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 Is my study f'd up enough to kill myself?
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Posted on 06-19-11 7:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 साथि हो! अमेरिका आको ४ सेमेस्टर भयो..ऐले सम्म १३ क्रेडिट हौर्स मात्र सक्या छ...गणना हुने...एक चोटी अकदेमिक वार्निंग मा समेत परि सके..दुइ तीन पल्ट २ भन्दा कम जी पी ए भै सको...बल्ल तल्ल ऐले कुमुलेतिव जी पी ए २.२ छ! के गर्ने होला लाइफ मा खै...अस्सोसिएट्स सकिन मै ३ सेमेस्टर अझ लाग्ला जस्तो छ...अनि अमेरिका आइ सकेको ३ बर्ष पुगी सक्या हुन्छ...फेरी उनिवेर्सिटी गएर इन्टरन हरु गर्दै खै कति बर्ष लाग्ने हो???? २३ बर्ष पुगी सके...नेपाल का साथि हरु सब बचेलोर्स पढेर सकाउन लागि सके..कोलेज सकौदै बुढो भै एला जस्तो छ...नेपाल जाने कस्तो मान्न छ...तर फर्केर आउन न देला जस्तो लाग्छ...के गर्ने साथि हो...सल्लाह दिउ...हौसला दिउ... अथवा जे सहि छ भन्नुस...अब बाचेर फाइदा छैन भने त्यो पनि  भन्नुस 

Posted on 06-19-11 8:00 PM     [Snapshot: 44]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I am repeating myself here again. Its a b***s**it idea. Just let this idea go from your head.

and trust me itsn't only you. There are hundreds of people(that includes me too) out there who have similar situation like you and worse that that older than you. you are just 23 not that old and trust me you can and will do a lot better in your life. Just stay focus on your goal, and try to get it and one day you will get it. And don't get worry about others,  aarule yesto gare wosto gare wa yesto garen wosto garen bhannu ma kehi phaida chaina....

You know it too, there is dawn after that darkness. You will have your dawn too...

Posted on 06-19-11 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 44]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 hera bhai, 
life ma dherai manchhe lai timi bhanda badhi dukha pareko hunchha, timro ta padhai matra f'ded up chha...yaha sabai kura f'ded huney haru pani chhan...ma afai euta example ho...life end garna lai kunai pani reason strong enough hudaina....ali dherai sathi haru banau...arka ko dukha dekhe pachhi afno ali kam hunchha....kei volunteer kaam gara...Chicago area ma basne bhako bhaye ma timlai kei timepass kaamharu laidinthey...kei bigreko chhaina....Nepal jana lai kurna sakinchha tayaar bhayepachhi, aba bata padhai ramro garne try gara...professor haru lai time time ma bhetne gara without reason bahana banayera question sodhna...tesle timro final grade ma asar parna sakchha...yo ta kei hoina dherai dukha paaka chhan Nepali daju bhai haru le America ma...aile ta dherai bhaisakyau hamiharu...hami suru suru ma auda ta koi pani thiyena kati dukha bhako hola socha ta! 23 barsako kalkalaudo umer ma resto kuraa nagara bhai!
all the best 
Posted on 06-20-11 11:07 AM     [Snapshot: 465]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 brother, i also had a same situation like you. Second summer in OC, i thought i WILL NOT work as hard and as many hours as my first summer. guess what happened? I lost my scholarship, i got a shitty shit 2.0 gpa. I missed an A in one class by .02 percent and B on one class my failing to submit a homework. My cummulative GPA was very low and on top of that now I had to work lot more hours to pay my tuition. I was very much depressed. The money i can make no problem, but my GPA was very low and didnt know how to get it back up.
I thought long and hard and changed my major and from there on..I stopped partying as much i did before. I was determined the next semester atleast I will try my hardest and let my past semester be my motivation. I would come home after every class and go over the content of  the day, i started organizing my tasks better. next semester I got 4.0 and got into 3.5+ GPA for next 4 semesters straight and dean list each time. I got my scholarship back and also departmental scholarship, got bunch of internships and now I have job too. What I am trying to say is, maybe you are also getting bad grades because studying something you are not even interested on. Try to take some easier classes and something that interests you. You should still socialize and party but never let it affect your study. Dont be all hungover on finals week. If you have shitty roommates who are bothering you just find new ones. You are here in states to study, not party. your party frens wont come and help  you if you run out of tuition funds or after you graduate you wont find a job due to your GPA..You can party again once you get good grades back,, It will only take couple semesters of hard work and your GPA will bounce right back up, after couple good semesters, you will have automatically developed good studying habits..Dont be depressed bro just put in hardest work just next semester and i know it will get lot better.
Last edited: 20-Jun-11 11:17 AM

Posted on 06-20-11 12:06 PM     [Snapshot: 529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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timi aja jati barsa chau tyo vanda 1 din budo voli hunechau, aja timi timro bhawisya ko jindagi varko lagi sabai vanda young chau ..tesaile faida leu ..budo vaye vanera nasocha
Posted on 06-20-11 1:48 PM     [Snapshot: 599]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i know some Nepali people who are going to school in their 30s and still pursuing a career. dude, .this is America , people change their major and career all the time because of the job market and interest. people live here till 100s and you see 70 yr old ppl still working, so think this way, 30s here is 20s and 40s here is 30s.. don't think you're old at at.. lot of times it may not even you, but those goofy old 10 yr professors who think they are einstein stuck in a college middle of nowhere. try to talk to friends and find out if the professor is a reasonalbe before you sign up the class. some of these whackos have their own style, say some like to ask by books, and some only ask what they teach you on the lecture while some do both. try to understand their style. if you're doing your best and other ppl are having hard time to in the department, dont even hesitate to change schools. there are lots of schools and departments run by ppl ppl with attitude and intentions which is not necessarly to teach. I had a professor once who hated indians and south asian in over, i heard that he even went as far as saying you indians come here to steal jobs with exgagerrated resumes some indian students. He gave me a b - although i deserved a+, i went to dept head and all that but to no avail, later i found out he has become the dept head in that school. so don't just blame on you and try to find solutions ,often that may lead to change your major, job ,or even school. don't let your future get ruined by some stubborns fools who have degrees from like 30 yrs ago.  
Posted on 06-20-11 1:59 PM     [Snapshot: 614]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hera bro, sabai kura ramro hunchha, aafule socheko jasto hunchha bhanne chhaina. lifema sukha-dukha bhanya sadhai bhairahanchha, college life ali gaaro nai hunchha, sabailai! padhnu parko, padhai lai kamaunu paryo, tenson ta hunchha but himmat harera kaam chhaina. 23 bhaneko kehi hoina.budhdhi bigriyera drop out bhayeka haru 40s ma chhora-naati sanga college gairaheka chhan, timilai chahi ahilai budho bhaye jasto lagna thalyo? tait1 padhdai jaau na, sakihalchha ni school. aru saathiharu jaha sukau pugun, timlai baal! tiniharu dhani bhayera timro pet bharine hoina, tiniharu garib bhayera timi bhokai basne hoina, ani k ko khas-khas aru saathiharu jaha puge pani? merai kura garchhau bhane pani mero padhai sakina ajhai 12-13 barsa lagchha. undergrad sakina lagyo, tyaspachhi gradschool, ani post doc, k k ho k k. mero padhai sakida samma ma sanga yaha ra nepal, dubaitira padhne saathiharuko job-gharjam pakka bhaisakeko hunchha, tyaso bhandaima ma k royera basau ta? bhutro ni basdina! aafune choose gareko life ho, majjale hasi-khusi bachinchha! namarda jasto kura nagara, khuru-khuru padhai/kaam samhala, aaja dukha gara, bholi sukhale bachna pauchhau. good luck!

Posted on 06-20-11 2:56 PM     [Snapshot: 614]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Abhodhbalaak,

Sajha.com is a great service. Many of us have come at some point or another to get other people's feedback. Some of which I am writing down below is not only for you, but it is things I try to remember in my life also.

We all go through ups and downs. But sometimes when we go through depression, than the downs can really bring us down. There are different things you can do that can help you cope.
Try doing some regular exercise. This always helps me to come out of feeling bad and down. Keep a notebook and right your thoughts and feelings down. Read some self-help books. Keep good company.

You are 23, so you are comparing with school friends. But there are many different people from many different walks of life. Judging where you are today by comparing where your friends from school are, is not always the most accurate way to measure progress. Sometimes we can get stuck in very narrow way of looking at our life and feel we are not making as much progress as we could. Stand back and try to see the bigger picture of life and what is truly important. There are many with money and education without peace of mind or happiness in their life.
It is hard to see all the above when we are rushing around everyday.

Don't always judge yourself from the standards of people in Nepal. They are way too judgemental and don't always understand all the different challenges in America.

Posted on 06-21-11 4:11 PM     [Snapshot: 921]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As they say age is but a number. Ten years from today -- by which time you will probably have pulled yourself up, acquired your bachelor's degree, maybe a Masters as well, landed a decent job and perhaps even a nice wife -- all by the age of 33 (which is quite a feat in the USA) -- you will probably look back at this moment and ask, really, I thought of such things? 

No matter what you screw up or how badly you screw up, there is no reason to kill yourself over it.

Best wishes.



"There is nothing in the world so damaged that it cannot be repaired. I encourage you to know this, because without this certainty we should all of us be mad"  -- Agatha Christie, in Hercule Poirot

Last edited: 21-Jun-11 04:22 PM

Posted on 06-21-11 5:01 PM     [Snapshot: 960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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whenever i read this i feel so good. beacause i am not only one on boat there are others too. study is totally [Disallowed String for - bad word]ed up.
lagcha america ko visa haina dasa lagya raicha.
aaija keta ma bhako thau maa aaija samuhek aatma hatya garau.

Posted on 12-20-12 12:38 AM     [Snapshot: 1650]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if u r intrested thn u can apply in military.

Posted on 12-20-12 12:50 AM     [Snapshot: 1668]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think u worried more thn u should...tapai yahako padai ra nepalko padai tulana garnai saknu hunna....ra mildaina pani.
anyways good luck!
Posted on 12-20-12 2:25 AM     [Snapshot: 1758]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There is alway struggle in life, but you should not get frustrated. I have seen many nepalese got well established in USA after hard struggle.You are only 23. Life is very precious, even you are suffering. Sufferings gives deeper understanding to life.

Posted on 12-20-12 2:48 AM     [Snapshot: 1773]     Reply [Subscribe]
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AbodhBaalak Bhai,
Good that you let it out and share in this sajha post.
By now, you should get some idea about other people who go throguh similar struggle and heartly accept that fact.

BottomLine: Dont give up on yourself.

Thanks to other sajha folks for pitching in.


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