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 Voting Trump per his philosophy on Women .
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Posted on 10-09-16 8:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This will be the only Macho man in US Presidential Election ever found. In his win we can follow his advise on getting women is grabbing their privet parts.
Once his mind is set up, he will not back and let us down.
Posted on 10-09-16 9:41 AM     [Snapshot: 62]     Reply [Subscribe]
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But you should be a star and/or billionaire.
Be careful. lol
Posted on 10-10-16 9:09 AM     [Snapshot: 226]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Only reason to vote Trump is , has balls. His suggestion ( grab pu**y) to get women is very important because he will bring a new culture.
He will be second macho president in the universe after Putin.
Posted on 10-11-16 9:23 AM     [Snapshot: 399]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why are you only talking about Trump. Have you seen what Hillary said behind closed doors.
1. Open Border Trade, which unesures killing of american Manufacturing. Designed esp for corporations.
2. She said she got two face, one public and one for Wall street
3. She basically bought all Media sources and DNC actively helped her kill Bernie Sanders Campaign, Many election and debates were rigged.
4. She and her Husband Championed NAFTA. If you been to Detroit or any Rush Belt State you will see the devastation of that. Company now flee to Canada/Mexico.
5. She gave contact to Uranium extraction to a Russian, who then later donated to Clinton Foundation. Russians sold the same Uranium to Iran and now we Americans are paying the Price of that from having to fight Iran.
6. She deleted 30,000 emails as soon as FBI started investigating her Private server.
7. I can go on....
Donald Trump is Morally wrong, but so are we all. We are not electing Pope, so calm down.
If we accepted Bill Clinton to have a blow job in his office we sure can aacept Trump talking Trash in Private conversation.
Hillary is More Dangerous to America than Trump. Its just the mainstream Media is feeding you wrong information everyday to elect Hillary.
Posted on 10-11-16 6:35 PM     [Snapshot: 532]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Corporate America,
Those redneck whites are fucking your as5. You enjoy that right? Choose what you fill you like.
70 % of Drump suppoters is in that category. If you are immigrant you are their enemy.
Last edited: 11-Oct-16 06:39 PM

Posted on 10-12-16 12:53 PM     [Snapshot: 704]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One who could not run own business promising bringing back sound same as Maoist were promising to general people.
Hillary is not trustworthy but as I compare to Trump she is better.
Posted on 10-12-16 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 708]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Magorkhe1 who said Trump couldn't run his own business? He turned his name into billion dollar business. Tell me how many other people have done that? Yeah hes filed for bankrupticies as per law and have done badly in some business. But overall hes a billionaire,
he owns billion dollar industry, everytime hes on TV their ratings soars up like a bitch. Unlike you guys I watch Politics fairly. Yes i'm an immigrant and I live in a Redneck area. I do have disagreemtns with them but guess what i Have found a way to get along with them. I'm not a race baiter on every things. Trump has hard words on illegal immigration, Im not one of them.
Imagine how you would feel if Kathmandu started importing Indians from Delhi and fill your KTM streets. You might have felt racism and stuffs from some rednecks but imagine we came from a society where lower Caste people arent even allowed in the House. People are backward in every country but things will change.
You as an immigrant have atleast secured a job so far in America because Jobs have stayed in. As soon as Hillary comes into office she will sign TPP and ship your jobs to the streets of Vietnam and see how you feel that time. Her husband signed NAFTA which havebankruped this country and you think his wife will do better?
In the end Trump is morally wrong, he grabs pussies and kisses women whenever he wants but guess what you arent voting for POPE, you voting for some one who helps to create jobs and secure better deal on jobs and security.I'm voting Trump for change thats it. I might Vote democrats in next election if the come up with better person like Bernie.

Posted on 10-12-16 1:53 PM     [Snapshot: 740]     Reply [Subscribe]
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CorporateAmerica, Ok lets say Trump will bring back job in US , so you Socalled corporateAmerica will go back to work as that kind of low paying manufacture jobs ?? Thats what your goal is ??
Posted on 10-12-16 2:10 PM     [Snapshot: 751]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The road to Middle Class in America is Manufacturing. This is the reason Obama is doing so bad on the economy because all new jobs created are in Service sector, Manufacturing is bleeding. Strong Manufacturing is the only way to Middle Class for ordinary Americans. who says Manufacturing is low paid, check your Taco Bell salary VS working in Production in 3M or GM? Get your fact straight man.
TPP will allow foreign company to open business in US and bring their own people to work. US can also do that but whos gonna open a factory in Vietnman and take americans to work there?You see what I'm saying. Most of the cities in American Mid West rely heavily on these jobs and Hillary cant wait to get rid of them.
Posted on 10-18-16 7:11 AM     [Snapshot: 943]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Those manufacturing job already out are not going to come back not even on Trump's tax incentives. Low labor cost is much more beneficial than the tax break.
How he will stop manufacturing job going out of country? Do you see any specific plan? Job created by mining will not be coming back rather will go down yearly, there should be a realistic plan rather than giving a false hope. None of them has any solid plan how to take care of MIDWEST. TPP is not good plan for American but  House and Senate will decide on it , right ?

How much of his claims you believe? He claimed that he knows the tax better than anybody but he does not. Do you believe that US voting system is rigged?
Last edited: 18-Oct-16 09:23 AM

Posted on 10-18-16 7:52 AM     [Snapshot: 969]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Corporate America,

The very founding principle that the Great America was built on was to welcome people who can express their religious and economic freedom. It is very hypocritical to say that once you become US citizen, then you should close the borders. We should not forget who we are and where we come from and also what this great country has offered us. Trump is against immigration, we wants to deport every illegals from this country. I believe that we as an immigrant, legal or illegal, have directly or indirectly contributed to this country in our own way. You have a corporate job and earn well does not mean that the new immigrants should not be reaching there.
In this world of globalization, we as a nation cannot just isolate ourselves and believe that economy will be all right. The only reason that the plants are moving away from US is due to cheap labor force. The irony is that we don't want immigrants coming in and we want cheap labor force. How will that work? The top executives (predominantly white) do not want to share their profit to the low minimum wages labor. I do not think those what Hillary calls "basket of deplorables" will work such laborious work for such minimum wages. I have visited manufacturing industries, all the blue color jobs are predominantly black and Latinos. The only reason Trump is doing so well is he is magnifying the issues of "white privileges" and also the frustration of the people that have from Washington's political correctness. We are in the progressive movement. We should believe in equal pay, equal opportunity, and free healthcare and free education. I am not saying Hillary will do all this and some of them are more difficult to implement, but at least she will lead us to that direction.
I cannot tell you whom to vote, but choosing Trump would be very disastrous for immigrants like us and for US too.

Posted on 11-08-16 9:15 AM     [Snapshot: 1261]     Reply [Subscribe]
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झुट पनि कति जाठो खेति नै गर्छ | टम ब्रेडिले मलाइ भोट दिएर यो पत्र लेख्यो भन्दै फलाक्यो भरे भन्दा टम ले भोट नै खसालेको छैन | अन्तिम दिन पनि झुटको खेति गर्न पछि परेन |

Last edited: 14-Nov-16 10:16 PM

Posted on 11-08-16 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 1310]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Corporate America
Once there used to be non-skilled high paying jobs but its not there any more because technological innovations have changed the landscape. Automated machinery have replaced many man-power in the work force. Then you have to factor in the prices where you have to compete with the whole world not just your local stores.
What Donald Trump has promised is just not possible in large scale. USPS pays decent wage compared to your Taco Bell but its bleeding money and cutting its work force in hundreds and thousands in numbers because technology has advanced. People are not using USPS as much as they used to because they do online payments and such. Most of the business USPS is getting is from business entities. Even though this is not a manufacturing business but its still a good example.
Listen, i am in a sports retail business and people comb through internet for better prices before making a purchase. And they dont care if its fake or authentic and they are willing to order it even if it came from pluto. Its global trade market with a cut throat prices. So i suggest you stop living in the past. But i do think the government should invest in training individuals with new technologies the pop up ever 6 months.

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