SUMMER CAMP - Three Day Children and Youth Literary Summer Camp
Date: Sunday, Jun 29, 2003

Three Day Children and Youth Literary Summer Camp

Dear Parents of Nepali Children and Youths,

International Nepali Literary Society, Washington DC is organizing a three day Nepali literary summer camp for children and youths up to 19 years in the DC Metro area. INLS cordially invites all children, youths and parents who are interested in languages, literature and cultures of Nepal to participate on this years Summer Camp.

Day One: A Glimpse of Nepali Ethnic Culture and Tradition via Film Numafung
Day/Time: Saturday, June 28th 2:00PM
Cost: $8 Adult, $5 Children 10-15 years; Children Under 10 are admitted free
Venue: Johnson Center Cinema Hall, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Camp Activities:
1. Nepali Film NUMAFUNG (A Beautiful Flower) Screening
This is a 35mm format movie (actual movie) not a video. The movie is very educational for your children as well as entertaining for parents. It has English subtitles. Numafung is a story of a young girl who is exploited time and again in the name of culture and tradition, and who eventually stands up against the system. This film is about the kind of social system that facilitates exploitation. It shows how some people decide to stand up against the society and its system. This film is first of its kind about Limbu people living in the beautiful hills of Nepal.

2. Question and Answer session with director of the movie, Nabin Subba.
Children may be quizzed about the ethnic culture shown on the movie during a Hajir Jawaf Pratiyogita (Quiz Contest) on the second day of camp. See Day Two of camp below.

Day Two: Literary Workshops, Competitions, School Anniversary Celebration
Day/Time: Sunday, June 29th 11:00AM
Cost: Free
Food: Potluck Picnic
Venue: Bull Run Regional Park, 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, VA, Shelter #6

Camp Activities:
1. Nepali Poetry Recitation Workshop for Children
Children will practice reciting Nepali poems with a moderator. After practicing, each child will be asked to recite on their own. A competition will be held on the third day of the Camp.

2. Nepali Letter (Hijya) Game
In this game, a player has to come up with a Nepali word using the last letter of the word spoken by the last player. If a particular player is not able to come up with a word, moderator will restart the game but the player will loose a point. The winning person will be awarded at the third/final day of the camp.

3. Hajir Jawaf Pratiyogita (Quiz Contest) on languages, literature, cultures, and geography of Nepal
Areas covered by the quiz:
Be able to identify following personalities by their literary title: Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, Laxmi P. Devkota, Motiram Bhatta
Meaning of Nepali Words (Color, Body Parts, Fruits, Vegetable, Family Tree)
Festivals of Nepal (Phagu Purnima, Dashin, Tihar, Gai Jatra, Buddha Purnima)
Major National Symbol of Nepal (National Animal, National Bird, National Flower, National Flag)
Neighbors of Nepal
Location of Nepal
Mountains of Nepal
Major Cities of Nepal
Wild Animals of Nepal
Nepali Ethnic Diversity

Haijir Jawaf Pratiyogita (Quiz Contest) is a famous educational game played in the Schools of Nepal. The contest will be conducted in English. Detail rule of the game will be provided at the camp. The winning team will be awarded at the third/final day of the camp.

4. Nepali Music/Dance Performance by Children and Youths
5. Other interesting outdoor games for Children and Youths
6. First Anniversary Celebration of School of Languages and Cultures of Nepal/End of the Educational Year (2002-03) Meeting

Day Three: Final Competitions, Award Ceremony, Bhanu Jayanti Celebration
Day/Time: Saturday, July 12, 10:00AM
Cost: Free
Food: Nepali food and Barbeque provided by INLS.
Venue: Leesylvania State Park, Woodbridge, Virginia
Camp Activities:
Final Competition of Nepali Poetry Recitation for Children
Hajir Jawaf Pratiyogita and Letter Game Winner Award Distribution
Games such as Musical Chair, Rumal Chor etc for Children/Adults

Other regular activities of Bhanu Jayanti will be included on the Bhanu Jayanti announcement, which will be distributed to community in a separate e-mail.

For more information, contact any one of the following Camp coordinators/sponsors:

Gopal Regmi
Bama Dhungana
Hari Sharma
Kalpana Subedi
Pragya Sitoula
Saroj Prajapati
Sujan Shah
Nora Thapa
Kalpana Satyal
Manish Pokhrel
Prem Thapa
Kathie Stein
Julie Ide
Judy Subedi
Prakash Subedi
Ambika Gurung
Tika Pun
Prem Sangraula
D.B. Tamang
Kiran Sitoula
Pranita Katwal
Subu K.C.
Ram Kharel
Anup Pahari
Puru Subedi


Venue: GMU, Fairfax; Bullrun Park, Centreville; Leesylvenia State Park, Woodbridge;
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