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 Stupid Nepalese are Acting Stupid Again! Yes, Again!
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Posted on 09-29-15 11:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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First thing First.....

Nepalese People make friends with Terrorist Maoist but Hate Indians.

Maoist killed thousands of Nepalese, and now there are young widows of army and orphans.  Still, Nepalese people hand shakes with those fking Terrorist.

Coward Nepalese.

Did Indian kill Nepali people? NO.


NOW, SOMETHING HAPPEN, boycott India...lol..

Population is out of control...

Muslims are everywhere in Nepal now, making 6 babies per family. And they call themselves Nepalese..like Mexican children born in US, and they are US citizen..


Posted on 09-29-15 11:31 AM     [Snapshot: 27]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If 25% of us Nepalese evaluated ourselves the way you did sexy, our lives would've had a meaning.

Posted on 09-29-15 11:31 AM     [Snapshot: 27]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 29-Sep-15 11:31 AM

Posted on 09-29-15 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 38]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So mexicans born in US should not be called US Citizens or given citizenship?
Are you voting for Trump?
What will you do with your citizenship?
Posted on 09-29-15 11:45 AM     [Snapshot: 47]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@SIS, you are a hypocrite. When you want TPS, you beg with everyone to support and be a nepali. Whats the problem if muslims have 6 kids and become nepali? It doesn't matter. If they grow up in nepal, they have right to be nepali just like mexican americans in america. You are just whining biatch. I hate maoists too and i do not support them, i support agenda. Of course they killed many people and they should have been prosecuted but having said that I do not like indian interference either. India le nai ho sabai hatiyaar haru maobadi lai diyera sabai suru gareko. If you look at history, pahile nepali bhasa bolne lai kick out garne, nepal le bihari haru lai work permit suru gareko, tes pachi 45 saal ko nakabandi, 47 saal ko sambhidaan.... maobadi..... raj pariwar ko hatya... jana andolan... 12 budhe sahamati sabai ma timro pyaaro india ko haath chha... tyo bich ma nepal ma dherai jyaan haru gayeko chha... sabai ko yautai doshi chha... timro sasurali bharat..... nepal was far better economically 40-50 years before india interfered, now its declining everyday. India ko nepal policy nai comtrolled mess ho, sadhai problem ma aljhaune tara sabai control garne
Posted on 09-29-15 1:35 PM     [Snapshot: 287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Atleast u have enough akkal to choose a name to reflect ur bimbo dimag. School ma sir le padauda kera khadai thiyou ki kya ho ? No wonder u judge all nepali men by comparing to ur buda/bf. Coward/namard nai bhaye pani at least this murga lai ta fasayau. Ramra keta ta kaha baat fasnu ni :). Feel sorry for him. Natra ta budi kanya basera maiti lai pirolthyo hola.
Posted on 09-29-15 8:06 PM     [Snapshot: 499]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How could you compare Maoist revolution with Indian diplomacy. Maoists were even hired by Indians to cause chaos in Nepal. India is the biggest enemy we have. They won't let us develop. We could have got our own electricity and oil but they always pressure our government not to do any development projects as we all know that our government is controlled by them so that we will always depend upon them. We have been used and exploited. No matter Indians won't kill us but they are killing us indirectly.
Posted on 09-29-15 8:10 PM     [Snapshot: 508]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ali katti akkal ra savyata bhako kt bhaye ta "sexy" nam nai rakhne thiyena ni sweesher bhai. Nepal tetikai bigreko haina ni.
Posted on 09-29-15 9:01 PM     [Snapshot: 606]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Right now our Nepali leaders are just acting like they are going against India either or they might have changed after all knowing that enough is enough and we can't take this anymore. Hopefully the latter one is the one that way now we can prosper. We sure can import products through airways from other countries. We depend upon only one country which is india thats why they are dominating us. If we have various options, they wouldn't dare.
Posted on 09-29-15 9:48 PM     [Snapshot: 672]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sexy naam bhayera savyata nahune jasto chahi lakgdaina.... kt should be able to feel sexy and confident but aafnai budha, baau bhai lai hochyayera coward bhannu chahi savyata nabhako jasto lagyo. Nth personal SIS, hopefully you will find a nepali man whom you can respect.
Posted on 09-29-15 11:33 PM     [Snapshot: 790]     Reply [Subscribe]
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माओबादी शान्ति मा आएर सेक्सी नानी को एसाइलम को ब्यापार मा दरो घाटा लागे जस्तो छ । खूब रिस पोख्दै छीन ।
तिमी जति नेपाली हु भन्छौ नी ( i doubt you introduce urself as nepali though ) ती मुसलमान हरु पनि तेती नै नेपाली हुन । तिम्लाई नी 6 ओटा पाउन मन छ भने पाउन । बुढो ले नसके खेताला खोज्नु ।
अब माओबादी ले तेसो गरे भनेर माओबादी लाइ काट्न जानू की हतियार बुझाएर आई सके पछि शान्ति संग बस्नु र बस्न दिनु !!! डर पोक हैन नानी हामी , हाम्लाइ हाम्रो घर परिवार को पिर छ !! गंगालाल , दशरथ चंद , धर्म भक्त जसरी ज्यान र परिवार को माया मरेर आन्दोलन मा हिड्न सकिदैन । सबै नेपाली तेती महान हुने भए देस मा हरेक दिन सहिद दिवस हुन्थ्यो नी ।।
Posted on 09-30-15 12:40 AM     [Snapshot: 845]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ swisher

"we could have got our own electricity and oil..." really?

have we even produced a needle?
Posted on 09-30-15 5:21 AM     [Snapshot: 920]     Reply [Subscribe]
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wtf? so u mean govt shouldn't have made truce with maoists and war should have continued and more people be died. Moreover that was our internal war and guess who used to supply arms to maoists? who provided shelter to maoists leaders? Yes Nepali leaders are coward that even though they know how indian politics treats nepal and how india has always wanted Nepal to be a failure state, these khate leaders vowed and licked their ass in order to be PM or in the power. India has never been a good neighbour to nepal so why this dependency? Hwever this is a good lesson for nepal that india can f**k it up anytime and be prepared for it.
Posted on 09-30-15 8:21 AM     [Snapshot: 1036]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@goddamn bhai sexy ra SLUT ko farak ta thaha hola ni. If a girl has both physical and mental beauty, its sexy. If only physical beauty but govre dimag and tries to be sexy, its called SLUT.
Ani @facebook bhai le bhanya jasto khetala chahiyema yehi sajha ma guhar magnu. Hami birya daan garna aula.
Posted on 09-30-15 11:23 AM     [Snapshot: 1194]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Muslims are everywhere in Nepal now, making 6 babies per family."

अरु कुरो त् तेस्तै हो ! तर यो कुरोले मेरो अटेन्सन ग्र्याब गरेको छ सेक्सीइनसारी डिएर ! यो तथ्यांक कहाबाट फेला पार्न भाको ? कुनै रिसर्च पेपर छ वा अनुसन्धान गरिएको छ !

मैले धेरै पहिले तराई बेल्टमा मुस्लिमहरुले साउदीबाट फाइनान्स भाको मद्रसाहरुको घुइचो लागेको र भारतीयहरु यो गतिबिधिबाट उनीहरुको सिकिउरिटि थ्रेट बढेकोभनि पढेको थिए ! यो तराई बेल्टमा भाका मुस्लिमहरु सब बिहार इउ.पीका चुतिया मुस्लिमहरु हुन् ! यिनीहरु पहाडी क्षेत्रमा भाका २००-३०० बर्ष देखि बसोबास गर्दै आएका मुस्लिमहरु होइनन ! र यी दुइमा आकाश पाताल फरक छन् र हजुरले भनेको झैँ त्यो तराई बेल्टका धोति मुस्लिमहरु सान्गलाले किरो जन्माको जसरि किराहरु जन्माउँछन ! यिनीहरुको यो त इस्लामिक स्त्र्यतेजिदी नै हो !

इस्लाममा लेखेको छ ! येदि मुस्लिमहरु कुनै पनि देशमा एकदम मैनोरितिमा छन भने चुप चाप बस्नु र त्यो देशको कानुन फलो गर्नु ! तर बिस्तारै बिस्तारै सान्गलाले जस्तै किरोहरु जन्माएर आफ्नो जमात बढाउनु ! येस्लाइ दार-उल-हर्रब भन्छन !

जब आफ्नो जमात कुनै ठाउमा २० देखि ३० % बढौंन सके भने त्यो देशमा आफ्नो हक र अधिकारको लागि लड्नु ! यो दारुल-इस्लाम तर्फ देशलाइ लग्नु हो !

र फ़ाइनलि आफ्नो जन्संखा बढाएर बिस्तारै बिस्तारै विस्तारबाद तर्फ लाग्नु र जिहाद घोसित गरेर, देशलाइ पूर्ण रुपमा दारुल इस्लाम बनाउनु ! यानीकि देशलाइ १००% इस्लामिक बनाउनु र शरिया कानुन लागु गर्नु !

अहिले बिचरा इउरोप्को हाल तेही भएको छ !!

तेसैले नेपालको तराइ बेल्टका नाजायेज धोति मुस्लिमको बारे सचेत नेपाली बर्गले गहिरो अध्यन गर्न जरुरि छ र यिनीहरुको जनसंख्या कसरि दिन रात दोबर हुँदै छ भन्ने कुरोमा ध्यान पुराउन अति नै जरुरत छ !


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