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 Akshay Sthapit: Inspirational
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Posted on 07-18-10 6:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 "Sthapit lives in Kathmandu and loves traveling, learning new things, and meeting new people.  He is a graduate of Georgia Tech (B.S.), MIT (M.S.), and Berkeley (PhD)". So sounds like he studied at the best institutions of the world and returned to Nepal after getting his Phd-- all by the age of 32. That's pretty impressive. That's the kind of life I always wanted for myself. It's good to know that although I won't be able to do it, there are other Nepalese around who have figured life out. After hearing all these stories about asylum, OPT, DUI and such Mr. Sthapit's story seemed like a breath of fresh year. Good job dude (if he is reading) and congrats!

The reason I am sharing this is that I feel that Mr.Sthapit could serve as a source of inspiration to a lot of  young Nepalese in the US.

*I read about sodne.com at another thread in sajha. That's how I came across Akshya's name. http://www.sodne.com/207/routable-gps-map-for-kathmandu

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Posted on 07-18-10 9:03 PM     [Snapshot: 109]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I met Akshay in Boston, and he was a shy kind of man when I met him. He told me he would go back and teach at a college in Kathmandu. Hope he is doing that too:)

Yes. If all of us go back, and rather than looking to be minister in Kathmandu, go to our respective villages, find some ways to generate jobs, whether by opening hotels, constructing hydropower firms or simply by selling products to make the life of our people better, our country would be a lot better. I read about some people from Manang who went back to Manang and generated jobs there in "Nepal" magazine in ekantipur and god bless these people and may their business flourish. But as long as people just run away even if they came here in Fulbright, and as long as people tell their villagers fake story about USA, we will be in trouble. In particular, I absolutely dislike those who send photograph of car (but not of restaurant where they were forced to work for low salary) back home. Come to think of it, I still dislike those seniors who sent me photos of them standing in front of Hollywood mansion and giving me impression as if they owned it. 

The key thing is it is important for us to be happy at whatever responsibility we get in Nepal. Not all of us have to be minister, prime minister or yojana ayogko head. People respect figures such as Mahabir Pun, and he spent time helping to run a highschool in Myagdi, of all places. He also transcends race, and can unite everybody. Nepali people have enormous respect for people like Haribansha Acharya, Madan Krishna Shrestha, dead Pundit Pokhrel, Uttam Sanjel, Sanduk Ruit etc...and hope our children draw inspiration from them rather than those asylym seekers, fake marriage for greencard walas, fulbright elopers, government training arrivals who chose not to go away..

Good job, Akshay.

Posted on 07-19-10 2:48 PM     [Snapshot: 364]     Reply [Subscribe]
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well said Pire dai, btw what the hell are you doing in the USA? when are you going back to develop our beloved country? i do agree with you America or any foreign land is for desperate people who can not prosper in tough Nepali competition. people with education and experience can actually save more in Nepal.. even professors are broke in the usa, and cfos are looking for jobs in grocery stores.. what the hell..all my friends who went to highschool with me in Nepal and didn't go to foreign land are making more money and enjoying life better than anywhere. i visited ktm few months ago and i felt like i was a pakhay... there is just so much development in Nepal lately...
Posted on 07-19-10 3:05 PM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dyamn: Are you being sarcastic or serious?
Posted on 07-19-10 3:07 PM     [Snapshot: 388]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 07-19-10 3:51 PM     [Snapshot: 428]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dyamn bhai,

We Nepali must learn not to make this argument anytime a Nepali living in the USA praises Nepal:
 "So why are you  here? Why don't you go back?"

This question is a mean, vacuous, meaningless, and even stupid question. It is what the right wing radio talk show hosts tell their african american listeners who call them to complain about their life in the states. "Oh, yea, why don't you go back to Africa ?" It is pretty much any arrogant, mindless individual from a wealthy country's privileged class tells others when confronted with tough questions.

You see, Akshay's wife, an American is in Nepal, but it doesn't mean Nepal is better in all aspects than the united states.

Having said this, though it is not a good idea to respond to ad hominem attack (afterall this forum is where we don't reveal our true identity), just for your information, I have a business in Nepal, and I have created jobs there. 

USA is very much part of my life. I studied here, and a part of my professional life requires me to be connected with this land. But nothing compares to Nepali hills. I know several Nepalese who head to Nepalese hills for trekking when time and money allows them to do so and I am one of them.

Even when politicians have screwed Nepal, I do know and believe that the country we have, the country we grew up, will rise very high one day. It won't be disintegrated, it won't be cursed forever, and it is my belief.

Last edited: 19-Jul-10 03:52 PM
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Posted on 07-19-10 4:07 PM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not to clash with some people here very often.
This is a very inspiring stroy. I wish him all the best. I wish I had his type of balls. Kudos.
I've a very different experience. I went to Nepal few years back, I was deterred to explain the diffulties and the ugliness of the life in America to my friends and family. I did, which I'm proud of. But I'm very sad to say that even my own family thought I was over exaggerating. I swear to you, my own brother who is a very well educated person in Nepal said "If people are willing to go to Baghdad with bullets flying through their head as soon as they land at the airport, what makes you think they'll get scared going to America?" Well, he's right in a sense. The situation in Nepal with unemployment has become so desperate that people are willing to risk their life. Well my cousin who was there attending my preaching ("Bakwash" is what they call at the time) is now in the US. Now when he complains how miserable his life is, I feel like punching his face and knocking all the 32 teeth from his mouth. But you know, you tell them the truth to Nepali people, they think it is a lie and go the other way and end up stepping on the shit.
Just my experience.....nothing much.

Last edited: 19-Jul-10 04:10 PM

Posted on 07-19-10 4:07 PM     [Snapshot: 464]     Reply [Subscribe]
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no one can argue with you pire dai.. so you get to stay here because you went to school here etc but others should go back to develop? 

Posted on 07-19-10 4:21 PM     [Snapshot: 472]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It shows that there are still some Nepali who really care for country and want to do something for their country.  I also appreciate the effort made my pire to create jobs for nepali back home.  These are a few examples that a single person can make a difference in society.  We should all be proud of Akshya Sthapit and people like pire.  I am sure there are few more who have returned back home and trying their best to do something for the country.  I agree that unemployment rate has risen dramatically in our country, however, people with ideas can definitely make change and use untapped potential of educated nepali youth.  One example is, there are so many engineering colleges in nepal which produces hundreds of engineers every year.  With ever growing computer technologies and applications, we just need a few minds who can create jobs with so many talents like they did in India. 

Posted on 07-21-10 3:03 PM     [Snapshot: 863]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh my god,

Akshay was my senior in school,back in the day,in kurseong.

Good to know about what he is doing.He was always a gentleman.Very humble even though he was very rich.

We need a few more like him in Nepal,even though i myself am in the States cause it was getting a little too difficult to make an honest living there!I dearly do miss my country and would love to do something in Nepal if the situation improves.I dont see that happening  any time soon though.Sad,but nepal has gone to the dogs!



Last edited: 21-Jul-10 03:06 PM


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