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 Where are the supporters of Dr. Baburam Bhattrai?

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Posted on 11-10-11 7:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not see supporters of Baburam peeping in sajha these days. Surprisingly, mysansar wrote against the baburam this time, seems that guy is leaning right while some hardcore terrorist's fan are still supporting Baburam.. Come on you cowards come here and say in favor of Baburam's decision of expanding cabinet, giving amenesty to murderer dhungel..and so on??? where are you these days?? Oh yeah you must be enjoying what captalists nation USA has provided to you ? NO? buncha hypocrites..!

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-10-11 8:00 PM     [Snapshot: 42]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hate  terrorists and I support those who hate terrorists.
Posted on 11-10-11 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 57]     Reply [Subscribe]
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we live in a world full of hate :p
Posted on 11-10-11 8:05 PM     [Snapshot: 62]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i would love to hear your views on one good candidate for the country for present moment :d
Posted on 11-10-11 8:11 PM     [Snapshot: 65]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hear you and got what you are trying to say. Be explicit -can you?

You will get good candidate only when you should follow a practice of getting rid of bad one- like terrorist Maoists. If bad apples continue to occupy and suppress the good one- then question like yours will continue to come up! First, lets establish rule of law and create environment where people can fearlessly vote, exercise their fundamental rights and freely express view point. If your only option is Dr. Bhattrai -I am sure you are disappointed person now!
Posted on 11-10-11 8:20 PM     [Snapshot: 49]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Here, I am (or I should say "was") a supporter of Baburam and his good actions. I've been called terrorist in the past for saying that and I don't care because people who call me maoist or terrorist, Baburam's chamcha, etc are nothing but bunch of $hitheads who need to grow up. I can see a few threads asking for maoist/Baburam supporters to come up and write. But I don't think they are going to show up (if there are any). What Baburam was doing when he started as PM was good - visible changes in short time. But now, it's evident that he's no different than any other PM we had in the past, in fact he's much worse. Dhungel, I believe, doesn't deserve imprisonment for life and seizure of property, that dikhead should be hanged till death and same should be doe to other maoists who have slayed thousands of Nepali during civil war. I hope Shrestha's famiy will get justice and so will the rest who have lost their dear ones because of maoists. I want to see the Supreme Court acting in favor of Shrestha's family and denounce the cabinet's decision to appeal to waive Dhungel's punishment. If the Court fails to do so and the appeal reaches to the President, he better respect the Court's original decision regarding Dhungel.
Now, some of you might call me a hypocrite for supporting Baburam few weeks ago and speaking againt him and maoists now. Well, all I can do is show you my middle finger and tell you to mind your own damn business. I can support anyone who does good things and hate anyone who does bad, doesn't matter what political party/group he or she belongs to. And you've no right to affiliate me with any political party. 

Posted on 11-10-11 8:44 PM     [Snapshot: 111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i support those who do good work may it be king ...paras .. or baburam or even george bush and criticize if any of the leader fail to do according to what they say and don't do what they are supposed to be doing being at the top level position. unlike you, who likes to mock at other people who believed baburam could be a change and he failed to live up to his promise!!! and m in same position with jantare!! i did supported him but not maybe anymore!!! so what u want me be shameful for actually believing him that he could be a change to our country ??? u see me as a disappointed person ..u bet !! i am... and i see you as a troll full of hatred....

just wondering what do u think of Obama... do you label him as terrorist too since he is waging two wars ???

Posted on 11-10-11 8:50 PM     [Snapshot: 143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-10-11 9:09 PM     [Snapshot: 168]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i dont get it!!! didnt maoist won by majority???!!! so more than 50 percent of all should be held responsible for voting a terrorist and making the biggest political party in the country!!!
well i didn't suffer from maiost movement at that time but my whole place suffered from armies though!!! and i have frens from dang who told me abt the incidents by armies and police!! yeah bad things happened from both sides!! and i do feel empathy for both sides!!! so what if i ask you then if your dad was taken by armies by accusing him as spy and labeling him as maoist and was tortured to death ? will you side with maoist ??? or will u still support the army!??? m not taking side of anybody!!! u might suffered from maoist and u know the pain better than me but then again!! but again it was war between our own brothers!!!! the maoist brutality peaked after shere dismissed the parliament and announced "sankatkal"... did anyone protested at that time ??? and m surprised at the time of revolution i barely saw people from the ktm or lalitpur ...all from village...
so bro feri tehi bhanchu!!! m not supporting his killing!!! i didn't voted him to be on top... i didn't even went to the revolution time while my friends were having fun hitting bricks to police....
i just supported him coz u cant look back all the time and have the same hatred feeling... since they have come out of jungle ...i dont want them to go back and create more bloodshed... and yeah obviously call me fool for believing he was the last hope of the country!! someone said it right!! "even if there was god he wont be alive to see progress in nepal."
i would say Mohammed was terrorist too then!! !killed 10000 of people in Mecca and started islam!!! funny people don't see that side do they ??/
peace man!!!!
Posted on 11-10-11 10:12 PM     [Snapshot: 249]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I Stiil Think BRB is better PM of NEpal but this does not mean what he did are not all good.  I do not believe in blind faith. Being a follower is worst idea. So, it is better to think which is good and which is bad issuewise.  I hate if you like one action of Baburam, HE is great and otherday if you do not like other action , then he is worst  .  You will never find perfect man ? You do not (can not) need to agree with your friend all the time.  

In reality, i do not think Nepali PM is not so powerful post as we think.  We think PM as executive chief of of nation but present system of Nepal does not give authority to choose his team too. PM is not more powerful than CEO of company ?  Our expectation is too high , We want to to get result too soon, noone has patience to stay and wait  on line  .... Nepali culture.  

If you evaluate whole person with one action, i believe in current political system of Nepal, You you need to elect  PM every week.

I you think about the development of Nepal ahead, He is still the best among all leade
rs. And could you imagine what would be the situation of NEpal if BRB was not there(maoist) to divert moist party to this condition. Do you Know the role of BRB to change Terrosist Maoist party towards Political party ?  But do not expect detachment of BRB with Maobadi. His earlier detachment with Maoist party would be worst for Nepal also. Only He can change maobadi to Bikasbadi.
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Posted on 11-10-11 10:19 PM     [Snapshot: 258]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What maoist were doing was WRONG. Nepal had democracy and people chose the system of governance just like a decades ago. They had evey opportunity to become a political party and start reform but bcoz of their inability, they chose to create fear. They killed thousands in a peaceful country for their political gain. They brought arms into the society and started killing innocent civillians who were against them. More than half of the maoist had no idea about politics, they were just trying to get out of poverty. They took advantage of poor people and sent them to the front to die. After peace treaty also they keep on violating human rights. Its amazing how people forgot the video of prachanda where he is talking about creqting fear on other parties. Their list of unjust keeps on growing.
Now people think that People who hate maoist are full of hatred. You guys think that there ain't any one better than maoist????? I would rather go for corrupt than a murderer
Posted on 11-10-11 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 285]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Jantarei bro, shaayad maile pani kehi bhaneko thiye hola ris ko jhok ma....but whatever u wrote, I agree. The only difference between you and me is that you thought something positive might come out from Baburam but in my case, I did not believe him and thought he is no different than other terrorists. Additionally, I thought he was even worse, coz he is educated and he can fool innocent people easily. Baagh ko chhala lagayeko syaaal ho Baburam bhaneko. Naatak hera na tesko, Mustang gadi re, Economy class ma bidesh bhraman re...etc etc...but see, giving an average of 8 lakhs for each one who are responsible of killing 15000 people??????? Baburam was the one who used to bark that the parliament is so hugr during madhav Nepal and Jhala Nath's terms but look at this bastard's now.....Mps are all either corrupt or killers or affiliated with some crimes......K bhanne khoi??? Ajhai baburam ra maobadi ko kura sunne manchhe tannai chhan, achamma lagchha!!!!!! Lau Sabai Nepali ko jaya hos.....
Posted on 11-10-11 11:10 PM     [Snapshot: 329]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree jantare ; i was supporter of Baburam and will praise everyone who will do good things. but right now i am hating him for that two cause.
Posted on 11-10-11 11:41 PM     [Snapshot: 340]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Jantarei bro , Dherai khusi lagyo yar timro comment pader. 
Posted on 11-11-11 12:22 AM     [Snapshot: 390]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree army might have killed nepelese.  But you have to know those killings would have never taken place have maoist not started the war.

And maoist war has not been justified. They have not adressed even 2 out of 40 points for which they started the war even when they are in government. Most of those points were related to india .  Did Baburam raised all those issues when he went to india. NO. .............................. That means all those wars, all those killings were just a show. Those killings were never justified.

Most of the baburam's work has been just for a cheap popularity.  Mustang, economy class , radio programme blah blah.....................

Don't forget nepal dont have a natioinal dress now,  the cabinet of minister is largest in baburams tenure, freeing the killers, his wife giving indian security personnel authority to move around TIA,  baburam distributing 10 lakhs to maoist family killed but none to Army personnel who got killed.

Coming back to dhungel, there are numerous army who are serving jail term for similar offence. Why shouldn't they be released then?  Is the law only for non maoist?

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Posted on 11-11-11 9:41 AM     [Snapshot: 522]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-11-11 10:42 AM     [Snapshot: 544]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-11-11 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 587]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Every one who is in Western World can't support communism, even a communist leader come to western world, he will be influenced by their development, democracy and all the good things, certainly there also some bad things. Any way what Shantipriya didn't understand is Nepal is not western world where we are the richest countries of the world. If Nepal was really rich, no one can sell dreams in the name of communism and Nepali won't be fooled but we are the poorest country of the world and we will be fooled by everyone. Even Nepali congress socialism in not white capitalism, my point is do not bark here in USA. No one here had supported Maoist or had fought war but Nepali is Nepali and those who came here in USA, become US citizen and bark here has no meaning. If you want to change Nepal, go and fight there to the terrorist. Stop embarrassing people blaming terrorist and Maoist, no one is here but the thing is any light hope in Nepal will make Nepali happy in every part of the world; it might be Dr. Baburam or Mr. Congress or Mr. UML.

Posted on 01-13-13 9:33 AM     [Snapshot: 1421]     Reply [Subscribe]
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प्रधानमन्त्रीको जंगी शासन

प्रधानमन्त्री बाबुराम भट्टराईले दैलेखका पत्रकार डेकेन्द्रराज थापाका हत्याराहरूविरुद्ध मुद्दा नचलाउन लिखित निर्देशन दिन लगाएर आफू कसैको आवाज नसुनी स्वेच्छाचारी ढंगले अगाडि बढ्ने स्पष्ट सन्देश दिएका छन् । थापा हत्याकाण्डका अभियुक्तहरूमाथि कारबाही हुनुपर्ने मागसहित समग्र पत्रकारिता जगत् आन्दोलित छ । दैलेखमा पीडित पक्ष दिनहुँ प्रदर्शन गर्दैछ । संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघलगायत अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदायले नेपाली पत्रकारहरूको जीवनरक्षाका लागि अपिल गरेका छन् । यस्तो अवस्थामा प्रधानमन्त्रीले कहींकतै केही नभएझैं गरी जनमतको सदैव ख्याल गरिने लोकतान्त्रिक मान्यताको धज्जी उडाउँदै शुक्रबार महान्यायाधिवक्ता कार्यालयमार्फत उक्त मुद्दा नचलाउन जसरी उर्दी जारी गरेका छन्, त्यसले सरकार प्रमुखकै हर्कतबाट मुलुक गम्भीर कानुनी अराजकतातर्फ धकेलिने जोखिम बढाएको छ । पत्रकारको जीवनरक्षाप्रति रत्तिभर संवेदनशील नदेखिएका प्रधानमन्त्रीको शैलीले नेपाली प्रेस स्वतन्त्रता पुनः अधिनायकवादी भीरको डिलमा पुगेको आभास हुन्छ । विडम्बना के भएको छ भने सम्बन्धित अभियुक्तचाहिँ पत्रकार थापालाई यातना दिएर ज्युँदै गाडेकामा अपराधबोध गर्दै सजाय भोग्न र प्रायश्चित गर्न चाहेको बताइरहेका छन्, प्रधानमन्त्री भने उनीहरूमाथि कारबाही नचलाउन ठाडो आदेश दिँदैछन् । यसले फौजदारी न्यायको सिद्धान्तलाई पनि ठाडै चुनौती दिएको छ । पहुँच नहुनेमाथि कानुन लाग्ने, हुनेले उन्मुक्ति पाउने/दिइने नजिर न्याय प्रणालीकै निम्ति आत्मघाती हुनेछ । यस किसिमको चरम राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेप हुन्छ भने प्रहरीले कुनै अपराधको स्वतन्त्र अनुसन्धान किन गर्ने ? सरकारी वकिलले अभियुक्तमाथि मुद्दा दायर गर्ने झन्झट किन उठाइरहने ? थापा हत्याकाण्डको प्रहरी अनुसन्धान नसकिँदै, माओवादी कार्यकर्तामाथि मुद्दा दायर नगर्न सरकारी वकिललाई निर्देशन दिने प्रधानमन्त्रीको पछिल्लो व्यवहारले प्रहरी र प्रशासनिक संयन्त्रको मनोबल नराम्रोसँग खस्काएको छ ।

पीडित पक्षको उजुरीपछि उक्त हत्याको अनुसन्धान किन नगरेको भनेर सुर्खेत पुनरावेदन अदालतले कारण देखाउ आदेश दिएपछि यो मुद्दाको पुनः अनुसन्धान सुरु भएको थियो । त्यसलाई बीचैमा रोक्ने सरकारी कदमले अदालतसमेतको अपहेलना गरेको छ । प्रधानमन्त्री भट्टराईले सत्य निरूपण तथा मेलमिलाप आयोग नभएका कारण मुद्दा चलाउन नमिल्ने जिकिर गरेका छन् । जबकि पत्रकार थापाको हत्या द्वन्द्वकालीन भिडन्त वा राजनीतिक कारणबाट भएको घटना पनि होइन । त्यो हत्या पार्टी नीतिविपरीत भएको भन्दै माओवादी नेतृत्वले उसबेलै क्षमा मागेको थियो । अहिले आएर त्यसलाई राजनीतिक लेपन लगाउन कसरी मिल्छ ?

जहाँसम्म सत्य निरूपण आयोगको कुरा छ, यस्ता संक्रमणकालीन न्याय संयन्त्रहरू नबन्दासम्म प्रचलित कानुनअनुसारै कारबाही हुने/गरिने विश्वव्यापी प्रचलन हो । माओवादीका पूर्वसभासद बालकृष्ण ढुंगेलमाथि लागेको यस्तै मुद्दाको फैसला गर्ने क्रममा सर्वोच्च अदालतले पनि त्यस्तो आयोग नबन्दासम्म प्रचलित ऐनअनुसारै कारबाही हुने स्पष्ट फैसला सुनाइसकेको छ । यस्तो अवस्थामा कि प्रधानमन्त्रीले भन्नुपर्‍यो- मुलुकको न्यायपालिका नै मान्दिनँ, होइन भने पत्रकार मार्ने अपराधीलाई कारबाही गर्ने बाटो खुला गर्नुपर्‍यो । संविधानसभा विघटन गर्ने, नयाँ निर्वाचन गर्न नसक्ने, चुनाव गर्न भइसकेको सहमति उल्टाउने र सत्ता छाड्नै नचाहने प्रधानमन्त्री भट्टराईले पत्रकार थापाका हत्यारालाई अभयदान दिने प्रयत्न गरेर जंगी शासन सुरु गर्न खोजेका छन् । लोकतन्त्रको सुरक्षित भविष्यका निम्ति यसको चौतर्फी प्रतिवाद अनिवार्य छ ।

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 I don't think anybody is a blind supporter of BRB. Everybody had huge expectation from him considering his scholastic accolades and so seemed "new vision." Yeah its true he didnt fulfill the expectations people had from him but hey, who does in the politics of Nepal?
I am not here to justify any leader or a party but I cant take the negativity being spread around. I cant believe how some of the mongrels keep going back to turmoil of our country and play the blame game. Listen loggerheads, no matter if u hate or like Maoist, the war is over. Why the fck are you still lingering over that issue? Get over it. We lost lot of our brother and sisters during that black period. Most of the people who got killed were poor and middle class people like the policemen who wanted to feed his family and some dreamer from the mid west of Nepal who sacrified his/her life listening to wrong persons for wrong reasons. So, the bottomline is "THE WAR IS DONE" and lets keep it that way. Refering back to the war again and again is like the remorse your DAD had when he found out you were conceived; "Had I pulled out that night earlier" or "Had I used the rubber?"

Posted on 01-13-13 12:10 PM     [Snapshot: 1565]     Reply [Subscribe]
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किन जोगाउन खोजिंदैछ डेकेन्द्रका हत्यारा ?

भट्टराई र दाहालको पछिल्लो व्यवहार र विचार दैलेखमा पक्राउ परेका लछीराम घर्तीहरूका लागि हैन, आफ्नै बचाउका लागि हो भनेर जो कोहीले बुझन सक्छन् ।

पत्रकार डेकेन्द्र थापा उनका छोरा र श्रीमती र पक्राउ परेका लछीराम घर्ती।

कार्टुन आफै बोल्छ ! साभार: कान्तिपुर

जब हत्यारा पक्राउ पर्न थाले र उनीहरूले हत्या गरेको साविती बयान दिंदै निर्दोष मान्छे मारेकोमा पश्चात्ताप प्रकट गर्न थाले तब द्वन्द्वकालका संयुक्त क्रान्तिकारी जनपरिषद् नेपालका संयोजक रहेका बाबुराम भट्टराई ‘लालध्वज’ र सशस्त्र द्वन्द्वताका माओवादी सेनाका सर्वोच्च कमाण्डर पुष्पकमल दाहाल (प्रचण्ड) तिनलाई कारबाही गर्न नहुने भाषण र निर्देशन दिइरहेका छन् ।

‘पाप धुरीबाट कराउँछ’ यो नेपाली उखान पत्रकार डेकेन्द्र थापाका हत्याराका लागि ८ वर्षपछि आएर चरितार्थ भएको छ । हत्याको अभियोगमा पाँच जना पक्राउ परे लगत्तै अहिले लहरो तान्दा पहरो गर्जने अवस्था आउन थालेको छ ।

यस्तो बेलामा बाबुराम भट्टराई भने देशका प्रधानमन्त्री भन्दा पनि द्वन्द्वकालका संयुक्त क्रान्तिकारी जनपरिषद् नेपालका संयोजक ‘लालध्वज’ जस्ता देखिएका छन् । सशस्त्र द्वन्द्वताका माओवादीले गाउँ–गाउँमा खडा गरेको जनसरकारहरूको नेतृत्व गर्ने ‘लालध्वज’ले तिनै मध्येका एक गाउँ जनसरकारले हत्या गराएको एक निर्दोष पत्रकारका हत्याराहरूलाई कारबाही नगर्न उर्दी जारी गरिरहेका छन् । सरकारका प्रधानमन्त्रीको कार्यशैली र व्यवहारबाट यो देशमा अब कानूनी शासन नरहेको आभास हुन थालेको छ ।

देशका प्रधानमन्त्रीको कदमले कानूनी राज्य अब इतिहास र कागजमा मात्र सीमित हुने हो कि भन्ने चिन्ता बढेको छ । यो त्यही देश हो जहाँको सानो राज्यमा कुनै बेला रामशाह नामका राजाले शासन गर्थे । त्यसबेला ‘न्याय नपाए गोर्खा जानु’ भनिन्थ्यो तर त्यही गोरखाबाट निर्वाचनमा अधिक मत ल्याएर प्रधानमन्त्रीसम्म बनेका भट्टराईले देशलाई न्याय विहीन बनाउँदैछन् । १६ हजार जनताको बलि चढाइएको सशस्त्र द्वन्द्वपछि त पक्कै देशमा शान्ति छाउला, दण्डहीनताको अन्त्य होला र न्यायको शासन कायम होला भन्ने आम जनतामा पलाएको आशा विस्तारै मर्दै जान थालेको छ ।

जब डेकेन्द्रका हत्यारा पक्राउ पर्न थाले र उनीहरूले हत्या गरेको साविती बयान दिंदै निर्दोष मान्छे मारेकोमा पश्चात्ताप प्रकट गर्न थाले तब भट्टराई र सशस्त्र द्वन्द्वताका माओवादी सेनाका सर्वोच्च कमाण्डर पुष्पकमल दाहाल (प्रचण्ड) तिनलाई कारबाही गर्न नहुने भाषण र निर्देशन दिइरहेका छन् । किनभने त्यो हत्कडीको फन्दाले कस–कसलाई लपेट्नेछ भनेर ‘लालध्वज’ र ‘प्रचण्ड’लाई थाहा छ । त्यसैले हत्याका अभियुक्त पक्राउ पर्नासाथ प्रधानमन्त्रीले आपत्ति प्रकट गरे । प्रधानमन्त्रीले अनुसन्धान रोक्न निर्देशन दिएलगत्तै हेटौंडामा एमाओवादीका अध्यक्ष दाहालले विस्तृत शान्ति सम्झैता अनुसार सत्य निरुपण आयोगले छानबिन गरी दोषी देखाइएकालाई मात्र कारबाही गर्नुपर्ने बताउँदै भने “कसैमाथि कारबाही गर्ने प्रक्रिया चल्यो भने वेलगाम तरिकाले जान्छ र झन अराजक स्थिति बन्न सक्छ ।”

अहिले यस्तो कुरा गर्ने ‘प्रचण्ड’ले आफू प्रधानमन्त्री हुनासाथ किन पीडितहरूको घाउमा मल्हम लगाउने काम गरेनन् ? किन विस्तृत शान्ति सम्झैता अनुसार सत्य निरुपण आयोग बनाउने तत्परता देखाएनन् ? पत्रकार डेकेन्द्र थापाका हत्याराहरूले जिउँदै गाडेको बयान दिइरहँदा सरकारका प्रधानमन्त्री भट्टराई र एमाओवादीका अध्यक्ष दाहाल किन कारबाही गर्न हुँदैन भन्दै कानूनी राज्यको उपहास गरिरहेका छन् ?

भट्टराई र दाहालको पछिल्लो व्यवहार र विचार दैलेखमा पक्राउ परेका लछीराम घर्तीहरूका लागि हैन, आफ्नै बचाउका लागि हो भनेर जो कोहीले बुझन सक्छन् । पछिल्लो समयमा बेलायतमा बहालवाला कर्णेल कुमार लामा पक्राउ परेपछि झस्किएको सरकार र माओवादी नेतृत्वलाई पत्रकार डेकेन्द्र थापाका हत्याराहरूको बयान निल्नु न ओकल्नु भएको छ ।

हत्यारामध्येका लछीराम घर्ती मगरले प्रहरी हिरासतभित्रै ‘मार्न नहुने मान्छे मारे, अब सजाय भोगेर पश्चात्ताप गर्न तयार छु, थापाको परिवारसँग हात जोडेर माफी माग्छु’ भनिरहेको अवस्थामा देशका प्रधानमन्त्री भट्टराईले सार्वजनिक रूपमा भाषण गर्दै ‘मुद्दा अगाडि नबढाउन’ निर्देशन दिएका छन् । त्यतिले मात्रै नपुगेर सरकारका कानूनी सल्लाहकार महान्यायाधिवक्ता मुक्ति प्रधानमार्फत दैलेख जिल्लाका सरकारी वकील, पुनरावेदन सरकारी वकील कार्यालय, सुर्खेत प्रहरी र प्रहरी प्रधान कार्यालय समेतलाई लिखित आदेश दिएका छन् ।

पत्रकार डेकेन्द्र थापाको कसुर यति थियो कि उनले दैलेख सदरमुकामवासीका लागि खानेपानीको मुहान नथुन्न माओवादीका स्थानीय नेता कार्यकर्तासँग मध्यस्तता गर्न खोजे । तर, खानेपानी माग्न जाँदा माओवादीले उनको ज्यानै लिइदिए । लाठी र सिस्नोले पिट्दै यातना दिएर धुकधुकी मात्रै बाँकी राखेपछि जिउँदै खाल्डो खनेर पुरिदिए । ८ वर्षसम्म थापाका परिवारजन र देशभरका पत्रकारहरूको छाता संगठन नेपाल पत्रकार महासंघले हत्यारालाई कारबाही गर्न माग गर्दा माओवादीले ढाकछोप मात्रै गरयो । आफनै खानेपानीको लागि ज्यान गुमाएका डेकेन्द्रका हत्यारालाई कारबाही गराउन अहिले पूरै दैलेख तातेको छ । सिङ्गो पत्रकारिताजगत र देशसँगे अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय समुदाय पनि जुर्मुराएको छ ।

एक दशक लामो हिंसात्मक द्वन्द्वकालमा विभिन्न बहाना र अनेक व्यक्तिका सनक र लहडका भरमा डेकेन्द्र थापा जस्तै धेरै निर्दोष सर्वसाधारण अनाहकमा मारिएका छन् । माओवादी र राज्य पक्षबाट बेपत्ता पारिएकाहरूको परिवारजन अझ्ै लाश या सासको आशमा छन् । ढिलोचाँडो राज्यले पीडितलाई न्याय दिनै पर्छ र राज्यले न्याय दिन नसके अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय कठघरामा कुनै न कुनै दिन जवाफ दिनुपर्ने दिन आउँछ नै । र, आउनु पनि पर्छ नत्र फेरि कसैको सनक र लहडका भरमा निर्दोष मान्छेहरू मारिने दिन आइरहने छ ।


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