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 what is the prospect for those who want to return to Nepal?
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Posted on 05-01-15 6:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have given thought about returning to Nepal for good. I've been in the US for over 10 years. Especially with the recent catastropic event, I see posts where people are talking about going back to Nepal. Will it just be emotional decision or is there any prospect with all the ruins?
To be honest I don't know ifi can live with long and constant loadshedding, lack of running water, pollution, etc.
What are your thoughts?
Posted on 05-01-15 6:45 PM     [Snapshot: 7]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you really want to volunteer in Nepal, then Nepal needs you, but if you really want to return Nepal for good, I will wait at-least 6 months from now. I am also planning to go and open a 'Gurukul' where I will be teaching Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit, Vedic Management, Meditation technique for expanding consciousness, Science, English etc.
Posted on 05-01-15 6:51 PM     [Snapshot: 29]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Prospect ....? Really ...? What prospect are you talking about ? If it is personal prospect then ask this "Can you live with disaster happened recently" ? People are asking how they can help and you are asking if you can live with loadshedding, pollution etc . No it is not good time for you to return, may be in 20 years from now, may be never !
But if you are mentioning prospect for the people and country, then this is the time to return. You dont have to settle there but you can help in whatever way you can and make your decision wisely after being there for a while. Good luck
Posted on 05-01-15 6:54 PM     [Snapshot: 62]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I didn't mean in a callous way when I said prospect. I was just seeing from all angles.
Posted on 05-01-15 8:46 PM     [Snapshot: 158]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ujil Bro

I think you should go. Nepal should be leading in vedic Knowledge. I am studying about vedic maths these days and plan to open a school in nepal

Posted on 05-01-15 9:00 PM     [Snapshot: 172]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@vname bro...I am glad you are learning Vedic maths. It's a super fast math where you can calculate mentally in seconds. However, opening a Gurukul is my long term project and I still need some time to manage it financially. Hopefully, I will be able to open a Gurukul some day. I want to revitalize Nepal with Vedic Management System.
Posted on 05-01-15 10:09 PM     [Snapshot: 210]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I read all the responses here and I am like 

Let me be honest here, Nepal is going on a fast-track to Hell unless we put a full-stop to being selfish and ignorant. By the way, how many jobseekers will one be able to hire by utilizing Vedic math and who are your target customers?

These days it is not hard to run into enough number of people who claim to be educated with this degree and that degree. But if they do not possess integrity and understand social responsibility, they are merely as good as being literate and may be literate with a specific job-training. To illustrate that example, don't we get to read on here about recent Nepali US-graduates who dine, lodge, and get job-placement training for free and when it is time for the company to redeem their investment with the much-awaited marketing, these graduates just run away . Self-proclaimed educated yet can't keep a written word.

The most serious of all is this. Nepal, just like Hindustan (India), is hampered by modern-day-slavery like social-ill of ongoing social stratification and the extremely insecure defenders of that practice. If that practice persists in our society, the best, the most honest, and the most passionate will most-likely never be elevated to the critical leadership positions that Nepal acutely requires for her to come out of the darkness.

And we can't stop bitching about the politicians, can we? Of course, we need to get rid of those clowns even if it takes vigilante action after we have run-out of other saner means. In the mean time, we need to learn about where these corrupt politicians come from and what we can do about it.


Last edited: 01-May-15 10:21 PM

Posted on 05-01-15 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bro Geet

I just telling Ujl bro that I am learning vedic management. Whats wrong with that ? May be wrong thread that's all.

utilizing Vedic math you can create sharpest minds and math experts. who do you think the financial industry /Tech Industry employe before anyone ?Its math experts.
आर्को कुरा हामी ले जोब दिने कुरा गरेकै थिएन? किन संकेको ब्रो? both of us seems to like Vedic management and I got little excited when i found a fellow sajha member is interested in the same.

थोपा थोपा ले समुन्द्र बंछा भन्ने ब्रो लै था भएन जस्तो छा, Ujl ब्रो ले ५ जना मैले ५ जना लै job दिए पनि ठुलै कुरा हो ने होइन?

Last edited: 01-May-15 10:34 PM

Posted on 05-01-15 10:39 PM     [Snapshot: 331]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Geet...
"Let me be honest here, Nepal is going on a fast-track to Hell unless we put a full-stop to being selfish and ignorant."

Can you tell me how you gonna stop people being selfish and ignorant? Do you have any technology that works? Please enlighten me.
Posted on 05-01-15 11:04 PM     [Snapshot: 349]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We are all so familiar with "Buddha was born in Nepal, not in India". 
Instead, let's convert that slogan into "Buddhism is practiced in Nepal, not in India." 

We can kill two birds with one stone if we can implement that at grassroots-level. With Buddhism, we can reign in the massive consumerism culture that plagues the Nepalese with shopping malls and fancy cars at every street turn. With consumerism and luxury materials reduced we can live more balanced life yet happier one where money becomes less important. The survey that additional dollar in income after 75k does not bring additional happiness has been already proven. I am sure something similar applies in Nepal too. The best thing in life is living the moment without ruining your own future. Once Nepalese realize that karma is more important than instant monetary gain, people will forsake their corrupt ways. Integrity, intelligence, and hard-work can make Nepal prosperous. Once that happens, poor Nepali people do not have to seek employment with Christian missionaries. Right now, carrying a bible around is full-time job with benefits to those less privileged people. If I were in their shoes, I would have done the same.

The most potent remedy of Buddhism in Hindu culture is there is no such things as Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisha, or Shudra. We are all born on equal footing.

Last edited: 01-May-15 11:31 PM

Posted on 05-01-15 11:10 PM     [Snapshot: 376]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@geet.....I see no point discussing with you.

@Ramas.....Sorry for ruining your thread.
Posted on 05-02-15 3:52 PM     [Snapshot: 567]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm going to Nepal and open a Vedic Kung Fu School.
Posted on 05-02-15 9:40 PM     [Snapshot: 708]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What are the things that you need to have a happy and peaceful life: A small house to live surrounded by family and friends,a job that you like,a healthy life and good,sound sleep.I don't think one need Ferrari and Ducati to get edification and happiness,it's an internal thing that you possess deep down in your heart which is not bound by places you live in or the possession you acquire.

Before,my ambition was as high as Everest--not any more.I have applied for PR in Australia,Canada and even filled the form of DV,which,I am going to cancel even if I got selected.I am in no mood to venture foreign territory until I make my own homeland good and clean.I don't feel like living in my decent building anymore,which is still intact and safe,but would like to go in villages and do every bit to make it a lil better than before and play my part.And,I don't need anyone's approval for doing these things than Myself.I am the captain of my own ship and a writer of my own life ,I am not anybody's servant but I will gladly serve anyone who is less fortunate than me.If,given choice,I will happily skip going to heaven but wish to born again and again in Nepal to serve and use myself to make it a better place for all,which,without an iota of doubt,will give me extreme pleasure.I will never run away from Nepal saying it's poor,dirty and corrupted,I am not a person to leave the mother-land when it's sick and poor--that's so not me. I have learned from my experiences that,peace is a lot better than "paisa" and character is vital than career.It's about time to walk the talk.

Life is hard but I acutely know:I am harder.
Posted on 05-03-15 12:17 AM     [Snapshot: 857]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Alias_ 200 thumbs up....)

100 for the thoughts and another 100 for the motivation...

as for the original question...
i believe the prospect is good when you're confident इन yourself...when ure ready to fight!
बाँचे पछि केहि त गर्नु पर्यो नि....सांस लिनु मात्र जिन्दगी होइन....

maybe ure not ready today/ ur prospects are bad...maybe ull be ready tomorrow/ur prospects are awesome....)

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