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 Cloud Computing
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Posted on 11-20-09 1:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Google is going to release Chrome OS based on cloud computing, Where everything is based on Internet (no HDD, no hassels on Application install and lot more features and pay as per the service usage). If this gets popularity then how does underdeveloped countries cope up with the fastest growing technology, Don't you guys think it would be nightmare for those countries to cope up with this fastest growing trends?
Posted on 11-20-09 2:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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even in developed countries internet connection is not 100% reliable.
People will still want to be able to do their work if for some reason their connection is down for a while. Hence, chrome should have some functunality in offline mode.
Following the current trend of gmail and google docs, which have introduced offline mode and flakey connection mode for times or places with limited or no internet connection, it is therefore likely that similiar or features will be availiable in chrome.
Also, I believe that chrome is Open Source, in that case people in developing countries should be able to tailor the OS to their needs.

I am looking forward to chrome.

Posted on 11-20-09 2:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with NightElf. Since Chrome is going to be an open-source free software, computer companies don't have to pay licensing fees to Windows. This would mean the prices for computers themselves will be able to decrease, reducing the overall costs of computing for the general public.

I think countries like Nepal could reap the benefits with this type of OS! We'll just have a connection that is a little faster. This would be a platform of expansion of broadband service throughout Nepal as well.

Posted on 11-20-09 2:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chrome (Beta) version is available for download. It is a good use for netbook if you are completely sure that you will have high speed internet readily available. Chrome OS is not the replacement for Windows and if you do things offline, you are doomed. Think about this, we have free OS like Ubuntu, OpenSuSe, and others and I think none of them have changed the market share of Microsoft so far and none of them are considered as serious competitor to Windows. And, Chrome is not different thank any other linux OS, after all it's build on top of Monolithic Linux. 

 The other thing about Chrome is that it requires google service. This will allow them to collect more private data about everyone and who knows may be they will start charging for it after we become dependent on them. I for one will never trust any companies to hold excessive information about myself in cloud. After all any piece of software can have glitches and your very own private information can end up being searchable in google (people's personal voicemail were searchable online due to software glitch in google <>). 

About how this change country like Nepal, I don't think it will. We have a lot to catch up in things like high speed internet, fiber optic, and peace before we move on to something that is still under Beta.

Posted on 11-20-09 10:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about using Linux?? No hassle of setting up costly high speed internet connection.
We even have a Nepali (localized) version of Linux.

As Oracle CEO said: Cloud is just a water vapor. LOL

Posted on 11-21-09 9:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was hoping Chromium OS would be more like ubuntu, if Google came up with a linux distro, that could really help boost Linux into mainstream. This cloud computing may be the future, but not impressed with the demo. I had high hopes from Google.

afaik, google currently has offline mode for certain Google apps, so there may be possiblility for offline activities. and again its very early to make judgment.

Where do I store all my mp3 collections, family videos, photos?
How do we play games on those (besides ?
Video editing, photo editing ?
Basic File management ?

From what I understand they are basically making it like a cellphone, where we only access information and do nothing with it.

What market share are you Targeting Google ? And you expect to compete with linux, OS X and windows with this ?
Epic Fail on the horizon ! Sorry Google

Thanks Gajadi for posting, I agree with you.
Last edited: 21-Nov-09 09:24 AM

Posted on 11-21-09 10:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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end of the personal privacy in computing will start with the Chromium OS.

Posted on 11-21-09 10:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cloud computing is a nice concept but it has a long way to go to become the one and only medium.

I am quite sure that ordinary people wouldn't mind using cloud computing(I use it), but when it comes to corporations like banks, Governments & other places where the data is sensitive, it can't be used. If it is used, then we should question the motives of such actions.

Posted on 11-21-09 12:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you guys wanna try Chrome OS, here's a link

It's a VMWare Image provided by Mark Renouf.
Here's another Link as well,

I haven't tried Chrome OS though. Didn't want to get into all the hassle without knowing proper reviews.
Cloud Computing looks really nice, actually Office 2010 is also looking for Cloud Computing. But I guess those guys won't be dumb enough, just to build the system only on Cloud Computing. They will definitely provide service for offline mode.

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