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 अर्थमन्त्रीलाई अमेरिकामा विरोधको तयारी

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Posted on 04-17-11 12:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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भ्रस्टाचारी अर्थमन्त्री को बिरोध गरौ.


The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-17-11 6:15 PM     [Snapshot: 602]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 So, what's your "out of the box" thought?
Posted on 04-17-11 6:19 PM     [Snapshot: 605]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Commando: Clear and simple- go to Nepal and try to be better politician than BMA.
Posted on 04-17-11 6:22 PM     [Snapshot: 605]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 his so called out of the box idea is poking your nose with the fingers you used to scratch your balls just a while ago and watching quitely while the politicians rip us and the country off. 
to simsim : does a rapist stop unless you protest? he won't coz he loves raping a girl. same situation with these political fags
wah! what a nice idea...go home and be a politician! why don't you do that if you don't protest, go with your "out of the box" idea? we'll keep on protesting.

Posted on 04-17-11 6:35 PM     [Snapshot: 614]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You will keep on protesting forever that too living in abroad. By the time something happens you will have forgotton your country. Good idea!
Posted on 04-17-11 6:48 PM     [Snapshot: 625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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we'll see who forgets,
you: who's here in the States, doesn't protest at politician's bad deeds, instead tries to persuade others not to protest, and tells other people to go to Nepal to get involved in politics. if you can tell other's to do that, why don't you initiate the good cause? 
or I? I at least say bad people and things are bad without hesitation and i support protest if it's got a good reason. and I have my own faculty to serve Nepal, I don't need to as well as want to involved in politics.
and for your kind information, i'm not "living" here; i'm working my a$$ off so that i can one day i can go back home and work there. if i didn't have a good reason to be here, i'd have gone home long ago or maybe never come here.

Last edited: 17-Apr-11 06:48 PM

Posted on 04-17-11 7:00 PM     [Snapshot: 649]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Drkanchho, I fully respect your feelings/thoughts.

@others: How many Americans, British, German, French, Japanese, Australians....... living abroad have you seen or heard about showing disrespect/flags to their leaders while they (the leaders) visit foreign countries? Even Indian do not do that. I know they fight/bicker/chew each other at home but do not show lowly behavior outside.

Good luck guys, show you culture & value here and let others know that we are true Nepali.
Posted on 04-17-11 7:18 PM     [Snapshot: 674]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why shouldn't you protest against someone who's shown himself to be utterly corrupt ? - Because other nationalities do not do that - wrong observation to start with. I've been to Parvez Musharraff's speeches and there's a long line of people with slogans against him. 

Culture - how does culture come here? Is it in our culture to show respect to a corrupt leader? Remember that no one is instigating a mob action to do anything to this guy. If you believe that our values and culture would be shown by our respect for a corrupt minister, you couldn't be more wrong. Also this guy lost the elections and still became a FM, no respect for this loser.

- Don't protest because you haven't gone to Nepal and worked
Does that mean I should tie up my hands while I am here? Maybe time will come for that too - but caring about something you love isn't about just waiting for this big event that you would do sometime in the future and then not do smaller things that you feel should be done. This is more symbolic -  if the event is publicized by the media, it would come to the world's attention what he actually is possibly making it harder for him  to be in such a post again.

I mean I am not going to be there anyways, but if I were closer I would.

Posted on 04-17-11 7:29 PM     [Snapshot: 702]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good steps can be started from anywhere, you don't always have to repeat what others have done. But I doubt if ex-pats living abroad don't protest the corrupts/disliked personalities. Vietnamese (already US citizens) go to protest even at the musical concert of the main land Vietnamese artist.

Simsim, you're proving more and more to be a relative rather than a mere loyal blind supporter of this dacoit. Did you also get a commission from this dacoit's loot?

Go to Nepal and try to be better politician than BMA
-> does the same argument applies to you? Why do you care what other nepalese are doing then because you think we can't do anything unless we go back to be a better politician.

Let's protest against this dacoit Bharat Mohan Adhikari.
Posted on 04-17-11 7:33 PM     [Snapshot: 702]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Commando, Are you really so much dedicated and honest with yourself? I believe you live in the states. I don't think $1000 is very difficult to make here. I will salute you if you contribute $1000 to the poor people (any place in Nepal through any organization) and post the donation receipt in Sajha. I will match the amount or double it and donate it to the poors. There comes the value, culture, honesty, protest whatever...

Posted on 04-17-11 7:51 PM     [Snapshot: 739]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 simsim: i'm going home next year in spring and i've made my mind to help a school in a remote village or an orphanage. i don't know what amount i'll donate; it can be anything ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to 2-3 thousands - depending how much i'll be able to spare within a year after keeping some for myself (plane ticket and about 2000 for standardized tests and grad school applications)
tell me, do you accept the challenge - you donate double the amount i'm donating next year? 

Posted on 04-17-11 7:52 PM     [Snapshot: 726]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Simsim, timi chup laga yaar!  Timi mula masters garyau, Greencard payau, sponsor gareko company chodne kura garchau, tara yo UML ko kasto hardcore fan bha ko? Ali kaalo lai kaalo, seto lai seto bhanna sika :) . Ani aafule lekheko thread aafule nai like garidine? Wah! aafai ma-pai?

You must be one of those netas' relative man! Otherwise you'd have said something. You had the same problem when Madhab Kumar came last year. At that time, you blamed all those people as Maoists. Now Bharat Mohan is Maoist's FM, what'd you blame them as..? ..as Royalists?

Last edited: 17-Apr-11 07:53 PM

Posted on 04-17-11 7:56 PM     [Snapshot: 754]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Simsim, you have no idea of what I am doing. Merely donating money is sort of contrary to your line of argument, but see if you feel that salutable things could be done without going to Nepal in this case, why not in the previous case?

I don't know how it's possible to let you match the amount without revealing my identity, but no worries there. I am pretty happy with what I am doing for my community (I'm more concerned about the community that I consider myself a part of) and I'm not really after salutations. Thanks for the offer though and I would recommend that anything you think you could match, you try investing in creating some opportunities for the people in the community that you call home!
Posted on 04-17-11 7:56 PM     [Snapshot: 754]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I see that you have made an all day event to protect the corrupt Adhikari from Sajha board. I have never seen any post from you  before, and looks like you created your ID today in desperation, desperation to protect corrupt Adhikari, you have come down to check " like" on your own post and  check " Flag" on others post all day. Who is this guy to you really???? Are you related to him???? If you are then i feel sorry for you to be related to a guy like that.

Time has come to say NO to chors, dakus, and Ghuskhors and Murderers in Nepal. If you are related to him be a brave Nepali and call him a Chor.

Lets show this Ghuskhor that he is not welcome in USA. Lets Boycott NRN and lets not participate in ANA convention this year.

Posted on 04-17-11 8:18 PM     [Snapshot: 790]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sidster-- I was expecting some thousand dollars (or any explicit) commitment towards Nepal. It's Ok you chose "protest". It's up to you.
Commando- share us your idea how you are planning to contribute your community, if not donating dollars. May be we can learn something from you.
Drkanchho- honestly, I cannot match $3000 rightnow. I will show you fullproof evidence how I have made donations in the past. Send me an email, if you wish too. I will probably contribute something for your good cause.
Syandai-- good research! I am against such naarabaaji here that has been a major  problem back in Nepal.

Posted on 04-17-11 8:28 PM     [Snapshot: 816]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I read in mysansar that this Bharat Mohan Adhikari has a son in dallas (i may be wrong but somewhere in usa) and he has been investing in his sons gas station. I think this sim sim is his son. Kind of comments he makes really makes me think that they are bau chora. 
Posted on 04-17-11 8:31 PM     [Snapshot: 816]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 ahileko ahilai kasle bhaneko chha ra, next year ko kura gareko. 
greencard payera makhha parera amrika basne, ani arulai "out of the box" bhandai nepal gayera raajniti gar bhanne? ghusyaha netaharuko birodh garyo, aafu suppport garna chhodera nagara bhanne? ani donate garera khoob deshbhakta chhu bhanne? bhayena yo ta. suru-suruma ta manchhe sahi jasto lageko thiyo, bhare kura bujhda ta aru "typical" ketaharu jastai amrika ayo, padhyo, green card padkayo ani yetai basyo chhoro! yesta paarale banayeu timle desh. 2-4 hajar dollarle kehi banne wala chhaina. aafu gayera change garnu paryo ni, agina ta haamilai tyasai bhandai thiyeu ta! timi jastale garda ho desh nabanya, thokuwa garera bhanchhu! don't take it personally, there are many like you who are hiding here because they don't want to go back. aafno gharko fohor safa garna kasle haat mailo paros hoina ta? 
gas stationko kura sahi ho ki kya ho saathiharu? adhikariko kattar samarthan gareko dekhda ta malai ni tyastai lagna thalyo hau! 

ghar pariwar ra deshko maya hune manchhe, US aayedekhi katichoti Nepal gayeu? ki jaanu satta donationlaai nai aafno representative banayera kaam chalairaa chhau?
Last edited: 17-Apr-11 08:32 PM

Posted on 04-17-11 8:58 PM     [Snapshot: 860]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"How many Americans, British, German, French, Japanese, Australians....... living abroad have you seen or heard about showing disrespect/flags to their leaders while they (the leaders) visit foreign countries? Even Indian do not do that"
Can u imagine,
is it possible to become FM person like Bharat Mohan Adhikari if our country has democracy like USA, UK.. ? If we have such democracy, Now Bharat mOhan Adhikaari would be in Jail so that nobody has to welcome him with " PUSPA GHUCHHA" ? This is shame of our country this corrupted guy is FM of Nepal. If we can not kicked his as.s , Why should we support him ?

Posted on 04-17-11 9:22 PM     [Snapshot: 909]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-17-11 9:24 PM     [Snapshot: 913]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I doubt if simsim told him not to go after seeing all this in sajha against Mr. Adhikari.
Posted on 04-18-11 9:06 AM     [Snapshot: 1078]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dimagkharab-- thank you for your attitude.


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