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 Mob mentality and Kathmandu( WHY?)
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Posted on 11-28-08 6:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi folks This is a story event that is a daily ocurance in our NEW NEPAL these days and NO ONE IS SPARRED. The following is not a true story but EVENTS LIKE THIS ARE VERY TRUE.

                      Bimal was getting late for his first day in his work as a manager in a popular travel agency and was rushing everything at his home yelling out loud at his mother and sister about his good suit and tie, his socks and new pair of shoes which he had bought yesterday especially for this Day. It was his first day in his  good job with good pay. Everyone at his home was rushing up and down left and right so Bimal could look sharp and proffesional. About medium height five feet seven  inches, fair complexion and from a medium class family Bimal was a very intelligent man around his mid twenties. He was well qualified and had the personality of a confident man. As kids he passed school with good grades and was very popular with all his friends and had a nature of making friends every where he went. Recently engaged with his highschool sweetheart Pramila,  everything in his life was moving smoothly as expected in everyway a normal family transforms the generation gap of responsibilities. Bimals Dad who worked all his life in the army served his Nation untill a mine blewup his both legs while fighting the terrorists. Dissabled but active, he had the look of a proud father whose son was now taking the responsibilities away from his shoulder. Bimal takes his blessing from his Dad and mom and hugs from his sisters Kanti and Kusum. He then gets on his bike and heads off to his work all excited and a little nervous. Its Kathmandu traffic rush hour. Bimal rides fast but carefully not to hit anything or anyone in his path. Anyone who knows Kathmandu traffic knows how things are for all motorists, bikers, and pedestrians as well. Swirving left and right and overtaking vehicles at every chance he gets, Bimal was pretty good when it came to reading Kathmandu traffic. All of a sudden a micro van ahead of him made an evassive turn off the road to pick up some ladies waving him to stop in the middle of no where in full traffic. That took Bimal by surprise and before he could act the micro van was in front of him in his path and with out anysignal to warn Bimal, it stopped. Bimal grabed his brakes and put his foot down to avoid collision but it was too late. He was going about 40km/h speed. He hit the back of the van and his bike gave a big jerk and a dent to the vans back bumper as his bike crashed to the ground breaking its  side lights, Bimal hit the ground and  stood up real fats and checked if he was hurt , his new pants were torn and his suit very dirty, but it wasnt too bad.he thought, and a little shaken but OK. Now people were everywhere and most of them saw what happened. Bimal was very upset how the van cut his path an without any signal or warning stopped right in front of him. Angry he confronted the driver who came out to see the damage. The driver poorly dressed along with his buddy checks his bumper and Looks at Bimal who is now walking towards him. "BIKE CHALAUNE TAAL  KE HO??" asks the driver, AAKHA CHAINA SALA? TERO LISCENCE NIKAL, JATHA........... Bimal was taken by surprise, He was expecting an apology but he gets the opposite from the driver when he thought he was the one who was the victem and was ready to yell at the driver for driving so recklessly. Bimal is now Furious......" KERE........MERO AAKHA CHHAINA RE? TAILE MANCHHE TIPNA BATO KO BICH BATA SIGNAL BINA SWAAATTA MERO BATO KATCHHAAS ....AJHA MALAI DOSH??...very angry Bimal grabs the driver by his colar and jestures a punch........just then another microvan approaches.... and the driver of that van gets off....OI OI OI KE BHO YAHA???? the driver from the first van now with backup yell louder........YO SALA BIKE LE MERO BUMPER MA HANYO YAAR AJHHA MALAI THULO SWOR LE BOLCHHA YAAR.......LA HAAN TA SALA LA HAAN ..TALAI KE HUNCHHA BICHAR GAAR. Bimal tells the other van the whole incident and in the mean time the traffic is almost jammed and a good crowd is already gathered. ......just then two more micro van stops now blocking the whole road. One of them pushes Bimal with his two hands.....Oi TIE SUITE LAGAYERA YAHA DADAGIRI GARNE?? YO TERO BAU KO BATO HO?? Bimal pleads his case to the mob of drivers who are now ganging up at him in a very hostile way. He cant believe that this is happening to him they simply wont listen and as the loud conversation goes on Bimal notices that more and more people are turning up to the drives aid, they seem taxi drivers and many more micro van drivers who are turning up for support. Feeling outnumbered Bimal watches if any traffic police is around and he still stands his ground. He quickly calls his office and tell that hes going to be late due to traffic jam. Now someone from the crowd yells, OI TELLE FORCE LAUNA PHONE GARYA JASTO CHHAA........HAAN SALA LAI. All of a sudden the situation turns from bad to worse. Couple of them starts to push Bimal and Bimal shouts loud back to them "HAAT NA HAAL HAI HAAT NA HAAL." on the mixture of voices Bimal hears words of  swears, curses all for him. He cant believe whats happening why its happening because it wasnt his fault at all and the driver knows it yet he is now ready to hit him??? he just cant understand. All of a sudden the noise HAAN THOK SALA LAI becomes louder as now Bimal slowly starts to realize that his life could be in Danger. Backing up he asks loudly "MAILE KE GARE??? HUH MAILE KE GARE???? some people come betwen the drivers and Bimal and try to stop the angry mob.....who are now yelling and ready for a bloodbath. Finally some traffic police show up on the scene and try to disperse the crowd thats when the crowd now changes attention on the innocent police trying to bring some law and clamity to the rowdy crowd. soon police calls for backup and more and more people join the mob against the police. Bimal just cant believe his eyes. Now no one is even talking to him. they start attacking the police. He takes that chance to gather his bike and flee. As Bimal is walking away from the mob yelling DHEDE CHOR DESH CHOD!! He takes his bike up on the pavement and walks away from the crowd . The traffic is jammed as far as the road is and Bimal can see that there are no drivers in any of the micro Vans , taxis , Safa tampoo and busses. He asumes they have gone to join the mob or just curious. He sees a bunch of young kids running towards the center of comotion. He takes a more good lok at the ones who are near to him as they pass by, they have YCL armbands. Bimal feels bad for the police but looking back he can see that the police have backup in trucks stopping near the far turn. Soon Bimal takes a small side road which leads him towards Durbrmarg, his office. late and dazed, confused, shocked and angry He steps into his office and calls his boss to inform him due to the traffic incident. Surprisingly his boss knows about it already that there has been a huge mob and fight between the drivers and the police. His boss even regrets the fact that now a days the only way to plead a case is through violence and it has been proven since now the terrorist has become the liberators. Now you cant win because you cant say a word to anone. So one should Accept defeat even before the blame hits you. He hangs up the phone, bimal doesnt feel it necessary to tell the real deal to the boss or to anyone. He turns on the news radio at work and listens live about the comotion. The radio people call it a mass brawl between the drivers union and the police due to unknown reason. The agitators haveburnt tires, hauled stones at the police and several people injured and arrested. The news media tracks down the leader of the drivers association in his house who angrily screams POLICE BRUTALITY HAS TO STOP, HUMAN RIGHTS OF POOR HARD WORKING DRIVERS ARE DISCRIMINATED EVERYWHERE. Bimal cant comprehend whats going on what led to this. He cant tell it was all because of a small accident but how come things went from a small arguement to being a politically motivated mob clash. As the day progressed the clash took a new turn as YCL now gets involved in supporting the drivers union saying police brutality cannot be tolerated and some high Maoist leader supports the clash, soon the news report hundreds arrested, injured, tear gas dispersed and many cars and public vehicles burnt shops vandalized and destroyed. Bimal fears his life and calls his friend to come pick him up to take him home. As he went home he makes up a story that he hurt himself while running away from the scuffle between the cops and the drives. He turns on the news to find out if anyone mentions him and sofar Noone even mentions the real incident. The police chief addresses the media saying that the police had gone to investigate a crowd that was causing a jam thats when the mob dispersed on Them, whereas the drivers unions story was that police used brute force on some Van drivers who were parked doing their daily routine. To Bimals surprise they even interviewed the actual driver of the van who had changed his story saying that while stopping to pickup a passenger a police hit him because he wasnt allowed to park there and when he said he was going to leave the police tried to ask for money or he would book his van. He further in a almost crying tone pleaded before the media, "Hajur hami ta Garib manchhe, mehenat gari baal bachha palnu parchha, Police lai ghus dina ka sakshu ra, sarai atyachar bhayo hajur, pyasenjar tipna rokrko gaadi lai paisa nadiya chlna dinna bhannyo ra binti garda pani chhodena ani badhyata bhayera union lai guhareko hajur, yesma mero ke dosh." and he cries infront of camera while his buddies yell murda baad murda baad. Mouth wide opened and still confused Bimal breaks into a loud laughter of the drama and his invisibility in this whole incident, as he laughs louder and louder he suddenly breaks into tears realizing that this was not a good incident. The lawlesness and mob mentality of following the herd wether wrong or right disturbs him. He recalls every second of the incident and how minor he thought it was and what kind it ugly turn it took? he couldnt blame himself because he knew deep inside that it was not his fault in any angle but he pondered on the scary thought how quickly a mob ready to kill him and the police and anyoneelse gathered even without knowing the real cause of the incident. He thought wether it was the frustation of the poor people or was it the mob mentality that has engulphed the whole of  Nepal where Nowa days no one knows or cares to know the truth and follow a mob to release anger, the anger of poverty, joblesness, discrimination, low pay, bribes, lack of water, food and electricity. Jobless youths walking around supporting a political party and creating havoc at the command of these leaders, clashes between youth groups, robbery, kidnapping, murders, obstruction of justice and law. People joining Unions , gangs, armed outfits to feel the power of violence as one party has shown that by extreme violence one can topple a kingdom. And by sheer force and intimidation one can be above law and can rule from within even when one is not a KING. Bimal has tears in his eyes, as he looks out his window, He Looks at the far horizon and hears a distant temple bell going on and on. He looks at the people walking on the street like nothings changed. Is this Nepal??? .......he closes his eyes and remembers his child hood where things were so simple and his teen life where life was just incredible, He had heard of the bad events going around nepal and the word Maoist but NOW he realizes what has become of this country. Bimal sits down on his bed and calls his Fiance and tells her I want to go abroad to study, lets get married soon and both apply to go to US or AUS. I cant live here anymore......................................................after a couple of months Bimal and Pramilla his sweetheart arrives at Logan Airport......A new start....Bimal promises to take care of the family from US and vows never to return to Nepal untill Nepal again Becomes the Nepal we all loved, peace, prosper and loving. he felt guilty leaving his loved ones behind but He could do for them more from America than he could ever do for them in Nepal. Next few yrs Both His sister got married and Bimal financed the whole wedding, last year Bimals Dad and mom Visited America at the news of their first grand son. Things are going good for Bimal these days as he works for a big Firm. If you ask him about returning back to Nepal he just smiles and says HERAULA, HARAULA...........................

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bimal timro ko parcha sathi?

Posted on 11-28-08 6:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 11-28-08 6:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 28-Nov-08 06:41 PM

Posted on 11-28-08 7:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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that's a nice one dude!! and it is the truth what is happening there in Nepal and reason why so many good commoners and good fella nepalese have to leave the country!!

all true nothin but the truth!!

keep it up!!

Posted on 11-28-08 7:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great work and good luck in future.

Nepal is really getting bad day by day at the same time we can do many things in Nepal , but Bimal exp, is one reason why we can not do any things, but still we need to do some things.

I think if Govt is good and support then we should do some thing to change the way people deal when any incidents take place.





Posted on 11-29-08 5:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Maddy simple but very touching and close to reality, we don't have statesman in Nepal just few leaders who follow the crowed instead of leading the crowed/


Posted on 11-29-08 7:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks everyone for enjoying this Kalpanik fiction story of mine.......I had heard many stories like this from back home where now a days people dont need a reason to call strikes, destroy property and create a havoc. That really discourages many people from going back to Nepal and many good intelligent , law loving peacefull and patriotic Nepalese loose hope and are discouraged to leave Nepal due to the MOB mentality of disrespect and destructive nature that has engulfed the youth and politically motivated groups of Nepal. BUT I know deep inside that we all Love Nepal.  If Nepal becomes Peaceful, and creates an oppertunity for able Nepalese around the world to go back and develope Nepal to become a great Country.......Many of us like me will go bck home to contribute in the developement of our country. But now a days The Havenots or the politically motivated groups attack anyone who tries to do something or is welloff............Its like one has to choose ..Be or BUY the BULLY with money and be ruthless................Or Be Bullied and live like a coward..........And suffer the atrocities and crimes. AGAIN thanks for reading I will write more similar stories regarding topics like this.
Posted on 11-29-08 10:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great Kaalpanik narration MadDogg.

Theres truth in your story, the bitter truth about how small things can cause a great agitation in the land that is a symbol of peace, or so they say.

Thanks for sharing. Unless such happenings stop happening in Nepal, not only Bimal but ever ram hari and shyam is gonna say "heraula, heraula."

Its funny how, these things keep happening in Nepal, yet the Finance Minister who was in Harvard a month or so ago, tells people to go back cause the situation is "normal". If this is normal then god help the abnormality.

Nice post though :)

Posted on 11-29-08 11:31 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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maggiiee broo....!!!


gr8 one....!!! liked it.. went till the end of it........ ani now comment garnu aaju ayeko tah kalpaniik rey...!!! oiiii maaiii gosshhh...!!!hehe!!!

lu keep it up myaaan..!!!

well did you pull or miracle stuff or not.. Hope you were able to pull it ur way.. all the best...


ROCKEND aka rocks or rocky..!!

Posted on 11-29-08 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was in Nepal for Dashain. Nepal has gone through moral degradation. Its everywhere, in the capital , on the east west highway and in the villages. Money is all that people care about. Kathmandu's traffic was shocking , but to be  fair ,perhaphs because of the holiday season. Lawlessness is the new law.

Posted on 11-30-08 11:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What to speak of Nepal, even America suffers from mob mentality through Fox news:


Posted on 12-01-08 4:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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      Its late night in Kathmandu around 12:00 o' clock. Its wedding season and Pasang is driving his Maruti Gypsy after returning from the hospital where his wife is admitted due to pregnancy complications. Just five days ago while visiting the doctor, the doctor had said that everything was alright but yesterday due to severe pain in the belly Reema, Pasang's wife was rushed to the emergency where the she got admitted immediately. Pasang is very nervous and worried for Reema and their First child, He wonders why the doctors cant figure whats going on? he feels helpless and resorts to the higher power and prays to God as he drives. He has tears in his eyes and with a heavy heart he feels a little better after praying. He again starts to ponder about what they could have done wrong to cause this complication, was it the food they were eating because Reema loved extra spicy foods, or was it because of the jolt Reema had when she almost fell when she tripped on shoes Pasang carelessly left in the room despite Reemas thousand request to leave them on the shoe rack.?? or it could even be the result of Reemas daily activities around the house instead of resting??? He didn't stop her from lifting stuff and even going up and down the stairs which the doctors had told her to avoid. And how could he have yelled at her and fought with her in numorous occasions when the doctor had told him that she should always be in a happy, relaxed and positive mood............all this thoughts becomes too much for Pasang to handle as he pulls over on the side of the road in Putalisadak. He burries his head in the steering and starts to cry. He loves Reema more than his own life, It was Reemas wish to have a child and to start a family. Pasang cries  more and more. Since its veryt late at night occasional bike or a taxi pass by Pasangs parked Gypsy.the road is wide and people or vehcles dont pay attention to his Gypsy. Thinking its time to go home and get some rest so he can visit Reema early in the morning he wipes his tears and takes a couple of deep breaths and looks at his back view mirror to see any reminance of tears, red eyes due to crying as the whole family awaits his arrival at home and he didn't want to make it ovious. As he was looking back he sees a fast approaching motorbike straight at his parked Gypsy, like in blink of a second the biker realizes he is way off on the road and is heading to a parked car and tries not to hit the Gypsy but its too little too late effort. His bike hits the back of the gypsy breaking the sidelight and leaving a dent on the  back of the Gypsy. The biker now off balanced fish tails another hundred feet and falls to the ground. All happened so quick and fast that Pasang couldn't figure out what had happened. All he knew that someone clipped his car probabely a drunk comming back from a wedding party. He quickly steps out of his vehicle and checks his car very quick as he glances on the biker who is lying still about a 100 feet from him. As he sees his shattered sidelights and a dent on his bumper he gets a little mad and runs towards the fallen biker whose engine is still running. The biker doesnt move at all as he still has his helmet on. He looks like a man on his 40's and has a suit on. couple of people gather around the biker and asks what happened. Well Pasang tells them that he was parked on the side of the road when this biker cliped his Gypsy and he lost controll of his bike. Some more people start to stop and check out the comotion while Pasang calls the police. A traffic police who was nearby comes to investigate and Pasang tells him the whole thing and hands out his lisence to him. The police man stops a Taxi and asks the public to put the man so they can take him to the Hospital. While doing this more bikers stop and the crowd has become rather large and some of them in the crowd starts yelling , "OI GYPSY KO DRIVER KA CHHA ...SAMATERA RAAKH TA BHAAGLA FERI". some start saying, MARYO JASTO CHHA, CHITTO HOSPITAL LAG, MANCHHE MARLA. the police and some of the crowd including the traffic gets on the taxi. More traffic police comes and is detailed by the first Traffic officer. Then the Police van approaches and the police yells out, SABAI JANA PACHADI HAAT, YAHA KE BHAYO. Pasang nervous approaches the police inspector and tells him the whole incident....and the police inspector says its ok  but he has to come to the station with them with the Gypsy and give the full report in written detail and they would sent a investigation team to the scene of the accident the next day. As they are talking the police gets an intercom in his wireless to bring Pasang to the hospital and while Pasang is trying to grasp the situation two police grabs him and takes him in the Van and the crowd cheers with joy. The police asks him for his keys to his Gypsy and he hands it to him. The inspector directs the police to take the Van to the Kamalpokhari Station and wait for instructions. Now the start driving and pasang realizes that they are heading towards Bir hospital. Once out of the van the police tells Pasang to pay the hospital for the medical charges of the biker. Pasang doesnt understand why he has to pay when it wasnt his fault, He refuses to pay and thats when he realizes that the mob in Bikes from the accident scene had followed them to the Hospital. Hearing Pasangs reply one of the people shouts out loud, OI DAI MANCHHE MARNU LAGYA CHHA, KE HO TAPAI MA MANAVTA BHANNE CHIZ CHAAINA?? YO BHOLI TAPAI KO DAI BHAI BHAYEKO BHAYE  KE HUNTHYO??? Pasang replies back, Hoina dai haru, mero galti  nabhayera paani  maile yo manchhe ko upachhar kina garaune??? ushko pariwar chhaina ra. One of the doctor yells out loud Chhitto salaine chahiyo natra yo manchhe marchha, pasang hands out money to the police who sends one of the sipai to get the saline water. ONE man from the crowd tells pasang " thik garis bhai, manchhe ko jyan ko aaghadi ..saahi ra Galat ko ke matlaab. Tyo ta bholi thaha bhaihaalchha ni, Ahile usko jyan bachaauna ma timro faida chha. Pasang luckily had some money with him which he had carried for his wifes treatment and now was pouring it in this guy who unfortunatele clipped him and is lying on the table in a coma. All of a sudden a loud wailing noise interrupts the emergency room and a lady in her night gown is crying her heart out in front of the biker..DR SAAAB WAAHAA LAI KE BHAAYOO??? KINA BOLNU HUDAINNA?? YO KASAARI BHAYOO?? EYYY BHAGWAAN, MO KE GARU, RAKSHI NAKHAANU BHANERA KATTI BHANNE????? ......she goes on and on. All of a sudden two men arrive in the room, they seem to be relatives of the biker and heads straight to the bed and holds the wife of the biker while other asks the police what happened, The police gives a short answer to the man, Tapai ko manchhe ra Gypsy Ko takka bhayeko raichha. The man Enraged asks where is the gypsy driver?? and people in the crowd show pasang. The man now yells and walks toward pasang saying" OI SALA TALAI TA MO MAARCHHU...MERO BHINAJUI LAI HANEKO TAILE.....TERO ETRO AAAT >>>>SALA as he leaps towards Pasang who now has no clue what has happened and The police quickly grabs the man who now wails.........OIIIIIII SALA DRIVER TERO KAAL AYO JASTO CHHA TALAI TA NAMAARI CHHODINA...CHHOD DE MALAI CHHOD....soon some more men and women arrive and they now want to Kill Pasang. Quickly the police realize the situation and takes pasang out with full police cover into the van away from the crazy mob the bikers family in grief had created in the hospital. Pasang is taken to Hanuman Dhoka where he request to call his dad.  A successful business man. He arrives immediately and pasang explaind what has happened. Pasangs dad Mr Pemba Limbu comforts his son and tell him not to worry and he will take care of it. Pasang tell his dad to not tell Reema about any of this or it will upset her.Now inside the DSP's office Pasang's dad discuss the situation with the DSP, Pasang tell the DSP everything as it was and the DSP says he understands everything but he points out that someone is dying, its a case of morality where one family is about to loose a loved one, the biker has two small kids who depends on his salary to survive, if he lets Pasang go what will happen next is going to be bad no matter whose fault it is. They might take to the streets and even the media and make this an issue of corruption and bribe. So he cant let Pasang go and he has to locked up in jail untill further notice and progress on the bikers health and its also a case of a bigger vehicle against a smaller vehicle and the law states that the bigger vehicle is always at fault no matter what...its the LAW and thats that.......Pasang cant believe whats going on and what is he going to tell Reema whom he promised to be on her side the very next day. Now in Jail he decideds to call her, he dials the phone and hospital picks up. He says "room 112 please Reema Limbu "...........Hellow'' ko boleko........Pasangs eyes fill up with tears as he bites his lip and tries to say hellow back but he cant........"Hellow ko ho.....Hello khoi kei pani sunena.......HELLOW!! kasto manchhe"..........she answers.....Pasang...draws a deep breath and as normal as he can sound says ri REE uh rr..Reema Ha..uh ... h..hellow............................To be cont.
Last edited: 01-Dec-08 04:32 PM


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