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 कमिशन हसुर्नेहरु बोष्टन र न्यूयोर्कमा
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Posted on 03-07-16 10:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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साथी हो । महँगो बिमा बेचेर कमिशन हसुर्नेहरु बोष्टन र न्यूयोर्कमा
धेरै रहेछन् । सुन्दैछु, पिडितहरुले बष्टनमा छिट्टै हुनआँटेको बैसाखी साँझमा ति बिमाका एजेन्टहरु लाई र्याखर्याख्ती पार्दैछन् अरे । थप
कुराहरु पाउँ है । को को रहेछन् त्यसरी जबर्जस्ती महँगो नेटवर्क बिमा भिडाउनेहरु नाम पनि पोष्ट गर्दै गरौं है ।
Posted on 03-08-16 10:26 AM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Look on some active Nepalese VA insurance agent and their technique to convenience people with a dream to earn good amount of money -

Posted on 03-08-16 12:23 PM     [Snapshot: 385]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Towards the end of the video there is this one guy with glasses, his name is I believe Govinda Giri Prerana. He was in Texas some weeks ago to scam people. My roommate was given his card and an invitation to join the seminar when they happened to be eating at the same restaurant.

Since this issue was come into light, I guess these brokers are now spreading their wings to other parts of the US since they already scammed a lot of Nepalis from the east coast.
Posted on 03-08-16 1:00 PM     [Snapshot: 428]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what's wrong with this? if they are selling it for commission then so be it. What's wrong with that? lots of agents in car dealers and realtors do it. if you like the product you buy it, if you don't then don't buy it. Now if the agents are lying just to make their sales then its a fraud but Just because they get commission for what they sell and you just out there trying to pull somebody who wants to climb the stairs then you need to look yourself in the mirror.
Posted on 03-08-16 1:45 PM     [Snapshot: 509]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am tired of hearing a same thing over and over in sajha,
Why you guys are making a big issues
dont like it dont buy it,
you have options, go some where else,
they are trying to make money doing some thing, its up to you either buy it not, you are in USA meaning you can judge at least what is right or wrong for you, if it was fraud government would caught them,
stop pulling legs looks like a singer have personal issues with them and made a headline

Posted on 03-08-16 1:52 PM     [Snapshot: 526]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ thukka .. make a habit of it bro ... this is sajha and you will hear same thing again and again and again ... i have been hearing the same thing from last ten years and still not tired ... btw if you are afraid of someone pulling your legs then make them strong or tie them together so that they can't pull ... they won't stop pulling your legs.

@ fuzone .. are you one of'em ? the brokers .. i guess agents is the better term
Posted on 03-08-16 2:30 PM     [Snapshot: 607]     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes i am and i make 60% commission on what i sell.
Posted on 03-08-16 2:41 PM     [Snapshot: 622]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well then you are commenting on wrong thread .. I guess the original poster started this thread to make innocent Nepalese aware who loose their hard-earned money by believing con artist like you... and just FYI we will continue this .. so don't bang your head hard here in sajha .. try some new tricks ..
Last edited: 08-Mar-16 02:45 PM

Posted on 03-08-16 3:52 PM     [Snapshot: 703]     Reply [Subscribe]
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wow!! Typical.. without even knowing me you've already labelled me as con artist. and for what? for selling life insurance that IS legal to sell.. look, here is the thing with what I do n the way i was trained to do. We just dont go out there and tell ppl stories and tell them the expensive one is best for them. we give them the options to choose from and let them know what kind of product is available for them. Now if the client greeds on getting with the maximum face amount, we will ask then if he/she can afford it in the long run because this is not sth you want to buy as other insurance like car or property where there is a chance of not owning it one day leading to not paying the premiums.
I am banging my head here because I want to educate ppl you reads this thread that not all the agents are crook and life insurance is important to have. specially immigrants like us because if sth was to happen to us then you know how the consequences will be. it will be very tough for the families you leave behind. Yes , you can get as low as $25 but it depends on your age, height, weight, gender, health and occupation. if any agents comes to you, ask them TRANSMERICA quote and check on the options they select because that is the cheapest one I found and it is A rated among the insurance companies. Anyways, i just wanted to share some positive in this negative world of insurance threads.
Posted on 03-08-16 7:29 PM     [Snapshot: 863]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for posting relevant video about 'Network Schemed' Insurance company.
Posted on 03-08-16 7:29 PM     [Snapshot: 863]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for posting relevant video about 'Network Schemed' Insurance company.
Posted on 03-08-16 7:32 PM     [Snapshot: 864]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let's hope the discussion in Nepali community about this scam is helpful for their awareness for not to loose further money. There has been much of the discussions in Facebook, Twitter and some Nepali language newssites based both in Nepal and USA.
Posted on 03-08-16 7:49 PM     [Snapshot: 879]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तह तह हुँदै पिरामिड जस्तो शैलीमा पिएफएका एजेन्टहरुले कमिशन पाउने रहेछन् । जो एजेन्टले धेरै सक्रिय एजेन्टहरु बनायो उ मालामाल । एजेन्ट बैधानिक रुपले मालामाल भएको त राम्रो, एउटा अर्को नेपाली मोटाउँछ । तर मोटाउने नाममा सुन्नियो भने त्यसले कसैलाई फाइदा गर्दैन । प्रथमतः जसलाई विमा बेचिएको हो उसलाई गोलमटोल कुरा गरेर हुँदै नभएको लाभांशको सपना देखाउने, उनीहरुले कबुल गरेको कुरा दिन मापदण्डहरु पूरा गरेपनि विभिन्न बाहनामा नदिने अनी दोस्रो कुरा सोझा साथीभाइलाई झुक्किमा पारेर पत्रू इन्स्योरेन्स बेच्नु बेइमानी हो कि होइन ? The thoughts by Geology tiger, Thukka and fuzone are appreciated in this discussion thread.
Posted on 03-08-16 8:07 PM     [Snapshot: 903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सबैभन्दा अचम्मको कुरा त यी बिमाका ठूला माछाहरु विभिन्न अमेरिकाका मुख्य शहरहरु न्यूयोर्क, बोस्टन, डेन्भर आदिमा निर्विध्न रुपले आफ्नो सन्जाल विस्तार गरिरहेका छन् ।
अनि उनीहरु विभिन्न सँघसँस्थाका हर्ताकर्ता पदहरुमा पनि आसिन छन् । कथित बुद्धिजिवी भनाउँदाहरु र ति सँस्थामा आवद्ध अरु व्यक्तिहरु ति विमाका ठूला माछाको विरोध गर्न
सक्दैनन् । मानौं उनीहरुले मुखमा घाँसको बुजो हालेर बसेका छन् । धन्न सामाजिक सन्जाल फेसबुक मार्फत विभिन्न स्थानका पीडितहरुले आफ्नो दुखेसोका कथाहरु पोखिरहेका
छन् । विभिन्न नेपाली समाचार साइटहरुमा आफ्ना आर्टिकलहरु प्रकाशित भइरहेका छन् । यो क्रम बढ्दो छ ।
Posted on 03-08-16 11:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1041]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ fuzone: if you are really a non-typical insurance agent that you claim you are .. we don't expect from you something typical like I am banging my head for this .. that ... blah.. blah... blah. What we expect from you is a series of posts explaining different kinds of life insurances, benefits and pitfalls in layman's terms. And for the god sake please don't say that you are associated with PFA. If yes then you have to defend the concept of multilayer marketing and market saturation. Additionally, I would like to see a list of key issues that one insuree has to look carefully before signing a policy.
Now the ball is in your court. Either you can prove yourself a non-typical insurance agent or you can enjoy the status of typical con artist.
Last edited: 09-Mar-16 12:39 PM

Posted on 03-09-16 8:01 AM     [Snapshot: 1190]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Question to Fizone:
Can you tell me : the number of customer you have sold this insurance are non-Nepali ?

Posted on 03-09-16 8:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1230]     Reply [Subscribe]
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no need of insurance!
its not investment.
Posted on 03-09-16 12:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sure will magorkhe1, i just sold an accidental death whole life insurance to a 33 year old african american who is an engineer where is premium every month is $23 last week and Guaranteed Whole life to older couple whose premium is little over $94 and to 36 year old single mom a home certainty with $55 premium. This is so far what i have sold and its been only 4 weeks for me in this business as a part part time. I have 2 more appointments, 1 on friday and other one on monday. you probably didnt want these details but i thought why not share them all when i can. and no i am not with PFA. For friday, he wants to go with IUL. and for monday she is an older lady with few health issues and her premium can be little higher coz' of health issues. I dont have any nepali clients yet but i am planning to sign in on IUL soon. And the reason i am holding it back is because i want to make sure I can afford it in a long run not because i dont believe in IUL. And Life insurance is definitely not an investment, it is for peace of mind. and IUL is a retirement vehicle just like 401k and IRA but a better one. (Disclaimer: This is for informational purpose only not a suggestion or an advertisement of any product)

Geology Tiger: I will take your suggestion and post more better products out there and what you want to look for if you want to get a life insurance.
Posted on 03-09-16 12:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can you tell us your last name and the state in which you are registered. It will be help me to figure out how genuine you are. I am sure you can do that if you are professional genuine agent. And please don't tell me you are just registered for Life and Annuities insurance which can easily reflect your expertise in insurance field.
Posted on 03-12-16 7:51 AM     [Snapshot: 1877]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Saddest part will be if they sale to all family members. It will create a financial burden in the family. Job and steady income is not secure in any kind and level of job. 
Last edited: 14-Mar-16 06:37 PM


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