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 छु नेवाः एकता धत्थें दु?
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Newa Nepal Bhasa
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Posted on 06-24-16 2:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेवाः छवाः न्हि(नेवाः एकता दिवस) धकाः ला दँय् दँय् हन। नेवाःत दथुइ पासु(विभेद) मदु धकाः रङ्गशालाय् च्वनां धा नं धाल। तर छकः नेवाःत गुलि छप्पँ धाइगु नं थुइके! नेवाः समाज अझं नात्रिकुत्रि तिनि। नेवाःत दथुइ दूगु जात प्रथां झीतः ब्वथलाःतःगु दु। हिन्दु शास्त्र मनु स्मृति सफूया आधारय् २१क्वःगु सदिइ ताक्कं असर यानांतल।थुपिं ज्यापुत, थुपिं प्वंत हं… लिङ्गया आधारय् ला झीगू तजिलजिनिसें सोचय् ताक्कं हा कयाःतःगु दु। मिसापिन्तः गुलि असमानता दु; समलिङ्गी, द्वीलिङ्गी, पारलिङ्गी व अनतर्लिङ्गीपिन्तः ला मनू ल्याःखाइ मखु। धर्मया आधारय् ला उलि मजूसां जु हे मजू ला धायेमफु। हाकनं थुपिं सहरय् च्वपिं, थुपिं गामःत धकाः ल्याःचाः दु। ख्वप भाय् ल्हाइपिं, यल-यें भाय् ल्हाइपिं दथुइ च्वय्-क्वय् दु। नेवाःत दथुइ थिथि आधारय् असमानता दतिले गथे धायेगु नेवाःतय् छवाः जुल?

Posted on 06-24-16 6:14 AM     [Snapshot: 51]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Did you write it or copy and pasted ?

Posted on 06-24-16 6:53 AM     [Snapshot: 61]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cut out with tis bullshit man! You people pretend everything is all fine just to take the Janajati quota. But the truth is, even till now I know many Newar friends who discriminate against lower Newar castes. If Newars have stopped their caste system how come Pode, Chyame, Kusle, manandhar, khadgi, etc. are still seen as Dalits? People do not even talk to them in grown ass manner let alone take food from them or go to their house. Its fucked up man. Grown up in a heavy Newar community in Bhotahity where there are many Tuladhars, Kansakars, Shakyas. In fact the caste discrimination and internal division among Newars is much more than what we have among Pahadey or Madhise castes. I know for a fact because many of my Shakya and Bajracharya friends used to make fun of every other Newar, they used to tease Maharjan people calling them Jyapu Jyapu. And the funny thing is other people who were Shrestha, rajbhandari, Joshi, Pradhan, malla and a really good friend of mine who is a Karmacharya made fun of those Shakya and Bajarcharya instead and believed they were the lower class. This cycle continues. Newar community in itself is very very unique and caste in itself in an integral part of the culture which I respect a lot.
Posted on 06-24-16 9:45 AM     [Snapshot: 144]     Reply [Subscribe]
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talk about unity of whole mankind, unity of nepalis and not just unity of newars. and please dont post any more copy paste articles
Posted on 06-24-16 10:00 AM     [Snapshot: 159]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Being Newar, I condemn these kind of disgusting posts. Please stop posting these non sense. I like and even speak newari language but please write in Nepali while you spread out the words as Nepali(not newari) is our official and national language. How do you feel someone from china come to you and straight talk to you in chinese language without caring whether or not you understand?
Lastly, Please  cut the bull$hit about these bahun ekata, newar ekata, kirat ekata. Talk about nepali ekata.
Last edited: 24-Jun-16 10:20 AM

Posted on 06-24-16 1:43 PM     [Snapshot: 231]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is higher degree of racism within Newar community.
Shrestha undermines Bajrachary, Shakya, Maharjan
Bajracharya, Shakya undermine Shrestha, Maharjan
Maharjan undermines Shrestha, Shakya, Bajracharya.

I am confused who is the highest cast in Newars. This kind of infested thoughts will never go away.
Last name does not matter, attitude matters.

Posted on 06-24-16 2:34 PM     [Snapshot: 278]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am newar but I'm not racist :) i love chettri, Bahun , thakuri , Rana ,Shah woman with some good attitudes :D
Posted on 06-24-16 8:47 PM     [Snapshot: 356]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 06-24-16 9:51 PM     [Snapshot: 382]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If I had power I would shoot this racist guy who creatrd this pyramid.

Posted on 06-25-16 1:31 AM     [Snapshot: 421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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manche Chandra ma pugisakey hami nepali chai jaat bhaat bahun damai madise pahade matrai bhandai kaile samma basne?
Posted on 06-25-16 1:56 AM     [Snapshot: 427]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about this pyramid chart?

Posted on 06-25-16 5:59 PM     [Snapshot: 580]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@nepalibabuktm, could u tell me where did u get the chart? from some govt report?
how is khas traditionally hindu and non-indigeneous?could u explain?
how are all janajati non-caste? as far as i know they have case hierarchy too.
seems like some INGO 'intellectual' combined the indian caste system with nepali jaats. has several mistakes
Posted on 06-25-16 8:23 PM     [Snapshot: 620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't shoot me cause I got that picture from google. In fact it is the first thing that comes up if you type 'Nepal caste'.

@shiva_linga I don't know about traditionally hindu and non-indigenous but you say janajati have caste hierarchy which is true but one thing I agree with that pyramid is that unlike the 3 communities mentioned, Newari, Madhesi, Khas - the others do not have hierarchy based on varna system, from Brahmin to Dalits, or am I being wrong here? I know Tamangs have different clans and some like Lama are more respected than Ghale for example, but there is no fixed restriction on marriage between a Lama and Ghale primarily on the basis of things like caste, lineage, purity, pollution, and the 'varna'. I mean a rich Lama would never marry a poor Ghale, but if they were of equal setting, the issue of caste would not be a problem, which is different compared to a rich Bahun and a rich Damai in the same situation, or a rich Jyapu vs. a poor Joshi, or between a Paswan and a Kayastha.

And I think we (and by that I mean Pahadi Bahun and Chettri) need to really take a hard look. The moment issues of caste is brought up, we tend to shun it saying those are the things of the past and we are all modern creatures now. We take no time saying we don't need jaatiya rajya and all that crap but hey - we are always the ones who identify ourselves based on our jaat and jaat alone. When asked to identify ourselves, we are the ones who say we are Brahmin. And in a society which has Brahmin, Chettri that society will automatically have a Baisya and Sudra. I know dozens of my own people who are zealously proud of our Bahun heritage (which I get it everyone should be proud of who they are and their heritage), but when that identity comes from an evil institution which has for generations benefited you at the expense of others, what is the point of that high-ho fake proudness?

So spare me this show of your apparent allergy to pictures like that pyramid which just reflects the present condition of our social reality. What we actually have to do is try our best to end this dual hypocrisy.
Last edited: 25-Jun-16 08:24 PM

Posted on 06-29-16 6:59 AM     [Snapshot: 870]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ktmbabu, that is just not true.
-firstly, let me elaborate my comment. this diagram doesnt represent the caste dynamics of nepal in any time period. the caste hierarchy norms were mainly standardised in jayasthiti malla and jung bahadur'S period and this diagram of yours doesnt mach with both of them.this is basically made by some westerners retrofitting nepali castes in indian chaturvarna system.
-khas is indigeneous nepali and traditionally non- hindu .the person who has made this pyramid doesnt know this basic fact.
-not all janajatis are non-caste. they may not have the rules as strict as terai hindus but they do have castes. the char(4) jate gurungs are above the sorha(16) jaate.and the ghale are above them all.rana magar and thapa magar are considered above other magar castes.some magars dont even consider bhujel magars and some do. the thakalis also have a caste hierarchy.. in kirati lands, the traditional jamindars and feudal castes like rai ,subba,dewan still dont intermarry with other kiratis and are called mukhiya ba, jimwal ba,subba etc in villages.the lamas consider themselves superior to other tamang castes.

u talk about there being no fixed restrictions, but there was till the last generation. only the relative poverty and modern ideas have changed that. there are also some newar,magars khas, brahmin,madhesi intermarrying .but economically well off janajatis like gurungs,magars, kiratis and newars still follow their caste hierarchy while marrying.
-just because you (pahade bahun chetri) shuns to talk about caste doesnt mean the idea of social equity and justice wont stop. the thing that everyone misunderstands is that the problem is actually class based and not caste based.when there wa a central feudal lord of khas/thakuri family,there were also local lords of all other ethnic groups who basically were working with the central feudals to loot the common people of all castes and creeds.this is the country where all the 'raiti' of east would go to the subba or rai jimwal of their village ot recieve tika. and the same with the magar/gurung/khas mukhiya of western nepal.the terai brahmins of india would be invited to nepal and granted land and jamindar status by the central feudal king and the jamindars on their side enslaved all others including their owns.
so it was always a class issue.
the caste based identity that is spoken of now was not there till the early 90s as it is now.now everyone identifies themselves with their caste and it has become their primary identity.
the most recent of the caste pyramid that legalised caste system was that of jung bahadur ald it had 3 tiers-
tagadhari( bahun,khas ,newar and terai high castes,including some magars who wore holy thread)
matwali (magar,gurung,rai ,limbu,tamang,newar middle castes)
pani nachalne(all pahad,terai and valley low castes)

Posted on 06-29-16 12:37 PM     [Snapshot: 912]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You do realize Jayasthiti Malla was in the 14th century and Jang Bahadur in 19th century right? Also what Malla did was limited to Newar society, not affecting other independent societies of that time at all. And the system of caste according to varna divisions was present way before in the Lichchavi era, Malla only codified it in a written code. JBR on the other hand single handedly dragged ALL Nepalis, even the Janjatis who had no idea of this system of caste structure in their societies to follow it and adhere to it. What JBR did with his muluki ain fundamentally changed Nepalese society and it also became the ultimate legitimacy of Khas/Parbate (read Chetri, Bahun, Thakuri) hegemony over all others. Why would he otherwise promote his own tribe Khas (which has been mentioned in Mahabharat as a Shudra tribe) to Kshetriya status from then on? Or why would Indian and Newari Brahmins for example be considered lower than the same Khas?

I completely agree regarding Khas being indigenous of Nepal. I'd argue they are in fact much more indigenous than most other present Adivasi groups of Nepal. To leave them out from Nepal's list of adivasi is laughably erroneous. But the question really here is, who are the Khas? Bahuns don't accept as being Khas, Thakuris too largely don't, Chetris stopped calling themselves as Khas for centuries now. Who really are these "Khas"?

Again, regarding the definition of caste. What you said regarding Gurung and Magar's example is true and valid. In fact most Nepali ethnic groups have some sort of hierarchy, upper-lower, ruling-ruled, lordly-feudal system, no doubt. But what that pyramid (however flawed in its ideology may be) is correct in one fact that in Nepal, only 3 independent societies/communities (Khas, Newar, Madhesi) were fundamentally affected by the Indian chatur-varnashram model or the Brahmanical hierarchy system. That is why only in these 3 societies you find Brahmins to Dalits. Many may not know this but there exist significant Upadhya Brahmin among Newars called Rajopadhyaya as well who speak/write in Newari, having lived here for centuries. We wrongly assume Newar as being a single caste, but if you actually know their history, it the most complicated, complex, very heterogenous society of Nepal. Those Brahmins are adept at reading Vedas, doing karmakanda and function as Vedic priests for Hindu Newars (mostly Shresthas) But going back to the point, only in these 3 societies of Nepal do we find the Indian/Vedic/Brahmanic religion so well in tuned with its people's culture, lifestyle, practices. Sure Gurungs, Magars, Limbus, Tharus, and all other 'Janajati' ethnics have their own hierarchy, their own priests, their own kings, their own cultures. But they do not fall / did never fall under the 4-fold Brahmanic influence as much as Khas or Newar or Madhesi were influenced by. Their priests are there but they are not Brahmins (as in the Arya-Vedic Brahmins), sure they may have their lower class but these are not like the 'Shudras' of Khas or Newar who in effect have been lower by virtue of their caste - since time immemorial. No matter how much a Pode or a Damai becomes rich or influential, his identity is always enclosed by the very notion of his jaat. This is one of the key reason why Nepalis and in general the Bahun/Chetris were so against the jaatiya rajya because we Nepalis do not have the basic knowledge that there exists a huge difference between a Jaat and a Jaati. You talk about hierarchy remaining among Janajatis, but for example a 4 jate may not marry a 16 jaate gurung, but a Newar Pradhan will not marry a Newar Pode precisely because of the -varna- system and everything it encompasses (lineage, gotra, kul, religion, occupation) which puts Pradhan as a Kshetriya and a Pode as a Shudra. Not anything more. The same is not applicable to Gurung, Magars, Rai, Limbus, etc.

And although it is interesting to go through that Muluki Ain and what JBR did, but only a fool will take it as a scientific / historical account. For example, he placed Terai Brahmins among tagadhari but did not put Terai Rajputs because no one could possibly be at par with his own tribe. Similarly, at one time the upper caste Shrestha Newars were placed as Masiney Matwali (as slaves) so that they did not revolt against their new rulers, and then they were upgraded to Namasine because JBR found them to be very good bureaucrats. Then again they were upgraded to highest Tagadhari caste so that they kept shut when anti-Rana sentiment started boiling overin Kathmandu. So all of this just proves how fickle all this really is and how it really is dependent on a dictator's wish and pride.
Posted on 06-29-16 1:32 PM     [Snapshot: 933]     Reply [Subscribe]
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झी : नेवाः एकता मागु मखु, झी : नेपाली एकता मागु दू.

Posted on 07-04-16 6:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1105]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ nepalibabuktm,
1.jayasthiti mallas manav nyayashastra was written somewhere in 14-15th century but it was the first standardised law code in nepali hills.and it was applicable not just for newars but also for khas and terai caste people.(division of khas people into 64 castes was done in this code of law).the hinduism in nepali hills out of ktm was totally different than that of today. there were thakuri rulers(mostly) who were basically a mix of khas and magar and so a real demarcation of varna as we know now didnt exist. the animistic traditions were practised and buddhism was state religion in karnali region till the 12th century.the social ranking was the king/priests/dhami/lama/ghyabring at the top and 'khando bhirna jaat' ie, khas ,magar and gurung after them.in the east the en thakuri ruled with the kirati elites like rai,dewan,subba and these were the social elites .here too ,hinduism had influence in some ways but they principally practised their animistic religions .
2.the caste system as coded in varna vyabasta came to nepal in lichhivi period .since the newars are the first orthodox hindus (in present sense)there was no such system in nepal before lichhivis.the mallas standardised these rules further.
3.yes,newar is basically a lingustic community sharing a common historical political identity.like there wer khas people in the valley since the invasion of jitari malla centuries before pn shah but since these people preferred speaking nepali to newa bhasa,they are not considered newars,whereas a lot of high caste maithil people(like rajopadhyayas) who came as/were married to the noblemen and ministers of ktm became newars with time.
4.ya the caste system of magars,gurungs,kiratis and tamangs are not rigid like that of khas,newars or terai people. but it is also possible that the economical hardship in those villages forced them to assimilitate in history.or being a minority gave them a sense of unity among different social ranks.also, newars and khas have this social ranking only since the past 1000 years at most(newars earlier than khas).the example of pradhan not marrying pode just because of jaat is also valid in magar, gurung or kirati higher castes but in a lesser extent. go to pokhara and u ll see family feuds for generations for just mrrying a lowere caste gurung/magar.
5. i am not saying that jbr or jayasthiti malla did something right,i am trying to thell the historical events as they were.
and in muluki ain the pahadi bahun, terai brahmin,khas high caste,thakuri ,newar brahmin and shresthas were all put under tagadhari .he also put the terai rajputs in tagadhari.actually jbr was so impressed with the terai rajputs that he changed his surname to kunwar rana and later only rana and told his brothers to do so.he also introduced the term kshatriya/chettri to khas people and thusstarted a whole new caste. he started noce again the marital relation with indian rajputs which is continued till this dat in rana and shah families. so saying he didnt put terai rajputs in same social order as his is not true. would he let his son or daughter marry a lower caste then??
shrestha newars were always with other tagadharis in muluki ain. actually ,with the fall of other gorkhali bhardar families(thapa,pande,rana magar,basnyat,bhandari) and resulting rise of kunwar(rana)family ,the high caste newars of ktm became big players in nepal durbar.bhardars and kajis of guvaju,shrestha,joshi,singh etc were given big and important posts outside nepal valleyas well as they counseled the generals and PM in matters of governance.when all other revolutionaries were hanged,ganeshman was put to jail just because he was grandson of some kaji who used his power to soften his sentence.
also, apart from royal pandit family and rana relatives, the valley high caste newars were the ones who recieved big birta lands in terai and the jamindari there.so u can meet big andowner jaminders with joshi,shrestha or pradhan castes in almost every nepali terai citiy.

Posted on 07-04-16 6:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1108]     Reply [Subscribe]
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