed, retain within the books of Law? How many women do you know or have heard of, who actually claimed and were granted such properties on their names (since the law got passed) ended up using them up without being hurdled or even manipulated by their own relatives/neighbors/ the whole society? Think about thousands of other societal loopholes. I bet not many citizens residing in our remote villages are till this date, aware of women's property rights. Even if they are, their norms are so well-grinded within, that they themselves cannot hold them right.. and of course society envies.. and repeatedly does, until the overall socio-cultural infrastructure is altered. Lack of education is not necessarily the cause. Nor is the nation's economy. It is just the way it had been set up. Blacks in the western countries are viewed stereotypically. No matter how far the western civilizations have reached, the races are still firmly segregated, and will be so.. may be forever! You see, homogeneity is just not possible. Distinctness always exists. According to the abilities, the "ability-holders" get their respective positions.. however the degree of such positions are determined by the way they are judged (just like women in the third world still being harshly suppressed, versus women in the western countries, still recessive..but yet outheard). And that particular judgemental- infrastructure roots out of the social and cultural values practiced in the given particular locality/region. Like I said in my previous posting, rally attempts to gain rights COULD BE an indirect approach to exposing the recessive ones as the "Activists" showing their deprived existence.. Or may be just an illusion that fills ones head and mind with an impression that he/she (or the representing group) is now BEING HEARD out of the Crowd. Also, just like Nakkali Kanchhi stated "Discrimination is a very sensitive issue and those who are being biased will only understand the gravity of this issue completely.." : May be I am not being able to feel that pain and rather chose to be blabbering here. Still, don't you think it's just a shallow-console accepting the illusioned fact that Fight against the rights directly works? ~@~

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