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Posted on 01-29-11 10:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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*****spoiler alert ******
If you have not watched the movie, the content below might reveal plot lines that you might not want to read. 

I just watched the movie INCEPTION.  Awesome cinema.  Imagination and creativity involved in that film is just fantastic.  Loved it. 


What exactly happens at the end?

At the deepest (4th level) of dreams, is DiCaprio able to wake up Watanabe?

The ending where DiCaprio sees his children, is that real or yet another layer of dream?  Remember, earlier he says if the top does not stop spinning then it is a dream.  At the end, the top is still spinning, though it begins to wobble a bit, but then the movie ends abruptly.   What does that mean?

I should've ordered a blue ray version of the movie which would probably have explanation as such, but I just got dvd from Netflix which had no other data besides the movie itself.  Anyone out there got info on this?

Posted on 01-29-11 11:02 PM     [Snapshot: 6]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It still is a dream. Dicaprio would only be able to see their children if he was in the dream. A phone call from a rich japanese would not be able to change the law enforcement in usa. IF he was in the reality, why did none of actors talk to each other. Remember  it is said that projection feels attacked and look at eachother? I see it this way coz i want to. 
But not see it this way. To think its the reality, the actors played by the children in begnning are different than the ones in the end. Also they are wearing different shoes at the end.  But i think my way is the correct one.

Posted on 01-30-11 12:29 AM     [Snapshot: 55]     Reply [Subscribe]
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how did you manage to miss this movie when it was playing in theatre bro? i watched it twice at I-MAX....this is one of those rare movies that you will enjoy more when you watch it for the second time...don't try to delve too much into what exactly happened in the movie bro...trust me...this movie played in my mind for a good week after i first watched it....i have also read dozens of blogs on the movie....the conclusion i've reached is that it is not possible to be 100% sure about what transpired in the movie based on the information that is provided...that's the beauty of Nolan's ...some hardcore critics have said that Nolan's is too manipulative...i'm a big fan of Nolan though...he surely is the modern-day Stanley Kubrick...some explanations of the movie include: it's a dream right from the first scene; the inception is actually being performed on Dicarprio by Wantanabe (remember the repeated dialogue: take a leap of faith or die as an old man filled with regret); after Dicarprio tries the sedative in Mombassa all that happens in the movie is a dream etc etc....Herealone bro's interpretation is merely one of the many....the funny thing is that none of the interpretation has any conclusive evidence...each interpretation has counter-evidences....that's why this movie is such a masterpiece for me.

let me confuse u further....did u solve the mystery of the wedding ring? did u even notice it? there r some scenes in which dicarprio is wearing a wedding ring and in others he is not....I and thousands of inception fans that have blogged about the movie feel that this is the most important clue that Nolan has left for the audience...perhaps the ones in which he is wearing the wedding ring r dreams bcoz remember in his dreams he is still married to Mal....following this logic, the end is reality....in the climax, when Cobb spins the totem, he does not have the wedding ring.....but like i said, we can't be 100% sure mainly because of the complex exposition used in the movie....another thing... we r not even sure if we should rely on the totem...Cobb stole it from Mal and remember, one should not let another person even touch the totem as explained in the exposition. In an interview, Nolan was asked by the interviewer whether inception has 1 definite plot or is it just meant to confuse viewers...Nolan's reply was that there is an answer to what exactly happened...he added that it is impossible to design ambuigity if the writer is not clear about what exactly happens.....he refused to reveal what he exactly had in mind though....after watching this interview, I understood that the movie is meant to stretch our minds but it is pointless to delve too much into uncovering the movie.....we might finally find out what Nolan's original interpretation was when he writes his autobiography....there's plenty of time for that...i just can't wait to watch Nolan's next : "the dark knight rises"

P.S.: I wonder what Nolan has to do win an oscar. I loved The Social Network...but in my book Nolan deserves an oscar at least in the orignial screenplay category.

Posted on 01-30-11 4:14 AM     [Snapshot: 127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sajhababa. You're true on it man.
Also note that many good scenes in the films are not done knowingly. Like the ring and other stuffs. It could be a mere mistake but later on director could have thought" hey thats more cool"
Hey if u liked inception. Please watch a taiwanese film Silk and japanese anime paprika. Inception will be more interesting meaning after seeing these films.
Hats off to Nolan.

Posted on 01-30-11 9:00 AM     [Snapshot: 176]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Inception : utterly overrated piece of crap( pls don't get me wrong here), I was actually dreaming inside my own dream (I.e was in my second level of dream ) while watchig that movie, and when I woke up the movie was still on and I thought went to the next level of dream and I was about to die, thank god I got over that pretty soon
Posted on 01-30-11 2:30 PM     [Snapshot: 269]     Reply [Subscribe]
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inception is a true masterpiece;
the ending is not dream - the thing wobbles, thats enough clue

Posted on 01-31-11 9:02 AM     [Snapshot: 420]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks Sajhababa and Herealone.

This is probably one of the few movies that has had me thinking about it days after the viewing.  Yup, Christopher Nolan is a genius and this is definitely his masterpiece.  It just does not make sense that he did not get nominated for Best Director category in this year's Oscars.

So, I did few readings on the movie.  I guess there are lot of people like me who were scratching their head after watching Inception.  There was an article in Wired magazine dedicated to neuroscience of Inception ( http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/07/the-neuroscience-of-inception/ ).  Some say the whole movie was a dream.  Some say at the end, DiCaprio decided to stay in the dream.  Some say what we take for clues - like appearing and disappearing wedding ring on Dicaprio's finger - are actually goofs.  We might be making too much of the movie and Senor Nolan is probably Rolling On The Floor Laughing his Ass Off.  Whatever the case, it was one heck of a movie.

Kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio.  His selection of the movie projects have been quite rewarding.  Shutter Island was awesome with brilliant twist at the end.  Aviator, Body of Lies, Blood Diamond, Departed, Catch Me If You Can, even Revolutionary Road are all enjoyable movies.  Similar to Amir Khan, this guy knows how to choose a job.

Posted on 01-31-11 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 443]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Riten daju:: sorry for the interruption again but I am feeling kind of guilty for ruining the momentum yesterday and I seriously hope I won't do that again.

To start with I would to mention about inception again, as aforementioned I really really don't appreciate the existence of that movie neither the way how that director executed it. You just scratched your head?? Good for u brother because I was hammering mine. I still haven't figured out if Its my taste  that has been screwed or couple of hundred thousand peoples mind. However, there is this movie "black swan", released in the month of December last year, is the kind of movie that makes sense to me. Awesome acting and  awesome direction. Every single thing makes sense at the end of the movie unlike inception in which even it's own director does not have any clue about what he made..

And abt dhobighat: very good movie, everything was superb except Amir khan failed to deliver that act of a perfectionist but managed to give a decent performance overall.
Posted on 02-01-11 7:26 AM     [Snapshot: 537]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 No worries, SNA Bro.  No need to apologize.  Thanks for your input.
Posted on 02-01-11 10:40 PM     [Snapshot: 572]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Inception and Black Swan - Both A grade movies, excellent story lines, good casts, great directors.

To me, thinking out of the box and be able to trigger human minds - wanting to know more about subconscious mind is a masterpiece!

I truly believe in "to each is own" and advocating your preference above all is quite illegitimate.

I too had many questions swirling in my head while watching the movie and still don't have answers to many but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On a lighter note to sna - pheri hera so that you have the pleasure to hammer your head once again! http://sajha.com/sajha/chat/smileys/m-clown.gif [Happy Watching]

P.S - I am not a big fan of the default font and hence going for a different one. Hope it works!
Last edited: 01-Feb-11 10:44 PM

Posted on 02-01-11 11:14 PM     [Snapshot: 594]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When it comes to complex story-telling that appeal on multiple levels and challenge one's mind, two movies stand out for me: The Matrix (part 1) and Inception. I have a lot of friends who had watched The Matrix in their early teens and thought that it was a cool action movie with slick kung-fu moves. I made them watch it again to understand the true brilliance of that movie. Like Inception, The Matrix assumed a high level of intelligence among the audience and was truly pathbreaking at the time.

Posted on 02-02-11 3:05 AM     [Snapshot: 636]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Justcurious bro, 
yes, Matrix is one of the masterpiece movie and for further information, Nolan's Inception was derived from the inspirations of such movies where there was an independent world in movie itself.  
I was one of the head scratchers but when i read that Nolan wanted to create an ambiguity, i took rest as i had evidences for many conclusions. BTW Nolan's best work for me would be The Prestige. 
Posted on 02-02-11 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 669]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Zeong bro, The Prestige is one of my favorites too. It pisses me off when people put The Prestige and The Illusionist in the same bracket just because both movies r about magicians....for me, The Prestige is not a movie about magic....it's a spell-binding story of two people's intense passion for an art (the art form just happens to be magic) that fuels rivalry and the spirit of one-upmanship. The use of the enigmatic historical character Nikola Tesla was a master-stroke from Nolan. The rivalry between Bordon and Angier runs parallel with the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla....those who haven't watched this master-piece, I highly recommend that u do so.


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