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 A nepali receives NASA award

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Posted on 04-08-10 3:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The postings in this thread span 4 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-12-10 8:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Did you see him putting my name on top of monkey's head??? Though he removed the picture now...

What if I will put your name on dog's ass, will that be funny.

If you are grown, didn't anybody tell you not to make fun of other people. If you want to enjoy, just put your picture and write whatever you want, but don't screw others.

Mr. Timer,

Another lesson for you, don't regret achi brother, that comes inside from you.

Last edited: 12-Apr-10 09:03 PM
Last edited: 12-Apr-10 09:08 PM

Posted on 04-12-10 9:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Oli, Monkey is far better than you. You are absolutely worst person ever I met in m,y life, any way, I can be monkey easily, it was just a satire just showing a funny comedy. Any way, I don't want to even take you name here. you are worst.

Posted on 04-12-10 9:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Message for Ram Hari ----


 if you have so much thirst of fame, I assure you that go back to your country, involve in some social work, you will get the respect you looking for.

If you are here, you are here for money and for your own future. So, do not stretch your muscles, just stay quiet and do your job.

Being a rail minister doesn't give Lalu phd degree, he is still "Astam kaksha uttirna".

Posted on 04-12-10 9:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you timer.

If you make noise, you get same echo....!!!

Posted on 04-12-10 9:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Faleko hanga na-nuhakeko kaha po chaina ra .......Ram hari subedi got good lesson from his post..i think he will be more famous by his posting in sajha rather than being recognised as certificate holder of NASA.
Timer bro, dont worry there are lot of cartoon of prachanda, obama, bush everybody...its just a joke and if people cant take joke its not ur fault..
Oli ji ..boli ali goli jasto bhayoo tara sabda ko chanot chai milayera garau na ...public forum ma ahera messing with wrong person bhannu pardaina ..yaha swacha discussion garau k right k wrong bichar garau.... if u need deserve respect learn to respect other...

Posted on 04-12-10 9:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Funny Mr. Yubaraj, probably you might be older than me too, I don't want to be another Ram Hari but remember I am also in one of the project related to NASA and our station is the only station which do this type of work. I am a mouse here, there are lot of tigers in front of me and we also have award. I was trying to say Mr. Ram Hari, don't post these types of award if you are not a tiger. Any way, you might be far better than me too, but regarding you attitude you are worst than Mr. Ram Hari.

Absolutely you are another Ram Hari with you name and saying what you have done in Kantipur. Shame to you but I still respect Kantipur.
Last edited: 12-Apr-10 09:59 PM
Last edited: 12-Apr-10 10:12 PM

Posted on 04-12-10 11:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cool down brother timer,

This is the same point I was talking. You work at NASA and if some other neplese work there, it is our pride, but you don't shout about it. There are thousands of Neplese people who are very smart, and we are nothing, compering them and they might be laughing on this thread. All we are here in US for same purpose and same reason, study and good job.

I didn't know this guy calle ramhari, I have heard so many pride and glory about him and the way he treat other neplese people. When I saw this thread, I could not stop myself, and you are the only one there brother supporting his fake fame.

I don't care who the hell he is, but this place here is to share thoughts and help each others, not to hang your "samman patra"

I rather have good idea for him, he can print pumplets and hang on all over the streets of KTM. that will definetely give him some good fame.

Posted on 04-12-10 11:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 13-Apr-10 11:32 PM

Posted on 04-12-10 11:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sorry folks, for my wrong words and bad picture. But it had purpose, now it is complete. I am removing it and I am really sorry for any bad behaviour to anybody here in this forum.

But most of you might have done same like me, if you were in my place and if somebody had done that kind of behave with you. I didn't started it, but I am completing it.

 Anyway, I am sorry again to all of you and my purpose id done here. Now I am out of this thread.



Posted on 04-13-10 8:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You don't need to apologize to that prick Mr. Oli. look at all these self righteous wannabes talking like it hurt their mama's feelings...screw em....if they take stuff personally out here then it's their problem. Mr.Oli the pic you posted was hilarious and i loved it.
Last edited: 13-Apr-10 08:12 AM

Posted on 04-13-10 8:25 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All I have to say is GROW UP
Posted on 04-13-10 10:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बाथरूम सफा गरेर सर्टिफिकेट पाएपनि कुरो चाई NASA झें अंतरिक्षमै पुरौन सफल भए हाम्रा मित्र रामहरी

Posted on 04-13-10 2:03 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Syanjali wrote: टिकाको कुरो जात र भातको कुरा नजोडेको भए, झक्किको झद्का ( satire ) दिएका हुन।

स्यान्जाली ब्रो:
हैन जात र भातको कुरा काँ नेर जोडियो ? नेपालमा बनारस पढेको धक्कु लाउने डायलग भन्या कामीले बोल्दैन, दमाइले बोल्दैन । रामहरी भन्ने मान्छे राइ, गुरुङ, क्षेत्री, नेवार, थारु, लिम्बु हैन १००% बाहुन नै हो । अनि यत्राबिधि सज्जन इमान्दार बाहुनहरुमाझ त्यो जाँठाले बेइज्जति पारा देखार बाहुनकै कलंक बन्या - त्यो पनि १००% सहि हो । कि हैन ? अस्ति भर्खर बर्दियामा बलत्कार (हो कि हैन थाहा छैन पत्रिकामा त्यस्तै लेख्या थे है) गरेर मार्ने २ - ४ कपुत सेनाले गर्दा सारा सेनालाइ "बलात्कारी" भने झै रामहरी जस्ता कपुतले गर्दा सारा बाहुनहरुको बेइज्जति भइराख्या छ । हो कि हैन ? कि सबै बाहुन खराब छन त ? मलाइ लाग्छ ९८% बाहुनहरु एकदम जाति छन, २% चै खराब ।

अब हेरुं न । १-जेनेरेशन अघिसम्म "बाहुन" भनेसि सातखत माफ पाउने, दहिकेराको स्वागतमान पाउने, बोली नै चोखो भनेर इज्जत पाउने, त्यस्ता भाग्यमानी कोहि थिए भने तागाधारी बाहुन नै थिए । तर अहिले आएर कसैले फटाहा कुरा गर्यो वा नसुहाउने चर्चा परिचर्चा गर्यो कि मान्छेहरु भन्न थाल्छन - "कस्तो बाहुनले जस्तो कुरा गर्ने मान्छे रहेछ ।" समाजले हेर्ने दृष्टिकोणमा आकाशपाताल फरक पर्यो कि नाइ? सम्मान खाएर बसेका बाहुनहरु सबैले छि: छि: दूर दूर गर्ने स्थिति किन बन्यो ? आज आएर हामी बाहुनहरुलाइ हेप्यो त्यसैले संगठीत बन्नु पर्यो भन्ने हालतमा पुगेको छ कि नाइ ? नेपालमा त झण कसैलाइ घृणा गर्नु पर्यो भने नं १ मा राजनेताहरु पर्छन, जो सपै बाहुन नै बाहुन । त्यसैले बाहुनहरु हो जाग जाग, यस्ता फट्याइ धुर्त्याइ र हावादारी आत्मरतिको पछाडि नलाग । नत्र अझै १० गुणा बढी अपहेलित हुनुपर्ने दिन देख्नु पर्ला, सन्तान दरसन्तानले हामी बाहुनका सन्तति भन्न लाज मान्ने स्थिति आउला । तिका:ले टाइम मै सचेत गराएथेन नभन्नु नि फिरि,

अब मैले यस्तो कुरो गर्यो भने त्यो नि जात भातको कुरो हुन्छ त ? जात भातको कुरो नै भयो रे - त्यो खराब नै भयो त ? एउटो कुरो नि ।

Timer ब्रो:
ब्रो को कुरो सुन्दा नासाको एउटा हाँगा (त्यस्ता हाँगा करोडौ नभए नि सयौवटा त पक्कै छन)मा काम गर्नी रैछ भन्ने बुझ्या हुम । त्यहाँ १२-१५ बर्षदेखि लगातार काम गर्ने हाम्रै नेपालीहरुले कहि कतै त्यस्तरी (रामहरी जस्तरी) खोक्दै हिन्या देख्या छैन । ब्रो लाइ नि खोक्ने सुर चढे छ । खोकुम खोकुम । के के अवार्ड मुसा भ'र पाइयो, के के बिराला र कुकुर भ'र पाइयो, टाँसुम टाँसुम ।


Posted on 04-13-10 6:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Subedi please post more certificates and resumes for JOB. 
Application accepting now @ gas station clerk.
401k, health, dental insurance, 10 gallon gas card for employee of month.
My employer is looking hard worker from nepal. 
Thank you.

Posted on 04-13-10 8:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo CyLe, 8848 bhanne haru sabai sajha kai bhaduwa haru ho ke sathi haru. Afaile afnai tarif gardai basne bafadar kukur haru ho.
Afno ni naam ra bio data yaha dekhana hami ni heram ki kaso sathi haru. Khubai yaha nai janme jastai kasailai Ijjat nai nagarne jat hoo jha..ttn haru.

Posted on 04-13-10 9:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-13-10 11:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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टिकाजी : बात जो छनी तपाईंले गज्जबको टोड्के मारी दिनु भछ्नी , बडा मजा अैइहालेछ। कही त्यो राम्हारी नभै कन राम्प्यारिले चाँही , बात जो छनी श्रीमानजिको प्रस्मसाको हिस्सा प्रप्तिमा बाट जो छनी यो साजामा छपाइ दिनु भएछ्की ? हजुररको बात जो छनी , पन्डित भन्दा पन्डितायन बडी स्मार्ट भए पछी पनि बाट ऐसन हुन सक्छ .

कुरा जो छनी , तपाईंको गत बर्षमा पनि डा गोतामेले पनि आफ्नै You-tube एही साझामा राखी दिनु भएछ , बाट ऐसन छ । कुरा त ओही छनी , हामीले टोड्के मर्न पाइ हालेछ, सस्ता रोए बार बार, महङा रोए एक बार।

Posted on 04-13-10 11:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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कुजात गुले-ढ्वाङ होउ तिमेरु सबैजना। रामहरिले पुरस्कार थापे नि नथापे नि घन्टा नाप्या छौ र तिमर्ले चाँहि अहिलेसम्म? काम-साम छैन गुलेहरुको, साझामा आयो, यो जात र त्यो जात भनेर फलाक्यो, अनि भरेतिर चाक कन्याउँदै भात घिच्यो।

थुक्क मुजी हो!

Posted on 04-13-10 11:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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found his more picture on his facebook web site.

Posted on 04-13-10 11:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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look even more picture from his facebook page.


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