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 SAP Fico
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Posted on 08-14-20 12:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Has anybody done SAP training from any consultancy before? I just lost my job and I'm in a spot of bother. Large bills, cc debt... I need to find something quick. Since I studied non-IT, I have an option of doing SAP Fico or BA.

I just applied to Sulekha and I've received more than 30 calls in an hour. It seems like Indians from all over India are calling me.

What surprised me was price associated with it. People are asking for fees. Is that normal? I thought fees weren't part of training.

Kindly advise.
Posted on 08-14-20 1:24 PM     [Snapshot: 22]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good Luck on that.
If someone tells you a story , can you spice it and make your own story? Then you can do it.
It is not hard to learn but How you face the interview is the crucial part.
Posted on 08-14-20 10:45 PM     [Snapshot: 118]     Reply [Subscribe]
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logan, you're talking apples, im talking oranges. I heard there are proxy interviews too so im not really worried. im asking specifically about SAP FICO.
Posted on 08-14-20 11:28 PM     [Snapshot: 130]     Reply [Subscribe]
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since you mentioned proxy interview,

I personally haven't used their services, but give it a try?? or may be you already know about them. I know this girl who has a degree in Hospital Management(waiting for her Licence) just got a job at Apple. Not sure how she is managing as we speak, but they got her the job.

Posted on 08-25-20 11:23 AM     [Snapshot: 378]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@samdai, is it normal for consultancies to ask for 500-600 in training fees? I received several emails from different consultancies.. but I thought training was provided for free.
Posted on 08-25-20 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 401]     Reply [Subscribe]
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laffinbuddha ji, kati manchhe le training sittai liyera chhodne garekole aajkal consultancy le pani fee linchha, 500 to 600 thorai ho, 1500 to 2000 pani liyeko suneko chhu
Posted on 08-25-20 2:05 PM     [Snapshot: 444]     Reply [Subscribe]
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that's a fair point. but at the same time, trainer ramro rainacha ra placements ni chaina bhane ni? Knowing Indians, I wouldn't be surprised if many of them are in it only for training fees.
Posted on 08-25-20 6:31 PM     [Snapshot: 487]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@laffinbuddha. Depends on who are you training with.knowing what you and I know about the Indian Consultancies, I would be skeptical to join them.

 This is my opinion and I could be wrong. the story about joining a consultancy and calling a quit or joining different one b/c the first one didn't worked out or you find something on your own is very common among us. so it's possible that Consultancies will charge you b/c 
 1. They might have to find somebody who is willing to train you(based on what you want training on) 
2. They may or may not find a job for you after training,as you mentioned there are a lot of Consultancies, who are in it just for Training fees. 
3. They may offer you free training, I heard there are consultancies in TX,VA that even provide you accommodation and cash for food expenses while you are on the bench or pending marketing. 

 you mentioned Training Fees of $500-$600, I think that is reasonable, anything SAP related can cost a lot and if you want to get certified that will cost you extra, I did a SAP Certification test and it cost about $530(but luckily for me my employer paid for it) if you are training on something that is common in practice then the consultancy might train(crash course) you for free, because they are investing in you so that when they find you a job, they will make money, that is IF you stick with them.

  For something like what, you are pursuing(SAP FICO), there may not be a lot of consultancies offering it(you should ask around). There are some consultancies, like you mentioned who are up only for training fees. I do get reached out by them all the time, sometimes I get a LinkedIn request from these people see below:
 I am not sure what you situation is? if you can find a job on your own or if you need these consultancies, help find you a job. if later is your case I would reach out to friends and ask them to refer you someone who they can vouch for. unless, you can risk $500/$600 with these Indian consultancies. My best bet is if they are reaching out everyday, and mentioning its going to cost this and that, that's probably a warning sign.

here's some materials you can ponder upon

Last edited: 25-Aug-20 06:32 PM
Last edited: 25-Aug-20 06:34 PM

Posted on 08-26-20 12:26 AM     [Snapshot: 588]     Reply [Subscribe]
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samdai, I'm very skeptical about paying on the grounds of many consultancies being on it just for the sake of training fees. I mean, if it's a genuine company/consultancy, it should have no trouble providing reference, right? That's why I've started asking for references - people they've trained and placed.

Unsurprisingly, not a single consultancy (out of 20+) has managed to provide one! Why? Because they've never placed anyone.

It seems like many of these consultancies work together and hire someone in India to train people. And they make at least 200-300/student from training.

That's why I wanted to reach out to someone who's working on SAP fico. Unfortunately, Nepalis aren't really forthcoming when it comes to helping/sharing knowledge. I knew a guy who was doing it but his fb is deactivated and I've got no other way of contacting him.
Posted on 08-26-20 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 677]     Reply [Subscribe]
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laffinbuddha, that's the sad part. I do believe that there are many of us who is currently working on this and is probably scrolling through this page left and right, but don't want to drop a few cents. They probably are even laughing at us, hah!

Consultancies are in it to make money, so you have to be careful on who you want to work with. Rest is your luck. so it looks like you are trying and asking them for references and what not. good for you. Hopefully, someone with idea about your subject will drop a few words here. good luck!

Posted on 08-26-20 1:19 PM     [Snapshot: 703]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Samdai is 100% right. There are some so called consultancies who are only after your training money. they google some slides here and there from google and put on a training course for you. they act like they are marketing after your training and that is it, your 600 is theirs now. so be careful with that. There are also some our own Nepali bother and sisters consultancies who are doing that. And there are some, who say it is free but after a week they will ask you for a small training fee . There are some really good trainers and good training tho, so it depends on your research and luck.
the consultancy thing is really old now. It's been going on since i graduated in 2004 atleast( yes i'm old). Most Nepalis who made it through this path keep it quiet and act like they were actually genuine, i guess you can't blame them this is a really shitty thing to begin with anyway. Some of them even claim they went to school computer science or engineering when i was a first hand witness that they were business majors in college. i could not do it. I had to start from very bottom and now i am doing fine but it took me years and 2 masters.
I did take sap in college and went for a enry level interview. the guy was teleguu and i think it was a green card interview now. a green card interview is something where a company is trying to sponsor someone for a green card so they call ppl for interview when they know they wont hire the person. the telegu guy try to drill me and try to look at my resume like he was a detective , but i wasn't lying at all so he just told me i don't have enough hands on experience.
sap is hard, and hard to find projects because they last long. it's almost like cpa , it's hard to fake it. and trust me what you learned in college in acct may not even apply or only apply like 10%, at most but it's my assumption. It's totally different . i don't know but you might be better on other quick plug and play IT routes such as sql developer, business intelligence, etc which has hot market. sorry, it's not very helpful ...

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