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 Need suggestion from ubuntu experts!
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Posted on 08-30-10 6:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't have any particular reason why I installed ubuntu 10.04 in my HP laptop (dv4t 1300), but I did it! Moreover, I don't have any window OS in this laptop now.

But it is becoming pain in my ass to use some hardwares of this laptop. I can't use my webcam even I installed Cheese webcam booth. The Cheese webcam booth shows the webcam but when I try to videochat using yahoo messenger, the webcam doesn't function. I don't know whether this Cheese webcam booth is to show the presence of webcam or it actually drives the webcam for other software applications. I also need to use to use yahoo and window messenger. Individual programs of these messengers also don't work properly inspite of installing Wine.

Also I couldn't use my HP-F4440 printer as I couldn't find any linux driver for this printer. The funny thing is the machine works perfectly with laptop as a scanner. I tried to install hplips to make my printer work but as there are many packages with different version and different file extensions available, I lost completely following them.

I know there are many linux experts in Sajha. So if you drop some of your valuable suggestions in the issues I mentioned above it will be great help for me and other newbies to get along with Ubuntu.

Thanks for your time and support 

Posted on 08-30-10 6:26 PM     [Snapshot: 4]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since you're one of the Pioneer user of sajha and you've helped a lot of people in Sajha with your good suggestions and sometimes funny comments, i soo wanted to help you GT bro but sorry to say i am not a tech expert. I am from totally different field. But i am sure someone will help you soon as you've said there are lots of tech experts in sajha. Guys please help our very own GT bro. Good luck bro. 
Posted on 08-30-10 7:07 PM     [Snapshot: 32]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For yahoo- there is no way that you can run the latest yahoo messenger in ubuntu. I have heard that older yahoo messengers used to run in wine. But its not gonna work. The best instant messenger is the empathy which come with ubuntu (which doesnt support yahoo conference). You can do yahoo conference in pidgin but without voice.

For video chat- use skype. I think it works pretty good.

For drivers of  the printer: there might be generic drivers you can get. I don't have any printers, so cant give you much info regarding that. But a quick google gave me this link which says that all HP printers work pretty well in ubuntu.

ubuntu is awesome, but it gives pain in the neck once in a while for sure. If you have any other ques, let me know or IM me. 

Posted on 08-30-10 7:30 PM     [Snapshot: 51]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-31-10 8:56 AM     [Snapshot: 161]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Many times I was leaning towards UBUTUN operating system which was advised by many IT friends but one who is not computer savoy  will be facing a big havoc. 
After reading GT's blog, I am dropping the idea of getting a Linux OS.

Posted on 08-31-10 11:13 AM     [Snapshot: 208]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali- yeah, for a non-tech guy, its a bit hassle to do many stuff. As with commercial products, not all the things are spoon-fed to you. But, latest versions are pretty good out of the box. It takes less memory and is super quick to boot and shutdown.
Posted on 09-01-10 4:42 AM     [Snapshot: 297]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I havent used ubuntu after hardy was out. Before that, I just used to get familiar with its editor and few simple stuffs (wep cracking was the best part ;).however, I have some blind guess for the above mention situation. Check your CUPS, it is probably off.
If your hardware is new in market, their drivers will not be easily available in Linux platform. In that case, you may need to wait a while for that. So it is always good to have duo boot OS. But that will definitely reduce the use of linux ;).
About webcam, if you can see the presence of webcam ( led on), I believe the driver is installed. Or you can run openCV and get some code from internet just to see if your camera is working properly.

Posted on 09-01-10 5:50 AM     [Snapshot: 310]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As  other Sajha user said, avoid installing yahoo messenger it doesn't work properly. Try empathy or pidgin they are pretty good. Skype works like charm in my ubuntu box. Linux is better if you try to understand while using it than windows. Linux can offer you lot more than windows, however you have to understand the system, work perfectly fine eventhough mine is HP laser and just printer and scanner. You can post your problem in Ubuntu Forum there are plenty of ubuntu expert they can give you prompt help.

Posted on 09-01-10 6:45 PM     [Snapshot: 363]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey BD, thanks for your concern man! I was really freaked  ... anyway I am still playing with Ubuntu.

Mav, Tuttle, default061 and sajhabusaima, thanks for your valuable tips! I am not a tech-guy but like to pretend by following others. This time it was little less than that monkey which cuts it nose trying to shave its

Syanjali bro it worths to give a shot! just don't delete windows while installing ubuntu as I did..

Posted on 09-01-10 7:39 PM     [Snapshot: 377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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GT bro,

I would'nt suggest going cold turkey on Windows. A dual boot is most beneficial, especially if you want the best of both worlds. And I've had my share of problems with Ubuntu and laptops.

Webcams and multimedia arent really the shining stars in the Unix world. Those tasks (and yahoo conf) run better and easily on Windows. 

If you've used your entire hdd for installing Ubuntu (meaning bye bye MS) then you might be in a bit of spot. If you want to get stubborn about it and get your webcam working properly then firstly you need to be aware of what hardware you have (or rather what ubuntu perceives it to be). 

Use 'lspci' from the terminal to list your hardware. 'man lspci' for options to use with it. Once you have the culprit named, its upto your googling skills to find someone/somepage with your problems and (hopefully, a solution). I would recommend that while carrying out the instructions on the solutions, you backup important data, such as docs/pics/music, or have them on a separate partition, cuz sometimes the solutions lead to more problems (not always). 

These things can get frightfully intimidating, especially if you're a recent convert to the Unix philosophy (which translates to something like: Read the F***ing manual) and yes at most times you will have to RTFM to help solve your problem. 

Since I don't really have a solid solution to your predicament, I will point you down this particular road. 
Persevere, you will be glad you did :).

Welcome to the other side :) And feel free to join our infrequent but loveable google group and pester us with more questions :P


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