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 Who were Newars from Kathmandu 200 years ago ?
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Posted on 08-04-16 1:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most Nepalese people don't know about this. The real Newars when this nation was
created 200 years ago, all the inhabitants living in the Kathmandu valley were Jyaphus (Jya ya phu) which means "We can Work". In those days almost all of them had their Last Name that represented their skill or work. Example: Manandhar = Veg. Oil producers, Nakarmi = Blacksmiths, Maharjan = Farm produce suppliers, Shakya = Jewelers, Dangol = fertilizer makers and so on.
If you don't believe, then participate in one of their "Jatras" and also research on how the temples were made. They weren't made by today's Newars like Shrestha, Joshi, or pradhans etc.

As the valley became populated with people after Kathmandu became the capital, from surrounding hills and southern plains, people tried to associate themselves with the Jyaphus. The most popular ones that came from the south was "Shresta" which is now called Shrestha. They worked as a middleman to supply goods in and out of the valley. Likewise "Paradhan" which is now called Pradhan worked as rice distributer. "Bhandari" and "Joshi" brahmans started to call themselves Rajbhandari and Joshi who worked as priests in hindu festivals. "Baidya" who were originally from India worked as Nurses for Jyaphus and are also called Vaidya these days.

You can also find these facts in the oldest library in Kathmandu near New Road Gate (Nepal Airlines building )

Posted on 08-04-16 2:03 PM     [Snapshot: 36]     Reply [Subscribe]
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साझा मा इतिहासकार को कमि थियो , त्यो पनि भेटियो ।
Posted on 08-05-16 8:08 AM     [Snapshot: 293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@mahamanavta, dont talk such thrash man, its too funny
Posted on 08-05-16 6:42 PM     [Snapshot: 506]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ज्याफु हैन ब्रो ज्यापू हो .. ज्यापू भनेको ज्या पुजा अर्थात् काम को पुजा गर्ने मान्छे .. त्यसैले नेवारहरु धर्म मा भन्दा कर्म मा बिश्वास गर्ने जाति हो... तर अहिले उल्टो भैसक्यो ...धर्म मा बिश्वास अर्थात् भगवान भरोसे अर्थात् अल्छि अर्थात् गफ गरि खान पल्केका ...
Posted on 08-09-16 11:44 AM     [Snapshot: 881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mahamanav, good point. I'm not a Newar but I had many room mates in the US who were Newars.
Malai thaha thiyena, Newar haru bich pani Thulo Jaat ra Sano Jaat huncha bhanera. And it's weird that those who contributed to the Newar Culture the most, they have been placed in the Sano Jaat.
Newar haru ma Jyaphu lai Sano Jaat ma rakhda raichan. Yi Jyaphu haru ko Jatra herna, Jyaphu harule banayeka Mandir haru herna nai Tourist haru Kathmandu aauchan. Tara Newar samuh ka aru jaat haru jastai Shrestha, Joshi, Vaidya, Rajbhandari, Pradhan haru Jyaphu jaat ko Newar ko chorachiri sanga afno chorachori ko bihe garauna patakkai mandainan. Ukhan cha ni yauta "Kaam garne Kalu, Makai khane Bhalu".

My one room mate(A Jyaphu) had a girlfriend who was Shrestha, but her parents didn't agree for their marriage. Now that girl is married with a guy (Pradhan). They live in Houston Texas I think.
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Posted on 08-09-16 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 885]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kun jamana ko kuro ho yo,
ajkal sab chalcha, just hv to hv modern thinking , simple living
my sister not my mine though got married to jyapu though i am chettri, maja le bhoj ni khaiyyo

khusi le baseey chan uni haru
Posted on 08-09-16 12:41 PM     [Snapshot: 935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ज्यापू भनेको जात नै हैन . नेवार समुदाय मा जात हैन कार्य बिभाजन हुन्छ .. ज्यापू हरु खेत मा काम गरेर अन्न उब्जाउने काम गर्छन .. ताम्राकार तामा को काम गर्ने सिल्पकार काठ को काम गर्ने श्रेष्ठ प्रधान ब्यापार अथवा सरकारी काम गर्ने , कुमाल माटो को काम गर्ने .. शाक्य सुन चादी को काम . खड्गी मासु बेच्ने . सबैको आफ्नो काम हुन्छ .. यहि काम ले बिभाजन हुन्छ जातले हैन ..
ज्यापू ले मन्दिर बनाउने चाही हैन होला ब्रो ..

फरक थर मा बिहेवारी चाही चल्दैन थियो ......तर अहिले सबै चल्छ..
Posted on 08-09-16 1:04 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जाठाहो तिमि हामि सबै ज्यापु , कमाएर खानु बस्नु परेको छ ज्यापु भैए न त ?

गुल्लाड़ेहरु ज्यापु नहुन लाइ तिम्रा बाउ बाजेले चुसेको र लुटेको हुनु पर्छ नत्र काम नगरी खान ससुराली बस्न जाओ |
कामलाइ सानो र ठुलो ठानेर कुरा गर्ने मुजीहरुलाई कन्सले टिपेर लानु पर्थ्यो | प्रिथिबी लाइ भार |

Posted on 08-09-16 1:14 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Love परेर ब्याह गर्ने भए चल्छ तर arrange marriage मा अहिले पनि उही सोचाइ छ ठुला जाति भनाउदा हरु को. Arrange marriage अहिले पनि vast majority family मा चलेकै छ. त्यसैले जातिएता भन्ने कहिलै जादैन नेवार समाज बाट.

Posted on 08-09-16 2:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1011]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why is there is persistent and perpetual attack on the Shresthas from all sides regarding their history and heritage? I ALWAYS see the same argument being made - that Shresthas are not proper Newars, that they do not represent Newari culture, yada yada.

If these people actually care to read a few books, they will realize that Shresthas obviously are an inseparable part of the larger Newar community. As the traditional representative of the Hindu Kshatriya (warrior, administering) varna of Nepal Mandal / Nepal Valley, Shresthas have no doubt have been the most dominant and most privileged groups of Nepal. They included among them the rich landholding clans, they included among them the Thakuju (Thakur-jyu) royal family and nobility (Malla, Pradhan, Pradhananga, Rajlawat, etc.) they included among them the highest non-Brahmin priests (Joshi, Karmacharya, Gurubacharya), they included among them the highest administrators of the land (Rajbhandari, Amatya, Bhadel, Mulmi, etc.). Ethnically, Shresthas are mostly derivative and hodge-podge of Licchhavi and Malla mixed with a good sprinkling of Kayastha, Rajput, Karnat (Maithili), Varma-Thakuri (not to be confused with Khas-Thakuri), Brahmaputra Kshetriya and few prominent Vaishya heritage, and also no doubt due to geographic proximity to Mongoloid influences.

Words like 'Shrestha' or 'Pradhan' were already introduced in the 17th century since Pratap Malla's time, although the medieval name for these were "Bharo' and "Pradhan Mahapatra (Pamah)' respectively in the olden days. To say Pradhan worked as rice distributor that also without any basis or justifiable proof is just absurd. Sure they were last of the major migrants to enter Nepal, and they certainly came to Nepal Valley much later than other Newar groups, but almost all the other groups too have a history of migration to Nepal Valley either from India or Tibet. And these later migrants adopted and continued the language and culture and festivals of the already existing (and majority) Jyapus and other groups. 

And what most people may not know is that the original meaning of the word Newar almost always denoted only to those upper caste Shresthas, the Chhathari Shresthas. Historically those Chhathari Shresthas (not all but prominent ones like Rajbhandari, Rathaur, Joshi, Vaidya, Karmacharya, etc. and few other Newar castes like the Naya/Khadgi butchers) are written in the genealogical records to have come with a Maithili-origin king in the 1400s to escape the Muslim emperors. That king originally came from the Neyaar region of the Malabar coast of Maharastra/Kerala. Hence, it is believed (although by no means proved) that the Neyaar > Newaar name stuck and begun to be used to those immigrants - who are largely part of the Chhathari Shrestha caste among Newars. *And the Naya/Khadgis till today claim to be descendants of the Nayars of Kerala. Google it up to know who they are. If you go to the predominantly Jyapu villages like Khokana, Godavari, Panauti, etc. the older generation farmers there will equate the term Newar to the Shresthas and not necessarily to the whole community.

And on the importance of Jyapu as the bearers of all the culture of Newars, no doubt. Jyapus no doubt have carried the duty as patrons of all the Valley jatras and socio-religious events, and almost all the calendar functions of the year.
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Posted on 08-09-16 2:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1045]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rajesh BP (Rajesh Bahadur Pradhan), you just copy pasted everything from Wikipedia which no doubt was written by some Shrestha or Pradhan like yourself who likes to be called a guy from Upper caste.

If this keeps going for another generation, there will not be a Newar in Kathmandu. It's not too late to appreciate the hard work these jyaphu people have been doing for so long. 

Last edited: 09-Aug-16 02:32 PM

Posted on 08-09-16 2:51 PM     [Snapshot: 1064]     Reply [Subscribe]
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jhaaa,, now they are richest in the country.... housing, land business all own by maharjan / dongol / singh's.
Posted on 08-09-16 2:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1072]     Reply [Subscribe]
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suser, you are going totally off track from the thread content.
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Posted on 08-09-16 3:20 PM     [Snapshot: 1085]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's not too late to appreciate the hard work these jyaphu people have been doing for so long.
धोति ब्रो मैले यसको उत्तर मात्रै दिएको हो ...
अनि title र पहिलो पोस्ट check गर्नुस , अनि को को बाहिर गैराखेको छ थाहा हुन्छ....
Posted on 08-09-16 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1214]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@jhaaaaa you only got the Bahadur right my friend. Wikipedia may have a few information but I don't trust the things written there for referencing. I have never disagreed the hardwork of all Newar groups but especially the Jyapu caste in preserving the culture and heritage of Kathmandu. And all people (Jyapus and non-Jyapus alike) will agree with you if you say Jyapus are the most hardworking people of Nepal; they are a prime reason for the civilization to flourish. But I don't know what your point is when you or people like you continually attack a specific group of people/caste just because. It is part and parcel of the larger theme across Nepal and India where there is an inherent anti-Brahmanical hate. Most non-Bahuns LOVE to hate Bahuns in Nepal. Similarly, all non-Shresthas LOVE to hate Shresthas. Sure, your point of Jyapu group being important or valuable is completely true, but to do this, you don't have to automatically belittle every other Newar and fabricate false lies like you and the other guy make out of thin air.
Last edited: 09-Aug-16 10:40 PM

Posted on 08-16-16 4:38 PM     [Snapshot: 1423]     Reply [Subscribe]
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राना काल मा काठमाडौँ उपत्यका छिर्ने सबै नाका बन्द गरेका थिए | त्यो ताकामा अरु नेपाली तथा भारतीय जात का मानिस हरु आफ्नो थर "श्रेष्ठ" बनाएर काठमाडौँ छिरेर उपत्यका मा बसी बसाऊ गरेको कुरा पनि इतिहासकार हरु बताउदाछन् | "श्रेष्ठ" थर को संख्या राना काल मा एकासी बढेको थियो पनि भनेका छन् |

अहिले नेपाल मा 8०% श्रेष्ठ थर भएका मानिसहरुलाई नेवार संस्कृति बारे केहि पनि जानकारी नभएको पनि इतिहासकार हरु बताउछन |
Posted on 08-16-16 5:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1463]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They obviously have sperms from different castes. some look like, bahuns while others look like mongolians
Posted on 08-17-16 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1520]     Reply [Subscribe]
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NepaliSailla....right on spot. ;)
Posted on 08-18-16 9:27 AM     [Snapshot: 1650]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 21-Aug-16 02:11 AM


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