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 When are Nepalis going to stop believing in crap like this?

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Posted on 03-07-13 10:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Even a donkey will stop following the hanging food in front of him after a while but Nepalis will still be amazed and hopeful about these make believe things

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-07-13 1:09 PM     [Snapshot: 381]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You think that poster will make us come back to Nepal?
I honestly don't understand what the big deal and outcry is about. A bloke put some time and effort to put this thing together; it wasn't a plan he is trying to sell. Just a wishful thinking that doesn't seem so out of the realm. Let him dream and let the hopefuls dream as that might be the only thing sustaining a handful right now.

Udeshya ke linu, udi chhunu chandra ek.
Posted on 03-07-13 2:24 PM     [Snapshot: 493]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nice brochure, but that's all it is.

None of it is possible.  

Where is the money to build even one of the items listed? Even if there was some money, the political reality will not make any of this come to reality. 

Posted on 03-07-13 2:37 PM     [Snapshot: 540]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where is the money?? Did you look at any one project specifically? Let's pick one, the power generation. Sure 10MW is a stretch for a country which currently has less than 600 MW, but the projects are not fictional projects; they could be a reality.
Posted on 03-07-13 2:41 PM     [Snapshot: 530]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why would people think all the development has to be done by the government and politics? lemme give an example do u know how telecom sector has been changed in Nepal with Mero Mobile coming in? just compare 10 years u ll see wht i m saying. it is not government buddy who does these thing. it is time. with time, things will change automatically(when i say automatically i meant social change). yo [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] Maobaadi harule desh lai 10 barsha tahas nahas nagarideko va, aile hamro desh arkai bhaisakeko hunthyo jasto lagdaina? So my point here is, these things r possible, i wudn say 10 years but like 25 yrs, i m positive. i m not positive in all aspects but I am positive for Telecom, Agriculture, Tourism.

Posted on 03-07-13 3:42 PM     [Snapshot: 620]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 What happen in the last decade? bhutro....
what will happen in the next decade? bhutro.....

its ur right to beleive and its my right not to beleive.....period.

Posted on 03-07-13 4:01 PM     [Snapshot: 663]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reading some of the responses here makes me think the intellect level of some of these posters are not higher than the actress Rekha Thapa.

What is your perception of Singapore and switzerland?

Who said these projects will get us up to Swiss and Singapore level?

We wont be Singapore after completing these projects, after completion of these projects we would be lucky enough to be where India is right now. Don't worry, in 10 years India will be where China is now....and China will probably be where Singapore is.

To much freaking negativity is all you have. The completion of these projects will not make us Singapore but will definitely fulfil some of our basic needs. Needs that we are not able to fulfil now.

Go Nepal and Go for the people who are behind these projects.

Posted on 03-07-13 4:02 PM     [Snapshot: 629]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I don't understand the outcries regarding this brochure (or whatever). Guys just to let you know many of these projects are already under construction phase. Ex. would be Upper Tamakoshi HEP (458 megawatt), Upper Syanjen, Rasuwagadhi, Madya bhotekoshi, Melamchi WP, Midhill highway, Kathmandu-Terai Fast track, North-South corridors, Kathmandu roads widening, Ringroad widening, Hulaki track (alternate to east-west highway) whereas many other projects have completed detail project report (DPR) and going under construction phase very soon, ex. West Seti Storage HEP (750 megawatt), Tamakoshi 3 (650 megawatt), Kathmandu-Hetauda Tunnel way, Nijgadh international airport (to be linked with Kathmandu-Terai Fasttrack), Pokhara regional international airport and others too.
The topic of whether these projects will be completed or not should not be the topic of discussion rather as a conscious citizen we all should put pressure on government to complete all projects (whether they are under construction or planned) on time. I think that will be more fruitful to make this dream come true.
Jay Nepal

Posted on 03-07-13 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 663]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Most people think that politics is only in the government sector.However these infrastructure projects with international funds do have bigger politics going on in there.

for example if a project funded by India or US or China gets stalled for a day the engineer or manager or all the white collar workers get a huge compensation..project does not get stalled by itself..so what do they do..they pay the leader of the labor union as a bribe and they stop the work for a day and hence the compensation goes to the supervisor or whoever it is.This is just a small example of how do corruption occurs in our society.

Posted on 03-07-13 8:46 PM     [Snapshot: 896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not a single one of us, in support of the poster, is here to say that each and every thing listed will be fulfilled within 10 years. That's not the point. The point is about the possibility, a hope.
Those who are trashing the poor blogger have the same mentality as the ones who are dragging the country behind. All they will do is complain about everything and mock who is even trying.
Posted on 03-07-13 9:16 PM     [Snapshot: 918]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People will mock and complain the stupidity if they try and visualize the stupid stuff

and the fact is we are not mocking someone who is trying to do sth.we are mocking someone who is trying to sell the dream with beautiful casting but we all know the movie does not have ath on it...

Do u know students in Nepal have designed a chopper?
Students in Nepal have designed and won the international robotics competition..
so where is the investment from the government and where are those talents now...if we are doing nothing than how come people who  did so much hard work had to immigrate to some other country.....do u think without capital the guy would design any innovative stuffs?

those students who actually did something for the country have no worth and we dont even give a moment to discuss those designs..
but we do give time to discuss some photoshopped prototype that some guy is presenting..why not actually do something in our own field whether it is US or nepal or any other country in the world, rather than being ignorant and praising the guy who is selling a false hope...

Posted on 03-07-13 10:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1047]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dude, just because a government didn't invest in a chopper designed by students, would you lose hope in every other thing in the government?
Are you even serious here?
I am guessing you are referring to the Trilok chopper which I haven't even seen flying. But let's assume it flew, do you think Nepal government can afford create a chopper industry?

These kinds of childish logic is what the doers have to deal with.

I already challenged any naysayers to say why any of the items listed is impossible to achieve, other than saying our govt is helpless.

Finally, sell the dream re? Really? Then the guy who made this poster must be a rich guy now with gullible folks like us giving kudos.

When you want to argue, give some concrete arguments..not just cliched and judgemental lines,
Posted on 03-07-13 10:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1096]     Reply [Subscribe]
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People should also stop throwing shit, that there is not such major role of govt in development project. It always have been and will always be.

Some of these project are very feasible , like 80 % penetration in cell phone , Internet penetration is true. Meglanchi will be done , but it won't be able to survive khane pani sasthan & can't even fulfill kathmandu's that time. Two fast track will be there but don't know abt quality of those highway. Hrdropower some will be done but I am not very positive abt it, loadsheding will be there for a while in Nepal.

So in conclusion some of these project will be done, not sure abt return and quality of these project. Will these project will make developed country , NOPE, but living condition will be better and lot of us will also start to go back.
Posted on 03-07-13 11:14 PM     [Snapshot: 1155]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal just needs peace and needs to get rid of pollution, people in usa and switzerland would want to make their country Nepal.:) I talk to many foreign people who love Nepal the way it is. We also need to do something about our poverty. 

Posted on 03-08-13 1:12 PM     [Snapshot: 1472]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Exactly whatever u said about chopper case holds true for each and everything..
Nepal government does not have that kind of economy to carry out all these infrastrucuture development..My question is where will the funds come from?are we depending on foreign aids on all these?or are we thinking to generate a revenue out in the country and do all these?if we are thinking to generate the revenue does the government support the new and upcoming entrepreneurs.

If someone tells you that with $5 in your pocket you can build a bunglow ,do u think u will believe him just because he showed you hope of building a bunglow with $5 on u.And moreover if you have been dysfunctional for years and have not been doing the kind of job ur supposed to do..do u expect ur friends to pay for u.Not even a bank will pay u if u r so poor that u dont even have assets on u and u did a terrible job on utilizing the money last time.

First thing first..get everyone educated..we forget that literacy rate in Nepal is very low.Before dreaming of making Nepal like Singapore know the world,see and study the developed nation..

Posted on 03-08-13 1:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1495]     Reply [Subscribe]
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At first it seemed that you just wanted to argue your case. But then reading further, there were two points I noted which I found interesting.
First is about money; you are saying there's no money to build these projects. That's exactly what I wanted to point out here...that you guys are just making a comment without understanding what exactly is listed in there. Take Hydropower projects for example, do you know most of the listed ones have feasibility study done and also have identified partners who will be investing on them (GMR for example)? Is there going to be a problem? Yes, it's possible. Even the upper Karnali is having many obstacles erected. But the point is that they are very much possible, not a distant dream!!

Now, the second thing is what you mentioned about fulfilling the basic issue. There's truth to that. We are having issues meeting basic needs of people: energy, water and peace. It only makes sense to focus on addressing these. But the poster doesn't knock those project out of the question; heck it even addresses two issues there: energy and water. We have to be careful about sorting our priorities; many of the fast developing nations like India and China are marching forth but a majority of their population is still under poverty. Our plan should thus gear towards uplifting the whole nation, not just making it easier for the already wealthies. But, that doesn't mean you don't have plans to develop beyond the basic needs.

Again, Udeshya ke linu, Udi chhunu chandra ek.
Posted on 03-08-13 1:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1496]     Reply [Subscribe]
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      Whatever the guy in the poster has outlined is very possible. Because of three very simple reasons.

1) Nepal is not the very very poor country it used to be in the 1980s. Nepal may lack infrastructure but there are enough Nepalis with with the resources and money who can help build the country. The NRN movement is also doing a lot of social/development work and will only increase.

2) Nepal's goverment is not poor these days. It collects about 300 billion a year in taxes and gets another 150-200 in aid. Thats 500 billion.

3) Lastly, the goals in the poster above are not that impossible to achieve. Any country worth its salt produces enough electricity, has highways , railroads and couple of international airports. They're not talking about building a space program, its just about some basic infrastructure that more than a 100+ countries already have. And NO, the completion of the above projects wont turn Nepal into Switzerland or Singapore, may be more like Vietnam or Philippines.

4) Some of the above projects have already began, moving as scheduled or neared completion

-Upper Tamakoshi
-Mid Hill Highway
-Upper Karnali
-West Seti
-Kathmandu Tarai Fast Track
-Pokhara Airport

All of the above projects are scheduled to be over in the next 2-7 years, so even with a little delay 10 years definitely sounds reasonable.


Posted on 03-09-13 9:55 AM     [Snapshot: 1838]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It seems some you have taken offense at my posting earlier in this post.  Perhaps my fault because I might've been too abrupt.  But here's what I meant to say, in simplest terms:
  1. The brochure looks good.  All projects are nice to have in Nepal.
  2. But it is just a brochure that is more of a wish list.
  3. Any of these will come to fruition?  Not likely to impossible.
Why?  Most of these are major projects - airports, railways, trans-himalayan roadways, etc.  Not exactly a private sector venture, so they have to be government projects with multi-lateral aid package.  And we know how these government projects go.  And look at the track record.  Not only during this Mao-badi tenure, but while other parties reigned, while Gyanendra ruled, even while Birendra was the king, you can count major projects accomplished in two hands.  Hence, I say not likely to impossible.

What I see possible and happening are small scale projects, those that can be done individually by families or in cooperation by a neighborhood or a village, or as somewhat larger money making venture that the private sector can invest in.  I don't see any of this on the poster.

Feel free to disagree, but please don't get offended.

Posted on 03-09-13 10:52 AM     [Snapshot: 1903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पाखेहरु को बौदिक बहस .....  हा हा हा .....अब भगौडा देशद्रोहीहरुले देशको भलो चीताऊछ होला त ?
Posted on 03-09-13 11:15 AM     [Snapshot: 1962]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is right down ashishme's alley. His Maoist masters love to hang the carrots like these in front of his nose and he will be pulling his masters wherever they want to go like a loyal donkey.
Posted on 03-09-13 11:29 AM     [Snapshot: 1969]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 यो ashishme भन्ने केटो ले बाहिर जाने visa पाएन जस्तो छ, अनि त भतुवा आरिशे कुरा गर्छ.

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