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 Should children grow up in Nepal or USA
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Posted on 01-14-15 3:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If possible, is it better for children to go until high school here or in Nepal.While growing up in Nepal, Kids will learn culture, will learn to respect elders, have some fear and also will not be spoilt like American kids. But again the kids will not grow infront of your eyes, they might be bad in English unless we put them in good school and so on.. What you guys think?
Posted on 01-14-15 4:24 PM     [Snapshot: 58]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think you missed most important thing, they will fail to relate them self as your kid.
Posted on 01-14-15 4:46 PM     [Snapshot: 95]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You should be worry about English if you are planning after high school. Children will catch English and culture faster than you have thought.
How raise children is personal choice and you may have your own logic.
Posted on 01-14-15 5:12 PM     [Snapshot: 143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what happen to all the children who live in hostel their entire school life from grade 1 far far away in darjeeling, kalingpong etc. Did they all come out as a bad product? Couldn't they relate themselves to parents or vice versa?

Posted on 01-14-15 5:31 PM     [Snapshot: 176]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. D, so in your opinion all kids grown up here are spoilt american kids, don't respect elders,extremely unfearful to their parents & no culture at all? Please....
I am not sure which Nepal you are talking about but when i checked last time Nepal has more problem than US
Posted on 01-14-15 5:36 PM     [Snapshot: 187]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@yakku, which one is more important relating themselves as 'your kid', or a 'good kid'
@mno, it's USA not darjeeling, where even spanking kids can get the parents in trouble, kids do whatever they desire, 90% public high school kids have been spoilt in some way through drugs, sex, alcohol ... and the attitude they have, that noone can do anything to them.. These are some sure to happen thing to your kids if your kids grow up here..
Posted on 01-14-15 6:57 PM     [Snapshot: 254]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is american culture?
if by 18 you don't have gf or bf, you treated as loser. and you become psyco or depression kick in.
if you stay with parents, you treated as loser. they call it independent here.
american culture is iphone,ipad,igun,indivisualism, just i not we or us.
Posted on 01-14-15 8:01 PM     [Snapshot: 394]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you can't give enough time and good guidance to your kids, they might take wrong path whether they grow up in Nepal, here or anywhere in the world.
I think this concern about where to raise our kids come to every parents once in a while. Although I have no kids I might think this once in a while for my would-be-kids. As for right now I think kids from 10-20 should be better growing up in Nepal . I am thinking of being here for maximum 10 years making my career and investing in the future , and going back to Nepal where I belong raising my family, using my expertise.
And by the way this is not my final decision, I might pop up here in sajha after 10 years and make another 10 years plan still being in USA ;-)
Posted on 01-14-15 8:48 PM     [Snapshot: 476]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. D , I think the question you asked is very difficult to answer , different people have very different view. And good and bad is also ver abstract, so I think kid relating themself is your kid is important , at least for me. After that being good and bad is next thing, Ofcourse everyone wants their kids to be good, but doesn't looks like they can control their kids fate.
Posted on 01-14-15 9:20 PM     [Snapshot: 528]     Reply [Subscribe]
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In my opinion,
no matter whether it's in Nepal or in USA, children should grow-up where their mother can provide them the best hands-on TLC.

Posted on 01-14-15 10:05 PM     [Snapshot: 579]     Reply [Subscribe]
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छोराछोरीको लागि स्वर्ग तेही हो जहाँ उनीहरूको आमाबुवा छन् . प्रेम भन्दा ठुलो चिज यो संसारमा केहि पनि छैन. एउटा बिरुवा ठुलो हुनको लागि धेरै कुराले असर पार्छ: बिजको को शक्ति, उर्वर पृथ्वी, अनुकूल वातावरण र मल-जलले ठुलो भूमिका खेलेको हुन्छ. मानवताको पहिलो पाइला डोराउने नारीको छत्र-छाँयामा हुर्केका सन्तानको बुद्धिको विकास पूर्ण रूपले हुन्छ. कोमल हृदयको स्पर्स पाउँदाको आनन्दले छोराछोरीमा सकारात्मक भावनाको विकास हुन्छ जसले गर्दा समाज बलियो बन्दै जान्छ. चाहे नेपाल होस् या अमेरिका, ज्ञानको ज्योति बिना केहि पनि सम्भव छैन.
Posted on 01-14-15 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 653]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for nicely translating my thoughts into a beautiful Nepali version and improving upon it further.
Posted on 01-15-15 1:28 AM     [Snapshot: 776]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you can't raise your kids by yourself, why have them? Send them off to Nepal, yeah to their grand-parents. Take your responsibility and try to be a good parent. There are tons of well-raised kids in the US. It also depends upon the kind of education they get in the house.
Posted on 01-15-15 7:45 AM     [Snapshot: 875]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The modern parents both work and after work when they come back they don't want to cook healthy meal for family but rather be busy in facebook or TV.

Joys Of Growing Up In a Joint Family

1. Listening to the amazing stories your grandparents have to tell you isn’t a once in a while affair.

2. You are taught the invaluable lesson of sharing from an early age itself.

3. At times, there are things kids just can’t share with their parents.

4. There will be family members of different nature and temperament in one home.

5. Every person’s joy is multiplied a dozen times and the sorrow divided equally.

6. There’s no end to how many hours you can while away with your cousins.

7. Every family outing becomes a major larger-than-life event that turns into a celebration.

8. Even if your parents are caught up at work, you’ll never feel neglected or left out because you have your pick of aunts and uncles to spend time with.
9. And when there comes a grand occasion like a wedding, festival or birthday, the entire home changes into a grand spectacle.

10. There will never come a day when there’s absolutely no home-cooked food.

11. If ever there comes a point you need advice on something, you’ll get tons of amazing and insightful opinions.

12. The phrase ‘all for one and one for all’ is literally true in a joint family.

13. God forbid if there’s an emergency at whatever time of the night, you’ll have your entire family right by your side to assist you.

14. The importance of working together as a team through thick and thin is instilled in you and remains with you forever.

Posted on 01-15-15 8:08 AM     [Snapshot: 910]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A lot of times, what I notice, when people comparing Nepal and USA I see a notion that people are nostalgic to "their Nepal"..when they were growing up. Looks like intellectually, we all know by seeing in media but often fail to grasp that Nepal has changed too....a lot more rapidly in the last 10/15yrs than the US has. And it is only changing in the coming years towards more western life style..for better or worse.

I would say keep above in mind.

Posted on 01-15-15 9:37 AM     [Snapshot: 983]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand mno's points but they are were more romanticized than they are in reality.
As IDK2013 said, nepal has changed a lot. From my recent visits to Nepal, I found the society and people (at least in kathmandu) independent, selfish, not caring and most of them remained to themselves. The "tolls and gullys" have become foreign and no one trusts anyone. Everyone has a suspicious look on their face.
You go out in the villages, they are empty, fields are barren you are lucky if you are not threatened. And don't even think about terai.
So the Nepal we knew of (or at least I knew of) of 1990-2000 is long gone.
Posted on 01-18-15 7:13 PM     [Snapshot: 1744]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Even though Nepal is changing, all the above mentioned points are there and they are even more realizing the importance of togetherness. 

Someone said children brought up in America are like boiler chicken

Feed all non organic food. as GMO, monsanto is all USA seed, it will definitely not be in any food label. 

Put them in controlled environment like either heat or ac.
Go out in the sun, you get scared of UV rays, put that chemical lotion.

Poor children no jumping, no running as house is made of wood and make quack quack sound all the time. 

No making loud noises, no loud laughing, no loud crying. 

They cannot enjoy freely with their heart open in a freedom loving country

So much controlling their poor mind to make them 100% perfect. 

Out of all these children, how many come out as perfect as their parents want them to be when parents have invested so much effort to make them 100% perfect?

By the way every grown up people in america say that F word no matter how high class. 
Have you ever heard your parents saying bad words?

Last edited: 18-Jan-15 07:20 PM


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