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 Amby Writes:- My Caffeine Indulgence- I

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Posted on 07-31-17 3:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is a privilege to sip coffee in an airy cafe on a Monday afternoon, all relaxed and nothing much to worry (well I think worrying is a waste of time anyway!...if you can't solve it, let it go). While I am waiting for this jerk friend of mine who is almost...mmm ½ hr late, thought till then I will write something.

Living in US almost all his life, he doesn't know places in Kathmandu to hangout. He asked me, where is a nice place to have coffee; so I asked him to come to this coffee shop where I normally hang out. That gave me an idea why not write about some of the coffee places in Kathmandu and Lalitpur, for future reference to all of you out there :).

This is in random order and in no particular preference. This thread is for the coffee shops in Kathmandu District, since I am here having my Iced Americano ....ssssurrrpp!!!!

Snowman Cafe, Jocchhe – Oh who doesn't love this place....if you haven't been to this place, man you are missing out on a major hangout pilgrimage. It has not changed since decades. Same setting, same food, no fancy menu, just simple coffee and cake.Must try is my favorite Apple Crumble, Apple Pie and Chocolate Cake“Sasto, Ramro, Bharpardo” this is a hangout for all ages.

Coffee Beans, Durbarmarg – Located at Sherpa Mall, this place is pretty pocket friendly reasonable with good selection of coffee, tea and smoothies. If you are a non smoker, you might want to skip this place. This is for chiya churot people. Very friendly and helpful staff ( my personal experience). Not a dating place but to meet bunch of your retarded friends.

Coffee Pasal, Durbarmarg – Now, this is a dating spot. Fancy décor to fancy menu, this is NOT a pocket friendly place. But you pay price for the ambiance. Coffee is good so is their tea selection. A quiet, nice place to have a one of one chitchat, take selfies and get a little cosy. It has a non smoking and smoking arrangements. The breakfast menu is also good ( will not go into much details on FOOD as another thread is on its way for the foodies psss pssh)

Coffee Talk, Hattisar – Previously located in the Marcopolo Hotel premises, it has moved to Hattisar. The exact location is between Kamalpokhari and Jai Nepal crossings, it is on the right from JaiNepal and left from Kamalpokhari. Sharing its location with Societe Cafe, Coffee talk serves good Nepali Organic coffee in a very very reasonable price. It is for again friends hangout and chilling. If you are hungry they also get you food for the next door cafe. Good place to spend a day with friends over coffee.

Bento, Basantapur Dabali – On the East side of the dabali, this is a very small joint which serves Nepali coffee. Just to sit alone and chill, perfect!!!! I love their non caffeine drinks like, Strawberry lemonade and Mint lemonade. This place is recommended for a quick pit stop while you are shopping around ;).

I have skipped on focusing the places in Thamel area, since that is a trial and error, hop scotching place.Too many options and a cafe or a restaurant every other building. I have also not mentioned places which are more focused on food than coffee. These places promote Nepali Organic Coffee and some of them also have a roasted coffee packets which you can buy in kgs.

In another thread I will suggest you more options on coffee shops around Lalitpur District. Next time when you are in Nepal, I hope this thread is going to be your reference chit. Happy Coffeeing!!

P.S. This thread is specially dedicated to Nas jyu, he had been asking me for coffee places since I have mentioned that I am a caffeine addict :D!!!!

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-31-17 11:30 AM     [Snapshot: 349]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Easiest... I am a spoilt brat remember lol lol
Posted on 07-31-17 11:35 AM     [Snapshot: 355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who said that?
Posted on 07-31-17 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You... aka nayapidi :p
Posted on 07-31-17 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 360]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अरे बाफ रे ! सिरियामा धरी जान तयार हजुर !! हजुर त् सार्है एडभेनचरस नि हुनु हुँदो रहेछ ! सिरिया त् डर सरि छ हौ ... फेरी आइसीसले मेरो घाँटी रेटीवरी मेरी प्यारी एम्बीजीलाइ कालो बुर्खामा बेटर लग्यो भने त् मेरो आत्माले कहिले शान्ति पाउने छैन ! काठमाडौँ आउँदा म एक खेप चै, बन्जी जम्प गर्न जाने नि गरेको छु, हाउ बाउट अ डे त्रिप टू द लास्ट रिजोर्ट अल्सो ? इट विल बि सो अमेजिंग एण्ड एडभेनचरस ! हजुरले गर्न भाको छ बन्जी जम्प ? गर्न भाको छैन ..इस्ट्स अ च्यालेन्ज हजुरलाई मेरो है !

Posted on 07-31-17 11:54 AM     [Snapshot: 373]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas jyu,
Been there done that ... that also 2007.... aaba dosro time tyo ukalo chadna lai motivation chaina :p

Posted on 07-31-17 11:56 AM     [Snapshot: 367]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मुलाब्रो डट नेटको कुन कुन बिषय पढी राख्न भाको ! अनि शि# को पकड राम्रो छ ? छ भने त् धेरै सजिलो हुन्छ ! मेन त् शि# नै हो ! अनि सिक्वल कति को पढ्न भाको छ ? मेन कुरो चैँ प्र्यक्तिस हो है ! आफुले नै एउटा सानो वेब एप्लिकेसन तयार पार्नु है ! तेसरी प्र्यक्तिस गरेको बेस्ट हुन्छ ! अहिले त् मार्केट राम्रो छ ! मेरो साथीले नि भर्खर एउटा प्रोजेक्ट सक्काएर अहिले मार्केटिंग गर्दै छ ! अस्ति भर्खर मेरो रेजुमे पत्हैदेको थिए उसलाइ ! मेन कुरो चैँ येत द एण्ड अफ द यियेर र फर्स्ट क्वाटर चैँ सारो स्लो हुन्छ आइ तिको ओभर अल मार्केट ! अनि इन्तार्भिउको लागि यो हाम्रो शिव दाजुको क्वेचन ब्यांक पढ्नु ल ! मैले येही पढी वरी सबै इन्तार्भिउ क्र्याक गर्ने गरेको छु !


Posted on 07-31-17 12:10 PM     [Snapshot: 412]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sorry bro, mailaye timro sweet coffee to thread layee IT consulting ko thread banayee deya.. tara thank you help garayko ma bro... aahilay fundamentals of computer programming with C# ko book ra exercises padhai chu.. din bharee.. rati euta Bharatiya sanga online training pani lidai chu... SQL ramrai cha hola.. college ma garayko.. c++ pani aaucha... consultancy join garncu parcha ki aafai sano kaam khojna sakincha hola boro? malayee paisa ra kagaj ko matlab chaina ... tara yeso career change garum bhanayko ho bro.. khai afno dukha, 7 yrs Business related filed ma kaam garayra pani kahi pugeyana .. pahila college ma programming sarai man partheyo tesailay pheree start gardai chau.. mid 30s ma chu .. k garnu
Posted on 07-31-17 12:12 PM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ये हो र ! मेरी येम्बिजी त् येद्रिनालिन जंकीनै पर्न भाको जस्तो छ ! पक्कै पनि यो क्याफिन कै करामत हुन् पर्छ ! अँ साँची म चै क्याफिन अभोइड गर्छु नि बेब ! दिक्यफिनेट कफी छ भने तेही पिउने बानि छ ! हेर्नुस न मेरो त् अब काठमाडौँका साथिहरु त् कहाँ छन् कहाँ, अनि अलिक एक्लो फिल हुने गर्थ्यो घर आउँदा ! साँची हजुरसंग मेरो भेट भो भने त् हजुरले मलाइ आफ्नो बेस्ट फ्रेन्ड सरह नै बनाउन हुन्छ होला ! म अलिक इनट्रोभर्ट छु तर मन मिल्नेसंग चै फेरी सार्है ओपन छु अनि आउट गोइंगनि छु ! हजुर र मेरो केमिस्ट्री त खुब मिल्छ जस्तो लाग्छ मलाई त !

अनि हजुरको इउ.एस बाट आउनु भाको साथि ..हजुरको सार्है मिल्ने साथि हो ?

Posted on 07-31-17 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 433]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Baahh Nas lai coffee bhanda mero saathi ma interest??? R u jealous??? Lol
Posted on 07-31-17 12:26 PM     [Snapshot: 427]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हा हा ! मुला ब्रो ..केहि फरक पर्दैन ... मेरी येम्बिजी सार्है मायालु र अन्डरस्त्यन्दिंग गर्ल हुनु हुन्छ ! सी इज सच अ स्विटहार्ट ! ब्रो स्ट्याटसको केहि चिन्ता छैन भने त् झन् दरो भयो नि ! म त् के सुझाब दिन्छु भनेनी दुइ तिन वटा प्रोजेक्ट गरेर मात्र फुल टाइम खोज्नु ! किनकी अहिले नै येंत्री लेभलमा पैसा निक्कै कम हुन्छ ! ब्रोको अलिकति भापानी ब्याक ग्राउण्ड रहेछ ! एसले त् झन् मदत गर्छ ! तेसैले अहिले बरु अलिक टाउको दुखाएर भएनी मेहनत गर्नुस, कन्सल्टेन्ट बनि केहि बर्ष एक्स्पिरियेंस लिनु अनि तेस्पछि फुल टाइममा जानुस ! कन्सेल्तेंत बन्दाको दुख र पिडाको एक्स्पिरियेंसले ब्रोलाई झन् बेसी स्ट्रंग र कन्फिदेंत बनाउछ ! अनि ....एज.... इज नो ब्यारिएर ब्रो ! एक खेप यो फिल्डमा छिर्न मात्र पर्छ ... इट्स नेभर टू लेट ! ह्याब अ स्ट्रंग दिटरमिनेसन एण्ड अ विल टू सक्सिड ! येति मोटिभेसन र हार्ड वर्क मात्र चाहिन्छ ब्रो !
Posted on 07-31-17 12:29 PM     [Snapshot: 444]     Reply [Subscribe]
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God bless you bro... I will always remember you nas bro..mero boro layee aashis bhitra maan bata.. :
jaya mata bhagwati
nas ko satru maroon phat phatti..
Laxmi mata lay baas garun
Priyanka, Ambrosia, Ani sabai tarunee lay aash garun...
jaya hos
Posted on 07-31-17 12:39 PM     [Snapshot: 443]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तेस्तो जेलस फिल हुनै पर्ने त् भाको छैन ... तर म काठमाडौँ आउँदा चै हजुरको अरु साथिहरुलाइ भन्दा बेसी समय चै मलाइ नै दियोस जस्तो चैँ लागेको छ है .... मनको भित्रि गहिराहीमा !
Posted on 07-31-17 12:43 PM     [Snapshot: 472]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Huss.... roger that!!
Posted on 07-31-17 12:50 PM     [Snapshot: 470]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हा हा हा हा ! हँसाउन भएर मार्न भो मुलाजस्तो ब्रोले ! ब्रोको मन बाट दिन भाको आशिष लागोस मलाइ नि ... अनि ब्रोलाई नि मेरो सहृदय धन्यबाद र ब्रो पनि छिट्टै म जस्तै घन्टे बनुन भन्ने हृदय देखि नै शुभकामना ! घण्टा हानेर छाप्न भाको पैसाले आफ्नो सबै इछ्या पुरा गर्नु .... संसार भरि भेकेसन लिन पाउन ....अनि मलाइ बेला बेलामा अपडेट गर्दै गर्नु है !
म पनि अस्ति २०१५ मा पहिलो खेप भकेसन लिएको थिए ...करिबियेंन गाको थिए ...सार्है रमाइलो भो ... अब आर्को बर्ष चै काठमाडौँमा नै भेकेसन जान पर्छ भनेर पैसा जोगाउन्दै छु !
Posted on 07-31-17 12:56 PM     [Snapshot: 482]     Reply [Subscribe]
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येम्बिजी .... आज हजुरले नसुत्ने नै बिचार गर्न भाको हो ? सुत्ने बेला भएँन हजुरको ? हजुरलाई धपाउन खोजेको होइन नि फेरी ...

धन्न आज म तेती बिजी भएँन यहा... नत्र त् कहा एस्तो गन्थन गर्न पाउँथ्यो र .... अस्ति केहि हफ्ता त् सार्है बिजी थिए म त् !

अनि सुन्नुसन ... सपनीमा मलाइ नै सम्झीवरी सुत्नुस न ल ! अहिले नै लुक्ला जान नपायेनी सपनीमा भा पनि जुम न ल !
Posted on 07-31-17 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 510]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 24-Oct-19 04:09 PM

Posted on 07-31-17 2:06 PM     [Snapshot: 573]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you Baje, timro pani jaya hos...
Posted on 07-31-17 8:22 PM     [Snapshot: 757]     Reply [Subscribe]
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लुक्ला जाने रे, टिकेट चाहि तुम्लिङ्ग्टार को पो रहेछ त, ब्रो ?
Posted on 07-31-17 9:04 PM     [Snapshot: 804]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas le lukla bhanera tumblintar lagey ni janney ho....its the journey with the person not the destination! re k!
Posted on 08-01-17 7:19 AM     [Snapshot: 1015]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाहा बन्धु ब्रो ... ज्यादा एक्साइटेड भएछु म !

अ..... मेरी एम्बीजी ! कस्तो मिठो कुरा .... येदि हजुरको साथ् पाए भने त् आइ विल ह्याब जर्नी अफ माइ लाइफ टाइम ! :)

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