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 Stop this Gadimai mela- (disturbing image)

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Posted on 11-22-09 6:14 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WTF is this gadimai mela. Why is 200000 animals are sacrificied. Why animals are beheaded and this blood are eaten. This is so angering.

Even though I am hindu i just hate this unjustful killing.  You buy and eat what is sufficient to you.  Not go out and kill 200000 animals.

Ripping the throat off animals......inhuman

Last edited: 22-Nov-09 06:15 AM

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-25-09 10:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is sickest thing I have seen so far. People are drinking  warm blood from animals.I don't think religion teach such things.Eating meat and slaughtering animals in the name of God  are completely different. Becoming a vegetration is the best thing  but if one doesn't want to be vegetration then respect animals. They give us milk, cheese, clothers etc. Don't torture them. We need animals for ecosystem.God have mercy. I don't think even Musilm Extremist can beat this. Oh, my God, it almost make me puke. These people are sick. If they don't find animals to suck warm blood, then they might go after humans too.
Posted on 11-25-09 11:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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How can anyone defend these barbaric acts?

Those of you who tried to bring the analogy of vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian. Do you denounce the culture of "stoning to death" by muslims? If yes, how about the lethal injection? The purpose is the same; but the former is considered the barbaric, but the later is not. Does it help?

Yes, the animal sacrifice done during dashain is not less barbaric than gadhimai mela. If we want to transform our society, we need to start asking these basic questions. Do you think that god will be appeased by these acts? It can only be satans, not god. I think, during dashain, we become devils and pray the satans like Ravan in the disguise of Ram. We have been praying for satans all these years, this is the time to realize it and change all these bloody culture and start praying to the REAL GOD.

If you read the comments of youtube video gadhimai mela, the same hindu people from India are writing obscene words for nepalese.

Please open your eyes.

Posted on 11-25-09 11:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Raju, I have also seen that movie twice cause i liked it. 

If you are living in kathmandu, and eat momo a lot, then you will get a chance to eat momo made of the same sacrifices that were done in gadimai. I guess you have read the news that the meat was sold to a contractor who is shipping the meat to kathmandu valley.

anyway, people in kathmandu enjoy the momo of all the sacrificed animals in gadimai.....mind your own business. let them follow their tradition.

Posted on 11-25-09 12:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not defending anything. I am just saying that if you eat meat, you have no moral high ground to bash those people. Double standards is not fair. You can't say you kill them less painfully. That is just wrong. Killing is killing, there is no ifs and buts. Welcome to the food chain.

Posted on 11-25-09 12:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Birth --> Kill or Herbivorous --> Eat --> Die --> Decompose --> Birth ...so on

Which component do you remove? Where do you fall?

Posted on 11-25-09 12:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If there are over 200,000 animals being killed, I am pretty sure there are half a million people. Considering, that there is at least 2 person to take 1 animal which I think is a pretty fair number, that will be 400,000 people, now with the buffaloes, I am sure there has to be more than 2 people for each buffalo.
The thing about sacrifice, I agree with you. It is wrong to sacrifice animals or humans for anything.
But for people who actually eat the sacrificed meat and any meat sacrificed or otherwise to complain is not right either. I am assuming here that you do eat meat in dashain ,which is mostly sacrificed, if not, my bad.

Posted on 11-25-09 1:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Which extremist will win the killing and sucking blood contest?

a. Muslim  extremist

b. Hindu extremist

The real answer is b. I haven't atleast heard Muslim extremist suck warm blood from animals. I only heard that they torture the animals to kill.

These suckers will soon go after human too. They are still living in stone age.

Posted on 11-25-09 1:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Based on assumption, let's assume we exist. Thus, we exist. I'm pretty sure we exist.

Anywas, thanks for proving my point. That's all i wanted to hear that even you are disgusted about  animal sacrifice at Gadimai Mela.

On side note, in the process of knowing each other better (that's what sajha is for), my family does not sacrifice animals to hey mata maha Durge.

thanks for participating.

Posted on 11-25-09 1:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The only thing I have been saying is: Non Vegetarians have no right to bash the people at gadhimai.
I saw some post from people I know who are not vegetarians and that did not sit well with me, so I called them out.
And to all the non-vegetarian PETA : you are being hypocrites.

Posted on 11-25-09 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cowboys - 
While I see where you are coming from, I think you are going a bit overboard in your arguments of vegan vs. non-vegan. Let me make my stance clear, first off: I vehemently condemn this farce culture, where people make their own interpretation of what their ancestors told them about their religion/culture and act demonic and inhumane against those innocent animals. This barbarian practice has to stop - no question about that. You and I both agree on that.

But coming to your arguments on hypocrisies of non-vegans, I think being a vegan does not earn you any credits either. As we know, our world is not perfect. It's not filled with mushy mushy love all over the place for all, now is it? Our ecosystem works in such a way that one organism is somehow - directly/indirectly - dependent on others. Darwin didn't postulate his theories on natural selection and survival of the fittest for nothing. You ought to be aware of the practical implications to understand his theories. Here's something for a teaser: Carnivores eat meat while Herbivores (vegans) depend on plants - both have lives of their own! Where and how do you draw the line for morality, humanity and discreetness? 

Another thing: Animals or humans, there is barbarianism against both in our world. May be we are more sensitive towards animals because they are innocent and they cannot defend themselves. But what about those innocent people who are being killed everyday by an hour? Should non-vegans keep their mouth shut and let only vegans raise their voice against other barbarianisms, because there will be hypocrisies on their part there as well?

Last edited: 25-Nov-09 03:16 PM

Posted on 11-25-09 3:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You just said everything I have been saying in this thread if you go back and see my postings and you took it a step further with your teaser about where you draw the line.
You simply don't know. What you think is humane and moral might be very inhumane and immoral to someone else. You should not judge people, let alone a huge group of people.

Posted on 11-25-09 3:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have read all posts in this thread hence my response. You didn't answer my question though. Since ONLY vegans have the right to condemn Gadimai mela and other similar barbarian rituals, can we non-vegans pick on the barbarian acts against animals we don't feed on? 

FYI , I don't eat buffalo or mouse. I guess I can condemn the mela on that ground here.

Posted on 11-25-09 3:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To defend the culture just because you are from the place with illogical and irrational explanation/comparison is nothing but a reflection of backward mentality. If eating meat is being hypocrite in regards to those sacrifices, then why do they want freedom, democracy (a civilized concept). Why do they drive cars, why wear clothes, why not be naked and live in caves instead. A civilization always prefers to move forward.. Beside all the misery, poverty and the politcial turmoil, this makes a big joke out of Nepal and Nepali.

Of course people kill animals for meat. What makes it different? Few simple, but huge at the same time, type of civilized concept.

1. Understand domesticated meat Vs manufactured meat. The world is better of with manufactured products, of which we are slowly becoming part of. There is just not enough domesticated chicken nor plants in people's backyard to feed the world. It is supply demand business logic, not bloody sacrifice to please a God.

2. There is a DESIGNATED butcher who does the killing under a strict HYGIENE and regulated environment SECLUDED from the public eyes. 3 words to remember from this sentence---DESIGNATED, HYGIENE and SECLUDED. You might say it does not matter? Well it does, if you have lived in a civilized/organized culture.

A young kid witnessing those sacrifices and the blood bath, what exactly do you think it does to him? You think they grow up fine? maybe by your standdard. The rest of the world says it can create a severe psychological effects, which is backed with medical data. Maybe the reason we cannot produce a single honest and peaceful leader, maybe? All those Dashain's bloodshed, maybe?

Mayan civilization sacrificed human beings (kids included) as a part of their culture just a few hundred years ago. However, you do not hear about those practices now. Do you think we should allow them to continue their tradition, why not? What sets the standards...animals are OK but not humans. See, they have accepted the reality and have moved forward.

3. If you think the rest of the world is wrong and that you're right, go ahead. But remember if you ask anybody beside those ignorant bastards, the whole world will denounce such tradition and they have.
Your 2 million (who you think are the right ones) Vs the rest of the world (few billions), you do the math. Remember, majority wins.

4. Learn how to accept your weakness and be open to criticism. Be the change you want see. If you eliminate blood sacrifice, it will not end your culture.

Sorry, no matter what you think, you're simply wrong. PERIOD.
Last edited: 25-Nov-09 03:37 PM

Posted on 11-25-09 3:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To all those saying that non-veg have no right to argue against the gadimai babarians, can you please simply answer my this question? Are you saying that any nation that has capital punishment should not condemn some nation's law of 'stoning to death'?

How can we go ever develop when so-called educated ones defend this kind of barbaric culture? 

What you think is humane and moral might be very inhumane and immoral to someone else. You should not judge people, let alone a huge group of people.
-> Others have the right to think and suggest and that is what makes human race develop; not by simply denying some barbaric acts that happened to fall in my culture. These are criminals in my eye, and these people should be and will be punished sooner or later. We're being punished by following satanic cultures; just look where we stand in the whole world.

Posted on 11-25-09 4:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You guys have some very good points. I do not support the killing in Gadhimai. I never did. And some of you guys should join PETA, the school of thoughts match (Animals and humans need the same treatment).
But remember, Killing is killing. Your way of killing is not better or worse than their way of killing. As long as you eat meat, you are all in the same boat. None of you are any better or any worse than those people. Simply saying you are more humane and you kill more humanely does not give you the moral rights to bash someone who kills less humanely than you do.
Now if you all will excuse me, I have to go home and get grilling with some steak and some chicken.
Good Luck.

Posted on 11-25-09 4:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बुँदागत र ठाडो भाषामा कुरा राख्छु है

१) यदि गढिमाइ पर्वका दृष्यहरुले आतंकित पार्छ भने पत्रकार र क्यामेराम्यानहरुलाइ गढिमाइ पर्व स्थलमा प्रवेश निषेध गर्नु पर्छ - अनि यो विवाद सेलाउँछ । भातेहरु डलर पचाउन अनेक थरी कुरा गरेर बिबाद उछाल्दै छन ।

२) यो हाम्रो परम्परा हो, रोक्ने कुरै छैन, सक्छौ भने त्यहाँ गढिमाइथानमा आएर बिबाद गर, यहाँ सुकिलो लुगा लगाएर सभ्यताको गफ छाँटेर केहि हुनेवाला छैन । 

३) यो पर्वसम्बन्धि गलत कुराहरु प्रचार गरेर कमजोर पक्षलाइ बढाइचढाइ गरेर राम्रा पक्षहरुलाइ ओझेलमा पारेर विवादित र बदनाम गर्ने षडयन्त्र हुँदैछ । हाम्रा समुदायका मानिसहरुको अशिक्षित होलान, आधुनिक संचारमा पहुँच नपुगेका होलान, तिमेरुको नजरमा असभ्य होलान, तर हामी मुर्ख छैनौ, यो पर्व हाम्रो समाजको एक अंग हो, हाम्रो अध्यात्मको एक केन्द्र हो । 

४) माथि नोकुरोले राखेको फोटो गढिमाइ मेलाको दृष्य होइन । गढिमाइमा बलि चढाइने पशुको रगत पुजारी त्यसरी पिउने गरेको मलाइ थाहा छैन । 

५) यो पर्वलाइ अहिलेकै अवस्थामा चल्न दिनु भन्दा समयोचित सुधार गरेर ब्यबस्थित बनाउन सकिन्छ, जस्तो कि जथाभावि मैदानमा बलिदिनुको सट्टा एउटा ब्यबस्थित बधशाला बनाउने, भक्तहरुको भीड नियन्त्रण गर्न पालोको ब्यबस्था गर्ने, शुल्क लिएर अग्रीम बुकिंङ गर्ने, बलि दिने जनावरको स्वास्थ परिक्षणको ब्यबस्था गर्ने, बधकर्ताहरु लाइ मदिरा निषेध गर्ने,  आदि इत्यादि । सरकारी स्तरमा मेला ब्यबस्थान समिति बनाएर सबैलाइ सहभागि गराइ सकेसम्म जोखिम कम गराइ ब्यबस्थापन गर्न नसकिने कुरै छैन । हामी चौधरीहरु त्यस्तो सरकारी प्रयास भयो भने स्वागत अवश्य गर्ने छु ।  यदि यस्तोखालको केहि सुधारहरु गर्ने हो भने यो पर्व राष्ट्रको बृहत हितमा हुन सक्छ । यहाँ हुने  मेलाको आर्थिक पक्ष र त्यसबाट राष्ट्रले गर्ने सक्ने आम्दानीको सम्भावना धेरै छ, त्यो पनि बिचार गरौ ।  
Last edited: 25-Nov-09 04:47 PM

Posted on 11-25-09 4:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said bob!
Posted on 11-25-09 5:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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comment at hamroblog dot com by pwlas,

हल्लाखल्ला पश्चिमी चर्चवालाहरुले नेपालको सँस्कृतीलाई खसाल्न गरेको
कर्तुत मात्र हो। भोली अमेरिका र क्यानडा भरि पचास मिलिएन टर्की मारेर भोज
गर्ने चाड हुँदैछ, खै त्यसको बिरोध? खै त्यसको समाचार? यो सब नेपाल र
नेपालीलाई खसालेर देखाउन एकथरीले गरेको आडम्बरीपना मात्र हो।

this so-called “news” is yet another holier-than-thou hubris of
western media. it reeks of a certain religion groups trying to throw
negative light at another culture and heritage. killing is killing,
however it’s done. where is the protest against tens of millions of
turkeys being killed this week in USA & Canada for thanksgiving
rituals? there is no alternative to killing if you eat meat. better out
in open so you see the gory details and cost of your source of meat,
rather than in some hidden corporate slaughter houses. this outlandish
“news” reporting is the height of hypocrisy!!

Posted on 11-25-09 5:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One more from hamroblog dot com 

by Ekalavya Sharma said,

Though I am strictly against any animal sacrifices, the way western
media (see BBC online news)is portraying our culture is ridiculous.
They are trying to show us that we are the only barbarous people and
they are the civilized ones. Our own media people, bloggers are helping
it out to prove such that we are the only barbarous ones.

There are hundreds of other things happening in Nepal which should have been news but all they are focusing is on this Gadimai.

Posted on 11-25-09 7:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yo Tika bhanne lai kehi thaha chaina.    Go and listen BBC Nepali news today. There are litreally thousands and thousands of dead animals in the field  which has created potential danger of epidemic.

Akhir tyatro janawar marera, tyaha falera kasle k payo. 


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