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 Eat.Pray.SajhaChat. (We Found Love in a Hopeless Place)

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Posted on 02-20-13 10:37 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-20-13 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 570]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Allow me to say this - SajhaChat is not a hopeless place. May be it is the most convenient place for the chatters to socialize, and then the other fact is it prunes the "online predators" by the fundamentals it grew up on. lol [ San, I deserve some credit for promotions here ]

Good writeup and please continue.

Posted on 02-21-13 12:13 PM     [Snapshot: 775]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks KB and SL

Nepali_thito says : Hey Stutee189, welcome to the room!
His font color – blue. The color that calms. The color of happiness and the heavens.
His font – not comic sans or cursive (that’s all that matters)
Stutee189 says : Thanks, Nepali_Thito, How’s it going?
Nepali_thito says : Nothing much, the usual. Same s**t, different day!
Nepali_thito says : So, what brings you here, Stutee (is that your real name?)
Stutee was trying real hard not to say anything stupid.
Stutee189 says : Nothing really, I was just bored, so I figured I would check this out.
(She purposely disregarded his query about her name.)
Nepali_thito says : Well, that makes two of us, welcome again!
Imperfect_Harmony says : lau, siti laayo, aaja ta khasi pakako chu, mast khaincha!
Stutee later found out that Imperfect_Harmony was fondly known as “siti” around here. She had heard two different tales behind the name. The first one that “siti” was coined after his love for cooking everything edible (and otherwise) in a pressure cooker, and another tale that “siti” stuck on after ladies wouldn’t stop whistling at him after he got rid of his Rajesh Hamal like locks. The former explanation was far more convincing than the latter.  
Stutee changed her font color to a delicate shade of red as she cursed imperfect_harmony for ruining what had barely started.
Another series of conversations went on as Stutee played the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)  in the background.
Biitertruth was trying to convince riddle not to get a macbook. Others followed his lead, explaining how a notebook worth 300 dollars would suffice for his daily needs (email, Netflix, and sajha). Flo and Sleepless pasted links to Hindi songs from the 60s. Thuldai explained in detail the difference between a dumpling and a momo and why you should never settle for the former. (the dough is key, if you were wondering).
*****Homiezbechillin has entered the room…..
Homiezbechillin says : Yo wadup amigos, how it hanging dougs?
(Noone responds)
Homiezbechillin says : Why does nobody talking? This place is dead myaan. (notice the tense)
In order to explain this lingo to a fuller extent, one would have to understand the basics to Gas Station 101. This sort of vernacular tradition was started by some Nepali guys and girls who work in gas stations (nothing wrong with that btw). As they interact with rednecks, and African American folks, they tend to embrace their language and their ways of life. Soon, you find them trying to talk like them. “Waddup n-word”, “Homies be trippin”, and  “Keep it real homebwai”, are common phrases that belong to this vernacular tradition. Where a simple “Hi, How is it going?” would do the job much better, they tend to act “cool” with this lingo. Stutee herself had worked in a Chevron store for a couple years, but she despised this jargon.
Homiezbechillin says : Hey Stutee doll, Are you from heaven?
Stutee189 says : Yeah, actually I am. I died fifteen years ago, and so did your pick-up line. (thank HIMYM for this one)
Homiezbechillin has left the room……
Riddle says: lol
Prankster says : lol
Himalmt says : lol
Kalikopoi says : lol hasayo elle pani.
Flo_rida says : Stutee189 , are you new here? Give me your facebook, I’ll add you. :P
Sure thing, man. I need more friend requests on facebook. You see, I love it when unknown Nepali guys add me on facebook, or even better, when they message me telling me how pretty I look in my profile picture. (That is what she should have said.)
Stutee189 says: lol, I don’t have a facebook. I deactivated a while ago.
Another PM popped up on her screen two minutes later.
Nepali_Thito says : haha good call, don’t go handing your facebook out to everyone.
Stutee189 says: Thanks Dad! I would have if it weren’t for your advice :P
Nepali_Thito says: A little cheeky, aren’t we?
Stutee189 says : I prefer sassy, but then what do I know? :P
Stutee189 says : So, what do you do, Mr. patriotism?
Nepali_Thito says : Well, except for giving young girls advice on how to avoid creeps, I am a financial analyst.
Stutee189 says : Oh, fancy stuff. So you are one of them suit wearing, starbucks drinking douche who drives a Prius and flaunts how many trees he is saving? :P jk jk
Nepali_Thito says : I’d go broke if I paid for parking in NY every day, but hey, don’t hate on Starbucks!
Stutee189 says : Oh sure! And that answers where you are from.
Nepali_Thito says : Yup, what about you, miss anti-capitalism?
Stutee189 says : Anti-capitalism? Oh please, just because I don’t want to spend 5 bucks for a cup of coffee I could make myself? I’m from California, I go to USC.
Nepali_Thito says : Cool. What are you studying?
Stutee 189 says : Computer Science. I bet you haven’t heard that from any Nepali before. :P
Nepali_Thito says : Nah, whatever floats your boat. At the end of the day, you do what makes you happy.
Stutee189 says: True. So, are you happy ? Meaning with your job?
A long pause followed.
Was the question too deep?
She scrolled up the chat window to see if she had said anything invasive.
Stutee redirected her attention to the main screen.
Serial says : Nepal ma iphone pathaunu parne thyo, kasari pathaune?
Riddle says: Western Union Money Transfer. Aile pathayo bhane jhattai uta timro gf ko haat ma parcha. (inspired by that old Santosh Panta line in the Western Union Money Transfer ad)
Prankster says : Ajha ramro upaya chai, airport ma jau, Nepal jaana lako manche khoja, ani haat samatera dai yo euta phone jasari ni pathaidinu paryo bhana. J
When you are waiting for someone to respond to a text or your question in a chatroom, every second feels like a coons age. Stutee thought of following up with another question, but she waited.
To be continued….

Posted on 02-21-13 2:32 PM     [Snapshot: 953]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nostalgic!! oh wait, you are actually replying to this guy.

interesting story indeed.

Posted on 02-21-13 2:42 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Annahathaway, I love it. I really enjoy behoove_me writing's too. You guys are pretty good and please keep writing. 
Posted on 02-21-13 3:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1000]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I used to chat years ago in sajha. Definitely brings back the memories. Kalikopoi haha what a Nickname.
Posted on 02-21-13 9:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1099]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 बुझ्नै गाह्रो भयो गाँठे ... यो अंग्रेजी भनेको गाह्रै बिषय रहेछ . त्यसै ट्याम ट्याम मा फेल भएको हैन रहेछु . 

Simlpy , great writing, featuring unique characters. 

Posted on 02-21-13 10:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1166]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ekdum ramro cha, majja aayo padera. 
Posted on 02-24-13 2:52 PM     [Snapshot: 1599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Loved it.....Hope to read more in the future....I was blown away by that poem "Second Hand Hope". Great work Anne
Posted on 02-25-13 8:31 AM     [Snapshot: 1764]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very creative/ कविता पनि धेरै मन पर्यो/

Posted on 02-25-13 9:11 AM     [Snapshot: 1793]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 यो माँ सा , साझा च्याटको हुबहु संस्करण बाई ....... बाइ द वे , त्यो स्तुती नानी संग चाही परिचय भएको छैन . 

Keep it up. Anne.. it is awesome writing. (इन्ग्लिश मा त्यति मात्र लेख्न आउछ मलाई )

Posted on 02-25-13 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 1809]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thoroughly enjoyed !! 

waiting for other parts !!

Posted on 02-25-13 9:53 AM     [Snapshot: 1815]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 02-25-13 4:10 PM     [Snapshot: 1935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loved the poem. You nailed it there. Will be waiting for more. You have a knack for writing.
Posted on 02-26-13 11:58 AM     [Snapshot: 2056]     Reply [Subscribe]
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woahh !!! a story on SB ...and my name is not mentioned even once ! :P kidding ! very interesting read ! People do have found love here ;) ...Sighhhhhhh me ! :D

Posted on 02-26-13 6:51 PM     [Snapshot: 2134]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anne ji, nicely written. The peom is awesome too. You are very creative. Keep it up. 
Posted on 02-27-13 3:44 AM     [Snapshot: 2222]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anne it's really going well, looking forward for the remaining.
Piggy, saw you after a very long time, I wonder where you had been? Anyways a lot of things have changed here. Our very own SB(shout Box) has got its new name Sajha Chat.

Posted on 02-27-13 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 2288]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@anne: should ve figured that out.. girls replying over chat rooms are fictious.. lol
diving into 3rd episode.. xcited already.. :)

Posted on 03-01-13 7:07 PM     [Snapshot: 2513]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Again nice piece... love your writing Anne!
and the comment about bhag dai aka hello kitty.. is humorous..
Posted on 03-07-13 5:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2786]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks koho koho. Thank you others for your messages! Been busy lately, I'll write more in a week or two.

Posted on 04-18-13 11:57 AM     [Snapshot: 3264]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"I'll write more in a week or two. "  Its already more than a month, pls update.

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